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A Walking Tour of Epcot's Canada Pavilion

Next up in my pictorial blog series "Walking Tour of Epcot's Pavilions" is the country of Canada. Today we are going to take a walk through the beautiful Canada pavilion, explore the shops, the wonderful restaurant that is there and the always beautiful gardens. In additions we'll stop and watch a movie and enjoy some wonderful entertainment.

So, come along and take the walk with me.

The Canada Pavilion is the first country on the right hand side as you enter the World Showcase from Future World. On the other side of the Canada Pavilion is the United Kingdom Pavilion.

Walking into Canada from United Kingdom

Very different from the other countries, the main entrance to the shops and movie is up the steps.

Looking into the pavilion

The handicap entrance up to the shops is to the right of the stairs.

The handicap entrance to the shops

On the main sidewalk there are a couple of kiosk where you can buy Canadian related merchandise.

Shopping kiosk on the sidewalk

Close up of the kiosk

Also, you can purchase popcorn, snack, drink and Canadian draft beer at this stand.

Refreshment kiosk

You will see a number of these beautiful totem poles in the pavilion.

Looking up at the totem pole

Here's the entrance to the Trading Post shop.

Front of the Trading Post

The other shop in the pavilion is called Northwest Mercantile.

Front of the Northwest Mercantile

Both shops are connected inside. So you don't have to go outside to get from one to the other. Here are some pictures from inside both of the shops.

Inside the shops

Inside the shops

Inside the shops

Inside the shops

Inside the shops

Inside the shops

Further up is the Hotel du Canada. The hotel sits on top of the Le Cellier restaurant and is not an area for guests.

Hotel du Canada

Ever wonder what the plaque on the hotel reads? Well, wonder no more.

Canada National Hotels Plaque

Like the hotel, the buildings across from it are also not guest areas. However, is it a great spot to get away from the crowds and relax.

Building across from the hotel

Here's looking back at the hotel from the walkway down to the O'Canada movie.

Looking at the back of the hotel

The back of the hotel is a great place to see the waterfall and rock formations. It's a pretty neat pplace!

Looking down from hotel

Looking down from hotel

Looking down from hotel

The handicap entrance to the O'Canada movie is located next to the Le Cellier restaurant.

The handicap entrance to the O'Canada movie

The entrance to the O'Canada movie looks like you are going into a cave.

O'Canada movie entrance

The movie theater is a stand up, 360 movie in the round. Martin Short is the host of this very entertaining movie. It's definately worth seeing.

Inside O'Canada theater

As with all the countries, there is a Kidcot location that is very popular.

Kidcot location

The Victoria Gardens are really beautiful! I really enjoy taking the walk through the gardens to enjoy the sights and smells.

Victoria Gardens plaque

Victoria Gardens

View of gardens from main sidewalk

Le Cellier is one of the most popular restaurants in Epcot. You have to be pretty quick to get reservations to this restaurant. However, if you do, you will be treated to a fabulous meal. My wife and I have eaten there on a number of occasions and have never been disappointed.

Le Cellier restaurant walkway

Entrance to Le Cellier

Inside the restaurant

Inside the restaurant

A couple more pictures of the pavilion and gardens.

Looking up from the Le Cellier walkway

Another view of the gardens

OK, I know you stuck you head in one of those holes and had your picture taken; didn't you?

Picture spot

You can find the very popular Off Kilter performing on the stage to the left of the pavilion. They always draw a big crowd and their music can be heard just about all throughout the World Showcase.

Off Kilter Schedule

Off Kilter performing

Off Kilter performing

I hope you enjoyed your walk with me. I enjoyed having you come along!

Well, that's all for now. As my good friend says "see ya real soon"...DizneyMike

The previous post in this blog was Sounds Like Summer Concerts - Björn Again / A Tribute.

The next post in this blog is Snow White's Wishing Well.

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I love your walking tours - helps me daydream as I wait for my upcoming trip!

I was just wondering if there was ever another plan/purpose for the upper level of the hotel? It seems like such a grand structure to sit empty - or at least unavailable to the public. Another wonderful facade simply to enhance the magic?

