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Flower Power Concert: David Cassidy

I went into Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival; and, that means a Flower Power concert at the American Garden Theater in front of the American Adventure.

Performing tonight was David Cassidy. According to David he has performed at Epcot for the past four or five years. However, this is the first year that I had the opportunity to see him perform.

For those of you who aren't familiar with David Cassidy, he is a Pop/Rock singer who had a number of hit songs starting in the 70's and 80's. David became a teen idol while staring in the hit TV show "The Partridge Family". Some of his hit songs are: I Think I Love You, Cherish, and I Woke Up In Love.

Tip: for those of you who don't recognize songs by their title (like me) you can go to either YouTube.com and find a video or a website like Amazon.com and look up the greatest hits album. Amazon will allow you to play a few seconds of each song; just enough to help you recognize (or not) the song.

David put on a really good show tonight. He has a very good voice, good band and a great stage presence. David was all over the stage as he performed and really connected with the audience. As you'll see in the following pictures he's a great showman and his fans really love him. I would recommend that if you have a chance to catch one of his performance you should take it; I'm sure you won't regret it!

Here's a few pictures from tonight's performance for you to enjoy.

Flower Power sign

America Garden Theater sign

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

David Cassidy performs

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If you're a fan of David Cassidy or have seen him perform, leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Finally, be one of the first people to hear when my newest blogs go live on AllEars.net by joining "DisneyMike's World" Facebook group.

Well, that's all for now. As my good friend says "see ya real soon"...DizneyMike

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Comments (17)

dusty cheatham:

hermans hermits here i come

Heather Young:

Bring back the Partridge Family! Great blog Mike. Thanks for sharing :)


You are so lucky to have seen David Cassidy in concert! We won't be there for another few weeks and if we lived closer I would've gone. I loved watching him in the Partridge Family and his songs are awesome.

DizneyMike replies: Amy, I'm sure you would have loved seeing him perform; he did a great job. Thanks for the comment...Mike


Mike, thanks for the photos of David Cassidy! He was everything to me and my friends when we were 9 year-olds. I still have my old Partridge Family albums! I hope to see him someday in concert, and I think WDW would be a great place to do so!

DizneyMike replies: Susan, yes WDW would be a fantastic place to see him perform. I guess you'll just have to start making plans for next year. -:) Thanks for the comment...Mike

jean scanlon:

I grew up with the Partridge Family and had the chance a couple of years ago to see David Cassidy perform at Mohegan Sun Casino. I wasn't sure if he would perform songs that were associated with Keith Partridge or if he'd try to break away from that. I was glad that he embraced his past and performed many, many songs from the show and subsequent albums. He is a true performer and everyone was kept entertained.

DizneyMike replies: Jean, you also would have enjoyed his WDW performances. He still sounds great....Mike


We saw David Cassidy at the Friday night 5:15 show. My husband and I are in our 40s and grew up loving The Partridge Family. In fact, we knew we were going to see David Cassidy so we started showing our 10 year old the Partridge Family on DVD. He now loves them too. (He is also a big fan of The Monkees so we must be doing something right.) We were very pleased to hear David perform the old Partridge Family songs. His voice is still great!

DizneyMike replies: Jan, not only is his voice still great, but he's quite the entertainer as well. He put on a really good show...Mike

Kathy McCarty:

Being 50 now, I can look back and fondly remember growing up watching The Partridge Family faithfully! I had the David Cassidy posters up all over my bedroom walls, the whole nine yards. My best friend and I were in the fan clubs, we did the bubblegum cards, trading, etc. Anyway, never got to see David in concert but if he is at Epcot at this same time next year, I will be seeing him finally! We usually go to Disney once per year and this year we went in January, but next year we are moving it to March or April. Can't wait!

DizneyMike replies: Kathy, thanks for sharing that with us! Hopefully you're plans will work out and you'll visit the time he's performing....Mike


Thanks SO much for the photos. Had a massive crush on David, growing up inthe 70's. LOVED the Partridge Family. I had the chance to see him in the musical, "Time" in London many years ago but never in concert. Will be in WDW next week and was so sorry I wasn't going in time to see the show. Thanks again for posting the pix. Will be looking to see if anyone posted You Tube videos!

DizneyMike replies: Tracey, I'm glad you like the pictures! Hopefully you'll be able to catch one of the concerts when you visit...Mike

Gaylene Gray:

I saw 8 of his 9 shows at Epcot and he is a great performer with a great voice. A lot of people mock him, but he has been on Broadway and had a major show in Vegas. He is a showman and would recommend seeing him any time you can.

