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A Walking Tour of Epcot's Norway Pavilion

If you are afraid of Trolls and Vikings then maybe you better not come with me on this walk. Because today we're going to beautiful Norway.

To me the Norway pavilion is one of many contrasts. On one hand you can find all sorts of Troll like creatures there and while at the same time you see so many beautiful little Princesses walking all about. Yes, Norway is a special place and like with the other pavilions we've visited together, we will take the time to not only enjoy the beauty of the pavilion but learn a little bit about Norway and it's history. So, let's start our walk!

Here we are leaving Mexico and walking into Norway.

Leaving Mexico and on to Norway

The center of the pavilion is a town square designed to represent the Norwegian towns and cities of Bergen, Oslo, Alesund and Setesdahl.

Looking into Norway from the main sidewalk. Because of the popularity of the restaurant it always looks very crowded and congested.

Looking into the pavilion

The first building on the left hand side of the pavilion is the Stave Church. This building is a replica of the Gol Stave church found in the Norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo, Norway. Have you ever gone inside or just walked by like so many people do? Well, today we're going in.

The Stave Church

This will give you some information about the history of the Stave Church.

Stave Church sign

Stave Church entrance

Welcome sign

Inside the church you will find some very interesting information about the history of Norway. This is actually a small museum where in a short time you can learn about Norway's past. You'll also find there statues of three historic Norwegians: Olaf II, Erik the Red and Rognvald, a Viking raider and a brief story about each of them.

Erik the Red

Olaf II

The next building is the Kringla Bakeri og Kafe. Now if you haven't been inside here before you're in for a treat. This little shop is filled with some of the most delicious deserts in Epcot. It it also the favorite of my wife, Julie. Just about every time we go into Epcot she stops here and gets one of their strawberry waffles. She loves them! I usually get a Carlsberg and sit and watch her eat. It's a great place to stop and take a break.

Kringla Bakeri og Kafe entrance

Look at all that great food!

Inside Kringla

Here's where you can sit and enjoy the goodies that you just bought.

Kringla seating

As with each of the countries shopping in Norway is fantastic! Puffin's Roost is the one big shop where you can purchase everything Norway from Troll items to high quality sweaters and jackets.

Puffin's Roost entrance

You can purchase some really nice perfumes and colognes in here.

Inside Puffin's Roost

The Kidcot station is located inside the Puffin's Roost shop.

KidCot location

Here's where you can buy those Viking horns that you've always wanted.

Inside Puffin's Roost

A Christmas tree? Yup, you can buy Christmas items year round.

Inside Puffin's Roost

That's one big Troll! Go ahead, but on that Viking helmet, grab a sword and shield and we'll take your picture.

Inside Puffin's Roost

Some more Troll items.

Inside Puffin's Roost

I love the part of the shop with all those beautiful sweaters and jackets. It almost makes me wish I was back living in Massachusetts just so I could wear them. Unfortunately living year round in Florida I don't have much need for such heavy items. However, they are really fantastic!

Inside Puffin's Roost

Inside Puffin's Roost

Inside Puffin's Roost

Here you can find some really nice Norwegian accessories to go along with the sweater and jacket that you just purchased.

Inside Puffin's Roost

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is one of the most popular restaurants in all of WDW. Why? Well, because it's a Princess Storybook Dining location. Little Princesses, along with their Mom's and Dad's, can have breakfast, lunch or dinner with their favorite Princess. I do love to watch all the little ones as the wait for their names to be called.

Restaurant Akershus sign

Restaurant Akershus entrance

I really couldn't get inside the restaurant to get a good pictures because of all the activity. This is the best I could do.

Inside the restaurant

If you want to learn a little about Norway and be entertained at the same time then Maelstrom is not to be missed. Maelstrom is a boat ride that takes you to a Viking Village, a mythical Norwegian forest populated by Trolls and out to the North Sea. But along the way there's danger, so beware when the boat goes backwards! You don't want to go over that waterfall!