DizneyMike replies: Cheri, I'm really glad you like the walking tours! They are fun to do. To answer your question about the hotel, I really don't know if there ever was another purpose for the building. Maybe another reader of this will know the answer. I must admit, that every time I see that hotel and the building across from it I get the feeling that it's unfinished and that something should be in those buildings.....Mike


You need to get these up quicker. I can't wait for the next one! Thanks.

Aubrey Cooper:

for the kids: characters from Brother Bear (I forget their names) appear in this pavilion from time to time!


Hi Mike,
I too love your blogs! I remember there being a shop on the first floor of the hotel. It carried handcrafted items from Canadian artists. I don't know when it ceased operations because being Canadian myself, we usually don't wander through the pavillion. Somehow it makes me feel silly when everyone working there is dressed like lumberjacks.
Always look forward to your next blog. 99 days we'll be there!!

Phil Hatton:

Thanks for the tour. Can't wait for the next one.


Hi Neighbor:

That was a lovely stroll through the gardens. Thank you for taking me with you.

We have after 4 passes for Epcot and try to get there once a month. Now we can visit with an eye out for the various Walks you take.


I also remember a small shop on the first floor of the hotel! This is my son's favorite pavilion. Have the kids ask one of the shop keepers if you can search for the animals. They usually hide 3 or 4 small stuff animals around the store. If you find them all you are given a certificate.


What a great blog!! It's been a long time since I've walked through Canada, but your tour brings back many memories.

DizneyMike replies: When you and John come down we can walk it together. -:)


Great pics, fun read! Thanks for posting! I felt like I was right there!!!



Great walking tour and pictures!

Thank you!


Mike Venere:

Agreed.....Le Cellier is by far the BEST restaruant while dining with the dining plan. The value you get here with the quality of food is second to none in my book!!!

MIKE - Here's a question for you.....you mention the kiosk where you can try LaBatts....what ever happened to the one kiosk the had the Canadian specialty beers? There were about 5-6 different beers, not well-known names, but all very good?

I beleive you can get them inside at Le Cellier, but no longer are they outside!

Appreciate it!!!

DizneyMike replies: Mike, I believe that the only Canadian draft beer sold at that kiosk is Moosehead Ale. They do have bottled beer, but I'm not sure of the brands. I usually ask for the draft beer.....Mike

Scott Ernest:

Were the pictures of the waterfall taken recently? I have been to Epcot a few times since November, and the waterfall has been under construction the entire time. I was hoping it would be working again for my September trip!

DizneyMike replies: Scott, yes, the pictures were taken recently so the waterfall will be working when you get here. Enjoy your September trip; I know it will be fun....Mike


I love your walking tours!! And, yes, I've poked my head through the holes and had a picture taken! :)

DizneyMike replies: Laura, I knew you poked your head through those holes. -:) Thanks for the comments....Mike

Katarina Whitmarsh:

This was really great! Canada's my favorite pavilion, just because of how beautiful I think it is!

I also remember that there was a store on the first floor of the hotel that sold "Anne of Green Gables" merchandise. It was my mom's favorite store in World Showcase and she was very upset when it was removed, as was I. Hopefully WDW can reopen the hotel with some kind of shop or other experience in the future.

cathy mullen:

Hi Mike,
Thanks for another great tour. My husband and I took one of the special Epcot tours on one visit and one of the totem poles has a hidden Mickey but I can't remember which one!


We have NEVER gone up the steps into the pavillion- we always thought Canada was a walk by! Little did we know! We are going again in December and hope to get reservations at Le Cellier for that trip. We have heard great things, but we have never eaten there. I can't wait to see the gardens and the movie! Thanks for another great 'getaway' right from my desk!

DizneyMike replies: Chris, I don't think you were alone when you thought that Canada was a "walk by". I believe that a lot of people think that way. However, the trip up those steps is worthwhile. December is a great time to visit, hopefully you'll be able to get reservations for Le Cellier...Mike

Richard Hubbell:

Hi Mike! You know how sometimes you just stumble onto something really wonderful? That's how I feel now that I have come across your blog. Thanks for all the effort and time you put into it. I agree with ya'll on the beauty of the Canada Pavilion...it is one of those special places in Disney where it is best to just soak up the atmosphere rather than trying to frenetically chase it down. Am going to try Le Cellier on my next trip on your recommendation. This is perhaps not a very fair question, but are there any specific dishes you particularly recommend?