DizneyMike replies: Gaylene, glad you were able to see so many of his shows. Like you, I would recommend seeing him perform....Mike


Wow, what a fab miss. We are coming in a few weeks and have missed my childhood hearthrob. :-(

Sandra Stacy:

Thank so much for the posting. My family and I got chance to see David in 2007 at Epcot during the Food and Wine Festival. My husband and I are in our 40's and what memories of our childhood all came back as we saw David. We really did enjoy the show. One of his fans on the front row brought an old Partridge Family lunch box and David bent over and was nice enough to autograph it. We had a great time.
We can't wait until out next trip.

DizneyMike replies: Sandra, I hope you don't have to wait too long before your next visit! Thanks for the comment...Mike



Awesome pics and review!

We saw David Cassidy perform at the F&WF a couple of years ago, and loved it!! DH wore his "c'mon get happy" shirt, which was a big hit ;)

My twins, 9 at the time, loved the performance, actually their first "concert". We play the Partridge Family Greatest Hits album in the car, and they know all the lyrics. David Cassidy is an amazing performer - glad you got to see him!

Penny Wright:

Dear Mike,
It was great meeting you and your wife and family at the concert on Friday night. You certainly did get up close for some great pictures. David Cassidy put on a fantastic concert. His voice sounded great and he sure looks good for his age! I am glad I got to see him in person.
Oh by the way, dinner at the Les Chefs de France was terrific!

DizneyMike replies: Penny, I enjoyed meeting you as well. I'm glad you spotted me. I'm not surprised that you had a great dinner at Les Chefs de France. I'm been very pleased every time we've eaten there....Mike


Thanks for the wonderful photos and the nice blog.

Barbara Pazmino
US Coordinator
Just David Internatl. Fanclub (est. 1974)

see us on Facebook:
Just David Page

Laura Lambert:

I have seen David Cassidy twice the first time was April 2007 and the second two years ago. I have to say when I saw David on those two occassions he put on a really good show, but unfortnately I wasn't able to stay for the whole show the first time, but the second time I saw David I saw the whole show, and once again David was ever the showman, and he put on a really good show - I enjoyed listening (and singing along with all the songs) as usual he joked and talked with the crowd inbetween songs, and I have to admit like everyone else I was sad when the show ended and also cried when he sang the song "I'll Be Seeing You" I have never seen so many people with tears in their eyes. It was lovely to get to meet up with friends (who I had met through the David Forever group).

I have to say I enjoyed every minute of seeing David in concert, and hope to see him again soon - well worth the money I paid for the ticket and I was only five rows from the stage as well.


What awesome pictures, and wow David looks very happy and like himself, I am glad to see that he is performing like he alway used too. Last few concerts I saw he wasn't himself, Way to go Dave! :)

Thank you for your great review. Great comments too! It should be mentioned that David's concerts broke all attendance records for this concert series including his own! There were even lots of people watching from outside the ropes. He made everyone feel welcome, telling them to "come on down" I traveled cross-country from the Disneyland area to go to these concerts. I've never even been to Florida! Boy was I impressed. Really enjoyed the lake boat ride & fireworks. I was there all 3 days until the last freezing cold, in-the-rain concert. David put on magnificent shows. He absolutely loves Epcot. He was in the best mood. If you enjoyed this abbreviated concert, you should see him at a full length concert. David always does the Partridge Family hits as well as a few great covers like Ain't No Sunshine. The best! During the 6:30 Saturday night show I gave him a bouquet of red roses with red, white& blue ribbons put together by DisneyFlorist. Thank you so much, David, for taking & keeping my flowers. That truly made the weekend *magical* for me! Did you get any pictures of me giving him those roses? Or David holding them on stage? I would love to see them. I'm the one who had on Minnie Mouse ears, purple&white dress, in the front row, right side. Sorry I didn't get to meet you. Maybe next time. Feel free to pass on my info if DisneyWorld would like to do a story. I'd love it if David Cassidy would do concerts @Disneyland, California Adventure or Downtown Disney's House of Blues. California Adventure is adding a second 2000 seat outdoor theater next year.

DizneyMike replies: Doris, I am really glad that you were able to travel to Florida to see David perform. Yes, he really did put on a great show. Unfortunately I wasn't there Saturday evening (I was there Friday) so I don't have any pictures of you. Thanks for the comment...Mike

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