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A Walking Tour of Epcot's Germany Pavillion

For those of you who love strolling through all the countries that are in the World Showcase in Epcot (and I'm one of those people), I thought I'd post a few pictures for you to enjoy.

I'm starting with Germany, for no specific reason, I just happened to be there when I decided to do this blog. In time I will post pictures from all the countries. Also, I will take requests as to what pictures you would like to see. So, please let me know of any and all requests and I will do my best to include them in future blogs.

I really enjoy spending time in Germany. Whether it's just walking through the shops, having some fine German beer, a brat and sauerkraut or a strudel at Sommerfest or eating in the Biergarten and listening to the Oktoberfest Musikaten band play, you can't help but feel you are actually in Germany.

I hope you enjoy the this walking tour:

Germany is located next to the Italy Pavilion. The closest country on the other side of Germany is China.

Walking towards Germany

The courtyard is really beautiful!

As you enter Germany

A closer view

Der Bucherwurm where you can purchase steins and glassware.

The glass shop

Inside the shop

Another view

When you visit the Christmas shop, Die Weihnachts Ecke, be sure to check out the green pickles!

Christmas shop

Christmas tree

More Christmas decorations

If you like clocks, make sure you visit Volkskunst. Also, in the picture you'll see children coming out of the shop with masks. The clock shop is the Kidcot Funstop location in Germany.

Clock shop

Wall of clocks

Der Teddybar is where you find some adorable teddybears.

Teddy Bear shop

Sommerfest is where you can get a quick bite of German food.

Sommerfest entrance

Quick service food stand

Biergarten is one of my favorite Epcot restaurants because of the atmosphere.

Oktoberfest entrance

Oktoberfest buffet

Oktoberfest Musikaten playing

If you want to sample and/or buy good German wine, the place to go is the Weinkeller.

Wine shop

Who doesn't want a cold beer on a hot Florida day?

Beer stand

My wife loves checking out all the beautiful crystal they have at this kiosk.

Glass works kiosk

While there, make sure you look out for Snow White. You can get her autograph and picture while in Germany. Also, many times Dopey is there with her. Isn't she beautiful?

Snow White

Let me know if there's anything that you'd like me to take pictures of or that you would like me to blog about. I love hearing from you!

Well, that's all for now. As my good friend says "see ya real soon"...DizneyMike

The previous post in this blog was Matsuriza – Taiko Drummers.

The next post in this blog is A Walking Tour of Epcot's United Kingdom Pavilion.

Comments (44)

Sharon Martinez:

Mike, the pictures are lovely, but you forgot my (and my kids) favorite part---where's the train garden?


Great blog Mike, I loved the pictures, they definitely helped me reminisce of my latest trip and look forward to the next one come January 2010. Keep up the great work, I'll be checking back to see where you go next.


Thank you Mike for your wonderful blog.We were in Der Teddybear last Sept and my girls had the chance to make a doll for themselves with one of the cast members. She was great and my girls love the dolls they are beautiful.


Germany is one of my favorite pavilions. The Biergarten resturant feels to be a tribute to teh famous HaufBrau house, my favorite restuarant in Munich. It really captures the beauty of Germany.

Kathy Brown:

For future ideas, would you take interior pictures of the chapel in Norway?

DizneyMike replies: Kathy, thanks for the request. I will be sure to take pictures of the chapel when I do a blog on Norway....Mike


I think Germany is my favorite in World Showcase. I love the atmosphere, and the shops! Thanks for sharing. My request for your next stop is Mexico ... love the shopping there too!

Laura Fox:

I was looking for the train as well. Would love to see pictures as I always forget to look for it when we're there.

Dizneymike replies: I will definitely take pictures of the train and post them soon....Mike

Jennifer Bourg:

Mike, I love this blog you have started of all the pavillions. I think they are often over looked by many visitors. My husband and I are trying to show our 4 year old son that they can be just as fun as any ride.



This is a great idea! We are huge fans of the World Showcase. I absolutely love France the best...any and all picts from France would be lovely~~~especially any at dusk and into the evening.


Monica Alderman:

I love this pavillion too. Don't forget the delicious Mickey gingerbread cookies with the chocolate dipped ears. This cookie is the closest we have found to my husband's grandmother's gingerbread recipe (from Germany) that we make at Christmas. They are a favorite treat when we do our food and drink tour of World Showcase.


As always your pics bring back memories of past Epcot visits and make us look forward to the next trip. World Showcase is one of our favorite places to stroll and eat!!

Thanks Mike

cathy mullen:

I love seeing your photos so any land at World Showcase will be a treat! Looking at the Germany photos brought back fond memories.

Phil Hatton:

Thanks for the visit Mike. I can still taste the beer and the food. Even if it has been a year.

Sally Ledvina:


My favorite country at Epcot is France. I love shopping there. I'd love a blog about it. Also the Land and Sea Pavilion would be an interesting blog, I think.
Thanks for the blog on Germany, I also love to eat there, very fun! Love all the pictures.


