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Disneyland Resort Photo Update - 3/23/12


Contributing photographer Jason of disneygeek.com sends us these photos from his trip to the parks on Friday, March 23, 2012.

Instead of parking in the Mickey and Friends garage I was directed out to the Toy Story Lot, which meant it took a good half hour from the freeway exit till I was in the lot. The Toy Story lot is located off of Harbor Blvd past Katella. There is a pin trading board by the bus stops to occupy you while you wait for the shuttle bus.

But this afternoon no waits at all.

First stop of the day, DCA. Buena Vista Street continues to emerge and is looking great, with more building details visible on every visit.

A lot of people walking through Condor Flats this afternoon.

They are working on the tile roof for the Carthay.

Ready for the sign. This will be the Cafe/Bakery sign.

The Elias & Company storefront.

A look down Route 66 today. Quite a bit of activity as more landscaping is going in and they work on the interiors.

A closer look at Filmores

The sign for Sarge's Surplus (I went back in the evening and it was not turned on yet)

Speakers are back along the parade route but no lights yet.

The rock work overlooking the Paradise Pier area is complete and it looks great!

The Cove Bar is closed for some work.

Screamin' was down and there was a crew working on something near the launch area. (it reopened later in the day).

The Little Mermaid was also closed temporarily.

The water play area in Paradise Park was open for business though.

ElecTRONica removal has started. Most of the equipment on the main street has been removed and I am guessing this will be gone in the next few days. (Mad T Party is scheduled to open on June 15.)

Another look at the recently repainted facade at the end of Hollywood Blvd.

It appears to look the same, just new again.

The cab is gone. And the Monsters facade is under wraps for some paint.

With the ElecTRONica gear removed we can get a clear look up the street to see how it will blend with Buena Vista Street.

Next up Disneyland. One of the two benches is out from behind the wall. No drastic changes, guessing they were working on the sound equipment in the base.

Mickey was out in Town Square for pictures.

Work is moving along on Main Street, much of the scaffolding is removed.

The Matterhorn work is also moving along. The scaffolding is continuing to be taken down (as is the tarp/wrap around it.

The wait times around 3pm

Another shot of the Matterhorn

Now a look from the monorail. First up: Buena Vista Street.

Working on the brick work for the Red Car track

Spring has arrived. What a nice afternoon it turned out to be.

A look in on the Matterhorn load/unload area.

Heading around again.. this time looking North. The central square.

The Lego store work is moving along. There were several models under wraps out front.

The Big Thunder Ranch is decked out for Spring.

New Orleans Square has returned to normal now that the Bayou Bash is over.

There was a good crowd in the park this afternoon.

Headed over to DCA and the Pacific Wharf Cafe for dinner. There was a new featured dessert item.

The sign has not returned to the bridge. Guessing one will eventually since the lights are still there.

Another great sign in Cars Land near Maters entrance.

A closer look at the electrical poles. Transformers are now installed.

Back over the Disneyland. The poles that usually reside near the benches as you approach the castle are gone and these large covers are on them, which means no leg room for the seats right now.

Spotted what looks to be a time lapse camera for the Matterhorn project.

Elvis, Scot Bruce at the Tomorrowland Terrace.

Back to DCA. Nothing too interesting going on at Cars Land, most of the lights were not on tonight.

This was odd to me. The projectors and lights for ElecTRONica are all gone, but they still had the lights off and were playing the background sounds.

And of course the bar was still open.

Found a spot for the Tron City Dance Crew Challenge and the first show started late then crashed. Looks like the system for the lights and screen was having some problems. Always a bad sign when you see Unix/Linux commands popping up.

Here is a video of the event. The lighting was odd but you can get the drift of the performances.

After a several minute delay they started the show but the lighting was all messed up.

The first group to perform was Team Millennia

Followed by Kaba Modern.

At the end you could cast your vote. After the two nights the winner will move on to the next round.

With the Monsters Facade covered up the projections were a little easier to see.

Hope you enjoyed this highlight tour of the Disneyland Resort. For additional photos and details from this trip you can check out the full Disneyland Update I posted on my site, http://disneygeek.com

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Art Gallego:

Why were you directed to the other parking lot?


I am not sure exactly.. they do this for several reasons. Usually it is to more evenly divide up the traffic, or if the backup gets too big at the garage, or if the garage is getting full. I heard that they were diverting cars most of the afternoon, by evening they were letting guests into the garage again.

I just missed getting in, the Anaheim PD was just finishing up the cones as I approached. One light earlier and I would have probably saved 20 minutes.


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