Maelstrom entrance

I haven't seen any boats fall down that waterfall yet, but they do come close!

Maelstrom waterfall

This is the Maelstom queue. Usually it's very full.

Maelstrom queue

That dragon headed boat is pretty neat, huh?

Maelstrom boat

The ride ends at this beautiful Norwegian fishing village. Here you wait for the doors to open into the theater.

Maelstrom exit area

Maelstrom exit area

Here you can watch a wide screen movie about Norway. It's a really good movie and a great place to sit and relax and enjoy the cool air on a hot summers day.

Movie theater

This plaque is on the wall as you leave the theater. It reads: "The Norway Showcase was inaugurated on the third of June, 1988, at Epcot Center, in the presence of Their Highnesses, Crown Prince Harald and Princess Sonja."

Dedication plaque

More views of the simple Norwegian architecture that is to me, so inviting and relaxing.

Store fronts

Looking out towards main sidewalk

This is the beer and wine kiosk that's out on the main sidewalk. Yes, I do admit to ordering a Carlsberg or two from this stand.

Beer and wine kiosk

This is the building that houses the Restaurant Akershus. The building is modeled after a 14th century Oslo castle.

Castle replica

Sadly, it's time to leave Norway.

Looking back into Norway

And on to China; our next tour.

On to China

Before we leave a couple of notes. First of all the Viking ship that was on the back side of the shops has been taken down. I know at one time children were allowed to play on the ship, but not recently. Not sure why it was taken down, but I am disappointed. They ship was a wonderful addition to the pavilion. Also, the Spelmanns Gledje, a Norwegian folk music band rarely plays anymore. I went to Guest Services to ask about them and not one of the CM's knew when and if they would perform. And, I must note one omission in this walk. My picture of the Greta Waitz statue didn't come out. However, the statue is located on the Mexico side of the Stave Church.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this walk as much as I did and that you learned a little something about this beautiful country. As usual it was great having you walk with me. We're going to China next, so rest up and get yourself ready.

Please leave me a comment and tell me what you like about the Norway pavilion or what your memories are of previous visits. I love to get comments.

Finally, be one of the first people to hear when my newest blogs go live on AllEars.net by joining "DisneyMike's World" Facebook group.

Well, that's all for now. As my good friend says "see ya real soon"...DizneyMike

The previous post in this blog was Eat to the Beat Concerts: Los Lobos.

The next post in this blog is Holiday DLights Tour at Walt Disney World.

Comments (44)


Great blog Mike! I love the Norway pavilion and your walking tour allowed me to pretend I was there! Your wife has great taste, the bakery is one of my favorite spots as well! Thanks for another great blog.

DizneyMike replies: Tracy, thank you for the great comment. Because of my wife, we have spent a lot of time in Norway, something that I don't mind at all....Mike


Once again Mike, you give me a little tidbit to tide me over until my next trip to my favorite place! Sharing a school bread (MMMMMMM) from Kringla is one of our (many) Epcot traditions. I think they lost a little of the magic when they removed the Viking ship. I know a few pieces remain tucked in the foliage but I wish they had incorporated more of the shields. I also love the addition of flowers to the grass roof (the Kringla building I believe) during the Flower festival. Thanks again for a great blog!

DizneyMike replies: Monica, I think the removal of the Viking ship was a bad move. I can see not having it be a play area for the kids, but I thought the ship added a lot to the pavilion. Maybe they have a plan for that area? I hope so....Mike


I love reading about your walking tours. Thank you for doing these.

Norway is one of my fav's. I began collecting a troll for each trip. I started doing this on my honeymoon and I try to get a new one each visit. I have many trolls. :-)

DizneyMike replies: Kathy, thanks for the great comment. I hope there will be many more to add to that collection....Mike


These walking tour blogs some of my favorites. Thanks for leading me through these pavilions that I only get to see about every 2 years.

And yes, I have a picture of my family with the BIG TROLL each time we visit...and yes, I also have the sword and horns in the pictures. :)

Thanks again.

