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Disneyland Resort Photo Update - 1/7/12


Contributing photographer Jason of disneygeek.com sends us these photos from his trip to the parks on Saturday, January 7, 2012.

We arrived to a cool and overcast morning. Most of the La Brea Bakery is behind walls. A small outdoor seating area near World of Disney is not and is open. As well as their cart out front. I read they are expanding the bakery, but have seen no real details. Wonder if they will take this chance to redo the wall too since it was originally designed before the security tents went in.

DCA opens in a couple hours.

Coke had an event going on in Frontierland. Looked to be a breakfast (a couple of pictures later) for some sort of contest winners.

This is the last weekend to celebrate Christmas this year.

The West side of the street from Carnation Cafe to Coke Corner is closed for renovation.

This includes the Gibson Girl (do not fear you can still buy some ice cream across the street at the Main Street Cone Shop.

Since most of the work will be interior reconfigurations the exterior walls are at a minimum right now.

The big news of the weekend is the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe is now open.

When you step in the door you have a choice, left or right.. both are the same.

A look around..

I chose to the right by the way (random choice).

Each side had a different display case.

A look at the menu.

Now a peek into the bakery choices..

The woodwork by the cash registers.

A closer look at the iron work.

Some interesting tile work on the floor.

I exited out to the opposite side to check out what was in that display case.

The cases were above these counters.

The bakery was crowded so I did not want to linger too long taking pictures and disrupting the line..

The wait times are always great right at park opening!

Caught the first Toy Soldier Jam of the morning. I took a video last trip if anyone was interested in seeing it visit the 12/23 update or my youtube channel.

The Churro cart in Frontierland has some minor decorations and a special offering as part of the The Kings Day Celebration.

Zocalo Park and the restaurant were celebrating Dia De Reyes (Three Kings Day) this weekend.

The celebration was from 10am to 6pm Friday to Sunday. So it had not yet started today.

This morning in the Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurante there was a breakfast for the Coke event. Their centerpieces.

A face painting area.

Wait times around 9:10am

Headed over to DCA next. Out on the Pier they have started to work on the facades of the shops.

The clown has been removed and the awnings (more shots after the Fun Wheel)

Cars Land just continues to look more impressive every time... even in the overcast light..

A closer look over toward the Luigi's Flying Tires. Looks like the lights are strung now above the attraction as well as to the tire tower.

Slowly painting the base of the radiator cap.

Guess there is no ride testing going on this morning.. a worker on the track working on the rock work. Also noticed only a few more stories of scaffolding to remove on the far wall.

A nice forest has grown between Flo's and the archway for the Wharf entrance.

All the cones are now covered. Looks like the last two have caught up to the first three.

With the Cars Meet and Greet gone you get a clear shot into Maters. Looks like the interior fence is done and the perimeter one is taking shape.

Almost all of the tarps and scaffolding are down on the Carthay, just a little around the entrance area.

This is the right hand side (that overlooks the pump house)

The facade over where the train used to be is framed and has the exterior wall up already.

Sarge's looks ready for its exterior finish.

With the Cars Meet and Greet gone you get an unobstructed view down the street.

The lights are now strung above Mater's.

Did not notice it the first time by, but they have started to put the tile roof on the Carthay.

Notice the trees in the foreground too as they are finishing up the ground level area around the building. Wonder if the walls will come down to open up the area as they move their focus to the inside.

All the scaffolding on the back side is down too and you can see the emergency exit staircase and back wall.

Returned to Disneyland and stopped by the Three Kings Day Celebration. Inside Rancho Del Zocalo they had a special dessert.

Outside the park was packed for one of the Mariachi Divas sets.

As the set was winding down the Three Caballeros came out for pictures. Here was the cast member who was with them.

Moved around the other side of the park to get a better shot (and to get out of the way of the characters)

From this side it was just as crowded.

The line for the characters stretched back to the shooting arcade.

The waits just before 3pm

Passed by the Three Kings event again and this time some dancers were out front.

And Mickey and Minnie were out for pictures.

Moved on to the ranch and Mr. and Mrs. Claus were out for pictures.

Walls up around the Toontown Station and it is under wraps. Guessing it is painting and regular maintenance. The trains are still running normally, just not stopping here.

The Matterhorn goes down for several months of work after the weekend. The current bobsleds will be retired. The new ones have individual lap bars.

The current menu at the Main Street Cone Shop, which had a long line too since the Gibson Girl is closed.

To close with a shot of the La Brea Bakery. Here you can see where the walls currently stop. The outdoor seating area is open for business.

Hope you enjoyed this highlight tour of the Disneyland Resort. For additional photos and details from this trip you can check out the full Disneyland Update I posted on my site, http://disneygeek.com

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Lisa C now living too far from DL:

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and information. Can't wait until my spring break visit.

Nathaniel Powe:

Excellent blog! Great work and thank you for sharing the photos!

"THE Disney Fanatic"

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