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How I Spent My Monstrous Summer Day

How I Spent My Monstrous Summer Day
by Jason, Jeanine, and Laura

We thought we would collect up some of the photos we took and tweets we sent out during Disneyland's Monstrous Summer All-Nighter and share them here.

(We must give credit where credit is due, and tell you that Jeanine is the only one who made it through all 24 hours of the event. She should get something for that...a good night's sleep at the very least!)

Our day began well before 6:00 a.m., as we all made our way to the Esplanade to await park opening.

Early arrivals received these "monstrous" glasses.

We were (pleasantly) surprised that there weren't too many people, and it really wasn't crazy at all. Both Disneyland and DCA were going to be open for 24 hours, so people were lining up at the gates on both sides.

Mike and Sulley made a couple of announcements and then did a countdown - there were bursts of fireworks over both park entrances.

Inside Disneyland there was a gauntlet of characters and cast members waiting to greet guests as they entered the park.

Everyone received a button when they went through the turnstiles.

@disneygeekcom: A look at the Time Guide for today's Monstrous Summer All-Nighter page 1

There was special event merchandise (of course). We saw lots of people wearing the shirts.

Special mouse ears.

Hour 1: We went over to DCA. The news boys were handing out Buena Vista Bugles.

Each park had a photo-op sign with a clock on it.

Radiator Springs Racers wasn't open yet, but they were running cars on the track.

Hour 2: There's a Monsters University meet and greet in Hollywood Land - themed like a college dorm.

Hour 3: Cast members at the entrance to Cars Land had bags of the "Cars" buttons they distribute there, and were entertaining guests as they asked trivia questions (though everyone eventually was given a button whether they answered correctly or not).

@disneygeekcom:There was a free screening of Monsters University this morning at AMC in Downtown Disney

@Just Jeanine: Just saw Monsters University! Two thumbs way up!

While Jeanine and Jason were at the screening Laura wandered around the two parks.

Hour 5: Back at Paradise Gardens they are preparing for the OPA! celebration of Greece this weekend (most of the events will take place over in Disneyland).

There are new "monster-sized" 32 oz drink mugs ($7.79).

Many dining locations had special food items for the day. Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta featured this Mac&Cheese flatbread pizza.

There were also various treats at locations like Trolley Treats, the Candy Palace, and Pooh Corner.

The Monsters sign in Disneyland's Town Square at 11:40.

Hour 6: Disneyland was still not crowded - very short line for a meet and greet with Jessie.

Hour 7: Disneyland wait times. Kind of quiet for a Friday afternoon.

Hour 8: We all met up again to go to the Annual Passholder Preview of Mickey and the Magical Map - there were three that afternoon.

‏@disneygeekcom: Waiting for Mickey and the Magical Map annual passholder preview

Hour 9: At Plaza Inn the special food offering was Fried Chicken and Waffles - Mickey waffles!

Back over at DCA we used our Radiator Springs Racers fastpasses.

‏@disneygeekcom: Sulley out for pictures by his dorm

Hour 10: Lucky Fortune Cookery's Monstrous All-Nighter special was chicken and vegetable potstickers.

Hour 11: Time for the Pixar Play Parade. It now leads off with a Monsters University pep rally.

Sulley with the Fear Tech mascot - Archie the Scare Pig.

@JustJeanine: Hour 13 of #disney24 Genie: "Take your time Al--the park's open 24hrs."

Hour 14: @disneygeekcom: Main Street is nice and crowded now

‏@disneygeekcom: One last look at the #Disneyland wait board before heading out.

@JustJeanine: Hour 15 of #disney24 Crowded, but nothing a mint julep and Fantasmic! can't ameliorate.…

JustJeanine: Hour 17 of #disney24 Swing is back in style at the Carnation Garden Plaza.

@JustJeanine: Hour 19 of #disney24 Cartoons in Toontown! #justgothappier @ Mickey's Toontown

@JustJeanine: Hour #21 of #disney24 I'm not dead yet.

@JustJeanine: Hour 22 of #Disney24 Have the whole boat to myself.

@JustJeanine: Hour 23 of #disney24 Almost there... #justgothappier @ Peter Pan's Flight

@JustJeanine: Hour 24 of #disney24 All Good Things Must End... @ Sleeping Beauty Castle

@JustJeanine: Now's the time to say goodbye... #disney24 #justgothappier @ Disneyland Railroad, Main St. Station

And that's how we spent our Monstrous Summer Day.

The End.

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Way to go, Jeanine! Great photos from all. Thanks!

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