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March 31, 2018

SeaWorld extends Seven Seas Food Festival, serves up Latin cuisine

SeaWorld - Save on fun as big as the sea.

SeaWorld Orlando has extended its Seven Seas Food Festival through April 29, giving visitors an additional two weekends to enjoy all the live entertainment and cuisine, including the Latin specialty dishes that debut this weekend.

Both the Brazil and Mexico markets are part of the festival from start to finish, serving guest favorites, such as Churrasco, grilled skirt steak with chimichurri and garbanzo frito, and Grilled Corn on the Cob with Cheese, respectively. But the Latin-infused foods offered at the Specialty Market have an emphasis on favorites from Puerto Rico.


One of the new items is the Mofongo with Carne Frita, which is garlic-mashed plantains with onion mojo served with fried pork. This is a traditional dish in Puerto Rico. The other is a twist on another favorite from the Caribbean island – a Crazy Empanada.


“The No.1-selling empanada in Puerto Rico is the Pizza Empanada,” Executive Chef Hector Colon told me. “So, I took a Pizza Empanada and I cut it at the back and I put some ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and I finish it with Mayo Ketchup. The Pizza Empanada is always going to sell, but the Crazy Empanada is something different that [visitors] haven’t seen before.”

For those who want a little less “loco” in their empanadas, SeaWorld is serving the plain pizza empanadas, as well as the pastries filled with ground beef and seasoned pulled chicken.


Visitors also will find Lechon Asado, the traditional roasted pork rubbed with Caribbean seasonings, Pigeon Peas and choice or ripe or sweet plantains. Look for skewered flame-grilled chicken or pork finished with sweet and spicy barbecue sauce and served with fried tostones (fried plantains).


Finally, don’t miss the Bacalaitos.

“The best-selling Latin dish during the food festival is the Bacalaitos, which are codfish fritters. We sell twice as many as the pizza empanadas,” Colon told me. “You don’t see them around. You see them only at festivals or in the streets in Puerto Rico, so when you see them, you always want to stop by and eat them.”


At the same Specialty Market along Bayside Pathway, visitors will find a selection of specialty drinks, including Mojitos, Margaritas, Cuba Libre and frozen Red Sangria.

Prices at the Specialty Market range from $5 to about $15 per dish. That’s because some of the items, such as the Crazy Empanada, are Sampler size and others are meal portions.

Compared to many other food festivals and food trucks, Seven Seas is affordable – especially if you purchase a punch-card-style lanyard. Each punch entitles you to a food or beverage, and the lanyards can be shared among friends and family. Also, the lanyards do not expire until the end of the festival on April 29. A 10-punch lanyard is $40 and a 15-punch lanyard is $60. (Pass members can save 10 percent on each Sampling lanyard by purchasing online in advance.) Considering that most dishes cost between $4 and $6 – with some more – this is definitely the way to go. There are more than 60 food dishes, 70 beers and 50 wine and spirits at the 2018 Seven Seas Food Festival.

In addition to the food, SeaWorld visitors can tempt their senses with the reggaeton, salasa, Latin pop and merengue concerts in the park at Bayside Stdium on Saturdays and Sundays that are included with their admission.

Performers announced so far:

March 31: Eddie Palmieri

April 1: El Gran Combo

April 7: Yandel

April 8: Jerry Rivera

April 15: N’Klabe

DISCLAIMER: I was a guest of SeaWorld Orlando for the media preview of the Seven Seas Food Festival. This did not affect my story, and my opinions are my own.

February 25, 2017

Review: Seven Seas Food Festival is worth a trip to SeaWorld Orlando


Looking for a fun way to feed the family today? SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival is back for another Saturday with more than 55 dishes from global coastal markets plus craft beer and wine pairings. The markets around the park opening at 11 a.m. and the food on Bayside Pathway begins serving at noon.

Compared to many other food festivals and food trucks, Seven Seas is affordable – especially if you purchase a punch-card-style lanyard. Each punch entitles you to a food or beverage, and the lanyards can be shared among friends and family. Also, the lanyards do not expire until the end of the festival on May 13. A 10-punch lanyard is $40 and a 15-punch lanyard is $55. Considering that most dishes cost between $4 and $6 – with some more – this is definitely the way to go.

