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Disneyland Resort Photo Update - 4/14/12


Contributing photographer Jason of disneygeek.com sends us these photos from his trip to the parks on Saturday, April 14, 2012.

Let us start off the tour at California Adventure and Buena Vista Street, a look at the west side of Buena Vista Street from the Esplanade. It was a beautiful day - very different from the stormy, windy day on Friday!

Gutters are on but the down pipes are not connected yet. That may have been useful on Friday with all the rain we got.

Across the street there was a crew working on the building. Notice some of the roof is on, the windows are going in, and an awning ha been installed.

Scaffolding has returned to the tower of the Carthay. Best guess is some touchup/cleanup work.

Noticed some barricades up near the stroller parking for Little Mermaid. Appears to be some work along the base of the building, betting it has to do with the rains.. sure looks it.

The painting of Screamin's queue is moving along.

Next stop for me was the Fun Wheel to check out Cars Land and see if anything was going on this morning. All was quiet.

Just one visible crew up on the roof of Flo's working on the neon.

Where the crew was working last week looks complete now.

The work on the Lion King parking lot looks done. They have tweaked the entrance flow. You now turn in from Disneyland Dr. and then make a left.

The base of the far Cozy Cone is now orange.

The Toy Story photo op near Toy Story Midway Mania has been removed.

Goofy hanging out by his sky school for pictures.

The purple bougainvillea near the winery was bright this morning...

Stopped by the Blue Sky Cellar Patio next to check out Cars Land. Hard to believe in just two months we will be able to walk through and experience this new land.

Stanley is uncovered this week.

A look down Route 66

Now onto Hollywood Blvd. the Red Car cable work looks to be done for the most part in this area.

There was a sign out front of the Animation Building listing the drawing classes for the day. Before you had to ask a cast member inide.

Continuing down the street. The Elephants that once guarded the Backlot entrance have been removed.

Work on the facades near the old Candy Store continues.

The marquee on the Carthay Circle Theater looks to be just about done, ready for the lettering. Also a better new scaffolding.

More detail work on Buena Vista street is emerging and looking great.

The jet has been removed from the front of Taste Pilots.

I headed over to Disneyland next. Not much visible progress here, the work has shifted to the interior.

A random Big Thunder shot as I walked by.

A turtle hanging out along the Big Thunder trail.

Walked through the Fantasy Faire.

Was walking by and heard the announcement for the Calling all Drummers show, so found a spot to watch. For those unfamiliar this show takes place several times over the course of the morning and features some of the drummers from the Soundsational parade in a little skit/performance.

Noticed the Mickey Ears on the shoes..

Now a walk around the Matterhorn..

The tunnel over the walkway has been removed as has almost all of the scaffolding now.

From the Monorail platform.

Now some Buena Vista Street pictures from the Monorail.

The Red Car stop is looking great.


Circling around a second time...

A closer look at the park area. Looks like the walkway is in now.

Plenty of activity around the Matterhorn today.

Stopped by Innoventions. I had not seen the new Honda display and contest that started several weeks ago.

Strolled through Plaza Gardens which will go behind walls the end of the month to be transformed into the Princess Fantasy Faire opening winter 2013. Still sad to see this quiet area of the park go. Also seems odd to start a project in April with a winter opening vs doing it in the off season and having it ready for the busy holiday rush this year.

A black horse out near the village, took this picture from the Mark Twain.

Once back ashore, stopped to see the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies.

The gift cart at the exit to Haunted Mansion was not out today. This really helped traffic flow in the area.

Elvis, Scot Bruce, performing in Tomorrowland.

Only a couple more weekends of swing dancing in Plaza Gardens. Then the event moves to Downtown Disney during the construction.

A walk through Carthay Circle seeing what Buena Vista Street lights are on this evening.

ElecTRONica is wrapping up. The final night is Sunday (4/15).

The line for the End of the Line Club was long.

The truck had no wait though.. guess the alcohol is much more popular than the food.

One last walk through Flynn's Arcade.

The final two crews performed this evening and the winner was to be crowned Sunday at the final of ElecTRONica.

The trophy...

First up Kaba Modern.

Followed by Outer Circle.

Here is a video of the performances.

I closed out the evening stopping by the Blue Sky Cellar Patio to see what was lit up in Cars Land.

To end with a look down Route 66.

Hope you enjoyed this highlight tour of the Disneyland Resort. For additional photos and details from this trip you can check out the full Disneyland Update I posted on my site, http://disneygeek.com

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