DizneyMike replies: Scott, I'm glad you like the tours, I really enjoy doing them. Also, I knew that you had that picture, sword and horns. -:) Thanks for the comment....Mike


I love these walking tours and have been eagerly awaiting your entry on Norway! One of my favorite pavilions for sure! I wonder if there are any plans to update the post-ride film? To the best of my recollection, it hasn't changed a bit since its opening day. I'll confess to bypassing it most of the time (because I'm making a beeline for shopping/the bakery :) ), but I agree that it is a welcome spot when you need a break on a long hot day. Thanks Mike!

DizneyMike replies: Colleen, I'm with you, I too wish that they would update the film. I feel that way about most of the films shown in the World Showcase pavilions. Anyway, thanks for the great comments....Mike


Thank you for doing these walking tours, they give me plenty to look for on my next trip!
Your comment about the waterfall on Maelstom made me giggle, my family & I were seated in the last row the first time we rode and we thought we were going over for sure (imagine our relief when the boat started moving forward!!)

Thanks again for bringing a little of the magic into my day.

DizneyMike replies: Nancie, I always love to ride Maelstrom with children who've never been on the ride before and don't know what's coming. The looks on their faces! Thanks for sharing that memory....Mike


I was always in the habit of passing Norway by until our most recent trip in March. I was missing a lot! We got one of those yummy pretzels there at the time, but I think I need to try those strawberry waffles on the next trip. Sounds delicious!

One of the things I loved was that those little trolls were scattered everywhere in Norway.. in the eating area of Kringla, in the windows of the shops, and perched on roofs. I had a lot of fun spotting them and taking pictures of them all.

DizneyMike replies: Angie, If you've read my other walking tour blogs you know that my message is "not to just walk by these pavilions". There's too much Disney magic in each of them to be missed. Thanks for the great comment...Mike

max webster:

First of all, I love your posts! They make me feel that I'm at Epcot.

My family and I visited WDW for the first time earlier this month. We had a blast and we especially enjoyed the Norway Pavillion. We dined at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall for the princess dinner which was great! My daughter loved the princesses and my wife and I loved the food and the princesses. My 10 year old and 5 year old boys were good sports.

We road Malestrom after dinner and there was no line at all. I thought the movie after the ride was very well done.

Keep up the good work with your reports, they help keep the Disney magic with us until our next trip.

DizneyMike replies: Max, thanks for the great comment. OK, be honest, did you like the Princesses more than the food? Not that the food isn't great, but those Princesses are something special! Congrats to your boys for being such good sports....Mike


The almond pretzels are also awesome from the bakery! Try to grab one before I find a spot for IllumiNations.

DizneyMike replies: Dale, hope you get to get one of those pretzels soon....Mike


I remember a few years ago choosing Akershus (before the Princess character dining) for my birthday dinner because I couldn't get my wife to go with me otherwise! Afterwards, we went to the bakery for more goodies. I love this Pavilion. Since then, we have to make a stop with each visit (now that she's hooked on the bakery items).

DizneyMike replies: Jimmy, thanks for sharing that with us! I guess our wives have the same good taste. They both like that bakery and they picked us. -:) .....Mike

Lynn Johnson:

A visit to this pavilion always brings back such great memories. Years ago, the Akershus (before "princess dining") was my then 12 and 7 year-old boys favorite dinning spot. (Believe it or not, the 12 year-old was addicted to lefse and pickled herring! :-) ) My husband and I visited here last year for our 25th wedding anniversary. We had a fun ride on the Maelstrom, a lovely dinner with the princesses (I don't care that I'm a "little" older than most of the "girls" waiting to see them, and hubby loves the food.) We then walked over to the bakery and shared a strawberry waffle! What a great day. Thanks taking us on this walk!

DizneyMike replies: Lynn, first of all thanks for coming on the walk with me! As far as the "little older" comment, don't you agree that Walt Disney World is a place that once you walk through the gates we're all a "little younger"? .....Mike


Hi, Mike!

