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May 1, 2009

Of Comments, Feedback & Questions

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

Over the past couple of months, the bloggers here at AllEars.Net have asked for some improvements to our blogs. The fabulous AllEars.Net Tech Team sprang into action and gave us links for people to easily leave us Comments and Feedback. They also improved navigation so you can easily go back in history or move between each blog entry.

Comments and Feedback

Below is what you see at the bottom of each of our blog posts. You see links to the Feedback Form and Comments.

Comment Link

The Feedback Form lets you send a message to any of the blogs here at AllEars.Net which are not published to the public. An email is sent to the blogger or bloggers of the blog you are sending a message to. They can then reply to you via email. In the past, some of these exchanges have lead to blog articles.

Comments, on the other hand, are published publicly and can be seen at the bottom of the blog article the comment was made on. This is a great way to ask questions of the writer directly, share your experiences or let the writer know if you liked the article or photo being shown. All Comments are approved before being published so you won't see any spam. Only Comments relevant to the blog or the posting will be allowed. Because of the blogging software, bloggers will often directly reply to a comment in the comment itself. Click Here to see an Example.

Questions and Fun

AllEars.Net Photobloggers Scott, Lisa and Barrie hosting the 2008 Photowalk, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.
AllEars.Net Photobloggers Scott, Lisa and Barrie hosting the 2008 Photowalk.

I encourage you to ask questions of Barrie, Lisa and myself (and all the other wonderful bloggers here at AllEars.Net) in your comments or feedback. These help us to help you with your photography and all things Disney. Comments are a big part of the Blogging atmosphere and lead to a lot of fun discussions so jump in! The Comments link is right below this line.

May 2, 2009

No Pedaling for You, Lisa!

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

Lisa finding out she's not tall enough to pedal the Surrey Bikes at the Boardwalk Resort, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Lisa is none too pleased about being to short to pedal a Surrey Bike.
Nikon D70/18-200VR, 1/250s, f/5, ISO 200, EV -0.3, 62mm Focal Length

For my Disney Pic of the Week on Humor, I wanted to share poor Lisa's reaction to finding out she was too short to pedal the Surrey Bikes around the Epcot resort area during last December's AllEars.net Photowalk event. That's okay, Lisa, you can always ride up front in one of the kiddie seats!

May 3, 2009

Where in the World #84

Focus on Disney World by Barrie Brewer

This was Challenge #83:
 Where in the World #83

And here's the answer:
Ticket Booth topper at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Copyright © 2009 Barrie Brewer, Nikon D300, 18-200VR, 1/250s shutter, f/.6

Have you ever looked closely at the tops of the ticket booths at Disney's Animal Kingdom? There are some beautiful carvings just above the gorgeous bougainvillea. Each of the three booths has a different menagerie of animals carved on it. Next time you're rushing in to get to the safari or Everest, take a minute to enjoy some beautiful artwork on your way.

Louise Barton was the first to send in the correct answer for the challenge! Congratulations to Louise and all the readers who got the answer right: Caroline Dupre, John Dupre, Kye Layton, Jeremy Coto, Katarina Whitmarsh, Trish Babler, Kte Gillespie, Elizabeth Scarborough, Jamie Poynton, Bruce Hinterleitner, Aj Perras, Melissa Dye, Carinne Kight, Kelly Zanauskas, Christina Cella, Kate Lavoie, Liz Moreau, Double Family and Neil Taylor. Each of you will be entered in the May winners' drawing.


Challenge #84: Where in the world is this?

 Where in the World #84

Do you know? Do you have a guess? Send in your answer, before the end of the day on Thursday, May 7, by clicking on the blue box below. Please do not post answers using the Comment link at the bottom of this post.

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Everyone who sends in a correct answer to a Where in the World Challenge this month will be entered in a drawing at the end of the month for some special AllEars® goodies and a cool Disney book!

May 5, 2009

Disney Pics of the Week - Topiary

Focus on Disney World by Barrie Brewer

Disney artists work in many mediums, not the least of which is shrubbery. Topiary is the art of creating sculptures from living plants such as trees and shrubs. Disney gardeners also create topiary from moss and vines. Topiary dates back to the Roman times where you would have seen stylized hedges and geometrically shaped plants. Working with his film animators and the Disneyland landscaping department, Walt Disney created his own contemporary spin on this ancient art. Now you'll find living sculptures around all of the Disney resorts and parks that resemble the loveable characters from the movies we all grew up with. This week, Lisa, Scott and I will be sharing some of our favorite topiary photos.

Captain Hook and Peter Pan Topiaries
Copyright © 2007 Barrie Brewer, Nikon D50, 18-200VR lens, 1/500s shutter, f5.6

A perfect time to see a bunch of amazing topiaries is during the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. My topiary Pic of the Week is of Captain Hook and Peter Pan, the star attractions at the 2007 festival.

May 6, 2009

Encased Displays

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Disneyana collecting is a happy hobby for some folks but sadly no one can have everything. Whether the figurine is out of your price range or the original costume from "Mary Poppins" simply isn't for sale, there's still one little way of adding that special piece to your collection, take photos of the piece(s) you so desire.

Try putting your camera on Manual or Program so that you can change the settings yourself. Not ready yet? Your camera may have a setting for taking photos thru glass. If the option is there, it can be found under the Scene menu. If your camera doesn't have that option, place your camera on Auto and turn off the flash.

For the following set of images, I used Auto and turned the flash off for most of the pictures.

Game Rule No. 1
Get your camera lens as close to the display case as possible. This will help to elimimate reflections and get you a sharper image.

Game Rule No. 2
Don't use a flash. You can easily wind up with a big bright white spot in the photo.

By using a flash, Disneyland's original layout looks ghostly and washed out.

Game Rule No. 3
Your camera has various options for setting the white balance. Your best bets are Auto, Fluorescent, and Tungsten. It's a 50/50 shot at which light bulbs are being used in the room.

Set to Auto White Balance, the camera tries to find the right color combination. There's lots of yellow left from tungsten bulbs.

Game Rule No. 4
You can always adjust the picture's color with photo editing software once you get home.

I manually adjusted colors, saturation, and contrast with Photoshop.

May 7, 2009

Dopey and Snow White

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

Topiaries of Snow White and Dopey dancing in Disney's Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Topiaries of Snow White and Dopey dancing in Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Nikon D70/18-200VR, 1/250s, f/3.5, ISO 200, EV -1.0, 18mm Focal Length

I wonder if Dopey is thinking of auditioning for the American Idol Experience as he and Snow White are dancing in Disney's Hollywood Studios which I've selected for my Disney Pic of the Week on Topiaries.

