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Disney Wonder Alaska Cruise - The Food, Part 2


After our absolutely beautiful day in Juneau we had a wonderful dinner at Palo with 10 other members of our group. We were in the private room again, which had a gorgeous view of the sea and mountains that we were sailing by. We even saw some orcas and dolphins!


The Palo menu is HERE.

Our server was Daniel again, but because we were such a large group, Mariana took over the beverage service. First off, Daniel served us several plates of antipasti from the Antipasti Cartello. That's yummy stuff right there!

Daniel also brought us a selection of pizzas - Margherita, Prosciutto, Quattro Formaggi.

My first course was Sicilian Pesto Marinated Grilled Shrimp. This was good, but not as good as I expected, though now I can't remember why. Maybe the shrimp was a little tough.


Lee had the Grilled Portobello Mushroom and Polenta. Those Palo people - they can even make something that looks like mud appear appetizing! :-)


My entree was the Branzino in Cartoccio. Even the description on that one isn't much help: "Sea Bass Papillote with spaghetti vegetables and ginger orange glaze." Though I knew from previous experience that "papillote" meant "baked in parchment paper.". It came still in the paper, but Daniel took care of that and served it up to me. It was very good - the fish was moist and flavorful. Maybe not quite as good as the turbot I had at Palo on the first cruise, but still very good.

This is what it looked like when Daniel first brought it out...


And after he had finished plating it for me (the vegetables came separately):


Lee ordered a half serving each of the Lobster and Mascarpone Ravioli and the Chianti Braised Beef Ravioli. The lobster ravioli wasn't as good as it was the first time (when he and Linda almost fought over it) because it didn't have as much mascarpone cheese in it. Daniel brought him a few more later that DID have more cheese, and he really enjoyed those.


For dessert I had, what else? the Chocolate Souffle. There were a number of those served at our table!


Here's the Apple Crostata:


And the Panna Cotta with Strawberry-Basil Sorbet:


We were also celebrating a couple of anniversaries...Mari and Rawleigh:


And Carol and Gary:


The last thing we were served was this little item - I can't remember what they called it, but it was basically a limoncello/vodka slush. Dangerous stuff - it didn't taste alcoholic at all, and it was really good - refreshing and sweet with just a little bit of tartness.


The dinner was also notable for Mary (different Mary) and I polishing off an entire bottle of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio all by ourselves.

It was a terrific dinner with a wonderful group!

Afterwards we went to the dining room (we would have been in Triton's) to visit Balwan and Tita, and our other tablemates, only to find that Balwan had missed dinner due to an allergic reaction (fortunately he was ok), and they'd had a different server who had RUSHED them through dinner. It was Pirate Night that night - maybe she wanted to see the show?

But here's a photo I took in Triton's on our first cruise:

Disney Wonder Alaska Cruise - The Food, Part 2

And the Triton's menu is HERE.

After our day of ziplining in Ketchikan it was time to get all neat and pretty for semi-formal night - the Captain's Gala. We were back in Animator's Palate, and fortunately Balwan was fully recovered!


The Captain's Gala menu is HERE.

Captain's Gala is probably my least favorite menu, but I tried some things that were different than what I'd ordered the first time. My first course was the Fresh Fruit Cocktail. This was quite pretty, and even though the description said it had orange blossom honey the fruit wasn't sticky sweet. I enjoyed having fruit that was something other than the watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple and grapes that is usually what I get on board.


I tried the California Mixed Salad Leaves - aka iceberg and radicchio with strips of smoked duck and pine nuts. It was actually quite good. I don't remember what the dressing was, but it was on the side, whatever it was.


Lee had his usual - the Wild Forest Mushroom Soup. Which I apparently didn't photograph, probably because it looks like a bowl of mud. :-)

As I said, this is not my favorite menu, so I made up my own entree, and asked for a double portion of the Garlic and Herb Shrimp (one of the appetizers) with some steamed vegetables. The shrimp were a little tough, and not as flavorful as they were on the first cruise. Oh well.


Lee had the Panko-Breaded Pork Envelope. I remembered getting this one on the Med cruise last year and not being too impressed, but he enjoyed it a lot more than I did. It's a pork chop stuffed with ham and gruyere cheese - just too heavy for me.


This time I went for the Warm Chocolate Lava Cake, and it was pretty good. Very chocolatey with all of the sauce. They are doing a better job of serving it while it's still warm than they used to. I also asked for a coconut macaroon on the side (that was part of the Sweet Temptations dessert), and got a bowl with three of them. Yum. Now that I think about it, I should've dipped them in some of my leftover chocolate sauce! I can't believe I didn't do that. (Lee was a copycat, and also ordered the lava cake AND the macaroons!)



On the morning of our last full day on board (an at sea day) we had brunch at Palo, just Lee and me. We were among the very first to be seated, so I had a chance to go around and photograph all of the different food stations before anyone had served themselves, so everything looked even better than usual!


