While the Hidden Treasures of the World Showcase tour was a great opportunity to learn all the secrets behind the planning of the pavilions, it seems to have been replaced by the Around the World at Epcot tour which takes place on a segway, but still promises that interesting details about the countries will be shared. If you're over 16, a bit physically fit, and willing to pay for the price of the program on top of the price of admission, I'd recommend it. I've never been let down by a Disney tour in the past.

A. Johnson:

Hello Mike,

What an excellent idea for a series!

Some of my very favorite spots are as follows:
- The view of Spaceship Earth through the Japanese Torii gate
- The water lily pond in Japan
- Matsuriza, the Taiko drummers in Japan
- Anything having to do with food in Morocco (love the restaurants there)

I can't wait to see what you post next!

A. Johnson
Littleton, CO

Kris K:

Great pictures, I'm looking forward to your photo blogs of the other countries as World Showcase is one of my favorite spots when I'm in Disney World.
Kris K


What a great treatment of the Germany pavillion. It is one of my favorite spots, too. I also love the Canadian pavillion, as well. If you get there, how about a couple of photos of the Trading Post, inside and out, and also my favorite restaurant, Le Cellier?
Thanks, and look forward to going "around the world" with you.


Janine Aufiero:

Hi Mike,

Thank You for the wonderful blog on my favorite spot in Epcot, Germany! The pictures are beautiful! One of the reasons it's my favorite, besides being half German, is that it's my son Tino's favorite. He's almost 4. Last year, it was my sons 1st trip to Disney and we took him to the Biergarten for dinner and he just loved it so much. He danced around and had such a great time. Not to mention how much he loves bratwurst!!!He's looking forward to his next trip for two reasons, to ride Test Track again and to go to Germany! Reading your blogs and looking at your photos makes me even more excited to return this coming September! We can't wait. Thanks again for the great blog!

Janine Aufiero, NJ

Kathleen Otero:

Hi Mike! Great idea! Any photos of the World are great fun to look at in between trips to help me get my Disney "fix". My request for you is when you get to the Canada pavillion, please try to get some shots inside Le Cellier. It's pretty dimly lit so my camera can't capture the beauty and feel of the "Castle"-like ambiance. Thanks in advance and love your work!


Mike-man. Can you post more shots of the restaurant's interior? I love that place.

Darrell Land:

Mike, great job. The pics always refresh fond memories and point to detail I may have missed. Keep it up!

Darrell Land

melissa tabone:

Hey Mike, I can't even tell you how many time my husband and I have been to Epcot! My question is, do you know how often the stock is changed? I would love to see pasta and oils in Italy. It seems like it takes so long to get different things in there. Also why don't Disney ever solicit other countries to come in and change it up a little. I love all of Walt Disney World, in fact we are spending 4th of July week in the cabins at Fort Wilderness, can't wait! Thanks again, Melissa Tabone , Fort Lauderdale ,FL

DizneyMike replies: Melissa, I wish I knew the answer to your questions. From what I see the merchandise doesn't change that often and it's only a very small representation of the merchandise from each country. I'll keep my ears open and let you know should I find any additional info. Enjoy your trip the week of the 4th....Mike

Dawn Leigh Bessette:

Mike, thanks so much for helping me get my disney "fix" too; I have a little less than 23 weeks to go and counting. I love, love, love Epcot. I travel mostly by myself, so I did a little personal scavenger hunt; I like to see how many countries I can find on the pins of the cast members in Epcot. A few years ago, when my stepbrother took my nephew, who was nine at the time,and thought "Epcot will be so lame." I told him about my scavenger hunt and he loved it! They spent almost 3/4 of a day just looking for countries.


Great job Mike! It's a great fix between trips. I know there are so many things to hit that it's almost impossible to talk about everything, but one thing that has been a great joy to my mom, my daughter and myself are the German dolls made by Heir Engle. His selection has greatly reduced, which is very sad to see, but it's still fun to see the dolls. It's even better when he comes for a visit and you can have your doll, that he and his wife put together as you watch, signed by him on the belly for you. Those are true collectors item! Thanks again and I look forward to your next stop:-) TTFN!

Heather Myers:

Hey Mike,

Thank you for the pictures, and I love the idea. Epcot has always been my favorite park, and it is because of the countries. You know I have never noticed the castle backdrop behind Germany before and I've been to Disney 7 times!

I would love some pictures of Morocco, I often feel it is over looked, but the design is so amazing it makes me feel like I am there.


Thanks, Germany is my favorite in the world showcase. I love to watch them painting the hummels, it's so fasinating.

Wayne Downey:

You couldn't have picked a better country to start with, Germany is my favorite and it brought back alot of memories. Fantastic pictures and I have never seen Snow White there but I will look for her in the future (returning in September), she is my favorite Disney character.