May 8, 2009

Tripod vs. Hand Held Comparison

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

In my recent article on Using a Tripod at Walt Disney World, I talked about the advantages of using a tripod over trying to hand hold a camera when light levels are low like at night. This week I want to show you by comparing two photographs of the same subject using both techiques.

I carefully chose the subject and took the photos from the same location. For the first photo of Fulton's Crab House Restaurant in Downtown Disney's Marketplace, I steadied myself as best I could against a railing and used Joe McNally's Da Grip with an image stablized (IS) lens. Nikon calls theirs vibration reduction (VR) lenses. To get a proper exposure, I had to increase the ISO to 1600 and use an aperture of f/5.3 to get a shutter speed of 1/13th of a second. This is quite hard to hand held and I took a series of shots with this one being the best.

Fulton's Crab House restaurant in Downtown Disney's Marketplace, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.
Fulton's Crab House taken Hand Held.
Nikon D70/18-200VR, 1/13s, f/5.3, ISO 1600, EV +0.3, 80mm focal length

I do like this photo. The reflection of the lights in the water ripples and the lights and signs of the restaurant are nice but it's dreary for lack of a better word. It doesn't reach out and grab my attention.

In the second photo where a tripod was used, I was able to set the ISO at 200 for less noise and an aperture of f/22 which gave the lights a nice star effect. The shutter speed climbed to 30 seconds which allowed more light to hit the sensor. You can see more definition in the outside lighting and you can see more of the inside lighting. The long exposure smooths out the water ripples and reflections so they are not as pronounced but I find it a very pleasing result. This photo does grab my attention. What do you think?

Fulton's Crab House restaurant in Downtown Disney's Marketplace, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.
Fulton's Crab House taken using a Tripod.
Nikon D70/18-200VR, 30s, f/22, ISO 200, EV +1.0, 82mm focal length

May 9, 2009

Eat Your Veggies

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Once upon a time a young photographer went to Orlando to see her favorite music group's reunion concert. It only made sense that she also visit Walt Disney World and stay there as well. This was her first time experiencing EPCOT's Flower and Garden Festival. She found the temporary additions to the park to be quite beautiful and intriciate. The topiaries were especially eye-catching. The girl found Rabbit of the Winnie the Pooh stories to be her favorite of them all.

Taken with the Canon EOS A2 and Canon 75-300 USM. Fujifilm Reala 100.

Rabbit is my entry for our Disney Pic of the Week theme, Topiaries. Isn't he cute!

May 10, 2009

Where in the World #85

Focus on Disney World by Barrie Brewer

This was Challenge #84:
 Where in the World #84

And here's the answer:
Artwork from Disney's Polynesian Resort
Copyright © 2009 Barrie Brewer, Nikon D300, 18-200VR, 1/2s shutter, f/3.5, ISO 800

This beautiful relief carving is located near the elevators at Disney's Polynesian Resort. I think this one stumped a lot of people. I went easy on you - anyone who mentioned the Polynesian got it right this week, even if you didn't know exactly where it was at the resort.

Kelly Kobiela was the first to send in the correct answer for the challenge! Congratulations to Kelly and all the readers who got the answer right: Louise Barton, Chloe Barton, Jennifer Tremley, Patty Carty, Cameron Love, Casey Sullivan, Denise Owen, Dana Hinterleitner, Bruce Hinterleitner, Karen Walat, Lynn Barber, Carolyn Como, Kelli Vancil, Liz Moreau and Casey Sullivan. Each of you will be entered in the May winners' drawing.


Challenge #85: Where in the world is this?

 Where in the World #85

Do you know? Do you have a guess? Send in your answer, before the end of the day on Thursday, May 14, by clicking on the blue box below. Please do not post answers using the Comment link at the bottom of this post.

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May 11, 2009

July Disney World Calendar

Focus on Disney World by Barrie Brewer

The Liberty Tree and the Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom seemed like fitting subjects for July's calendar. The date above the entrance to the Hall of Presidents, 1787, refers to the year the United States Constitution was signed.

You will need to have Adobe Reader on your computer to download the calendar(s). Just click on the photo to download the calendar you want.

This one prints out at 8.5" x 11". It's handy if you need a calendar that you can write on.

July 2009 8.5x11 Calendar

This one prints out at 4.75" x 4.75", the perfect size for a CD Jewel Case frame.

July 2009 Jewel Case Calendar

May 12, 2009

Disney Pic of the Week: Norway

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

Norway, in Epcot's World Showcase, is the subject of our Disney Pic of the Week. Like all the World Showcase pavilions, Norway has a lot to explore and many details easily overlooked. Recently, Disney replaced the Viking Ship play area with a flower garden but some of the remains of the ship where kept in remembrance.

What's left of the Viking Ship in Epcot's Norway pavilion, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

The remains of the Viking Ship play area in Norway.
Nikon D70/18-200VR, 1/40s, f/7.1, 200 ISO, -0.3 EV, 32mm Focal Length

May 13, 2009

Transferring Images

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

If you have a digital camera then chances are you have transferred your photos from your camera and/or memory card to your computer at least once. It's possible you had little 9 year old Albie from down the street help you but don't feel bad because you're trying and that's all that matters and you are not alone in this new digital world.

I'll now show you that there are 3 different ways to transfer your images to your PC or Mac and explain which methods are better.

USB Cable - Every camera comes with this cable. You might also have a dock in which you place your camera before connecting the cable from your camera to your computer.

USB cables connect via a connection on the camera or dock to the USB port on your computer. Computers nowadays have multiple USB ports, most of which are on the front of the computer. Laptops also have them.

The upside is that the camera manufacturer supplied the cable. The downsides are that this is the worst way to transfer photos because it takes the longest amount of time and it uses up battery power from your camera. Wait, it gets worse. If while you are transfering images, your camera loses power, it can/will damage the memory card causing future failures and the possibility of losing precious memories.

Card Reader - These devices have gotten smaller and smaller over the past few years. You can choose from one that takes a specific type of card such as SD, XD, Compact Flash, and Memory Stick or a reader that accepts all types of cards.

Readers are a much faster solution than cables. Simply place your memory card into the reader and then plug the reader into the USB port. It's just that easy. You may also use a software program to assist you and to place the images into a photo gallery on your computer.

Built-in Computer Media Card Reader - If your computer accepts memory cards directly then you are golden! See the poorly drawn yellow circle on the image above? Inside the circle are the media card slots found on many computers.

