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Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster speeds to completion and opening


Arguably the most anticipated attraction in the New Fantasyland expansion at the Magic Kingdom -- the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster -- is speeding to its completion and opening. We don't have much longer to wait for this ride, which was first announced more than three years ago.

The dedication for this attraction is scheduled for 10:15 a.m. May 2, according to the Hilton Hotel at Downtown Disney, and then presumably it would be open to the public afterward. Media have been invited to preview the roller coaster a few days beforehand, so it sounds like the finishing touches are on track.

The Disney Parks Blog just revealed the logo for the ride from Walt Disney Imagineering:


The official Walt Disney World news outlet has been teasing us with images and details that have Disney fans counting the minutes until they can experience the attraction for themselves. Earlier this month, we were given a peek of what guests can see from the peak of the newest "mountain" ride at Walt Disney World.



I was in the Magic Kingdom on Saturday and got a close-up look at some sections of the track where more of the construction walls had been removed. The photos below are looking at the attraction from the Castle Courtyard gates seen in the photos above. Looks like so much fun, right?




With this project, Disney Imagineers tried something new and offered guests a glimpse at the progress through special windows built into the construction walls. This was done so guests could feel like they were part of the project from the beginning and have a sense of ownership in the attraction, I was told.

So, why all the hype for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?

It's the first "mountain" attraction to be added to a Walt Disney World theme park since Expedition Everest made its debut at Animal Kingdom in 2006. "Mountain" attractions are typically the big coasters, but this one is being billed as family friendly. In fact, the height requirement is only 38 inches. Plus, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will feature the first-of-its-kind-ride-system with a train of vehicles that swing side to side, responding to every twist and turn of the track.

Finally, it adds an element to New Fantasyland that was created, at least in part, with boys in mind. If you remember, the original plans for New Fantasyland also included a Disney Fairies section. Developers decided to scrap that and scaled back the Disney Princess areas, which now are dedicated to Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel. Then, Snow White's Scary Adventures was closed and the location re-imagined to be Princess Fairytale Hall, a meet-and-greet set.

Take a look at the newest onboard ride video from Walt Disney Imagineering and tell us if you're excited about the upcoming opening.


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Great news. My family and I are arriving on May 3rd. Will fast pass+ be available for this ride? If so do you know how far in advance it will be offered. I can imagine fast passes being gobbled up real quick for this.

KRISTIN: Yes, FastPass+ will be available for this attraction, but the date that it becomes available has not been announced. Stay tuned!


I can't wait to ride this in October! Looks so cool!


The ride seems really great but super short! I cannot even imagine the wait times for a less than 60 second ride.


So excited, we will be there May 13th for one day and have been hoping it will be open to the public by then. This sounds promising!!! Thanks!


Any mention of a passholder preview?

KRISTIN: Not yet!


oh i sure hope it's up and running by May 6th!! That's the day we are at MK...here's hopin!!


we're so exicited arriving on may 6 hope its ready


Cant wait to get there on May 6th, Sure hope its up and running by then!!!


We are flying home on May 2. I sure hope it opens for Passholder a little bit before that.

Kay Bennett:

Im in disney from the uk for our holiday april 22 to may 13th. Do we know yet if this ride will be open to the public by then? Really hope that we get to experience it before coming home.

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