I'm surprised you didn't mention the mural where guests get into their Maelstrom boats. There's a "hidden Mickey" in the mural that's fun to look for: A viking wearing Mickey ears. Ever since I learned about it, I love pointing it out to friends & family on return trips.


DizneyMike replies: DisneyJoe, thanks for calling that to my attention, now you've pointed that out to all the readers of this blog. Good work....Mike


My 4 year old loves the ride....he calls it the "Troll Ride"....After riding "Donald and his Buddies" in Mexico, this is his favorite place. Keep up the good work and we will be there in 5 days!!!

DizneyMike replies: Brad, thanks for the comment and I hope your and the family have a great Disney vacation....Mike


Another great tour. My kids and I are really enjoying these blogs. Norway is one of our favorite pavilions and we usually spend quite a bit of time exploring. Of course, we never pass up the chance to get a picture with the giant troll. We finally rode Maelstrom on our most recent trip. What a fun ride! I can't believe we hadn't tried it sooner.

These tours are keeping us inspired until our next trip. Keep up the good work. I know it must be a tough job.

DizneyMike replies: Kelly, thank you very much for appreciating how difficult my job is! Can you imagine going to WDW as often as I do? Well, it may be tough but someone has to do it. -:) Seriously, I do hope you have a trip planned soon so you can enjoy the magic....Mike


Mike thanks so much for your walking tours!! We are counting the days until May when we will be there for my son's 14th birthday. We love the Norway pavilion and it is a little extra special for us because of the fact that my husband's grandfather is from Norway. He was fortunate enough to visit there once with his grandfather when he was younger,and still remembers how beautiful a country it is. Thanks so much for your blogs. It helps give us our Disney fix between visits!!

DizneyMike replies: Karen, thanks for the comment! I bet May can't come soon enough....Mike

[ this is jerry ]:

If not for Kim Possible I don't think I would have been able to convince my 7 year old to cover every corner of the pavilion the way we did. It was fun to take a trip back with you.

DizneyMike replies: Jerry, I do like the fact that Kim Possible brings more and more people into these pavilions. It's both fun for the kids and a chance for the adults to take in their beauty...Mike

I'm a HUGE fan of the Norway pavilion and just love the School Bread and the wonderful soup and sandwich deal at Kringla og Cafe. The Carlsburg Cheese soup (on the days they have it) is to die for!

DizneyMike replies: Rhonda, I've never tried the Carlsburg Cheese soup but it sounds wonderful. I'll keep and eye out for it. Thanks...Mike

Shea Hunt:


Do you know if they will ever update the movie?

DizneyMike replies: Shea, unfortunately I haven't heard anything about them updating the movie. Most of the time it's very difficult to get any info about these types of changes. For instance I tried to get information about the Spelmanns Gledje folk band that use to play there and when I asked Norway CM's most of them looked at me as if I had two heads. Same holds true to the Guest Services CM's. News about changes is hard to come by....Mike


Hey Mike!
I have spent quite some time in the Norway pavilion, but have yet to experience the restaurant, or the bakery. I enjoy the right, although every time I get very annoyed and impatient when you get off the boat and you have to wait there for the doors to open to the theatre. Sometimes it takes forever, and I just feel trapped! It's a yearly tradition to get a photo with the big troll and the viking hats. Also love looking at the jackets, HH is a great brand.
Thanks for the tour! I look forward to traveling to China with you!