No cables. Nothing additional to buy. You've got what you need already. Generally speaking once you place the card into the slot, your computer will offer you a variety of options on how to open the files and where to store them.

Be watchful for a message from your computer. It may ask if you'd like all of your images deleted after transferring. Click NO. When you're ready to wipe out the card, do it in-camera using the Format process.

USB cable photo © Canon. Card reader photo © Lexar. Computer photo © Hewlett-Packard. Images used for educational purposes.

May 14, 2009

Norwegian Watercolors

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

I haven't seen any commercials lately for Norway but something tells me if they were to spark a whole new advertising campaign to draw in tourists they'd have a catchy song that would go a little something like this.

When you're feeling adventurous
And you've had enough of churros
If you seek oceanic Viking sailings
And heard all of Mushu's story tellings
Come to Norway
We're waiting for you
Come to Norway
All the princesses do

Norwegian Watercolors is my entry for our Disney Pic of the Week.

When you return from sailing you stop in this quaint little dimly lit village.

May 15, 2009

Picture This! Mailbag: Camera Bags

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

We received the following inquiry recently to the Picture This! blog from reader Sharon. Since flattery was used, Barrie, Lisa and myself give her our opinions. It also lead me to updating a piece of my equipment.

I LOVE the Picture This blog! I have learned countless tips and been inspired many times from reading your posts! I'm not sure if this has been discussed in a previous blog post, but my question is about carrying camera gear around the parks.

I just received my first digital SLR camera this past holiday season. I'll be visiting Disney World again in May 2009 and am very excited to use my new camera! However, it goes without saying that this camera is much bulkier than my previous point and shoots (which I used to wear hooked to my belt). I've thought about constantly wearing my camera by the neckstrap, or using the case - which is rather bulky and awkward to carry for a whole day in the parks. I'm concerned if I wear the camera on my neck all day, I'll risk "bumping" it on something. Also concerned about taking the camera, with or without a case, on certain rides (i.e. Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller Coaster, Splash Mountain...)

Any tips/suggestions for a 1st timer on carrying my gear through the parks??

Barrie's answer:

Hi Sharon - I'll add my thoughts to what Scott has sent.

I have a backpack that I wear in the parks - this one: Tamrac Adventure 6 Photo Backpack. It's very comfortable and just big enough to fit all my junk. I like to have everything I need with me, including an extra lens, flash, battery, filters, manual, CD cards, lens cloth, water bottle, and a bunch of little things. This bag holds everything, with a little extra room for a poncho or sunglasses, whichever I'm not wearing based on the weather! I also like the ability to put my camera away, especially during meals. I don't like to worry about someone spilling something on it or knocking it off the table.

I have tried other bags (shoulder bags and fanny bags) but found that my back would really hurt after awhile. Also, those kind of bags always seem to be in my way. Since I've had the backpack, I've had no trouble. That's been a couple of years. My only complaint is that it can get hot. If you're going in the warmer part of the year, it might not be a good option. I tend to go during the cooler months.

I have the Black Rapid strap that Scott mentioned. I do like it for when I want to travel light. Mine has room for an extra battery and some extra cards on it. It takes some getting used to but it does relieve the stress on your neck and back quite a bit. However, I can't use it and my backpack at the same time because the strap goes across my body. Mostly I use it on hiking trips at home when I can leave my pack in the car. I'm pretty attached to my pack, can you tell?

The strap I use with my camera is an OP/TECH 37012 Pro Loop Strap. I LOVE it. Well worth the price for the added comfort.

As for rides, I've never had any trouble carrying on my backpack. It doesn't always fit in the mesh bags but I just put it on the floor with one foot through a strap.

I've used a locker for my tripod before, but never for my camera. The lockers tend to be at the front of the park and I don't ever really want to be that far away from my camera.

I do have another backpack that I use to carry my gear on the airplane. I did a review of the Kata KT DR-467 Digital Rucksack on my other blog. If you want one with a little more room I can't recommend this one enough - I truly am in love with it! I don't use it for around the parks though, because I don't need that much space. Some people do though.

Oh, one other tip - for rides like Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids, I carry a small kitchen garbage bag in my pack. I can fit my whole backpack in it and not have to worry. It also works great for unexpected downpours!

Hope that helps. Barrie

Lisa added:

Hi Sharon,

Last but not least, I'll toss out to you how I manage the parks. First, I bring along a college guy with lots of muscles to carry things. OK, perhaps not. Depending on how much equipment I'm carrying I take one of 2 backpacks. My larger backpack is from Canon and sadly they don't make them anymore. However it fits one body with a lens, a 2nd lens, flash, battery pack, 2 chargers, lots of batteries, filters, a point and shoot, a memory card wallet, and a camcorder. I should probably toss in a bottle of Advil because that much stuff leads to backaches.

My smaller backpack, a Tamrac Travel Pack 71 Model 5371, holds 1 body with a lens, the 2nd lens, my flash, 2 chargers, filters, batteries, and a battery pack. Then I've got my point and shoot in a case.

I have my camera around my neck unless I'm on a jerky ride like Dinosaur or something that might get it wet like Splash Mountain. You'll find that you'll have one hand on the camera most of the time so you're far less likely to bump it on something.

Like Barrie, when my camera bag is too big for the mesh pockets on attractions, I place it on the floor with one leg through a strap. I also try to keep it a few inches off the floor by suspending it between my legs. Photographers are a strange lot, I know.

I hope we haven't overwhelmed you. Feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

Keep Shooting,

Okay, both Barrie and Lisa indicated I had already gave Sharon my opinion and here it is:


I carry my digital SLR camera around my neck most of the time while at Walt Disney World. If it's not around my neck, it's back in the room.

Rides: All of Disney's thrill rides (ie., Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Rock'n Roller Coaster, Expedition Everest for examples) have mesh bags to put lose items in and this is where I'll store my camera while I ride.

Bags: There are lots of camera bags, backpacks and waist (fanny) packs available. A handy website is CamBags.com which have photos and reviews of all types of camera bags. Personally, I use a Mickey Mouse fanny pack to carry an extra battery for the camera, lens cleaning cloth, extra memory cards, a 50mm lens and a flash unit while carrying my camera with a zoom lens around my neck.

Lockers: All Disney parks have lockers you can rent. They require $10 deposit (you get $5 back when you return the key) for the day. You can store your camera while doing all the thrill rides if that makes you more comfortable.

Has my camera been knocked around at times? Yes, but I am very careful. Still, after 5 years and about a dozen trips to Walt Disney World, it's working great!