DizneyMike replies: Richard, glad you like the blog. Be sure to check out my other "walking tours". So far I've done them on Germany, France and the United Kingdom. When done, I will have one for each of the countries in the World Showcase. As for a Le Cellier recommendation; well, it's a steakhouse. So, any of the steaks are just wonderful! But, be sure to book your reservations as soon as you can. This place books up fast....Mike

Sue VanVleet:

I think I can help answer a couple of quesions above. Yes, there used to be a shop at the highest level and it had Anne of Green Gables merchandise as well as other unique Canadian items. This was on the right side. The left side has never been open to my knowledge.

They did try a couple of the specialty beers outside at the beer kiosk. But, according to someone in the restaurant, it was too hot outside and the beer foamed too much. The beers are by Unibroue out of Quebec and I have found 4 packs in my local liquor store (my fav is Trois Pistoles).

Also, within the last fifteen years, we were lucky enough to see a gentleman actually carving the taller (I think) totem pole in the traditional way, at Epcot. He was working somewhere in the area where the Off Kilter stage is or the coffee and pin kiosks just beyond that.

Canada is my favorite country at Epcot and Le Cellier is my favorite restaurant. Can't wait to get back!

DizneyMike replies: Sue, thanks for the great information. Also, a picture of the totem pole being carved would be really neat. Did you take any?....Mike


Fantastic! I've never explored Canada and now I cannot wait! Thank you


Thank you for the tour! The most time I ever spend at Canada is in the line for a beer and watching Off Kilter. I'll definitely have to spend more time exploring during my next trip.

In response to Mike Venere's question about the specialty Canadian beers:

The beers are still sold in Le Cellier and are called La Fin du Monde, Maudite, Blanche de Chambly, & Trois Pistoles.

If I remember correctly, a few years back they used to sell them draft at a kiosk (and because of the high alcohol content, they were basically a twofer!). My aunt and I are fans especially of La Fin du Monde & Maudite. Then, a couple years ago, they were only around for Food & Wine. I think they had a Moosehead and Labatt's on tap after the festival, but now it is just 2 varieties of Moosehead (last time I went was at the end of June). They may change it out seasonally, as I've seen beers come and go from Germany as well (Beck's & Spaten).

If you are looking for the Canadian specialty beers and are not in the park, I know Total Wine (in Orlando) sells the first two for sure. I believe the ABC stores have it as well. You can usually get them in a 4 pack, or an oversized bottle. If you're not in the Orlando area, I'm sure you can find it at a specialty retailer or request an order for it (I've been able to buy it in Bangor, ME & Fairfax, VA).

Hope this information is a little helpful for any of you who enjoy beer!

DizneyMike replies: Sarah, you certainly know your beers! Thanks for all that great information. I may have to do a blog on all the beers around the World; seems that besides myself, there are a lot of beer lovers out there. Thanks again...Mike


Oh Thank You so much for the walking tour. We will be there in 1 month and I can't wait to eat dinner in Canada. Like you said, this restaurant will not let you down.. Thank you so much for the tours. It always makes you feel like you are there.

DizneyMike replies: You're welcome! Glad you like the blogs. Hope your trip next month is a magical one...Mike


Le Cellier serves, without a doubt, the best steak I have ever had. I have only been fortunate enough to wrangle a reservation there once, but check every day and once in a while, if someone is a no show, you can get a seat.

diane fox:

Mike, Thanks so much for the "walking Tours". We are planning a family reunion for Oct 2010 and I told my parents all about your blogs of Epcot. I am drinking in all the information to pass along to my family so that when we are all there together, we will be able to experience Epcot in a whole new light. There is so much we have overlooked on our previous trips, I could not believe it. I am so excited about our upcomming trip as I think it will be like going for the first time with so many new things to see. Thanks again for all the wonderfull photos and all the good information.

