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D23's Destination D - Scavenger Hunt


Today was the day - the very first official scavenger hunt at a Disney park!

Deb, Jeanine, Lee and I were a team. (A lot of the teams had matching shirts, hats, Mickey ears, or other apparel - we weren't that organized.) We really had a wonderful time, though we didn't win. It was a HOT day in Anaheim today - we're pretty sure it was over 100 - definitely high 90s - and that made it more difficult.


At the beginning we received a "Guide Book" that had questions in it that would take us all over the resort - both parks, all three hotels, and Downtown Disney. Some questions were worth more points than others - it was completely our choice what to answer. We had from about 9:00 until 2:00 in the afternoon, and given the heat, that was about as much as we could take.

Part of the rules were that we had to stay together - we couldn't split up and go looking for answers.


If you click on this link, it'll take you to a photo of one of the pages of questions so you can get an idea of what they were like. There were very few that we could answer without actually going to the location. I thought the D23 people really did a good job with the questions - some of them were really interesting.

This painting contained the answer to one of the questions...anyone have any idea where it is located? I'd never noticed it before!

(It's in the Golden Horseshoe)

Hmm...how many skulls are there in the bone cage on Tom Sawyer Island?


We only made it to two of the areas: Downtown Disney and Disneyland. There were 330 questions total - I don't remember how many we answered, but it was a lot less than that! :-) But really, we were just in this to have fun, and we did!

Thank you to all of the people at D23 for putting this on - I know there was a LOT of work that went into planning it and coming up with all of those questions.

BTW, at the Destination D event at Walt Disney World next spring they will be holding another scavenger hunt - and this one will take place over two days!!! That'll be for the die-hards...I can't imagine doing this again tomorrow!

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Bryan Sanchez:

Hi! Im currently stationed in California, and am going to Disney over the 3 day weekend. I saw that you posted a picture of a page of the questions. I was wondering if you had scans of the pages or pictures that you could send me? I was hoping to change up the Disney experience and look for some things that i havent seen before. Thanks!

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