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Magic Meets - Friday

I wasn't able to find the time or a laptop to be able to post live from MagicMeets so without further ado, here's my Friday recap.

On Friday I arrived around 4pm after spending 9 hours on the road including stops along the way for lunch, gasoline, and restrooms. Highway 78 was shutdown and there were no signs or policemen to redirect traffic. Luckily, my friend Karen realized we were near other highways listed on the directions we had and so we eventually found our way.

The AllEars table was setup so I didn't have any work to do except to deal with a slide show I'd created for a digital frame. The photos would rotate while cued to music at our table. After playing around with photos and moving folders, Mike Scopa got it all working or so we thought at the time.

I joined a group of friends for dinner at Perkins. That was a nice time with good and funny conversation.

That night a bunch of us went to Magic Tunes, a Name That Tune type of game hosted by Mike Scopa, co-created by Trent Schwartz, and engineered by Mike Newell (www.mouseworldradio.com). The evenings contestants were Lou Mongello (www.disneyworldtrivia.com), Deb Wills, Steven Barrett (www.hiddenmickeysguide.com, and Annette Owens (www.mousefantravel.com).

The game worked like this, Newell played an audio portion of a song and you had to guess what movie, attraction or television show it is from. It was a great deal of fun to not only try to guess where the soundbites were from but also to watch all the antics of the contestants who are all good friends with one another.

And now, on with the photos.
Mike Newell at the soundboard. I like to call him Mix Master Mike.

Mr. Mike Scopa as the host of MagicTunes. Is he the next George DeWitt?

You know these crazy kids as Lou Mongello and Deb Wills. Later, Lou moonwalked ala Michael Jackson sans the sparkling white glove.

Steven Barrett and Annette Owens had more of a dry humor about them.

And lastly, my favorite shot of the night: Vicky, Carol, Mary, Linda, and Michelle having a riveting good time.

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