DizneyMike replies: Diane, I'm really glad that you are enjoying the blogs. I must admit that Epcot is my favorite of all the Disney parks because there is so much to do and I always find something new each time I go. No better place than WDW to have a family reunion. I bet you can't wait for October 2010 to come? Let me know if I can help with your planning in anyway....Mike

Mike Venere:

Sue and Sarah thank you very much!!

Those are exactly the beers that I am talking about. I have also been able to get them where I live in New Jersey but was wondering why I could no longer get them there.

Again thank you for the info!!!!

Oh and Mike.....a beer blog is a GREAT idea.....
Here is a question for all.....does anyone still have their Rose & Crown 1/2 yards that they bring back every time they go??? You can no longer purchase them there but they will still refill it for you!!!

DizneyMike replies: Mike, once I finish with the "walking tours" blogs I'll work on that beer blog. However, it may take me awhile because in order for me to do a good job I'll have to sample all the beers and I have a two beer limit. -:)


My family and I are planning on going to Disney over Christmas and I think my husband and I are planning on eating at Le Cellier. I was looking at the menu off of WDW website and got very excited to see that they have poutine on the menu. Go figure it's a side dish, but when I told my husband (who is French Canadian) that it was there, he said that we would definately have to go eat there. I'm sure there are many other things there that are wonderful. If you're a fan of french fries, brown gravy and cheese, poutine is something to definately try!

DizneyMike replies: Chrissy, if you want to eat at Le Cellier you need to make your reservations as soon as you can. As I said before, this restaurant books up fast. Also, I've never had the pleasure of eating poutine, however, it looks like something I would really enjoy. I hope your family has a magical vacation this December....Mike

Hank (former CM):

Regarding the hotel: be sure to look at it closely and you'll see it's built in forced perspective to make it look much bigger. You can tell by looking at the windows that shrink in size as they get higher... This is the same trick they use for the buildings on Main Street at MK. Inside can be found private meeting rooms for VIPs (most of the pavilions have these), CM break rooms, admin offices, all the mechanical systems, and, on the top floor, one of the lasers for Illuminations.

DizneyMike replies: Hank, great information! Thanks for sharing it with us....Mike


Great blog! Long time reader, first time posting :) So just how do you get to the Gardens in Canada? Like many I always thought Canada was just a walk-by. I explored the shops a few years ago and forwent the movie in favor of more thrilling attractions. I knew about the restaurant but didn't know about much more. Boy, I guess I have to start exploring a bit more! I have heard before that much of WDW is left to be discovered and explored but in today's world that often unusual to find. I'm just always afraid of accidentally ending up somewhere Im not supposed to be. I think we tend to get "conditioned" to not wondering too far off the path now-a-days since we get so many "Do Not Enter" or "Restricted Area" signs thrown in our faces. Its sad really. I think todays made us all lose a little spirit to explore a bit more. Perhaps WDW is a haven for those of use who haven't lost that spirit. Well in any event love your walking tours and if you get a chance post directions to those gardens! Would love to check them out on my next visit!! Thanks!


DizneyMike replies: Rob, first of all, to answer your question about the gardens; the gardens are on both sides of the walkway you take to get to the Le Cellier restaurant. So, from the main sidewalk look for that arch that reads "Le Cellier" and walk down that path.

There is a sense of "discovery" throughout the World Showcase. That's what I love about it. The things you find there are not thrill rides and they won't match Soarin or Test Track for excitement, but if you take the time you will enjoy discovering that each of these countries tells a story in a subtle way, a way that's not on paper but one that you have to discover through your eyes, ears nose and touch.

Thanks for the kind comments about the blog and I hope your next visit will include more time in these beautiful countries....Mike


Hi Mike,
The "Hotel du Canada" I believe is supposed to be a reasonable facsimile of the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. http://www.fairmont.com/LAURIER

I suppose it could also represent those series of hotels that sprung up across the country during the days when railroad was the only way to travel the country. There's one in every major city in Canada and all have a similar architecture. They were once all own by CP Rail but now times have changed.

Banff Springs is another one of those hotels and really quite amazing.