There is an alternative you might want to check out called the R-Strap. I've never used one but have it on my "to buy" list. From what I read, you either like it or you don't. Maybe you will.


As you can see, I don't really use something designed for photographic equipment. Sharon's question made me question my current Mickey Mouse solution. With no dividors, my lens and flash often rub and bang into each other. I went searching for something better but still small and which goes around my waist. I am not a fan of backpacks or over the shoulder bags. Have tried both in the past. Like a camera, a way to carry a camera is a personal decision. We all work differently.

What I found was a company called Think Tank Photo. This company is run by photographers and have designed their photo equipment carrying products with them in mind. They tend to be on the pricey side. Their products are built to take the punishment we put them through. Not saying we are careless but stuff happens when walking around themeparks with thousands of other guests, hiking through woods or at family events.

I choose the Think Tank Photo Speed Demon Belt Pack. The Speed Demon incorporates the use of "Skin" components, of which, I added their Skin 75 Pop Down which can hold a large zoom lens. This component will come in handy at sporting events and zoos.

The Speed Demon is very comfortable and lightweight with my 50mm, 11-16mm zoom, speedlight, flash bounce accessory, memory cards, extra batteries for camera and flash, grey card, pens, notebook, lens cloth, and a small blower. Lots of pockets and zippered areas for organization. It even has an attached raincoat to come out and cover the pack in case of sudden rains. Another cool feature is the zipper on top of the bag. It gives easy access to the large bag area with padded compartments where I can reach in and pull out a lens or flash fast without having to unzip the entire bag.

I could substitute a lens or the speedlight in the Speed Demon for my camera if I wanted to. I still like having the camera around my neck so I am always ready to take a picture.

So, thanks Sharon for your question. It helped me find a better way to carry and protect my photo equipment. Hope the suggestions given above help you if you are looking for a new camera bag accessory.

May 16, 2009

Conquerors of the Seas

Focus on Disney World by Barrie Brewer

Norway Viking
Copyright © 2009 Barrie Brewer, Nikon D300, 18-200VR lens, 1/320s shutter, f5.3

My Pic of the Week for Epcot's Norway is the Viking statue outside of the Stave Church. Inside the church is an exhibit featuring weapons and other artifacts, as well as figures of important Norwegians.

May 17, 2009

Where in the World #86

Focus on Disney World by Barrie Brewer

This was Challenge #85:
 Where in the World #85

And here's the answer:
ATAS Hall of Fame at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Copyright © 2009 Barrie Brewer, Nikon D300, 18-200VR, 1/100s shutter, f/5.6

This is the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It features sculptures of famous television legends, as well as the second-largest Emmy statue in the world. You'll find past and present TV greats, including Lucille Ball, Oprah Winfrey, and as featured in this photo, Bob Newhart. That's Angela Lansbury in the background.

Caroline Dupre was the first to send in the correct answer for the challenge! Congratulations to Caroline and all the readers who got the answer right: Emma Poprock, Jeffrey Dunne, Debbie Hudson, Casey Sullivan, Chris Grabowski, Julie Wickware, Jen Cerce, Steph Brontman, Belicia Dawson, Paul Cooper, Sharon Dale, Scott Cullen, Neil Taylor, Heather Young, Connie Suchodolski, Daniel Record, Stacey Van Dyke, Craig Canady, Boris Beckert, Jodi Cook, Kevin Cowdell, Michelle Mcspadden, Elizabeth Macgregor, Lori J Rienhardt, Cheri Weitkamp, Danusia Rogacki, Sue Mcdonald, Amanda Campbell, Kirsty Butler, Derek Carty, Katarina Whitmarsh, Paul Knott, Amy Schweizer, Kameo Crea, Michael Joel Gainey, Amy Filliben, Michele Delorenzo, Jeremy Coto, Matthew Jadro, Brian Gallant, David Coates, Ruth Woodhouse, Larry Heidenberg, Devin Wisman, Sharon Pierce, Tom Koval, Emily Dagney, Jennifer Hoffman, Chris Dagney, Robert Anderson, Joshua Swainston, Dana Hinterleitner, Bruce Hinterleitner, Curtis Bille, Dylan Weidner, Debra Kuklinski, Lee Anastasi, Susan Thompson, Matt Cofone, Ann Fowler, Bethany Cybak, Ronnie Lane, Chloe', Mike Malampy, Sara Moore, Tina Benco , Clarissa K, Lynn Barber, Hollie Hinton, Joyce Tofflemire, Sherry Klinefelter, Paula Munson, Scott Otis, Dave, Alicia Henderson, Kelly Kobiela, Melissa Dye, Derek Mullins, Brian Lafrazia, Bonnie Smith, Vincent Maltese, Christopher Hall, Jaclyn Kelch, Tricia Noble, Tim Johansen, Kyle Flodder, Elizabeth Scarborough, Karen Schlumpf, Kelly Zanauskas, Heidi Summers, Sarah Smee, Jillian Domings, Tim Rachuba, Travis, Erin, Misty Mehelic, Stephanie Servaites, Nick Straka, Heather Stevens, Carri Marotto, Michelle Roth-smoot, Blake Schmidt, Jamie Kelly, Deanna Simmons, Wendy Snelgrove, Travis Grim, Tiago De Oliveira, Amy Sapp, Sarah Biggs, Carinne Kight, Margie Thomas, Andrea Schnur, Louise Maxwell, Ellie Argaluza, Elaine Tomko-deluca, Marie Bertini, Ashley Deitchler, Mickey Eckert, Sarah Haas, Robin Mcconnell, Krista Penno, Jamie Poynton, Jessica Marcotte, Rhett Landrum, Bridgie Auckland, Jennifer Bogdan, Liz Moreau, Christopher Jackson, Chip Vermette, Kristin Williams, Tom Higbee, Chris And Alison, Tom &Susan Linder, Heather Coursen, Melissa Simmons, Nicole Lopresti, Kevin Scharf, Dee Dee Chapman, Debra Moscara, James Berry, Kathy Berry, Sherri Pell, Robyn Parrino, Aruna, Melody Salemi, Josh Schultz, Leah Nan Broussard, Cheri Palmisano, Kristen Gainey, Juliet Frances Ohare and Peggy Saeger. Each of you will be entered in the May winners' drawing.


Challenge #86: Where in the world is this?