DizneyMike replies: Brittany, I must admit that I too get a little impatient waiting for the doors to open. However, I usually remind myself that I'm in WDW and that I'm here to enjoy and relax and before you know it the doors open. However, if I could vote I'd vote for having another way out without having to wait and then go through the theater....Mike


Loved you article on Norway, it is by far one of my family's favorite country to visit. My son (now 21) has been collecting the trolls since we started taking him to the world when he was 5. I believe he has everyone of them, too bad the number of them is decreasing. I love to be able to get him more to add to his lovely collection. Maybe a few kind words from you could help.
Liz from CT

DizneyMike replies: Liz, I wish that Disney would listen to me. I have a long list of little things that I'd love to see improved. I do write WDW Guest Service fairly frequently and would suggest that you send a letter or email off to them as well. They do listen....Mike


As always, love your walking tours! I haven't been to WDW in several years & they bring back lots of memories.

We love the bakery in Norway & I even managed to find a couple of pewter troll figurines for my grandma's collection at the store on a previous trip.

DizneyMike replies: Ashley, sounds to me like it's time for you to take another trip down here....Mike



Thanks for the great blogs. You have given me many new places to visit on my next trip. We must slow down and appreciate the little things. I also, enjoyed hearing you on the Disney Brit Podcast a few weeks back. It was really fun. Keep up the great work!

DizneyMike replies: Meagan, thanks for the comment! Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy these pavilions in person soon...Mike


Mike thanks for the walking tour of my homeland at Epcot. When are you going to put a "hidden Julie" in your walking tours.

DizneyMike replies: Julie, I'm not sure a "hidden Julie" would work, but who knows? Thanks for the comment, neighbor....Mike


Mike I alwasy look forward to your posts about the pavillions. Epcot is my wife and my favorite and we love Norway. The cologne sold there is my wife's favorite brand so of course I always wear it and i get lots of compliments on it. Usually I would never think to purchase cologne from Disney but it is great.

DizneyMike replies: Jim, you know, I've always enjoyed the smell of the colognes and perfumes in the shop but never really stopped to try them out. My wife has, but I haven't. Anyway, you're a smart man for wearing that cologne that your wife bought you! Thanks for the comment....Mike


hi Mike
i have been going to WDW since i was 9, and the "Norway Ride" has always been my favorite. back then you didnt have a choice of watching the movie or not, but i had figured out that if you ran as soon as they opened the doors through the theater you could get out before they closed the doors. My grandma used to wait for me while i rode that ride over & over again, sometimes 5 times in a row. I still love this pavilion so much, but now i watch the movie :)

DizneyMike replies: Marina, thanks for sharing that with us. I also remember when you had to be pretty quick getting through the theater once the doors opened....Mike

Tiffany Gibb:

Mike, Thank you for your walking tours. Touring with you is second only to being there.
My husband and I are taking a year or two off from visiting the world as we are expecting our first future Disney fan. What I would not do for some School Bread just now.

DizneyMike replies: Tiffany, Congrats on the upcoming birth. Won't that be great when you can take the little one to Disney? My wife and I are grandparents for the first time and are chomping at the bit waiting for our grandson to reach an age where we can introduce him to the wonders of Disney....Mike

Carrie :

We went to Akerhus every trip to Disney from the time they opened the restaurant. Even before it became a Princess dining location the management started making changes to try and appeal to a larger crowd and unfortunately began losing some loyal patrons including our family. The food used to be spectacular. We especially liked all the types of herrings, the shrimp salad, and the mashed rutabaga. Now they're down to 1 or 2 types of herring and no shrimp salad or mashed rutabaga. We still pop into the Kringla for rice cream and lefse on each trip, but it's sad passing Akershus and remembering the good old days. We also ride Maelstrom and watch the movie each time. I would be okay with them updating the movie as long as it was done well. It's still hard to walk past the Laugh Floor and remember our beloved Timekeeper.

DizneyMike replies: Carrie, you are not the only one who is upset at all the menu changes. Many, many people loved eating at that restaurant because of the authentic Norwegian food. Hopefully one day they will change the restaurant back to what it once was....Mike

Kate :

Thanks for the tour. Norway was my favorite place to visit in Epcot and the stores are just soo tempting. When we went on the Maelstrom ride, all the regulars around us were remembering how scary the ride seemed to them as children! They recited all the lines by heart!

