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WDW 2012 Marathon Weekend - The Food


It wouldn't be a complete set of trip blogs without a food blog, right? :-)

I'm afraid you might find it a little repetitive, though - we ate at Kouzzina three times (two dinners, one breakfast)! :-)

The night we arrived, after we visited the Marathon Expo, we still had time to walk into Epcot (one of the advantages of staying at the Boardwalk!) for dinner at Tangerine Cafe, which is a long-time favorite of ours.

A while ago they replaced the shawarma sandwiches with wraps - I still prefer the sandwiches, but the bread they use for the wrap is very good. I had the Falafel Wrap. This one is a hit-and-miss - sometimes the falafel is tough and dry...and it was tough and dry this time. I was surprised that it didn't come with any sauce at all, but Lee had extra tzatziki sauce with his and gave it to me, otherwise it would have been too dry. And I have to remember to ask for hummus or tabouleh in place of the lentil salad - they put red peppers in that.

Lee had the Shawarma Platter with lamb and chicken. It also came with hummus, tabbouleh and couscous. He really enjoyed his dinner!

The next morning we were at Animal Kingdom, so we had breakfast at Pizzafari. We thought that was the only counter service option available for a hot breakfast, but as we went back to Harambe Village we noticed that Tamu Tamu Refreshments offers breakfast - they had a breakfast flatbread, French toast sticks, pastry basket, and yogurt parfait.

At Pizzafari I had my usual $2.79 bowl of oatmeal and fruit, though I also had a cinnamon roll, since that looked really good. (And it was pretty good.)

Lee had the Bounty platter, with scrambled eggs, French toast sticks, sausage, bacon, breakfast potatoes and biscuit. And he also had oatmeal. For some reason I didn't take a photo of his breakfast this time, though. But it looked like this one he had back in October: :-)

It's a good thing we had a big breakfast, because with various AllEars and Team AllEars events that afternoon we never had time for lunch! Instead we went to an early dinner at Kouzzina with some of our fellow Team AllEars members, and had a great time, though the service left a bit to be desired. But that means I have lots of dishes to show you!

As an appetizer, Lee and I split Spiro's Greek Salad - Vine-ripened Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Red Onions, Kalamata Olives, and Feta. When it came out it was not at all what we expected - instead of greens with all those other ingredients, it was large pieces of all of those ingredients, and just a little bit of lettuce on the bottom. Individually everything was tasty (Lee said it was the best cucumbers he'd ever had), but there was no way to combine it. I wouldn't order it again.

One of our fellow diners ordered the Crisp Calamari and Lemon. She said it was very good, and it was a large serving which she offered to share.

Another appetizer was the Seared Greek Cheese. I think we all enjoyed a bite of this one. Definitely the kind of thing you'd want to share with several other people - I think it would be too rich for one person.

Because it was the night before the Half Marathon, they were offering a pasta special, and several ordered that. It looked really good - pasta in a very light sauce with white wine and ouzo (our server advised us that all the alcohol would burn off in the cooking process), with artichoke hearts, sundried tomato, and I think it was goat cheese on top. It looked really good.

This is the Fisherman's Stew with scallops, fish, shellfish, and fennel.

And the Oak-Fired Pork Tenderloin with Feta Gremolata, Zucchini Corn Pie, and Succotash.

I had the Kouzzina Sampler, which included a lamb slider, and sample portions of two popular entrees: the cinnamon-stewed chicken and the Greek-style lasagna. The server warned me that the lamb was spicy. And it was, but it was still very good, and it was a small enough portion that the spiciness didn't overwhelm me. I really enjoyed the cinnamon-stewed chicken, also. Only picked at the lasagna, since it has beef in it.

I was very intrigued by the garnish they used on top of my lamb slider - I thought it looked like an insect perched on top. :-)

Lee had the full-size portion of the Greek-syle Lasagna. Our server advised him that you needed to break the cheese crust and mix it all up, and he did. He thought it was very good.

Lee and I were the only ones to have dessert - we ordered the Loukomades, which are Greek doughnuts drizzled in honey. I don't know why I didn't take a photo of them. It's one of our favorites here, though we think they should offer them on the breakfast menu!!! They would be really yummy in the morning for breakfast.

Saturday morning after cheering on the half marathon runners we walked back into Epcot for breakfast at Sunshine Seasons. There were lots of runners in there! I had the Breakfast Platter, with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuit, potatoes, and French toast. The eggs were a little undercooked for me, but otherwise everything was fine.

