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Disney Fantasy Maiden Voyage - Day 4, Cozumel and Pirate Night


The rest of our table was dining in Palo last night, so it was just Lee and me in Enchanted Garden for dinner. We had more of an opportunity to talk to our servers since they weren't quite so busy, so that was nice. We also had more of an opportunity to watch what was going on as the food came out of the kitchen...it's pretty amazing watching them carry those heavy trays on one hand as they try to maneuver around the dining room. That seems like even more of a feat in Enchanted Garden where the tables seem a lot closer together than any of the other restaurants.

When our server, Ned, came to offer us fresh ground pepper we noticed that the pepper mill looks like a wine bottle! I don't remember that from our dinner at Enchanted Garden on the Dream last year.

Day 4, Cozumel and Pirate Night

Last night's show was Larry the Cable Guy, which didn't really appeal to us (though several of our tablemates went and said it was hilarious), so we went to see the Muppet Movie instead. It was really cute, though I thought it started out a little slowly. But I loved the Rainbow Connection number.

The ladies in Ooh La La had told us that one evening on each cruise they had dancers visit Europa and go place to place. It's called Viva Europa, and it was last night. There were different performers - we saw a singer and dancers in La Piazza.

Day 4, Cozumel and Pirate Night

And there were two can-can dancers in Ooh La La.

Day 4, Cozumel and Pirate Night

We didn't see any of the others - we stayed in Ooh La La. We are really enjoying it there, though we should try some of the others! Lee had another glass of the Ooh La La champagne. I don't remember if I mentioned it, but it has a picture of Jessica Rabbit on the label.

Day 4, Cozumel and Pirate Night

When we returned to the cabin we had another gift waiting for us - special luggage tags.

Day 4, Cozumel and Pirate Night

We've come further south and it was a little warm this morning but I still got my run in. We've had more overcast today, but it's still been quite warm - 86.

We pulled into Cozumel about 9:00 - and not far behind us was the Disney Magic! She docked next to us.

Day 4, Cozumel and Pirate Night

Neither of us was interested in going into Cozumel, so we've spent the day aboard ship. It's been quite pleasant on board, though there are a fair number of passengers who had the same idea. Still, there weren't nearly as many people up at the Satellite pool when I went up there. I really enjoy that area - it has been a wonderful addition to the Fantasy.

Tonight is Pirate Night, and the Pirate League has taken over Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! I made a visit there and they transformed me in pirate Bettie Sunbain...Arrrr.

Day 4, Cozumel and Pirate Night

Day 4, Cozumel and Pirate Night

The process was fun. After I checked in I rolled a couple of dice, and that determined my pirate name - after that I was only called Bettie Sunbain. They took me back to one of chairs and one of the "wenches" did my nails (I had a choice of black or pink nail polish - I chose black - no pink for this pirate!), and the other did my eyes and face (lots of black eye makeup, and "mermaid snot" glitter - hey, that's what THEY called it!). Throughout we had kind of running piratical conversation - I advised them not to even think about stealing the rings off my fingers. And I tried to recuit them as crew of my own ship - the Blue Tiger. We're going to take over the Fantasy tonight when everyone is distracted during the pirate party!

I took the Pirate Oath, though I changed the words a bit - how can a pirate pledge to be "a true and honest pirate"? Hello, PIRATE here. :-) I pledged to false and dishonest.

I also got to pick out a pirate accessory - I had my choice of a hook or a sword (I chose a sword), and I also received a pirate sash (blue or brown), face jewels, a pirate earring, head scarf, pirate medallion, and eye patch. It was $34.95, which I thought was actually a very good deal! The process took about 30 minutes, and the whole experience was a lot of fun. Deb Wills and several other people from our table also did it - you may have seen Deb's tweets. She was rather scary-looking! :-) We all got lots of comments from people on how great we looked.

If you're interested in doing the Pirate League I recommend booking it in advance. I booked the day we boarded, and by the time I called the only times available were 2:00 or 8:00 p.m. It was a little difficult trying to keep from messing up the makeup for all of those hours, so I would have preferred something later.

Day 4, Cozumel and Pirate Night

Dinner was fun - there were lots of people in costume - including our servers, of course. The "show" tonight in the Walt Disney Theater was the movie John Carter, in 3D. It was interesting...but the story was not much like what I remember from the books. And it was a lot longer than one of the usual shows (over 2 hours!), so we didn't have a chance to get up on deck to get a spot where we could see the Buccaneers Blast stage show. But we stll had a good view for the fireworks from Deck 12, starboard side.

Day 4, Cozumel and Pirate Night

So it's been another great day on the Disney Fantasy. We'll be in Costa Maya tomorrow. It's a short port day - we arrive early and will probably be docked by 7:30, but all aboard is at 2:30!

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Someday soon I'll get to take a Disney cruise. Especially on the Fantasy.

You mentioned early on you saw the Muppet Movie. Was that the one that came out last year or the old when from thirty plus years ago?

Laura replies: It was the new movie that came out last year, including the Pixar short at the beginning.

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