Mike Walter:

Thanks for the pictures, Mike. Germany and Biergarten are our favourites, too. This was a good prep for our trip in August. Mmmmmm, beer. LOL


Great pictures!! Our daughter got her picture taken with Snow White when we were at the Princess Storybook lunch in Norway! We also loved Germany and all of the countries. Thanks for the pictures!!


hey when you do your blog about Norway, you should definitely make sure to take a picture of the sod roof


Nothing gets us more excited about an upcoming trip to Disney World than seeing pictures of places we will visit!

Since my children have never gotten Dopey's autograph, that's high on our list of things to do. Could you be more specific about where and how to get that please? Thanks and we look for to your next batch of pictures.

DizneyMike replies: Elizabeth, I wish I could give you more specific information. I have seen Dopey along with Snow White a number of times at the meet and greet location in Germany. However, more often than not Snow White is alone. Hopefully the day you're there they will be together. Good luck getting that autograph....Mike

Margita Stone:

Mike, please post some pictures of Mexico and the people who do the wood carvings. I believe they are called Animals Fantastico or something like that. The wood carver is always so friendly and chats about the work he is in process of making. We always stop for a Margarita, then wander in for a look at all the wonderful things for sale, and of course, a boat ride! Thanks for noticing all the details.


Awesome pics Mike, Germany is my favorite pavilion also and Biergarten is my favorite restaurant in all WDW. I ate there 4 times last trip and will be eating there 3 times this July trip!!


Mike -

Thank you for posting this really nice blog - Germany is also one of my favorite places to visit in Epcot. I am in the planning stages of booking a trip for September, and am leaning toward staying at the new Bay Lake View villas at the Contemporary. In your biographical information, I see that you are a concierge at the Contemporary and am wondering if you could possibly post some photos of the new hotel?

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me,

DizneyMike Replies: Sue, I'm glad you like the blog! Jack Spence did a really great blog on the new Bay Lake Tower with lots of fantastic pictures. I suggest you go to his blog and look for the one he did on Bay Lake Tower. I think you'll find all the pictures you'll need in his blog, if not just let me know....Mike

Jim Greenhouse:

Hi Mike, My Wife and I met You along Deb's Kidani Village tour! You really are a nice guy. Thanks for doing these photo blogs of the pavilions! I am going down in 2 weeks and made a reservation for the Beirgarten, and was happy to see the place ahead of time. You really did this pavilion justice with your great photos. Looking forward to the others. Great Britain will be a fun one with the Rose and Crown interior photos. Thanks again for taking the time to do this.



I was wondering about the hidden trolls in Norway. Do you know how many there are? I have found 2 of them. I'm curious to see if anyone else has seen them and taken pictures of where hey are hidden.

Great pics of Germany! I love that country....you really feel like you're in the real country! Plus you have to try the pretzels there....they taste different than anywhere else!


DizneyMike replies: Sarah, I don't know the answer about the trolls in Norway. Maybe someone who reads this and knows the answer will pass it along to us....Mike

Barb in South Jersey:

Thanks Mike for posting these pics. Germany is a favorite. The only picture I miss seeing is the center of the Germany pavillion where there is the Knight slaying the Dragon. Can you tell me more about this? There was a St George that slayed dragons, is this possibly him?

Thanks for this blog, I look forward to reading more as I anticipate my return in May 2010. Keep up the great work!

DizneyMike replies: Barb, yes, the knight slaying the dragon is St. George, the patron saint of soldiers. Unfortunately I didn't get a close up of that statue; but it is in the first couple of pictures.....Mikw


To Elizabeth: check with Guest Relations when you get to each park. They usually have a schedule of when/where various characters will appear.

My request is for pictures of the Victoria Gardens in Canada - I think it's one of the prettiest places in WDW!

penny bowman:

Hey Mike. Great idea. I loved the pics from Germany. My husband and I raised our children in Germany, he was in the Army. We get very homesick for Germany, and the pavilion is a great fix. We loved the Biergarten. I thought all of the shops are authentic. We will be there in Dec 09, want to check out the decorations. Maybe pick up a few we can't find stateside. Thanks again.
As a request, would love to do England. My son in law is from there, and he has such great tips for our visit.

Kathleen Cameron:

My favourite country is Morocco. Happy memories of many excellent long lunches and equally scrummy dinners - then topped off with delicious coffee. Wishing I was there now!


Can you take pictures inside the wine store? Can you get some info on that store; wine tasting, crystal, ect?

DizneyMike replies: Allison, on one of my upcoming trips I will try to get some information and pictures for you....Mike


I love this idea. I've been to Disney World 10+ times and have never been in any of the places you mentioned. I guess I just stick to the tried and true. What a great way to find out about new spots that I haven't been to. I can't wait to see the others.


On our 62nd trip to WDW December 2009 (April will be #63) we noticed for the first time several sets of clockwork figures that periodically come out. If you watch the upper facades of the German Pavillion, there are at least 3 sets of clockwork figures.

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