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March Disneyland Trip Report - Part 2


In Part 1 I showed you some of the things I saw on Friday at the hotels and Disneyland, and here I'll talk about DCA.

Work is continuing on the new entrance - some of the structure is visible now above the walls.


The ElecTRONica stage stands in front of the construction walls at the former Sunshine Plaza.



The walls on the other side of Sunshine Plaza are decorated with 1920's style advertising.


This sounds like my kind of place: "Mountains of Candy", "Valleys of Taffy", and "Rivers of Fudge!"


The Cadillac Mountains are still mostly steel framework, but you can see that some of the mountains on the right have been covered.


From Paradise Pier you can see that the mountains closest to California Screamin' even have some finished rockwork and vegetation.


I had a late breakfast at Pacific Wharf Cafe - love those sourdough bread bowls! Though the secret to this dish is to get the La Victoria salsa from Cocina Cucamonga to put on top.


Things seem to be moving along quickly on the exterior of Ariel's Undersea Adventure - good thing, since it's supposed to open in less than three months!


There's already lots of detail visible!


This King Triton bronze used to be at Ariel's Grotto at Disneyland, and now has a new home at DCA. This Disney Parks blog entry shows a video of the statue as it's moved into place.


The track for Goofy's Sky School has been painted.


The future home of Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta.


Seems like they have a long way to go if this is going to be open by summertime (or earlier).


More fun artwork on the construction walls.


I liked this sign outside Taste Pilot's Grill.


The "Pixar Pals, Monsters Inc. Mayhem" show was just leaving Hollywood as I went through.


The Disney Junior Live on Stage show opens March 25.


I had a good day, even if it was a little bit short, but I enjoy just wandering around the parks.

Look for menu updates over the next week or so.

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Comments (3)

Daniel Diehm:

Wow - so much going on. I'm glad we went last May (for our Honeymoon). The park looks like kind of a wreck now. :( I'm sure it will all be worth it however - maybe I can swing a trip out to CA next year. :)

Thanks for the updates, Laura.

Laura replies: I don't think it's quite as bad as it looks in the photos...but yeah, there's a lot going on right now, and some things are rather inconvenient. But as you said, it'll be worth it! :-)

Mike Caljouw:

Wow is there anything open in DCA .We were there last march and had a great time .But the place seems to be torn up .We will be arriving on march 15th .With the crowds that we experience at during canadian spring break [were Canadian EH] it looks like it could be tight in DCA .

Laura replies: Actually, most attractions are open at DCA, except the ones that are currently under refurbishment/construction: Ariel's Undersea Adventure, Goofy's Sky School, and Playhouse Disney.

Heather Macdonald:

I cannot believe how much construction is going on, all over the place at DL/DCA and the resorts! I hope they get most of it done on schedule! I'm taking my first trip out to CA in December!

Laura replies: By December, all of the construction in Paradise Pier should be complete (it should be done by this summer), so the "worst" of it will be in the area around the entrance plaza, since that is turning into the Buena Vista Street area. I don't expect that to have as much impact on park enjoyment as all of the Paradise Pier construction has. What's been going on at Disneyland this year is normal maintenance (except for the Star Tours overhaul), which is pretty typical for this time of year - they get it done in the winter and then most attractions are open and operating for spring, summer, and the holidays.

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