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What's Your Favorite "Food & Wine Festival" Thing To Do?

So what is your favorite thing to do during Epcot's Food & Wine Festival? If you've been fortunate enough to visit during Food & Wine in the past tell me what part of the festival you liked the best. Is it the eating around the world? Drinking around the world? The Eat to the Beat concerts? The special paid events; if so which ones? The festival merchandise?

Food & Wine cake

15 Years of Food & Wine

This is fairly easy for me. Without a doubt our favorite part of Food & Wine are the concerts. We love them. Over the years we've seen some fantastic entertainers; performers we would never get to see if it wasn't for these concerts. Besides the concerts we love strolling World Showcase and sampling the food, wines and beers. What fun!

My Favorite Food & Wine Festival Activity

1) The Eat to the Beat concerts
2) Eating at the different International Marketplaces
3) Trying different beers and wines.

OK, I've told you mine, now it's your turn to let me know what your favorite Food & Wine activity is.

You could win an AllEars® baseball cap. I will take all the names of those who post a comment (see below) with your list within the next couple weeks, and I will put them in a hat and randomly draw the name of the lucky winner. The only rules are that you must reside in the US, be 18 years old or older and you must provide your email address so I can contact you should you win.

All comments must be posted no later than Sunday, October 24, 2010 in order to be eligible to win the baseball cap. The winner of the AllEars® baseball cap will be announced shortly thereafter.

To make things a bit easier for you can just copy and paste the following into the Post A Comment section below and add your information:

My Favorite Food & Wine Festival Activity


Your comments:

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In the coming weeks I will blog on more "favorite" things to do in Walt Disney World. Also, let me know if you have any suggestions as to other things you would like to see "top lists" of. I'm open to any and all suggestions. So far readers have suggested I blog on Magical Moments and Favorite Disney snacks, deserts and characters. Great ideas! What do you think? Based on the number of comments, I think you all agree that these are fun to do.

And the winner is: the winner of the AllEars® baseball cap for commenting on my "Do You Collect/Trade Pins" blog is: Ellen Ferson from Massachusetts. Congratulations to Ellen and "thank you" to everyone who took the time to share their "Do You Collect/Trade Pinst" and all the loyal AlllEars® readers!

I also want to comment on last week's blog I never really know what blogs will get a lot of comments and which ones won't. This one generated quite a few responses. I'm not sure that there was one. Exploring the resort, dinner at favorite restaurants and riding Disney transportation were popular choices.

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Well, that's all for now. As my good friend says, "see ya real soon"...DizneyMike

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The previous post in this blog was 2010 Food And Wine Festival Merchandise - Part 1.

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Comments (15)


My Favorite Food & Wine Festival Activity

1)Finding the Poland booth and have a pierogi
2)Tasting the different beers and wine and tea when they have it
3)Enjoying the music and munchies!

Your comments:


1)We sit by the water and drink a margarita as we look over the festival guide.
2)Eat, drink and shop around the World.
3)Anything Italian-Ravioli,meatballs,cannolli!

Christopher Barnes:

My Favorite Food & Wine Festival Activity

1) People Watching
2) Beer
3) Concerts

Your comments:


My Favorite Food & Wine Festival Activity

I have to admit the thing that we love most about the food and wine festival is getting to epcot early and eating our way around the countries without the hustle and bustle of the crowds. It gives you more of a sense of the country as you are having the food and drink from. We can't wait to get back to Disney for another food and wine festival ;-)


My Favorite Food & Wine Festival Activity

1)Trying all the different foods from around the world
2)Tasting the different beers and wines that they have
3)Relaxing and enjoying the music that they provide


My Favorite Food & Wine Festival Activity

1)trying different wines
2)sampling foods
3)enjoying the beautiful surroundings

Your comments: This was our second time enjoying the Food and Wine Festival. Last year, we were in WDW in October with our young children. We sampled a few things, but the kids weren't all that into it. So we decided to return this year sans children, and were really able to take full advantage of the experience. We had a great time sharing all the different wine and food samplings from around the world! Disney does a fantastic job with this festival, and I'd return again in a heartbeat!!

