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Disneyland Resort Photo Update - 2/17/12


Contributing photographer Jason of disneygeek.com sends us these photos from his trip to the parks on Friday, February 17, 2011. Included are photos and video from the new Minnie's Fly Girls Charter Airline show, which started on Friday.

A new direction in marketing? Encouraging the purchase of Park Hoppers instead of Annual Passes?

Starting in Disney California Adventure...Some of the scaffolding and mesh is down on the first section of Buena Vista Street. This is the facade over/around the restroom building.

The Elias and Company Store

Moving on to Cars Land. A new sign for Radiator Springs is up

The tidal basin next to the Pacific Wharf has been drained. Guessing because they are working on Grizzly River Run and needed all the water gone (this is the reservoir for the attraction).

Here you can see the tunnel/pipe the water flows through.

No real visible progress here, but a couple signs with the concept art (same photo that was released with the announcement).

Minnie's Fly Girls Charter Airline debuted earlier today. As you can see the show currently runs Thursday-Monday.

Here is a video of the entire show. (Note: The edges are a little out of focus thanks to the wide angle adapter I was using because of the short distance to the stage).

A few stills from the show:

The facade transformation in Paradise Pier looks almost complete. Just awaiting the new sign.

The Cadillac Range is looking great!

A closer view of the now nearly finished face.

Interesting. In the background looks like they stopped the backside wall? Or just finished a portion of it. Hard to tell from this angle but guessing that may be where the show building starts?

What is that I spy through the trees? Looks like a new sign. Guessing this is the entrance walkway for the Racers. It says Gateway to Ornament Valley.

A look at the Cozy Cones.

A closer look at the new fence facade going up on the backside of Fliks wall.

A closer view of the Cozy Cones.

Construction walls are still up around the parade route in front of Ariel's.

The side entrance to the shops in Paradise Pier is open again. They still have the ATM in its temporary housing but looks like it will be back in the wall soon.

Over in Disneyland - time for the Mardi Gras Celebration that is part of the Bayou Bash.

More scaffolding up at the Tomorrowland Train Station (note the train is not stopping here but is running normally for all other stops).

A check in on Buena Vista Street from the Monorail. Looks like the main portion of the street has been poured and they are ready to start the brickwork around the rail line.

Work continues on the Matterhorn stations. Some concrete has been poured.

Since it is Presidents' Day weekend I stopped by to take in Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

A look at some of the nighttime sights at DCA...The lights were on at Mater's Junkyard Jamboree (they were blinking/flickering too).

The new Cozy Cone sign was lit up this week.

In Downtown Disney, Compass Books will be closing soon to make way for Earl of Sandwich.

Out at the Disneyland Hotel the character topiaries across from the Fantasy Tower entrance were gone and the area being worked on.

I walked over because I wanted to see the new map at the entrance and it was behind curtains still.

To close with a picture of Minnie and Mickey (noticed the fountains were off this week in the background).

Hope you enjoyed this highlight tour of the Disneyland Resort. For additional photos and details from this trip you can check out the full Disneyland Update I posted on my site, http://disneygeek.com

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Thanks for showing us so many photos and the videos of Disneyland Resort. Although I now live in Florida, close to WDW, I'm originally from Southern California and consider myself a Disneylander at heart. You keep it alive for me until I make my next visit.


Deb and (Jet the disney loving dog):

I am thrilled to see that Ghirardelli and Earl of Sandwich are being added to the Disneyland resort.


Thanks for the info. I'll be there in mid May. Do you know if Earl will be open and if RS will have soft opened by any chance?

Well I do not have any good answers... I have not seen an opening date for Earl of Sandwich beyond "early summer". As for soft opening of the Racers I think it is too early in the testing process to guess.

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