DizneyMike replies: Kate, yes, I've also been on other WDW attractions where guest have been able to recite all the words. Pretty amazing! Thanks for the comment....Mike

Stacy Reed:

Hello Mike again you did an AWESOME Job on your Blog, My husband Jack is ready for a carlsberg when we leave in 10 days for WDW. We will be sure to tour Norway a little better we always just do the Boat ride and film. And I see we have missed out on alot, I see China is on your next walk, if you get a good photo of a dinner menu can you post it on your Blog. I can not find an updated Dinner menu only Lunch and the Dinner menu is from 2008. We are eating here for dinner while on vacation and was wondering what the changes are it has been years (6) since we have had Dinner at Nine Dragons. Thanks Mike and keep up the great work I look forward to reading your blogs. Take Care, Stacy

DizneyMike replies: Stacy, thanks for the great comment! I'll work on the menu for you. Enjoy your trip and if I happen to bump into you and Jack I'll buy him that Carlsberg -:) ...Mike

Stacy Reed:

Thanks Mike, We will be at WDW 12/1/2009 - 12/11/2009 We might just bump into one another you never know, We are celebrating our 8yr Wedding Anniversary, we were Married December 6th 2001 at Walt Disney World. Hope to bump into you so we can say hello Thanks again for working on the Nine Dragins Dinner Menu For Me. Take Care, Stacy

DizneyMike replies: Stacy, congrats on the 8 year wedding anniversary. To be married at WDW must have been special...Mike

Connie La Tempa:

Thanks for doing a report on Norway before my upcoming trip. I always enjoy dining at their restaurant. I love Norwegian food & this is the only place I can get it. I also love the architecture of this pavilion. I plan to spend 1 day in EPCOT from opening to closing & drink in everything it has to offer (best I can). I also have reservations for a late lunch with princesses too.

DizneyMike replies: Connie, I know you'll enjoy you trip down here and hope my blogs will add a little bit of magic to you day at Epcot....Mike

Ryan Schneck:

Thanks for posting the tour of norway!!! Couldn't wait to see your tour (this is my favorite of the Pavilions). I have to say I am surprised to see that you didn't include a picture of the traditional grass roof that this pavilion has. Family's would have a goat up there too to "cut" the grass.

DizneyMike replies: Ryan the fact that I didn't include a picture of the grass roof goes to show that even I miss some of the important details that are in each of these pavilions. Thanks for pointing that out....Mike


Thanks for the great pics. Norway is one of my favorite stops when visiting Epcot. For those who havn't tried the food in the pastry shop yet please do. The cloudsberry horns are terrific.

DizneyMike replies: Josh, I never tried them but will one day soon....Mike

Chris Hellerman:

Great review. Unfortunatley a picture cannot capture the great smell of the perfume shop after leaving the Norway film. Possible one of the best scents in of DisneyWorld. Although some may say it is a bit strong, I often find myself remembering that moment of walking through the amazing scents. Sometimes, when walking by other perfume stores at home (Dallas), I get a hint of the scent just right, and I think, "hey, that smells like Norway" and I wish I was there.

DizneyMike replies: Chris, I also enjoy the walk through that shop. Thanks for sharing that.....Mike


Mike ---
Great tour of Norway,and remember the hidden Mickey in the painting while waiting in line for the Maelstrom.If any of your blog readers are Deadliest Catch fans remind them that the crew and captain of the F/V Northwestern, the Hansen family, come in several times a year and sign autographs and that dvd of the show are sold in the shops as well as great Helly Hansen products. We got sweatshirts(Northwestern) and wore them on a recent Alaskan cruise that included an excursion on the Aleutian Ballad. What a trip!