Lee had the breakfast "panini", though it's really more just like a stacked breakfast on foccacia bread. I believe it has slices of roast pork as well as bacon. He enjoyed it.

It was another day that we missed lunch and had an early dinner - this time we went to the Dolphin Fountain. I like the food better than Beaches and Cream, and it's not nearly as crowded! We got in with no wait and had a charming server - it looked like she belonged in Pixie Hollow instead of waiting tables! She was very good, though.

I ordered the turkey burger, which I've had several times before. This time the chef got too carried away with the rosemary - it was a bit overwhelming. But I ate it anyway. :-)

Lee had the "Build-Your-Own Burger" - a hamburger with your choice of toppings, like different cheeses, chili, bacon, sauteed mushrooms or onions. He at the wholllllle thing.

Sunday night after the marathon relay we went back to Kouzzina for dinner with our friends Gale and Julian. They had not been to Kouzzina before, but I think they will be back again. Our server was rather frazzled and disorganized with the ordering process, but after that everything was fine.

We all started with one of the Kouzzina Wine Flights. Gale and I had the Greek Isles Flight, which was three white wines - a sauvignon blanc and two white blends. They were all different, but were all very nice and refreshing - I'd order that wine flight again.

The guys had the Cat Flight, which is three wines from Cat Cora's "Coranation" label - sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, and cabernet sauvignon. I think they enjoyed them all.

As an appetizer Lee and I had the Kouzzina Sampler, which serves two people. It includes olives, spiced cashews, dolmades, tzatziki sauce, hummus, pita wedges and choice of two of either spicy prawns, lamb meatballs, or chicken. We chose the prawns and lamb. We've had this before and like almost all of it - neither of us care for the dolmades.

Gale ordered the Goat Cheese Sto Fourno - baked goat cheese with peppers, artichoke hearts, olives, served with bread and greens. She really liked it.

Julian ordered the Spanakopita - a phyllo turnover filled with spinach, feta, and leeks. He said it was good.

I ordered the Cinnamon-Stewed Chicken as my entree - I'd had the sampler size of it two nights before. It was good but more than I wanted - I think I prefer it as part of the trio.

Everyone else had the Kouzzina Trio, which I'd had two nights before, and which is pictured above. I think they all cleaned their plates - I know Lee and Julian did.

Gale and Julian passed on dessert, but Lee and I tried something different this time, the Chocolate Budino Cake. This was a chocolate lava cake, and I have to say it's one of the best lava cakes I've ever had - even a little better than the one I make.

It was a very nice dinner, especially because we were able to share it with friends we don't see very often.

Monday morning we were back in Kouzzina for breakfast. :-) It's very convenient when you're staying at the Boardwalk!

We started off with sort of an "appetizer" - it sounded similar to a dessert that's on the dinner menu. Warm phyllo filled with semolina custard and cinnamon sugar. It really wasn't that warm - it would have been better if it was. It wasn't really what I expected, and I don't think we'd get it again. (I still don't understand why they don't serve Loukoumades for breakfast!!!)

I ordered the Stacked Kouzzina Breakfast, but with scambled eggs rather than poached. It was served with bacon or chicken sausage, kalamata olive toast, artichoke spread, and sweet potato hash. I enjoyed the kalamata olive toast and the artichoke spread, but otherwise I think I'd be happier with the usual American breakfast - they put peppers in the sweet potato hash, which ruins it for me.

Lee had the French Toast Baklava, which also came with choice of bacon or sausage. He enjoyed it - I was surprised that he didn't find it to be too sweet for him.

Our final meal on this trip was a quick counter service meal at Flame Tree Barbecue in Animal Kingdom, just before we had to leave for the airport. I had the Barbecue Chicken Salad. Nothing too special about it - the lettuce was mostly iceberg, which is not very appealing to me.

Lee ordered the Pork Sandwich. He's been hit-or-miss with this one, but this time was a hit - the pork was not full of fat like it sometimes is, so he liked it a lot.

I wish we could say we got some kind of special dessert for the road...but we didn't. I wish that we had had time to make it over to babycakesNYC in Downtown Disney for some special treats.

That's it for this trip - but we'll be spending a weekend at Disneyland soon (for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon), so I'll have another food blog from that trip.

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The food sounds yummy makes feel hungry, will have to give some of them a try, thank you for a great write up.

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