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Flower Power Concert: Paul Revere & The Raiders

I went into Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival; and, that means a Flower Power concert at the American Garden Theater in front of the American Adventure.

Performing tonight was Paul Revere & The Raiders. Paul Revere & The Raiders have performed at Epcot every year since it opened and he claims that he's performed at Walt Disney World on the day the Magic Kingdom opened and has performed somewhere in Walt Disney World every year since 1971; some 39 years straight. I've seen him perform a number of time over the years and have really enjoyed his concerts.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Paul Revere & The Raiders, they are a Pop/Rock group who had a number of hit songs starting in the 60's. Paul Revere is the only original member of the band performing and is now 72 years old. However, he's a high energy guy and a very funny one at that. Some of their hit songs are: Kicks, Indian Reservation, I'm Not Your Stepping Stone, Hungry, Just Like Me and Louie Louie.

Tip: for those of you who don't recognize songs by their title (like me) you can go to either YouTube.com and find a video or a website like Amazon.com and look up the greatest hits album. Amazon will allow you to play a few seconds of each song; just enough to help you recognize (or not) the song.

Even thought this years show was the same as last years and the year before that, etc. etc. I still get a kick out of seeing him perform. He mixes quite a bit of humor in between each song and he gets lots of laughs. He's a really good entertainer! Most of the band, although not original members, have been with him for over 30 years. The exception is the lead singer who has only been with the band for a couple years.

Here's a few pictures from tonight's performance for you to enjoy.

Flower Power sign

America Garden Theater sign

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

Paul Revere performs

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If you're a fan of Paul Revere & The Raiders or seen him perform, leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Well, that's all for now. As my good friend says "see ya real soon"...DizneyMike

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Comments (15)

Dennis (dd_indy):

I'm so glad to see Paul Revere still going strong. As a kid in the 60s, I always looked forward to watching the band on Where The Action Is after school. They were one of my favorites then, and their songs still hold up today.

DizneyMike replies: Dennis, yup, he's still going strong. He's a hoot to watch and the music is great....Mike

Adam August:

I caught one of their performances yesterday (March 14) and I have to say it was disappointing to us. Too much talk, not enough music, most of which was pretty generic. Best all time performers at previous Flower and Gardens, IMNSHO, Davy Jones and (no longer appearing) Arlo Guthrie.

DizneyMike replies: Adam, I do understand how you feel about him talking too much. The first time I saw him perform I had the same reaction. However, it's part of his act and he's not about to change it; and he is a very funny dude. Thanks for the comment...Mike


My husband and I saw this show on Saturday evening 3-13-2010 and it was absolutely fantastic. Paul is one funny, energetic guy and we enjoyed watching him and the band! It was great show!

DizneyMike replies: Janice, glad you enjoyed the show and thanks for commenting....Mike

Kathy Poffenberger:

Would've loved to have seen the concert! I was a huge fan of Paul Revere and the Raiders in the 60s. Still have all of their albums. I was lucky enough to see them twice in concert in the 60s. Kicks was my favorite of their songs. Kathy

DizneyMike replies: Kathy, I'm sure you would have really enjoyed the concert. Too bad you weren't here to see it....Mike

dusty cheatham:

just a great show sat 5:15 standing room only .his tribute to vietnam vets was verry moving .

DizneyMike replies: Dusty, thanks for the comment...Mike


My husband, son and I were able to see the concert last year. It was great! My 11 yr old enjoyed it so much that he downloaded songs to his ipod when we returned home. I am sorry that we missed him this year but look forward to the Atlanta Rhythm Section in April! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

DizneyMike replies: Penny, thanks for the comment. I'm sure you'll enjoy the ARS when you come in April....Mike

This is a really fun show to watch. Anyone wanting to see Paul Revere's full show can visit the Andy Williams Theatre in Branson, Mo.(this year from May 27 thru August 7.)You can often visit and take photos with the performers if you eat at the "Moon River Cafe" across the street from the theatre after the show.

Thanks for such entertaining blogs, Mike!

DizneyMike replies: Don, thanks for the information. Paul did talk about his annual Branson performances....Mike


I hope you are there this weekend when DAVID CASSIDY is there. He is the original AMERICAN IDOL.
I would love to see pics and hear him sing!

DizneyMike replies: Rina, yes I plan to be there. Keep an eye out for my blog of the concert....Mike

Larry E. Brooks:

I got to see Paul Revere and the Raiders in Panama City, FL when I was about 8 years old. It was really fun to see them again at Epcot with my family. I remember Paul saying " There is some little kid out there telling his mom, I didn't know Capt. Crunch had a band".

DizneyMike replies: Larry, yes that was a very funny line. He still uses it....Mike

Lorraine Vyskocil:

My husband and I saw PR and R in March of 2009. It was very coincidental because our son was taking "History of Rock and Roll" as an elective
and the time period the class was discussing was
early 1960's ...and he happened to call me while we were attending the show. I held the phone towards the stage and then asked our son to name
the group and he asked is that the Revolutionary guy and the band? LOL


DizneyMike replies: Lorraine, thanks for sharing that with us. To hear Paul talk you'd think he does go back to Revolutionary times....Mike

Leslee Rigoli:

Just a note: I'm Not Your Stepping Stone was not by Paul Revere & the Raiders. That was a Monkees hit. (I am obsessive with my Rock trivia!)

DizneyMike replies: Leslee, you are correct when you say that it was a Monkees hit, however, it was first recorded by Paul Revere and The Raiders and is on their Greatest Hits album. So, it is by Paul Revere and The Raiders and the Monkees just did a cover of their song. Check it out....Mike


Hey Mike! Can you remember what songs were performed? Mr. Sun Mr. Moon? Let me? Arizona?

It was a toss up this year. Paul Revere or Peter Noone. I couldn't do both, and Peter Noone won.

Thanks for the report!


DizneyMike replies: Lynne, the songs I remember Paul Revere singing were Kicks, Indian Reservation, I'm Not Your Stepping Stone, Just Like Me and Louie Louie. Personally I like Peter Noone better so I think you made the right choice...Mike

Frank Stefanec:

Paul is 72 yrs old??? I have to admit, I was skeptical, so I looked it up.... just can't be .
I've not seen him, but we've seen many others at F&G and F&W.
Our favorite so far over the years is Little Richard. Fantastic show. We actually went back to see all 3 one nite. All actually a bit different. Very entertaining.
Disney never ceases to amaze me with their entertainment.
I'm a huge Eagles fan and I want to try to get down to Disney for the Eagles Tribute band. Are they worth it anyone????

DizneyMike replies: Frank, it is pretty scary to think that Paul is 72 years old; but he is! I agree that the entertainment that Disney brings in is all really good. Whether it's F&G, F&W or Sounds Like Summer. Just great entertainment. Since I see just about all the concerts I have many favorites; too many to name here. You asked about the Eagles tribute band. I think they are very good and worth seeing. I think the tribute bands that Disney brings in are excellent. You know, that most of the older groups (like Paul Revere and The Raiders, Herman's Hermits, etc.) are just one member away from being a tribute band themselves....Mike


I saw him a few years ago at Epcot and it was wonderful! He is such a ham. The tribute to the vets was great.

But I must agree - Peter Noone is my favorite - he was in the 60's and still it now.

DizneyMike replies: Nancy, like you I'm a big Peter Noone fan. He still sounds great and I love his songs...Mike

Paul Revere and the Raiders are a great show, I seen them in the sixties and have seen them since as well I'm seeing them coming up.

I love it when musicians can keep touring and still sound fresh years later, they deserve our respect as most 72 year old men are on their rocking chair at that age. Good for you Paul Revere!

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