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Disneyland Resort Photo Update - 3/02/12


Contributing photographer Jason of disneygeek.com sends us these photos from his trip to the parks on Friday, March 2, 2012.

They are still working on one of the stairwells at the garage. The wind had ripped the mesh.

More scaffolding is down and Buena Vista Street is looking great.

Another look at some of the Buena Vista Street facades.

Walls up around where the Red Car stop will be.

Still no roof tiles on the Carthay.

All the scaffolding and mesh is now down and you can see the iron work for the marquee.

Is that a hidden Mickey in the iron work (look right in the middle at the top).

Some details of the Elias and Company facade are now visible.

A look through the gap in the wall, the monorail bridge looks to be framed. No bricks yet around the Red Car rails.

Fillmore's shell has been installed.

Work continues on the Wharf bridge and tidal basin.

Touching up the rock work.

The walls are down from the parade route work in front of the Little Mermaid.

The work on the Paradise Pier shops looks to be done. What a difference a little wood siding and removal of the giant clown makes.

They have altered the Fun Wheel exit area a bit. There is a new gate up between the non swinging and swinging gondolas and when you exit the non swinging one now you are directed up the ramp and to use the same gate as the swinging one to exit. This speeds up the boarding of the next group to the non swinging.

An overview of Cars Land.

Most of the scaffolding is down, just one more story to go.

The roof is going on Sarge's.

As well as around the walkway from Fliks. You can barely see it from this angle/distance now.

Looks like all the scaffolding is gone from around the radiator cap (wouldn't it be fun to walk the track like those two right now!)

I kind of like it (Pacific Wharf bridge) with no sign up, the Cadillac Range looks great.

A wood frame has been installed over the steel at the entrance to Cars Land.

The Minnie's Fly Girls show was going on in Condor Flats.

A wide shot of the area. As you can see it does not really impact traffic that much.

Moving on.. work continues around GRR.

Repainting going on, do not worry the shop remained open.

Some work going on in the Studios Backlot.

Plenty of painting projects are underway.

Finally made it over to Disneyland. Some work going on with the seating/planters on Main Street.

Due to the winds the tarps were up so we could see the progress of the work here.

Coke Corner has re-opened.

A look inside.

The Matthorn work is progressing quickly. The scaffolding is already being taken down as the painting proceeds. The new color scheme looks much darker to me.

Wait times around 1:50pm

Still working on the Tomorrowland Train Station.

An area in front of the Opera House was roped off for some Modern Family filming.

Spring has arrived, or at least the plants and trees believe so.

After sunset headed back to DCA. This week noticed all the street lights on the left were on.

A look at the Midway shops after dark.

A bright light on Tower of Terror made for an interesting picture.

Turns out they were setting up for some filming in front.

At ElecTRONica hey added some kinects units around the DJ area. I read they were using them to capture images and project on Monsters. I did not see this in the brief time I was there.

The street in front of Award Wieners was cleared and set up for some disc games.

A video of the event...

There was a brief performance before the games.

More walls in Downtown Disney near Vault 28, appears to be work on the lights against the buildings like all the others.

Work continues where the topiaries were.

Inside the Disneyland Hotel I was happy to see the old photos have returned. They are now on the wall that faces the elevators in the Fantasy Tower.

The other side of the wall is out from behind the curtains too and features a great map of Disneyland.

Wait times around 7:50pm

The Rumble Kings on the Tomorrowland Terrace Stage.

Fantasmic! has returned, so I caught the 9pm show. Did you realize Fantasmic! turns 20 this year?

Since the Mark Twain is being worked on the characters were on the Island for the Finale. Here is a brief video clip of the finale to conclude this update.

Hope you enjoyed this highlight tour of the Disneyland Resort. For additional photos and details from this trip you can check out the full Disneyland Update I posted on my site, http://disneygeek.com

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Thank you so much for posting. We hope to get out to the west coast as a family in the next few years to see all of this. You've peaked my interest!


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