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D23 Expo: All The Rest (Day 2)


Expo time! That once-every-two-year weekend where D23 throws a huge celebration of all things Disney for just you and around 65,000 of your closest friends. I covered some of the major presentations earlier (Animation, Live-Action Studios, Video Games, and Day 1) so we're now down to a summation of the rest of what the 2017 D23 Expo had to offer, and some quick thoughts on each.


[Unattributed photos and video courtesy of Disney.]

So Saturday was a day filled with a lot of the aforementioned panels for me but I did manage to take a quick run around the floor again, trying to pick up some of the booths and exhibits I hadn't seen on day 1.

Costco exclusive!

Forward my mail to Tsum Tsum City.

If you missed the Combine Car at Expo, you can see it at Walt's Barn in Griffith Park, which is a very good trip for any reason.

For all your Muppet wardrobe needs.

A coffee bar with Disney latte art. Seems like a good concept for the parks, if they didn't already have Starbucks.

The big D23 Archive pavilion this year was "Walt Disney Archives Presents--A Pirate's Life For Me: Disney's Rascals, Scoundrels And Really Bad Eggs."


The extensive pavilion displayed pirate-y artifacts from the animated films...


Live action films...




And park attractions.




This afternoon was also the day of the announcement-filled Parks and Resorts panel, which Deb Wills ably recapped here:

At the same time, because D23 always tries to hurt me with counterprogramming, the "Once Upon A Time" panel was held in the Arena. Although you couldn't go to both, co-creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and star Colin O'Donoghue could be seen afterwards over in Talent Central providing autographs and photos for lucky guests.


The final panel of the day was "'A Kiss Goodnight' with Disney Legends Richard Sherman and Floyd Norman." This had the two legends discussing the development and creation of their new book "A Kiss Goodnight" with Wendy Lefkon, editorial director of Disney Editions, and some of the contributing artists and writers. There was even a short Richard Sherman performance at the end, with singer Juliana Hansen!

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