 Where in the World #86

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May 19, 2009

Disney Pic of the Week - Spaceship Earth

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

As I descended the ramp from the monorail station at EPCOT, I heard a small child excitedly point out to his father, "Look! It's the golf ball on legs!" This week, my friends and I present our photos of Spaceship Earth, the golf ball with legs.®

As you enter the geosphere, a mural by artist Claudio Mazzoli depicting man's accomplishments greets you. It's one of those things that I've seen but never paid attention to until fairly recently while :gasp: waiting in line. It's a nice touch and I wonder if they ever made any lithographs of it.

This is a portion of the mural taken on a lovely overcast day. :kisses fingertips: Perfect lighting!

There's more to Spaceship Earth. That's right, inside you'll find a slow-moving journey through time and you might even learn something.

May 20, 2009

You Knee Verse Sull

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Shhh. I had to get creative with the blog entry title so that you-know-who with the big black ears and the mix matched tuxedo wouldn't catch onto me. Alright, I'm going to have to whisper this time so listen closely.

Last year Barrie and I went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and to top it off, we had a good time and we made money. No, we didn't pawn Scott's camera but that's something we'll keep in the back of our heads. Thanks for the suggestion. We stumbled upon multiple opportunities to do surveys and get paid. One gig had us watching segments for that Christian Slater show that got canned after a few episodes and the other was to try out new storage containers. I know, right, in a theme park, but it's true and it (including Popeye money) paid for lunch at Lombard's Landing.

The best thing about our day was that the parks were practically empty. At one point we thought we might be the only people there. The worst part was the heat but we carried on.

This is a mini trip report with some photography tips tossed in for good measure. All of these photos were taken with the Canon PowerShot S5 IS. I didn't ask Barrie for any of her input on this blog because I'm just typing this up as I go so any comments you read by Barrie is just me using my ventriloquist skills and a Barrie dummy. Off we go.

The first attraction we hit was Shrek 4-D and as we waited outside in a covered area with TV monitors and lousy fans we initiated our slogan for the day, It's not Disney. To be fair, Disneyland has outdoor queues as well but there's no humidity or spontaneous rain storms in California, only wild fires, earthquakes, and bad cosmetic surgery. It's a fantastically fun simulated ride-sort of attraction. The guy in the pre-show was perfectly in character with his given script and who doesn't love seeing fairytale characters just hanging around!

ISO 400, f3.5, 1/5
Gingerbread Man is coming to you live from the dungeon. Listen to him, people, he knows the muffin man.

We skipped Jimmy Neutron cuz neither of us knew much about him. We also skipped Twister and The Mummy but I did see an Egyptian hunk walking around on stilts. I'm guessing they were stilts. I suppose he could just have crazy long thin legs. Barrie says I took off running when I saw...what's-his-name.

ISO 200, f8, 1/200
When photographing someone with mixed lighting (sunlight and shade) use fill-flash to brighten up the shadows. I didn't so you see what the natural lighting looks like and the extreme contrast it creates.

After following, I mean photographing Kronk we caught a good show by the Blue Brothers. Universal has an awesome "backlot" of city streets. It's the one thing they trump over Hollywood Studios and it's right on the street and front steps that Jake and Elwood performed. When I wasn't paying attention one of them tried to get me to join in and dance but I declined. They also had their car with them complete with an enormous bullhorn strapped to the roof.

ISO 200, f5.6, 1/100
When photographing singers, avoid shots where the microphone is smack dap in front of the mouth. Shoot from the side or wait for them to move the mic out of the way.

If you've ever been to Universal Studios Hollywood then you've escaped from Jaws while enjoying the backlot tour. In Florida, things are different. You'll have to head out on a boat tour or fishing expedition in order to narrowly escape him. We did and we put our cameras away, too, cuz the captain that we saw come back before we left was 80% soaked.

Barrie says: Men in Black was so fun that we rode twice by using the line for single riders. The staff even encouraged us to make faces and heckle those waiting in line.

I gotta tell you something. I'm just going to mouth it so you-know-who doesn't hear this either. Disney needs to completely change Star Tours because Universal has THE smoothest motion simulator ride on the planet and it features The Simpsons. OMG! I love this ride. I can't wait to ride it again and again. It's beyond words just how funny the storyline is and you can't possibly catch all of the visual jokes in just one shot.

ISO 200, f8, 1/100
Offering to help diva-fy his little sister, Bart hat shoplifts.

With one park down it was time to check out Islands of Adventure. Barrie says: I loved all of the Christmasy decorations they had at a shop near the entrance. The character actors fighting over the last Three-Legged Race Elmo was a nice detail.

We mostly walked around this park and took...photos! It was fairly quiet here too and we walked onto The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. Gee, there is a first for everything. We saw the Marvel characters arrive and then spread out to meet with folks. I told Wolverine that my friends named their son Logan after him and he wasn't the least bit impressed. Fine! Next time they'll name their kid Peter and I will let Spider-Man know he's their new favorite.

ISO 200, f7, 1/800
Hulk say, be creative with framing. Aghhhhhh!

By late afternoon I think we were both pretty pooped out. I pointed to what they had, explained it, and then told Barrie if I thought it stunk. Sinbad - skipped. Poseidon's Fury - skipped. Jurrasic Park - Barrie didn't have her camera bag with her.

ISO 200, f8, /200
Had I done the thinking instead of the camera, I'd have gone with a small aperature like f16 for such a grand-scale subject. I am happy with the detail captured, however.

We interrupt this blog to inform you that while Lisa has visions of Seuss Landing in her head, the theme song to "The Wuzzles" is playing in her brain.

Finally we arrived at Seuss Landing, my favorite part of Islands of Adventure. It's not because of the theme but for the colors that I see. Behold the yellows and the blues. The greens, reds, and oranges, too. Everything is bright and shines in the light. Come let's take a train ride. Can we fit side by side? Ooh they got originality, living with a split personality.

ISO 200, f8, 1/1600
An aerial view can be achieved via the High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride. Shoot super fast to grab the shot. Try using the Sports mode on your point and shoot camera.

So there you have it folks, even Disney fanatics enjoy a splendid day at Universal Studios as I'm sure you all know. See you next time!

They're the Wuzzles. Oooh yeah! They're the Wuzzles. Whoa oh yeah! Two times the fun wrapped up and rolled...into one!

May 21, 2009

Standing Tall

Focus on Disney World by Barrie Brewer

Spaceship Earth at Epcot
Copyright © Barrie Brewer

It was hard to find a photo of Spaceship Earth for Pic of the Week this week. Believe it or not, I haven't actually taken that many pictures of it. I know, amazing, but true. I'm not even sure when I took this one or what any of the settings were that I used. I like it though and hope you do too.

