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Pacific Northwest and Alaska Cruise - Day 13- At Sea


Our last day on the ship - it's supposed to be a relaxing at sea
day, right? Hasn't really worked out that way, though. :-)

Ok, everybody brace yourself, because I'm about to use that dreaded
four-letter word to talk about today: PACK. Sorry about that, but
really, that's what much of today was about.

We've been in the Inside Passage all day, though when we first got
up this morning we couldn't see any land to the west of us. It was
mostly overcast today, though we did get a little bit of blue sky
and sunshine.

We slept in (partly thanks to that hour we lost last night), and I
got up and went to the gym and did a couple of laps around deck 4.
Not too many people in the gym or out walking/running this morning -
other things to do the last morning of the cruise besides exercise!

After I showered we went to Palo for brunch - just Lee and me. There
weren't too many people in there yet, so I had time to walk around
and take pictures of everything before anyone had had a chance to
dig into them yet! :-) Our server was Toni, and he was very nice -
he kept the mimosas coming. :-) And he thought we weren't eating
nearly enough!


After brunch it was time to do one last shopping trip, so we hit
Treasure Ketch. They had an Alaska t-shirt and hat set that we
hadn't seen before.


And they had also gotten a delivery of the totem pole statues -
those were selling FAST. They are a stock item, so should be
available on future cruises.


We also went to Shutters to see if we wanted any photos - we didn't
get as many taken on this cruise, and most of the ones we had were
only good or one or the other of us and not both.

The princesses were holding court in the Atrium - Belle, Ariel, and
Snow White. The lines were pretty long to see them.


By the time we got back we had a little bit of time to pull out the
suitcases and start with the dreaded "p" word until I had to leave
for my hot stone massage. Ahhh...that was just wonderful!

Got back and did some more of that organizing and "p" word stuff,
and then it was time for the All Ears Farewell Party at 4:00. Beci
and Deb had gotten the Cadillac Lounge for us, and we had wine and
cheese and fruit and veggies - it was very nice.

Deb had lots of very nice prizes that she gave away in a drawing.


At 4:30 we had a surprise guest - the Captain himself - Captain
Hook, that is. :-) He posed for pictures with everyone, and then we
got a group photo. It was great fun.


Thank you Deb and Beci and Michelle - it was a very nice way to end
our cruise.

Remember that land that wasn't very close to us in the morning? Not
an issue in the afternoon - at times it was quite close on both
sides! And you can see how flat and calm the ocean is.


Here's all the magnets on our door that we collected during the


The final night dinner was very bittersweet - so hard to say goodbye
to Balwan and Tita and our tablemates: Gail, Julian, Mary, Kevin,
Timbra, and Deb. And the rest of our extended group, too - Beci,
Carol and Gary, James and Dave, and Patrice.


Our final towel creation...


We have an early flight out of Vancouver so we will be getting off
the ship as early as we can tomorrow - hopefully Customs will clear
the ship early so we can disembark by 8:00 or so.

It's been a fantastic couple of weeks - I can't believe how fast it
went by, and I can't imagine how it could have been any better.

I'll have some final thoughts, and of course the food blogs, after I
get back home.

Thanks for reading!

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Comments (8)

Cindy Seaburn:

Wow! Has it been two weeks already since the start of this trip/blog? Time flies when you are having fun, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your travels! My mom did an Alaska cruise on HAL last year, and is now itching to go back on DCL. I think I may just have to join her! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

Maja K.:

It's been great reading your blogs over the last couple of weeks. We are off to Florida tomorrow to sail on the Dream (our first cruise ever). Although your cruise was so different and cold, it's been exciting to follow your journey and learn about Disney hospitality at sea. Thank you for a fabulous blog!


Thanks so much for your blog! It's been great reading about what to expect on our cruise. I was wondering if you have any suggestions about excursions. We are planning to do the train trip and whale watching...but I noticed you saw quite a few whale pods and single whales without doing the whale watching excursion. Would you recommend foregoing the whale watching for something else? We would LOVE to do the zip line, but our son is too young :(. Thanks again!!

Laura replies: Our cruise was apparently a little too early to have much in the way of whale sightings - I know of several people who went on whale-watching excursions and were disappointed because they *didn't* see whales. Deb did the fish hatchery tour (in Juneau) and thought that was fascinating - it sounded really interesting to me, too, when she described it.

cathy m.:

Thank you for taking the time to write this daily blog. I looked forward to your blog each day and enjoyed your trip adventures.


Thanks a ton for all your work on this blog. It has been entertaining and helpful. We get to go on the Wonder in about a month. we are SO looking forward to it! Thanks again!

Lori Edelman:

Thanks for sharing. I have thoroughly enjoyed your stories and photos. All of your efforts are definitely appreciated! And, just remember, 3/31/2012 will be here before you know it!!!


Laura replies: Thanks, Lori - I'm looking forward to cruising with you!

Michelle B.:

We had a great time on the cruise and loved meeting all of the AllEars team!
Michelle and Brad

Laura replies: Hi Michelle! It was great to meet both of you too - hope you are still enjoying your new mouse ears. :-)

Lisa Zitek:

Thanks Laura for sharing your trip with us. I looked forward everyday to the posts by you and Deb and Gary and Carol from Canada. Your photos and insights really are better than anything a tour brochure could offer.

Laura replies: Thank you, Lisa - glad you enjoyed our coverage!

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