DizneyMike replies: Cathy, thanks for the information. I'm sure my readers will appreciate it. Also, I do love the HH clothing but, as I said before, living in Florida I don't have a need for it. However, it is just fantastic stuff....Mike


I, too, miss the Viking boat! It used to be a highlight of my trips to the park. I am from Minnesota and over the years successfully cajoled many of my "Scandahoovian" friends to come with me to visit family in Florida and then go on a "side trip" to Epcot. What a joy to bring them to the Norway pavillon to enjoy the lefse at the bakery and a mug of hot glogg during the holidays! Now that I an a FL resident, an annual passholder and our football team is winning well, I can even more enthusiastically say "Skol Vikings!

DizneyMike replies: Susan, thanks for sharing those memories with us. And "yes" those Vikings are doing really well this year. Maybe this will be your year. Good luck...Mike


School Bread + Illuminations= Pricelesss


I loved your blog post about the Norway Pavilion. I can relate to your wife's love of the Kringla Bakery because I absolutely love the school bread there. I first had it on our 2004 trip for my birthday. My husband and I took a tour of World Showcase earlier in the week, and our tour guide said I must try it. So on my birthday, we tried the school bread as my "birthday cake." Last October, I shared one with my son, who was almost 3. He seemed to enjoy it as much as I do, and I can't wait to share another one with him on our trip next month. Thanks again for helping me relive some great memories!

DizneyMike replies: Lindsey, thanks for the great comment and have a wonderful trip next month...Mike


What do I love about the Norway pavilion? One word; Laila

The perfume is a delightful scent. I always spray a little on a piece of paper and put it in my purse the first day of my WDW vacation. It becomes my signature scent for a WDW vacation. Smelling it at home makes me feel like I am I Epcot.

DizneyMike replies: It's amazing how things like certain smells or sounds can remind us of the great times we've had a WDW...Mike

B Young:

Thank you for this wonderful tour! I've only been to WDW about 4 times, but still...how did I not know you could go into the church? It's a plan for next time! I adore the boat ride, so much so that it has entered into part of our regular lexicon. Anytime one of us says a phrase like, "go back" or "back up" it turns into, "Back, baaack over de falls!" :) I also wanted to add that we were very pleasantly surprised to discover that the shaded dining patio off of Kringla is amazingly cool even during the most sweltering day. I'm really warmblooded, so usually need bone-chilling a/c to cool down, but between the shade and the little fan (if it's on)it was so comfortable there I don't want to leave! Well...to be fair, the schoolbread also has something to do with that. Mmmmm.

DizneyMike replies: Yes, the dining patio is very cool and a great place to relax. But don't tell too many people; it's out secret. -:) Thanks for the comment....Mike

Jen M.:

again- wonderful tour! I deemed Akershus my favorite dining experience on our last trip. Got the reservation at the last minute and didn't know what to expect- I thought it was great! Can't wait to try the bakery now- in 253 more days!!! On to China...!

DizneyMike replies: Jen, thank you! I bet those 253 day can't come soon enough....Mike

Hale :

Thanks for sharing this. In our two trips to WDW, I've never gotten on Maelstrom. I guess it wasn't a priority, since I'd heard that the boat ride was too short and the movie was terribly outdated. After reading your blog and seeing some videos, it's going to be one of the first attractions I see in Epcot next time. I love the little fishing village at the end.

Thanks for writing these!

DizneyMike replies: Hale, thanks for the comment, I do enjoy writing these blogs!....Mike

Chris Durniok:

I love your walking tours of each Epcot country pavilion. Pictures are
great and well organized. My 9 year old daughter and I always look forward to
the next "stop".

I've been to Epcot many times and I never tire of World Showcase. Reading over
your blog and looking at the pictures of each pavilion gives one a sense of a
relaxing stroll.

Even though we only get one visit per year from our home in PA, we tend to fill
our waits with reading several Disney sites regularly.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. It really transports us back to Walt
Disney World in between visits.

DizneyMike replies: Chris, thanks for that great comment, it's much appreciate....Mike

chris jensen:

Norway is my favourite pavillion. I was born in Oslo, and have never been back since we moved to the U.S. since i was a baby. It lets me feel like i am visiting my homeland. I always look forword to it every year.

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