I even tried to recreate this photo on my trip last month, but it didn't work out that well. The trees have been replaced and are much shorter and stockier now. They just didn't have the same impact. That goes to show that when you see a shot you like, make sure you take it then because it may not be there the next time you try for it.

May 22, 2009

Low Angle

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

The vast majority of photos you see and take are done at adult eye levels of around 5 to 6 feet. You look at your photos and compare them to others and there's not much difference. How can you make your photos standout from the millions of photos taken at Walt Disney World every year? One way is to shoot from different angles. Another is to use your knees. Yep, those joints in your legs do bend. Some people's better than others.

To demostrate, I'm going to use statues of the Disney brothers found in the Magic Kingdom. The first one is Roy Disney sitting on a bench with Minnie Mouse at the head of Main Street, USA. (NOTE: During the Christmas season, you can find Roy and Minnie over by Town Hall.) I bent down, knees cracking and framed this photo vertically to include Roy, Minnie and the Main Street shops, Confectionery and The Chapeau, to the right of the statue. Using an aperture of f/20, I got maximum depth of field so everything is in sharp focus from front to back.

Minnie Mouse shares a park bench with Roy Disney in the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

Minnie Mouse shares a park bench with Roy Disney in the Magic Kingdom.
Nikon D70/18-200VR, 1/60s, f/20, ISO 200, EV +0.3, 18mm focal length

Moving on down Main Street, USA to the Hub area in front of Cinderella Castle, the Partner's statue depicts Walt Disney holding Mickey Mouse's hand. This area is often congested with people sitting, taking pictures (there's always a PhotoPass Photographer stationed here) and walking around the statue. It's hard to get a good clean shot unless you are in the Magic Kingdom either very early in the morning or very late at night. On this day, I was neither so to eliminate as many fellow guests as I could from my composition, I got in close and low. Using the zoom lens, I found the 24mm focal length cleaned up the edges of most everyone.

FPartner's Statue in the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

Partner's Statue in the Magic Kingdom.
Nikon D70/18-200VR, 1/100s, f/16, ISO 200, EV +1.0, 24mm focal length

Next time you are in a creative bind, try lowing yourself and looking around. I think you'll find it opens up a whole new perspective to your photography. Back to my knee exercises.

May 23, 2009

Monorail View of Spaceship Earth

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

Spaceship Earth as seen from the Monorail in Epcot, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Spaceship Earth as seen from a Monorail.
Nikon D70/18-200VR, 1/320s, f/9, 200 ISO, +0.3 EV, 18mm Focal Length

Epcot's Spaceship Earth is as iconic as Magic Kingdom's Cinderella Castle. Riding the monorail around Epcot's Futureworld, I concentrated on Spaceship Earth's geodesic shape. This image has good light, good sun angle, height of the monorail track lifting me above all the guests in the park, great clouds for a background and a bit of help from the monorail's darkened windows which acted like a huge polarizer filter and is my choice for our Disney Pic of the Week on Spaceship Earth.

May 24, 2009

Where in the World #87

Focus on Disney World by Barrie Brewer

This was Challenge #86:
 Where in the World #86

And here's the answer:
 Dawa Bar in Disney's Animal Kingdom
Copyright © 2009 Barrie Brewer, Nikon D300, 18-200VR, 1/125s shutter, f/11

For this week's answer, if you knew this photo was from Africa in Disney's Animal Kingdom Park then you are winners - nice going! These two chairs are actually sitting on the roof of the Dawa Bar in Africa. Some folks knew that, some said they were on the roof of Tusker House and some knew it was Africa, but didn't give me anymore detail than that. All of those answers made it into the drawing. For all of you who thought they were above Restaurantasaurus in Dinoland"� sorry, better luck next time. Great guess, but not quite close enough. And although the chairs are indeed in Animal Kingdom, I am definitely always looking for a bit more detail than just the name of the park. Make sure you give me some idea of where in the park a photo was taken if you want a chance at the fabulous prize package.

Tiago De Oliveira was the first to send in the correct answer for the challenge! Congratulations to Tiago and all the readers who got the answer right: Kye Layton, Ken Jackson, Ann Fowler, Dawn Burns, Matt Cofone, Shannon Milair, Danusia Rogacki, Dawn, Krystal Thomas, April Ramey, Amy Rupp, David Coates, Melody Salemi, Jeremy Coto, Lee Anastasi, Denise Owen, Joy Johnston, Cameron Love, Michelle Thompson, Susan Thompson, Michael Joel Gainey, Kelley H, Scott Otis, Craig Canady, Karen Hotchkiss, Mary Mchenry, Michelle Roth-smoot, Lynn Barber, Bryan Fencl, Kathy Berry, James Berry, Kris Nixon, Tim Rachuba, Paul Moody, Mark Wagner, Brenda Baines, Marie Phillips, Aruna, Patrick Riley, Krista Penno, Ben Dameron, Becky Bean, Richard Nussbaum, Katie, Wendy Snelgrove, Heidi Summers, Bonnie Smith, Jennifer Schwing, Amy Smith, Sharon Dale and Brian Miller. Each of you were entered in the May winners' drawing.

In case some of you have been wondering how the monthly prize winner is chosen - it is totally random. I assign each winning entry a number based on the order in which the winning entries are submitted. The person who is the first to send in the correct answer each week gets their name entered into the drawing twice that week. At the end of the fourth week I enter the total number of entries into a random number generator and let the computer choose the winner for the month. This month's big winner is Melody Salemi! Congratulations Melody, you are the lucky recipient of a fabulous Disney book and some really cool AllEars schwag!

Good luck to everyone as we begin another month! Here we go"


Challenge #87: Where in the world is this?

 Where in the World #87

Do you know? Do you have a guess? Send in your answer, before the end of the day on Thursday, May 28, by clicking on the blue box below. Please do not post answers using the Comment link at the bottom of this post.

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Everyone who sends in a correct answer to a Where in the World Challenge this month will be entered in a drawing at the end of the month for some special AllEars® goodies and a cool Disney book!

May 26, 2009

Disney Pics of the Week - Group Photos

Focus on Disney World by Barrie Brewer

Pretty much everyone finds themselves needing to take a group photo at one time or another when in Walt Disney World. This week, Scott, Lisa and I are going to share some that we've taken - along a few tips.