Jim :

My Favorite Food & Wine Festival Activity

1)Eating the different foods from the kiosks
2)Enjoying the beer and wine selections
3)Just being part of the atmosphere during F&W

Your comments: The food samples are awesome and really open your palate to alot of different things you may never try outside where else can you get French, German, Spanish, Italian and so on at one place? And at a portion that you can not feel bad if you didnt like it. Food and wine is a special time my wife and i enjoy each year without children and the foods and adult beverages and the whole experience is wonderful. It is one of my favortite times at the "world" it is a close tie with being under the "snow" and lights at the Osborne family lights at Hollywood studios. How can you not love great food great drinks and wonderful entertainment. It is one time where we slow down and enjoy the World showcase for how awesome it is.


Without a doubt, the Food and Wine Festival is my favorite time annually to visit Disney. Finding my "favorite" activities was a bit tougher than I thought.
1. Planning our trip. This includes everything from reviewing menus beforehand as well as researching some of the more unfamiliar treats in store for us.

2. Enjoying a seminar or two. This year we did the Belvedere Vodka seminar, and although it wasn't as good as some of the others we've done, I still enjoyed it.

3. Chocolate Lava Cake. Need I say more???


My Favorite Food & Wine Festival Activity

1) EAT
2) EAT
3) EAT


My Favorite Food & Wine Festival Activity

1) As much as I hate to admit it; the entertainment value in observing those who've "overindulged" a bit. LOL!
2) Trekking down new culinary paths I otherwise would probably never get to experience.
3) The reduced wait times for Future World attractions because everyone is in the World Showcase! :-)

Your comments:

I haven't missed a Food & Wine Festival in the four years I've been an Orlando resident and I don't plan on missing one anytime soon! It's by far my FAVORITE of all the Disney events (although the runDisney Half Marathons are pretty close behind).


Favorite Food and Wine festival Activities:

1) Walking to each food booth and ordering a least one item (sometimes more depending on how good they all look)
2) Going to our favorite drink spots (France for their Grand Marnier Slush and Mexico for their Margaritas) and finding a nice shady spot to sit and enjoy the scenery.
3) After a few trips around being full of great food and wine, taking a trip on Spaceship Earth to see what kind of funny faces we can make for our future life =)

Michelle B.:

My Favorite Food & Wine Festival Activity

1) Eating booth food
2) Attending cheese seminar
3) Rosa Regale! (hmm, maybe that should be first!)

Your comments:
This will be our 5th F&W fest. I love how there is always something new and different to enjoy.


My Favorite Food & Wine Festival Activity

1) Sampling food at the booths
2) Attending special events
3) Discovering a new wine or two

Your comments:
Our favorite thing used to be the seminar held for free by the Boston Beer Company in the American pavilion. I'm sad that's no longer available. But getting a huge selection of Sam Adams beers on tap nearby helps to ease the pain. Even living in NE we don't usually get this kind of selection. (We're still trying to locate the Red Brick sold at the Fife & Drum locally.)This year we attended 2 food and wine pairings (Japan and Morocco), a tequila tasting, the 3D dessert event, and an absolutely wonderful french regional luncheon, which was by far our favorite event.


My Favorite Food & Wine Festival Activity

1) Being able to go into the old Wonders of Life pavilion again
2) The Eat to the Beat concerts
3) Seeing all the food booths decorated to represent a country

Your comments:

Ron Stalsberg Jr:

My Favorite Food & Wine Festival Activity

1) Eating booth food
2) Attending Wine and Food seminar
3) Being on Vacation.

We just returned from another great F&W trip. This was our 5th trip to the F&W festival. We had so much fun trying the different foods from around the world. We only missed 5 booths this time around. The food and portions were very good. We also did a few wine and food seminars that were very good.

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