They don't have a menu for the brunch items that you order - the pizzas and entrees - instead they have samples sitting on a counter so you can see what they look like and then tell your server what you want.



After a last day at sea, it was time for our final dinner on board - we couldn't believe it was our last night - it went so fast! We were back in Parrot Cay for the Till We Meet Again dinner. Here's one last photo of Balwan and Tita.


The Till We Meet Again Dinner Menu.

I did something a little different and had the Artichoke, Spinach, and Jalapeno Cheese Dip. It was mostly cheesy - I didn't taste jalapeno at all. It was supposed to come with crispy pita wedges, but they were not toasted (or even warm) at all. It was still good, though.


Lee had the Grilled Chicken Sate again. I think he'd prefer it with peanut sauce rather than the mint-yogurt sauce. This is a pretty generous serving for an appetizer!


We again had the Potato Leek Soup, but this time it was NOT overly salted and was very tasty.


I tried something different and had the Till We Meet Again Chicken Salad. Wow...this was huge. It had blackened chicken, corn, tomatoes, and green onions. It came with a "zesty" dressing which I had on the side - good thing, because it mostly tasted like cilantro, which I don't like. The salad was just ok, and I really didn't eat too much of it.


Lee had the Garlic and Rosemary-Marinated Lamb Sirloin. It was quite good, and the onion, leek, and potato gratin that came with it was very tasty, too.


It was time for the flaming baked Alaska procession again - that's always a sight to see! We also enjoy the parade of servers, many of them carrying their country's flag. They moved too fast this time and I didn't get any good pictures.

My dessert was (what else?) the Chocolate Decadence. (If you haven't noticed a trend here, then you really haven't been paying attention! :-) ) The description of this one is really not helpful at all - it just says: "This chocolate dessert lets you experience Chocolate in all its glory." Well, not exactly. It's got a dark chocolate cake that's sort of in between mousse and ganache, which is pretty good, and then a small glass containing something which is kind of like a caramel and hot fudge sundae - without the ice cream. The meringue cookie isn't very chocolatey at all.


Lee of course had the Baked Alaska - I guess he must really like it, since he always orders it!


Timbra asked for a Mickey Ice Cream Bar - they made it a little more special for her!


Deb had the No Sugar Added Cappuccino Mousse.. It was a light coffee flavor and not overwhelming.


We disembarked in Vancouver early on Tuesday, so had a quick breakfast at Beach Blanket rather than going to our assigned restaurant.

It was a great couple of weeks on the Disney Wonder. It was interesting to be on board back-to-back and see most of the menus twice, so I could try some different things the second time around. The food was good - there were a few excellent dishes and some misses. I was impressed with the Taste of Alaska menu - the salmon was just outstanding! I missed the Pirate menu, though - if it were me I would replace the Captain's Gala with the Pirate menu. The desserts still leave a lot to be desired - even the desserts at Palo (except the chocolate souffle) weren't great. But it's also not easy to produce quality desserts in that kind of quantity.

You can all breathe a sigh of relief - I am FINALLY done blogging the Alaska cruise - unless you want to see a ton of photos? No? Ok. :-) Good timing, since things are about to become very busy at Disneyland, with Mickey's Soundsational Parade opening this week and Star Tours and The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure opening next week.

Thanks for reading!

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Thanks Laura for sharing! Reading these made me relive the Alaska cruise, cruised right after your sailing.

Dale Knight:

thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! i have enjoyed reading and seeing all the pics!!


Thanks for all your cruise blogs. I know they must have taken a long time, and I appreciate all the information and photos you share.
Next vacation, I hope you just enjoy yourself and not take any notes! :)

Laura replies: Thank you, Susan! Believe it or not I do have fun writing the blogs (though yes, it takes a lot of time). But my next two vacations are non-Disney, so I won't be writing blogs, though I will still be taking lots of pictures! :-)


Hi Laura,

I've been reading your Alsaka cruise report with interest as I am scheduled on the Aug 2nd sailing. Thanks for sharing them.

I have a question that I like to ask you...Did you pass through U.S. Custom at the Vancouver Airport? Reason why I am asking is I have a tight window on my layover in Chicago and I was concerned about having to pass through custom in Chicago. When I called United to inquire, they told me I will pass through US Custom at the airport before I board my plane. I wanted to verify if that's true from someone that have gone through there. Thanks a lot.


AllEars: You do go thru US customs in Vancouver on flights back to US. Should will not have to do so in Chicago, unless something very recently changes.


We were on the cruise in May to Alaska on the Disney Wonder and reconize so many of the people who looked after us for the seven days.
What I am trying to find out is the Muesli
recipe , I fell in love with this . Would you have any suggestions ?. I have e-mailed them with no response. Thanks for your blog brought back so many memories

Laura replies: Unfortunately I can't suggest anything to you beyond what you have already tried. If you know someone who is cruising soon, you might ask them to request the recipe in person, and that might be more effective.

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