Group Portrait at Epcot
Copyright © 2008 Barrie Brewer, Nikon D300, 18-200VR lens, 1/25s shutter, f22

This lovely group of people was kind enough to stop and pose for me in Italy at Epcot as the sun was setting on the day. I actually picked them out of the crowd because of the clothing they were wearing. We couldn't have coordinated this better if we had tried! Unfortunately, I do not have their names. I explained that I was taking a photo for this blog and they were very nice to take time out of their vacation to oblige me, but they were off and running as soon as I was done.

To create a nice backdrop, make sure you have some distance between your subject and the background object. Then zoom in on your subjects. You want to fill your frame with them as much as possible, while still getting in some of the background to give your photo a sense of place. And don't worry about getting in their whole bodies, it's their faces you want to see.

Then position yourself just a wee bit lower than your subjects to keep other people out of the shot. If you are too low, the people you are photographing will look like they are looking at the ground, which is generally not a very flattering angle. If you can incorporate something into the foreground to tie it all together, you will have an even better shot.

The bridge across from Italy is a great place for a group photo. As the photographer, you stand on the level below the bridge which gives you a nice backdrop of the Italy pavilion in the background and the bridge railing in the foreground. At this angle you won't end up with a bunch of unknown guests in your shot. Just before sunset, this spot will provide you with some very nice warm light.

May 27, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Frequently Asked Questions will be a sporadically ongoing series. I encourage all of you to send in your questions by using the Comment submission form below.

1. What is a UV filter?
A UV filter is made of clear glass that is specially coated to absorb Ultra Violet rays. Filters are threaded to fit into the threading on the front of a lens. It blocks out UV rays which cause a blue/purple tint to photos. It also protects the glass of your lens from being damaged. Every SLR lens should have one. There are some point and shoot camera that can use filters as well. The filter size and lens cap size are the same. You can always look at the inside of the lens cap to check the size. It can also appear near the base of the lens or on the front. Look for the number beside a circle with a line thru it.

2. How long do batteries last?
Lithium-ion batteries in an SLR average 500 photos per charge. Lithium-ion in point and shoots should take 300 photos. Rechargeable AA batteries will take about 200 shots and alkalines can give out in as little as 10 minutes. As for how many months or years the batteries last can depend upon how they're treated. Lithium-ions should last a few years just like your cell phone battery. If you let it drain completely before recharing it, it'll live longer. Rechargeable AAs can be charged up to 100 times.

3. Will my memory card be ruined by airport security scanners?
No, they won't be affected. Remember to pack your camera in your carry-on or in its own camera bag and to keep it with you at all times. Unfortunately, airport and airline employees do steal from checked luggage.

4. Why is part of my photo cropped out of the print? I can see the entire image on my camera's LCD and my computer monitor.
Point and shoot camera sensors are smaller and proportioned differently than 35mm negatives. When you print 4x6's, the top and bottom of a horizontal shot and the left and right sides of a vertical shot are automatically cropped out. In order to get the entire image you'll need to print 4.5x6.

5. Why does it take so long inbetween photos?
Digital cameras have computer parts, including processors. These processors have to send the information to the memory card where the information is recorded, ie: your photo. They have gotten faster over the years. If you are using the flash, that needs to recharge as well. The LCD screen may go out for a brief moment while this is going on, too. Digital cameras require more power than traditional film cameras.

My personal comment is that I find it rather funny and interesting that people constantly complain about their cameras taking too long between shots when 35mm point and shoots take 8 seconds for the battery to recharge and I don't recall nearly as much frustration from folks. Digital point and shoots take less time to recycle battery power and record the image. If you want zero lag time then you'll need to purchase an SLR (Single Lens Reflex).

May 28, 2009

Cameras Up!

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

The AllEars.Net Photowalk Group photo with the Boardwalk Resort in the background, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Cameras Up! AllEars.Net 2008 Photowalk Group Photo.
Nikon D70/18-200VR, 1/125s, f/10, 200 ISO, -0.6 EV, 18mm Focal Length, Tripod, Flash Used

For my Disney Pic of the Week on Groups, I present to you the group photo from the AllEars.Net 2008 Photowalk. This was a lot of fun to do and hope we can do this again. Of the half dozen photos I took, this one with the cameras up was the best. Of course, since my camera was on the tripod taking this photo, I only have the small remote in my hand.

May 29, 2009

Light and Shadow

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

Photography is all about capturing the light. Shadows in a photo help to create depth. Together, light and shadow can create a three dimensional look. In the photo below, the light entering from the upper left is an example of sidelighting. The shadows frame and mold Leota's face especially her eyes. Did you notice those eyes? Read the caption below to learn about some Disney Imagineering fun.

Madame Leota's tombstone just befoe entering the Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.
Nikon D70/18-200VR, 1/60s, f/9, ISO 200, EV +0.3, 200mm focal length

Tombstone which honors the late Walt Disney Imagineer Leota Thomas as seen in the Haunted Mansion's graveyard in the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Every few minutes, Loeta's eyes open and look around as shown in this photograph.

May 30, 2009

Tower of Steps

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

The biggest challenge when doing group photos is to make sure everyone can be seen clearly. It's best to stagger people and create various levels. If you're working on one level, such as the ground or floor, put the taller people in the front and have them kneel down. Yes, the taller people because with the shorter folks behind them, it compresses the space in the shot and you don't have to back up as far.

My example shows using the staircase over by Tower of Terror's exit, if my memory serves me right. Each individual had personal space and is clearly visible. There are 5 levels in this group photo of the men and women of www.Tagrel.com.

Taken with the Canon EOS A2 and Canon 28-90mm USM. Fujifilm Press 400.

This is my entry for our Disney Pic of the Week theme, Groups.

May 31, 2009

Where in the World #88

Focus on Disney World by Barrie Brewer

This was Challenge #87:
 Where in the World #87

And here's the answer:
Snow White's Scary Adventure at the Magic Kingdom
Copyright © 2009 Barrie Brewer, Nikon D300, 18-200VR, 1/40s shutter, f/3.2, ISO 3200

When you take a spin through Snow White's Scary Adventures, Dopey will be waiting to give you a wave as you exit the ride. This attraction can be found in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.

