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Disneyland Resort Photo Update - 9/2/11, Part 1

The "All Things Disney but Mostly Disneyland" blog is pleased to welcome guest blogger Jason of www.disneygeek.com. Jason will be a continuing contributor here - we hope that you will enjoy his photos and updates as much as we do.

About Jason:

Greetings. I'm Jason and I will be popping up from time to time to update you on various projects or events happening around the Disneyland Resort.

I am an engineer by trade and have always been fascinated with how things work and are created. I live in Southern California and visit the Disneyland Resort a couple of times a month. I spend quite a bit of my "Disney time" observing the construction and changes around the parks and resorts.

I have had an online presence since my college days in the mid-90s. In 2000, with the pending expansion of the Disneyland Resort and the relative affordability of digital cameras, I updated my site and relaunched it as disneygeek.com. Over the years the site has continued to grow but the focus has stayed relatively the same, chronicling my experiences at the Disney themeparks mostly through photography.

I hope you enjoy the perspective I bring and if you ever have any questions, tips, comments, or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment here.



Labor Day weekend traditionally marked the end of the summer season and a time for the parks to take a short breather. Not any more at the Disneyland Resort, though. Preparations are well under way at Disneyland for the kickoff of the HalloweenTime season on September 16th with merchandise and decorations finding their way onto Main Street and around the park. Over at DCA the final construction push has begun and the main entrance to the park has been diverted. You now enter and immediately turn and walk down a formerly backstage alley to enter the park so construction on Buena Vista Street can kick into high gear. Over at the Disneyland Hotel they are entering the home stretch of the renovation project as they work to finish the Fantasy Tower, Lobby areas, and E-Ticket Pool. This weekend the Disneyland Resort played host to two running events (I am sure you all saw Laura's posts on the subject). Below are a subset of pictures from my visit. Enjoy!

We start off with what you see when you enter California Adventure. This is the wall that greets you after you pass through the turnstiles. Notice the minimal space between the wall and turnstiles.

A temporary guest relations trailer since their other locations are in the construction zone.

One of the nicest backstage walkways I have seen. They spent some time, effort, and money to make it look pleasant to walk through (to the left is Soarin to the right is the backside of La Brea bakery at Downtown Disney).

The construction walls have been painted and finished to match the new entrance. They are lined with attraction posters, concept art, and signs like this one.

There is a corridor of walls to guide you through the center of the park. This is great that there are no dead ends, but there are some narrow /curved walkways.

A CM stationed at a crossroads to answer questions. Notice the Red Car Track.

A look at the guide map to help you visualize what is walled off.

An interesting shot that never existed before. A long look into the Backlot. Before there were trees/planters, etc in the way.

On to Cars Land. The scaffolding is slowly disappearing and the mountain range is being unveiled.

A look down Route 66.

Scaffolding up around the Court House and light poles are going in.

A closer look at one of the tail fins:

From the Fun Wheel.

The fence around the Flying Tires is up.

Looks like a bumper is up around the ride surface as they are preparing for ride testing.

Over to Disneyland. The Disney Visa kiosk that was outside of the Bank on Main Street is gone.

The stores on Main Street have Halloween decorations and merchandise now.

A shot from the Monorail at the Buena Vista Street work, looking towards the Carthay Circle Theater.

Looking the other direction towards the park entrance.

The finish line for the half marathon, this is down the road from ESPN Zone.

A quick look at the Health and Fitness Expo " here is some of the merchandise for the race.

Plenty of booths that you would expect to see, like this one for shoes.

But some odd ones like this one for the ABC Prime Time TV lineup.

And this one for DVC.

At the runDisney booth " an interesting twist on the glass slipper.

The front desk area work at the Disneyland Hotel has not begun yet.

The exterior of the Fantasy Tower looks to be complete.

The courtyard side, in the foreground work on the E-Ticket pool.

Still working on the restaurant facades over Goofy's Kitchen and the Coffee House.

Part 2, with additional photos from Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, will be coming soon. For additional photos and details from this trip you can check out the full Disneyland Update I posted on my site, http://www.disneygeek.com

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Jeremy T:

Great Disneyland Update! I visit your site periodically and I really enjoy your photo updates. I am a WDW veteran that has been to the World tons of times (lost count about 10 years ago) and I have only visited Disneyland once, about 11 years ago. I just recently book my second trip a few months ago for Feb 2012 to celebrate my 10 year anniversary with my significant other. We're stay at the Disneyland Hotel and I am already counting down the days! Love the updates! Thanks!

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