As for the beer/drinking around the world, If you check out the Facebook discussion (Snacking around Worldshowcase?), I think there's a group of fans ready to go. ;)

DizneyMike replies: Allan, you are correct about the Hotel du Canada being a replica of the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. Thanks for pointing that out.

Also, it's great to know that when I do that beer blog that I'll have a few other folks at the bar with me. -:)

Thanks for the comments....Mike

Deborah Woods:

I agree that the Canadian pavilion is one of the most beautiful, relaxing areas in Epcot. We appreciate it even more since we have traveled to Canada and enjoyed some of the beauty and culture there. We have not had the pleasure of dining at Le Cellier, but look forward to it hopefully during our next vacation there in November. Keep up the good work!

DizneyMike replies: Deborah, I hope you have a great time in November....Mike

Chuck T.:

Great walking tour, Canada is a beautiful pavillion, can't wait for the next one.I truly enjoy your blogs.

DisneyMike replies: Thanks for the nice comments....Mike


Hey Mike,
I would be glad to lend my assistance on the beer blog. We will be back "Home" in October and, well ... let the festivities begin.

DizneyMike replies: Vince, maybe I'll have to have and AllEars.net "meet and drink" event as part of my research for the beer blog? -:) Sounds like fun....Mike


Great job Mike. As usual. I almost felt like I was there (ALMOST). Give my best to Julie


DizneyMike replies: Elaine, thanks for taking the time to read the blog. I hope all is well with you and Ed....Mike


I have been to and worked at Disney and have NEVER taken the time to go through Canada. My family and I will be going in Sept (again) and have made it a goal to spend some time in Canada including eating at LeCelleri.

DizneyMike replies: Darlene, hope you enjoy your trip in September....Mike

Pierre Bedard:

Hello Mike

I'm from Quebec City, Canada and The "Hotel du Canada" a reasonable facsimile of the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec.




DizneyMike replies: Pierre, thanks for the information. Hotel Frontenac is one beautiful hotel....Mike

Vince Honts:

Hi Mike
Your walking tour of Canada was right on, it too is one of my favorite countries around the World Showcase. One can not emphazise enough
that you need to make Advance Dining Reservations for LeCellier as soon as possible 90 days out from your Disney trip,even waiting
several hours or days can mean you will get aced out of eating there. I always call 1st thing the morning of the 90 day window and I've been aced out 2 of the last 3 years, last year I was lucky enough to at least get a late lunch seating (which worked out ok, as they serve almost everything available on dinner menu). If your lucky enough to get a dinner reservation you have to try the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup, it's to die for, add a few pretzel bread sticks & you've got a meal (make sure you save room for your steak). I'm hoping to try the Coffee Rubbed Kansas City Strip Steak on our upcoming Oct 09 trip. Off Kilter is a great band to stop & listen to, great music & very entertaining (come early to get a seat on the few bench available . O'Canada in circle-vision is a fun,informative, beautiful tour of Canada, Martin Short is extremely funny for a Canadian (just kidding). Again, thanks for the tour, I can hardly wait until Oct 10th when I can be there in person & soak in the sights & sounds of O'Canada....Vince

DizneyMike replies: Vince, good luck getting reservations for Le Cellier. I hope you get them....Mike

Jeanie Johnston:

Thanks Mike!

Always good articles....because I learn something new. This time I learned that there were places to shop in Canada!!!! Don't know how I missed them!!!!

DizneyMike replies: Jeanie, how could you miss a place to shop? Well, something to look forward to when you come down....Mike

Mark Coffman:

I thought there use to be more shops up the steps behind the trading post? There really isnt anything up there anymore but a place to get away.

DizneyMike replies: Mark, I understand that at one time there were shops up there. However, right now it's just a place to relax and enjoy the surroundings....Mike


I just wanted to tell you how much I love your walking tours of the World! My family and I are planning a visit in a year and you are really helping me to plan and to appreciate more what is there! Love the pics and the commentary! Thanks! :)

Mike Venere:

Hey Mike.....I will be there in a week but also coming back in October as well for the Food & Wine Festival (that most recent Disney special offer was too good to pass up on!!!)