Regular readers of my blog may remember that I attended the SeaWorld pass member preview of the festival and shared my thoughts on quite a few of the dishes that everyone now can enjoy during the festival. Last Saturday, I was invited to sample even more of the festival’s offerings with my family. So, if you’re ready to eat, I’m ready to dish!

Asian Market: Toffee Banana
Asian Market: Mushi Gyoza
Asian Market: Peking Duck Lo Mein
Asian Market: Vietnamese Shrimp Spring Rolls

We began the media event with the two markets that are tucked away off Bayside Pathway near Ports of Call. The Asian market serves Vietnamese Shrimp Spring Rolls, Peking Duck Lo Mein, Mushi-Gyoza (steamed pork dumpling), and Toffee Banana. We enjoyed the Peking Duck Lo Mein and MushiGyoza, but the Toffee Banana dessert was the real star of the market. It’s served on a stick with a crunchy sesame seed candy glaze and a mound of vanilla ice cream. Delicious!

Korean Market: Korean BBQ Rib
Korean Market: Korean Beef Taco
Korean Market: Bingsu Salted Vanilla Ice Cream
Korean Market: Korean Sweet Potato Taco

At the Korean market, we tried the Korean Beef Tacos, Roasted Sweet Potato Taco, Korean BBQ Rib and Bingsu Salted Vanilla Ice Cream. Both types of tacos are served with Kimchi, Coleslaw and Sweet Pepper Sauce. The BBQ Rib comes with Cauliflower Fried Rice and Apple Plum Sauce. My family and I have a collective sweet tooth, though, and we all raved about the Bingsu Salted Vanilla Ice cream. It’s topped with Caramel Popcorn and tastes as delicious as it looks.

Brew Hut: Barley Mow Quackalope IPA

Next, we ventured back out into the park, and my husband made a stop at the Brew Hut to try the Barley Mow Quackalope. He said that India Pale Ale fans will enjoy the bold, robust flavor of the IPA beer. Then, we walked past the Bayside Stadium, where soundcheck was taking place for the afternoon’s free concert. We stopped in the Wild Arctic gift shop to have our passes scanned to record our visit. After three visits to the food festival, pass members are each given a complimentary mason jar glass.

Gulf Coast Market: Chicken & Sausage Gumbo
Gulf Coast Market: Wild Berry Chocolate Bread Pudding

And, then, it was time to eat again! We had arrived at the Gulf Coast Market and the Polynesian Island Market. Gulf Coast serves a Cheese Grits & Shrimp Casserole and Briased Shirt Ribs, which we tried at the pass member preview, so we opted to sample the Chicken & Sausage Gumbo and the Wild Berry Chocolate Bread Pudding. My husband and I really liked the flavorful gumbo and will go back for seconds at a future date. As for the bread pudding, it wasn’t our favorite, especially after tasting the previous two desserts that were outstanding.

Polynesian Island Market: Hawaiian Pulled Pork Slider
Polynesian Island Market: Moco Loco
Polynesian Island Market: Hawaiian Pineapple Dream Cake

At the adjacent Polynesian Island Market, my children were drawn to the Hawaiian Pulled Pork Slider and they enjoyed the sandwich. My husband liked the Loco Moco, which is grilled spam with white rice, scrambled egg and brown gravy. He grew up eating spam, and found the recipe to be pleasing. It wasn’t a childhood staple for me, and I just couldn’t get past the texture of the meat, no matter how well it was prepared. We all shared the Hawaiian Pineapple Dream Cake, which was moist and sweet. The portion, as with many of the SeaWorld dishes, was quite generous.

The one food my children said they could not wait to get their hands on again after trying it at the pass member preview was the Grilled Cheese Pound Cake topped with a raspberry sauce. I have to agree that it is one of the standout dishes of the festival. It can be found at the Pacific Coast Market.

Mexican Market: Grilled Corn on the Cob with Cheese

By this point, we all were feeling pretty full, despite sharing the various foods, and we realized that we will have to return another day to the sample foods from the other five markets. We did make room for the Grilled Corn on the Cob with Cheese at the Mexican Market on our way out. It’s not to be missed.