Mary Beth Tarbet was the first to send in the correct answer for the challenge! Congratulations to Mary Beth and all the readers who got the answer right: Robin Fitts, Sharon Lee, Kye Layton, Sandra Shaw, Jacquelyn Law, Alan Law, Denise Owen, Jennifer Tremley, Kameo Crea, Spring Smith, Chuck Sands, Damon Carter, Shannon Milair, Judy Koslowski, Caryn Schill, Jennifer R., Christinedagney, Emily Rennie, Michelle Thompson, Erin Hammer, Kirsty Butler, Emily Currier, Jeffrey Dunne, Jackie Purcell, Brandy White, Amy Sooy, Scott Cullen, Belicia Dawson, Christine Benoit, Sherrry Klinefelter, Angie Young, Kris Nixon, James Berry, Garrett Dunnewold, Kathy Berry, Walter Fletcher, Chloe Williams , Brenda Hawk, Marie Wolfe, Kelly Montgomery, Kerry Finnamore, Debbie Desimone, Brian Yesutis, Erica Adkins, Lyndsay, Hollie Hinton, Danielle Murgia, Chloe, Scott Otis, Lydia Griffin, Daniel Recod, Donna Currier, Ashley Pizzino, Chris Masse, Elizabeth Macgregor, Joshua Swainston, Amanda Campbell, Christie Condit, Heather Young, Sharon Dale, Dave Cole, Lou Baker, Aly Nichting, Will Bennett, Cari-ann , Jen Cerce, Baines Family, Lisa R, Quinn Urell, Robert Anderson, Kimberly Kusser, Larry Heidenberg, Susan Pitts, Veronica Schreyer, Debra Kuklinski, Courtney Allday, Tim And Brendan Wingfield, Curtis Bille, Nancy Cole, Melissa Dye, Rebekah Anguish, Dawn Radke, Tim Rachuba, Cindy Dore', Teri Jo Fuson, Becky Norman, John Arena Jr, Mike Malampy, Ann Fowler, Katie Olson, Louise Barton, Curtis Bille, Stephanie Visco, Matthew Waga, Brooke Stahl, Tiago De Oliveira, Tom Koval, Amanda Marie Penhale, Barbara Sims, Paula Massarelli, Heidi Goodhue, Amber Thrower, Jennifer Nicholson, Jen Fennell, Candy Walker, Mindy Marinelli, Kristin, Cheri Weitkamp, Matthew Carrera, Kim Davis, Carolyn Como, Jamie Dodson, Jennifer Wood, Debbie Glandon, Heather Keenan, Lisa Hoffman, Erin Kubicki, Tim Johansen, Maria M, Dawn Mccleave, Beth Moeller, Gary E Genteman, Cathleen King, Jessie, Allison Caputa, Jennifer Banks, Taricia , Karen Pizzuta, Glo Konsler, Laura Hohm, Melesia Love, Jeanne Miller, Leslee Rigoli, Brenda Hively, Jeremy Coto, Eric Hoffman, Wendy Hupp, Steven Bowling, Kevin Hobstetter, Jennifer Schwing, Lynn Barber, Scott Dickison, Brenda Mcguire, Chris Tampellini, Sharon Blickensderfer, April Ramey, Diane Furtado, Karen Ackerman, Andrew Weed, Amy Land, Ken Jackson, William Hechler, Derek Mullins, Lori Barth, Kelly Torch, Tyra Parillo, James Steele, Katarina Whitmarsh, Cori Lehman, Bill Frazier, Michelle Heisler, Paula Munson, Tara Whittaker, Nikki Powell, Sabrina Bogart, Robin Kennard, Brian Miller, Paul Moody, Kelly Zanauskas, Dawn Burns, Daniel Meagher, Jonathan Walker, Robin Wilson, Debbie Hudson, Brittany Irish, Tamara Lasher, Sherri Pell, Hillary Waldroop, Ronnie Lane, Katarina Whitmarsh, Susan Thompson, Sydney Chambers, Jared Orth, Marshal K., Jennifer Harmon, Christy Hunt, Bill Mckim, Dawn Bach, Amie Mumpower, Danusia Rogacki, Pollyanna Buff, Joy Palmer, Jess Batchelor, Dan Grote, Mike M. , Andrea Lott, Michael Schieber, Richard_uhler, Travis Grim, The Moores, Derek Carty, Kendall Huffman, Dale Knight, Emily Dagney, Karen Kristoff, M'shel Bowen, Jamie Difatta, Dawn Davis, Meghan Parham, Jackson Hart, Karen Hotchkiss, Alicia Henderson, Michele Delorenzo, John Leach, Nicole Cyr, Z Cheven, Valerie Spinello, Leah Nan Broussard, Louise Maxwell, Cameron Lange, Missy Munrow, Stephanie Servaites, Anne Hainsworth, Dolores Riccio, Sandra Edwards, Kristen C., Jaclyn Kelch, Diane Ramos, Sarah Connors, Jen Norris, Kristin Bourgeois, Matt Cofone, Elaine Johnson, Paul Ignudo, Jr., Christi Ison, Becky Sterusky, Brian Gallant, Scott Junkin, Gregg Mcglasson, Andrea Schnur, Debbie Hicks, Michelle Roth-smoot, Kayla Anulies, Jamie Poynton, Carri Marotto, Lesley Strawderman, Stephanie Hardhouse, Bruce Arnold, Karen Dresser-smith, Cheri Palmisano, Mark Franklin, Sherry White, Kirsten Cronebach, Dave Carriere, Gary E Genteman, Kalin Johnson, Lauri Uzee, Ray Vinciguerro, Ben Dameron, Alicia Roth, Steve Dolan, Laney Wood, Clarissa K, Bob Sertic, Becky Robinson, Elaine Tomko-deluca, Mary Brennan, Nicole Lopresti, Luis Rodriguez, Sharon Ray, Chris Auckland, Merrie Tesh, Drew Deapo, Jeremy Hardy, Rebecca Balber, Sheila Saey, Janet Theriault, Tom &Susan Linder, Walter N Clark, Lorraine Taylor, Robin Mcconnell, Christine And Erin Claeys, Scott Otis, Christopher Hall, Tom Hermes, Nicole Saraceno, Zachary Walzer, Heather Coursen, Kristin Dormuth, Barclay Bakkum, Sarah Biggs, Jessica Marcotte, Laurie Walker, Allison Dibiase, Ruth Cookson, Becky Bean, Ashley, Robert Bostic, Heather Mcfall, Bernie Blocchi, Emily Nussbaum, Becky Myers, Chris, Wendy And Marina, Dana Schirnhofer, Heather Harris, Jeff Finger, Shane Stack, Lauren, Suzanne Brown, Theresa Rucando, Sherree Coker, Katy Robinson, Double Family, Mickey Eckert and Allie Laguardia. Each of you will be entered in the June winners' drawing.


Challenge #88: Where in the world is this?

 Where in the World #88

Do you know? Do you have a guess? Send in your answer, before the end of the day on Thursday, June 4, by clicking on the blue box below. Please do not post answers using the Comment link at the bottom of this post.

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