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April 2, 2013

New Disney Transport Look

Jack Spence Masthead

Yesterday while driving around Disney World, I glimpsed a bus design that I wasn't familiar with. Through the corner of my eye, I thought I saw the word "Disney" as the bus turned into Port Orleans. I made a quick U-turn and followed the bus into the resort. Eventually, I found it parked at a bus stop and sure enough, it was a Disney Transport bus. These are the buses that carry guests to all points around Disney World.

Although I can't substantiate this, I have to assume that this is the new design for the Disney Transport buses. And as new buses are purchased and others refurbished, I suspect we'll be seeing more of these.


The paint is also reflective. This will make them more visible at night.


Personally, I like this new design. Both the color scheme and retro look seem fresh and imaginative. I hope to see more of these buses around property in the days to come.

November 15, 2007

Waterway Construction

Several years ago, Disney put out a number of black canvas sandbags along the shores of the waterway that connects Seven Seas Lagoon with Bay Lake. They put these in because" Well, actually, I'm not quite sure why they put these in. I always assumed it was to secure the land from water erosion caused by the waves created by the constant boat traffic that passes through here. Anyway, it looked awful. Very un-Disney.


Yesterday, while riding the express monorail to the Magic Kingdom I noticed some construction in this area. So, later in the day I took a boat over to the Wilderness Lodge so I could get a better look. It seems that these ugly sandbags are being replaced with a permanent metal retaining wall. This is a big improvement. Even uncompleted, it looks much nicer. I'm not sure what the finished product will be, but the corrugated metal Disney is using seems to be the same material they used when building the retaining wall along the canal between the Studio and the Epcot Hotels.



October 20, 2007

Bus Transportation

Yesterday (10/19/07), I ate lunch at Olivia's at Old Key West. After I ate, I needed to run a quick errand at Epcot. Since I live in Orlando, I usually drive to all my Disney World locations, but today I decided to take the bus. The weather was pleasant and I thought it would be a nice change of pace.

Disney Bus

After the bus arrived and I took my seat, I noticed that the music being played was "Legacy," an Epcot background piece that everyone's heard but doesn't know its name. After a few moments, the song ended and "One Little Spark" from the Imagination Pavilion began to play. I started to wonder if all of the music was now themed to the bus's destination.

A moment later, a recorded voice (Matt Hanson ) could be heard. It welcomed everyone aboard and provided us with some tips about our upcoming visit to Epcot. At the same time, the speech was displayed on an electronic message board for all to read. The recording was loud enough to be heard but not overpowering.

When his remarks were finished, the music switched back on and continued to play another selection from Epcot. Shortly before arriving, Matt Hanson could again be heard, informing us that we were about to reach our destination and to please gather up our belongings.

Unfortunately, my return bus had not been fitted out with this new system and I had to listen to a bus driver's inaudible comments as he didn't have a clue of how to properly use a microphone.

Since I don't ride the buses often, this new system may be old news to many of you. But for me it was a pleasant surprise and I'm looking forward to the rest of the fleet being retrofitted.

Now onto the downside of bus transportation" When you catch a bus at the Hospitality House (check-in) of Old Key West, you are at the last bus stop in the resort. From here, you go directly to you destination. On the return trip, Hospitality House the last stop.

Turtle Pond Bus Depot at Old Key West

Unlike other Disney resorts that have multiple bus stops, Old Key West has a very convoluted layout. The bus must make numerous twists and turns as it snakes its way through the resort. So much so that by the time I returned to Hospitality House I was actually starting to get motion sickness.

The other large resorts, like Port Orleans and the Caribbean Beach are laid out in a more circular pattern. The bus just makes one large circle to reach all of the bus stops.

Because of this, I would seriously think twice before staying at Old Key West if I didn't have my own car.

July 21, 2007

Monorail Updates

The Interior of Monorail Lime has been redesigned. Disney has taken out the large middle supports in each car and replaced it with four poles and one overhead handrail. This definately increases the capaciy of the train. Now, every car can easily accomodate a stroller. Each car could also accomodate a wheelchair, however I'm not sure if Disney would allow you to use any cars other than those designated as such and are equipped with a ramp.

I asked a cast member if all of the monorails will be redesigned like Monorail Lime and he said "Eventually." This is the prototype and has been in service now for three months with good guest feedback. From his point of view, it makes the job easier.

Monorail Lime - New Design

July 6, 2007

Parking Lot Trams

On my recent visit to Disney's Animal Kingdom, I noticed that the parking lot tram now has speakers mounted on the side of each passenger car, facing outward. I asked the tram driver about these speakers and he told me that this new system allows them to direct comments to guest standing along the roadside.

In the past, the only speakers cast members could use to speak to guests waiting beside the tram were the ones mounted in the roof of the tram vehicles. In most cases, the guests could not hear the important safety announcements. This tram is a prototype but these external speakers will be added to the entire fleet eventually.

The tram driver also told me that security restraints (tram doors) are also being planned and will eventually be added.

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