The new Seven Seas Food Festival is a great addition to springtime activities at SeaWorld Orlando. The quality and variety of the food and beverages make this festival in itself worth a trip to the theme park.

DISCLAIMER: I was a guest of SeaWorld Orlando for the pass member preview of the Seven Seas Food Festival. This did not affect my story, and my opinions are my own.


February 2, 2017

Sneak peek: SeaWorld Orlando's new Seven Seas Food Festival


Last weekend, I was invited to join SeaWorld Orlando pass members at a sold-out preview of foods and beverages that will be served at the upcoming Seven Seas Food Festival.

Beginning Feb. 11 and continuing on Saturdays through May 13, guests can visit the new food festival, which features some of the same components that they have come to love at the theme park’s other festivals – special food to purchase and enjoy and concerts that are included in the day’s admission.

However, this festival will run concurrently with the Viva La Musica and BBQ festivals. That’s possible because the Seven Seas Food Festival will take place around the lake, throughout the entire SeaWorld Orlando park, and it won’t be limited to the Bayside walkway (where other festivals are contained).

There will be 11 coastal markets and each will feature food with beer and wine pairings from Asian, Caribbean, Latin, European, Polynesian and North Atlantic locales. Visitors can expect to pay $4 to $6 per dish and about $4 per beverage sample. They also have the option to buy Food & Brew Sampling Lanyards. The 10-item lanyard costs $40 plus tax and the 15-item lanyard is $55. Both are good for the duration of the festival, so they can be used on multiple visits. The lanyards are available for purchase online now.

“[The Seven Seas Food Festival] will show what we can do at SeaWorld that is not only about hamburgers and hot dogs. It’s a little bit more,” Executive Chef Hector Colon told me at the pass member preview.


I think SeaWorld visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the offerings, based on what my children and I sampled at the preview. The dishes really are unlike what we’ve come to expect at SeaWorld, and with so many choices – 60 food items, 55 local and international craft brews and 13 wine pairings -- most people will find something to suit their tastes.


Our favorites were the Braised Short Ribs with the Jalapeno Corn Grits, Candied Smoked Bacon, Aged Balsamic Demi & Crispy Fried Onion Strings; the Churrasco Grilled Shirt Steak with Chimichurri & Garbanzo Frito; and the Grilled Corn on the Cob with Cheese. The short ribs were fall-apart tender and paired perfectly with the candied bacon and crispy onion strings. Although my children and I aren’t big fans of grits, I’m told they were tasty, too. The grilled steak was full of flavor – with and without the spicy chimichurri sauce – and the corn-and-cheese combo had us going back for seconds. I’ll definitely be looking for these dishes at the festival.


We also tried the Grilled Venison Sausage Slider with Caramelized Red Onions, Sweet Red Peppers & Whole Grain Mustard; and the Shrimp cake with Jicama Slaw & Key Lime Mustard. We didn’t dislike these dishes; we just liked the others better!


For dessert, we had three choices: Bacon and Hushpuppies Cormeal Fritters with Honey Butter; Grilled Cheese Pound Cake with Cheddar Cheese & Raspberry Sauce; and Dark Chocolate Guinness Mousse Parfait with Baileys Infused Whipped Cream. My children and I definitely liked the pound cake with cheese and raspberry sauce best. My son already is counting the days until he can have it again, and I’m sure I’ll be joining him in line. We also really enjoyed the hushpuppy fritters, which were delicious with the honey butter.

Chef Hector admitted to having a sweet tooth, and he agreed with our dessert choices. “I like the pound cake with a lot of raspberries or the hushpuppies are really great. They are sweet and salty at the same time and with the honey butter, it’s something you must have.”

Pass members at the preview also were able to sample Red Sangria; non-alcoholic Sangria; Watermelon Slushy with Soja (ginger liqueur); and Frozen Lagoon punch with Lychee liqueur.

See the full menu for SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival here.

SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival begins at 11 a.m. every Saturday -- Feb. 11 through May 13 -- and continues through park close. Like all special events at SeaWorld, the Seven Seas Food Festival is included with park admission.

DISCLAIMER: I was a guest of SeaWorld Orlando for the pass member preview of the Seven Seas Food Festival. This did not affect my story, and my opinions are my own.


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