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Surprise! I Went to the Toy Story Mania Preview!

Do me a favor. Don't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you. Just keep it between you and me okay?


Okay…(Mike looks over both shoulders.)

I'm in Walt Disney World.


I flew in on Thursday afternoon.

I decided to surprise my partners in crime on the WDWTODAY podcast. They decided to come down for the Annual Passholder's Preview for Toy Story Mania.
For a long time I really wasn't sure if I could come down…for many reasons.

Then for many more reasons I decided ON MONDAY to fly down.

So on Thursday afternoon I found myself lining up ate gate 15 to fly to Orlando

On Friday I surprised everyone and we all went over to Toy Story Mania for the Annual Passholder's Preview.

When you first enter this renovated area of Mickey Avenue you immediately see the huge Pixar sign.


There was also the sign announcing the sneak preview.


The FastPass machines looked like something right out of the film.


The Green Soldiers were working hard across the street.


The queue for many people will be a stroll down Memory Lane with images of Candy Land…






…Chutes and Ladders on the ceiling…


…Barrelfull of monkeys…


…and Tinkertoys.


There are some other old time favorites but I'll let you discover them for yourself.

The star of the show was Mr. Potato Head. This audioanimatron was amazing and via the use of soundboard technology, interacted with the guests.


He can produce many expressions.


However, this is what is truly amazing...I asked him to remove his ear...AND HE DID!


Mr. Potato Head was illuminated by the Pixar Lamp.


I found a Hidden Mickey


I also found the 3-D glasses needed for the attraction.


Here's a glimpse of the ride vehicles.


That's about as far as I could go with the photos. Once in the ride vehicle guests must put on their 3-D glasses and secure the lap bar.

The vehicles begin to spin and from time to time stop in front of a video wall and guests will try their luck at some arcade games.

I won't spoil it for you but suffice to say this attraction goes by faster than any attraction I have ever seen at Walt Disney World.

Each guest has this cannon and on the back of the cannon is a cord with a knob on the end of it. For each arcade game guests must pull on the cord to go after some targets presented to them.

It is very fast paced and the music and action is non-stop.

You will find yourself a bit tired after riding this attraction.

The Annual Passholder's Preview saw many people go through this attraction and I noticed that as each day came and gone the scores improved.

On Saturday the highest score was around 160,000…then on Sunday 300,000 was reached and on Monday the highest score I saw was around 560,000 so everyone is learning how to play this game.

There is a single rider line but I really do not recommend using this line as I know of people who waited almost an hour in that line. Besides if you use that line you'll miss all the neat stuff in the queue.

Toy Story Mania is a lot of fun and I would say pretty contagious. Some may argue this point but I think it's the first real video game like attraction ever to show up in Walt Disney World

I feel badly for Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom…he just won't feel the same after riding this.

Next Time

Remember the four parks in one day challenge? Oh yes, I know all about Kali River Rapids…no big deal…you can adjust that to attraction number three for that park.

Anyway, a dozen of my friends attempted four parks in one day this past Sunday.

How did we go about attempting g this challenge?

Were we successful?

I'll tell you next time.

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