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Disney Fantasy Maiden Voyage - Embarkation Day!


It's finally here! The Maiden Voyage of the Disney Fantasy!

Here's a look at some pictures that I took today after we boarded - not sure I'll have time to caption them before sailaway, but we'll see how far I get.

First look at the Fantasy as we approached the port;

Banner in the Terminal

Mickey and Minnie greeting guests!

Getting ready to board.

Banners just for this voyage!

Crystal chandeliers in the atrium.

Art nouveau central chandelier.

A looooong hallway.

Our stateroom - we are in the stern of the ship on deck 7.

Our stateroom.

The champagne glasses are already here - no need to scrounge them. :-)

We have a large veranda!

And the flag is just below and to the right.

Stateroom from the other direction.

Tigger is ready to cruise.

Clocks in Cabanas

Royal Court restaurant.

The chandelier again.

The stairway in the atrium.

Mademoiselle Minnie.

Floor inlay in the lobby area.

Shutters is quite different and very modern and futuristic-looking!

I loved this detail above the entrance to Shutters.

D Lounge - this is a really terrific looking space.

One of the entrances to Europa, the Adult district.


O'Gill's Pub

The entrance to Ooh La La, the champagne bar - it seems much larger than Pink.

Inside Ooh La La

The restrooms are really interesting!

The Tube

But first we went into Skyline.

Now the Tube

Outside the Walt Disney Theater

Really cool elevator dials.

Maiden Voyage logo on the Funnelvision screen.

The Quiet Pool Bar in the Cove Cafe adult area.

Outdoor shower up on deck 13 forward - the Satellite Sun Deck.

Satellite Falls - this is a really nice new area for adults.

A new splash pool area above the Quiet Cove pool.

The new AquaLab waterplay area - this looks like a lot of fun.

Seating area inside Remy.

Meridian bar between Palo and Remy.

I don't have any photos ready yet, but the Sailaway party was fun - we had a few showers and it was quite windy at the start, though. I posted a few pictures to Twitter: @AllEarsLaura. The Fantasy was escorted out to sea by two fireboats spraying water, and there were lots of people waving Mickey hands at us from the parks and restaurants along the shore as we went out the channel..

We have early dining this time, which I think I'm going to like - it was nice to get done with dinner and then have time to go have a drink in Ooh La La (the champagne bar) rather than it being time to go to bed!

At Sea day tomorrow!

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Thanks for the great photos of the ship!

mary heckey:

Lovely! We stayed in the stateroom below yours on the Dream last year.Excellent verandah!

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