If you are thinking of doing a meet and greet, to help with your blog, let us all know when and where!!!

DizneyMike replies: Mike, a meet and greet is something that I've been thinking about. We'll see what we can work out. In the meantime, enjoy your trips here to WDW...Mike


The store that was on the ground floor of the hotel was lovely. I purchased many things there over the years, so I was disappointed on my last visit to find it was no longer in operation.



Appreciate the time and effort you out into the blog. My family and I travel to the WORLD at least once a year and Le Cellier is not to be missed.

Count us in for the meet and greet. We will be at Epcot twice in October.

A. D. Johnson:

First, let me say how much I have been enjoying your walking tours of the different Epcot World Showcase pavilions. It's a wonderful way to revisit what I think is Disney World's crowning achievement.

I just booked a trip to WDW for the first week of December. Needless to say, I'm bubbling over with excitement! But this trip will be a bit different - the friend going with me has not been to WDW in over two decades, and she is a bit skeptical about the trip. She's not really into kiddie, cutsey stuff. So when you are done with this series of World Showcase blogs, I hope you'll consider moving on to the other parks, particularly MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom. I believe your attention to fine details will give me ideas to help my friend appreciate the unexpected and often overlooked parts of the World. Quite possibly, we can make a believer out of her!

Best wishes to you and all the All Ears staff,

A. D. Johnson
Littleton, CO

DizneyMike replies: Thanks for the great comments! Please let me know if I can help with the planning in any way....Mike


Love your blog!
Wanted to just add in my two cents about the shop in the hotel. When my family (from Canada!) travelled to The World in 2007 I was very interested in exploring the Canada pavillion. I was very intrigued by the fact that they had these buildings that basically were just scenery - as such I tried to open one of the doors on the hotel - and it opened! (I hope it's locked now or this may be cause for some serious trouble!). Inside was what looked like a shop, just without all the merchandise. All the glass shelves and even the counter were there. I found this very strange so just shut the door and kept going. Back then they clearly had no plans other than to continue with the shop plan.


Mike I just love your walking tours. It brings back such happy memories. We have lots of pictures of the grandchildren with their heads in the holes, One of them was only 3 at the time and she just barely made it. Now she's 10 and can reach to top one. Le Cellier is one of our favorite places to eat also. My husband Ray and I will be celebrating his 60 there in Oct.

Keep keeping our memories alive.


Great blog Mike.

I do remember when the specialty beers were sold outside at the kiosk. Like another poster said, they no longer have them available there. There is a great selection of beers available inside Le Cellier, including some that are very hard to find elsewhere in the U.S., including Molson on draft.

Does anyone else remember when Le Cellier was a cafeteria style restaurant? It was in the same space it's in now. They renovated it and turned it into the most popular restaurant in WDW.


This is 1 pavilion I have visited on all visits. However I have never eaten at LeCellier. I wanted to on my upcoming visit, but do not want to take time out for a sit down dinner. This is a mini vacation so I want to see as much as possible & not use the time to eat. Do you know if they would allow me to get that famous Cheddar soup & moose to go?

DizneyMike replies: Connie, if you're going to be here during the Food and Wine Festival you can get the Cheddar soup outside at the kiosk. If not, my guess is that they would do that for you. If you're staying at a Disney hotel ask the Concierge to call for you....Mike


I have just stumbled on to your tours! And I love them. They help me relive my last visit (June '09) with my extended family. I just wanted to brag on Canada's hospitality. On our last evening at Epcot I wanted to wait until we were leaving to buy my favorite Canadian perfume (Roots). When I got there they were literaly locking the door. The manager who saw my anguish through the door came out and asked if everything was alright. I told him I had waited until the last minute to get my perfume. He went back in, got the bottle I wanted, took it down to a kiosk, and had them ring it up for me. (Which a cast member quietly reminded the Mgr. they weren't supposed to do, but he said he would take care of it.) "This lady has came all the way from Ky to get this perfume and she's going to get it. With that I shoook his hand and thanked him. So if it wasn't before, Canada is my favorite country!

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