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Disneyland Resort Photo Update - Disneyland Christmas


Contributing photographer Jason of disneygeek.com sends us these photos from his trip to the parks on Friday, November 9, 2012 and Monday November 12, 2012.. The Christmas season officially kicked off Monday November 12th this year but most of the decorations were up and much of the entertainment started the Friday before. In this posting we take a look at Downtown Disney then into Disneyland to see the new Jingle Jangle Jamboree.

Earl of Sandwich has opened since my last visit and it was crowded.

The line stretched out the door.
The banners have gone back to the Cars Land ones. Guessing Christmas will go up next week.
One of the World of Disney Christmas windows.

In the evening I made a quick pass through Disneyland.
Main Street is only partially decorated, they still have some garland to go and some was not lit yet. The castle icicle lights were not on this evening either.
Small World Holiday is open. The line was longer than the time I had so no ride through this evening.
Toontown is decked out for the season (no cab yet)
The painting of the Goofy Gas station is done. The Christmas decorations are not up on it.
Most important the Goofy Water is not back yet either.
Still working near Minnies
Pirates League is long gone and the Christmas gift shop is back in the courtyard.
Caught the opening of Soundsational, the parade runs till Sunday then Monday Christmas Fantasy starts.

Mickey with his holiday sweater on.
Time for Believe in Holiday Magic.


Noticed they had not switched out the tram stop billboards to Christmas yet even though today was the official start.

Working on the tile on the third floor of the garage.

First stop today, Disneyland!

The Holiday park guides.

Thought this was bad show.. first thing you saw today was a closed pop corn cart.

A quick look around Town Square on this peaceful afternoon.

Donaly and Goofy out in Town Square.

Pluto with his star and hat for the season.

Mickey was near by too.

The garland has not been strung yet.. but the cables are up so probably by the time you read this it will be up.

Main Street transportation was in full swing this afternoon.

The castle is all decked out now.

A check of the Fantasy Faire progress.

The facades are really taking shape.

Not much visible progress on the theater.

Stopped by Toontown. Still no cab.

Some random shots from around Toontown.

No decorations on the Goofy Gas station yet.

Curious if they are done or if there is more to come.. for example the Powerhouse does not have its power inspired garland.

The Goofy Water fountains are back but still being finished up.

The Holiday popcorn bucket for this year.

Never know who you will end up walking behind when you roam around Disneyland.

Next stop the Jingle Jangle Jamboreer at the Big Thunder Ranch.

No turkeys this year... just a donkey out front.

Santa has moved from the cabin to the Jamboree so its nice and quiet inside.

While I was taking pictures had three different families come in and ask me where Santa was.

No reindeer this year either.. instead Christmas goats.

The Jamboree was alive with activity this afternoon.

To the left when you enter is an area for Reindeer Games.

Nice to see they re-used some of the decorations that used to line the reindeer area.

Pluto trying out the games.

In the center of the area was Mrs Claus Tasty Treats.

A look at some of the food.

And cookies to decorate too.

Santa is out in the far left corner as you enter. This is the queue for him.

Here he is...

The far side was set up for Holiday crafts.

Time for the Billies.

A video clip of the Orange Blossom Special Holiday Edition

They did a fun Beatles holiday tribute.

A video clip of the Beatles medley.

To close the show they did a sing along and the a couple of the Country Bears joined in.

Video of the Country Bears and sing a long.

A new popcorn bucket this year... Santa Mickey (last year was a snowman).

The Holiday cups are out (the napkins are still plain, wonder if that is a sign they will not be adding a design anytime soon, it has been a while now).

The Holiday Season officially kicked off with a lighting ceremony at Small World. Jeanine is posting a full recap of the event, but here is a quick video and a couple pictures.

The 1st Christmas Fantasy Parade of the season making its way toward Small World.

Nothing drastically different jumped out at me this year. So the next several pages are just some random pictures from the parade.

Caught the 6:30 Wintertime Enchantment (snow fall moment).

Then made my way to the castle for some pictures.

Hope you enjoyed this highlight tour of the Disneyland Resort. For additional photos and details from this trip you can check out the full Disneyland Update I posted on my site, http://disneygeek.com Also be sure to follow me on twitter @disneygeekcom for pictures from the parks.

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Comments (2)

Lisa Z.:

Thanks for sharing Jason! This east coast girl has only been to Disneyland once but your updates keep me thinking I need to Go West!



I have to admit, I'm all sorts of excited. Everything looks gorgeous and I'm really looking forward to running around out there. How heavy were lines looking the days you were out?

*** Jason Reply ***
Lilu - So far the wait times this holiday season have been mild. In general with DCA drawing more guests the crowds have evened out across the parks. The parks are holding their normal pattern of the crowds getting much heavier as the sun sets and locals start to arrive.

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