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Coronado Springs -- A Relook

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Coronado Springs

The AllEars team strives to keep our webpages up-to-date. Trust me, this is no easy task. As you are probably aware, Disney is constantly changing things big and small and we're often playing catch-up.

As my longtime readers know, I have written reviews for all of the Disney resorts plus the Swan and Dolphin. These are available in the AllEars archives. To find a particular article, go to our search engine and type "Jack" plus the name of the resort. Chances are good that my blog will be the first or second listing.

I am now in the process of reexamining all of the Disney World resorts to see what has changed since my last overnight visit - and I decided to start with Coronado Springs. I last posted on this resort on August 17, 2010. To see this article,
click here. What follows is not another full description of the resort, but rather a listing of what's changed in the last three and a half years. Let's start with the room.

Coronado Springs is one of three moderately priced resorts located at Walt Disney World. The others are the Caribbean Beach Resort and the Port Orleans Resort. Coronado Springs opened on August 1, 1997, has 1,921 guest rooms and suites, and is the only resort in this price category to have a full-fledged convention center. The entrance to the complex is located off of West Buena Vista Drive.

The guest rooms at Coronado Springs measure approximately 314 square feet. Most rooms feature two queen beds. There are 224 rooms with king-size beds and 99 disabled-accessible rooms.

On both of my visits, I stayed in the "Cabanas" section of the resort. The theme here is that of a small tropical fishing village found along the Mexican coast. On my first visit I stayed in a "standard" room, on my recent outing, I was lodged in a corner room.

(Note, on my first visit, I stayed in building 9B. The rooms in this block are "business class" rooms. On my second visit, I was lodged in building 9A, a "regular" room. Some of the changes described below can be attributed to this.)

The first change you'll notice are the guest room door locks. These are now operated via a wristband rather than a cardkey. Guests simply "tap" the Mickey on their band to the receiver on the door and presto, the lock clicks open.

Wristband Door Locks

Wristband Door Locks

The overall décor of the rooms was the same then as it is now. I know this because I took extensive photos on each visit. The first picture below is from 2010 and the second from 2014.

Room Decor

Room Decor

The only décor change I could find has to do with seating. In 2010 the room had a chair. In 2014, the chair had been replaced by two hassocks. This can be attributed to the difference in categories. The "business" room has a chair, the "regular" room has hassocks.

Room Decor

Room Decor

In 2010 the room had a DVD player. It did not today. Once again, this can be attributed to room category.

Parents beware! At one time, Disney blocked adult content from the internet when connecting via their WiFi. This was not the case on my last visit.

The vanity and bath areas are identical except that the shower curtain now sports a colorful Mesoamerica design. It's a little change but a big impact.

Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain

I did not notice any changes in the exterior of the buildings, the main lobby, the registration area, and Panchito's, the resort's shop.

Café Rix, was added to Coronado Springs several years after the resort opened. This is a "grab-and-go" food mart where guests can purchase a quick bite to eat. In 2010, this spot featured a small counter-service window were you could order a hot breakfast, hamburgers, pizza, and other similar items cooked to order. Unfortunately, this counter has been removed and now all "meals" are prepackaged at Café Rix.

Cafe Rix Counter

The "kitchen" area in the Pepper Market has been slightly rearranged and the Asian food station removed.

Pepper Market

The menu for Maya Grill has changed significantly over the last three and a half years

Maya Grill

At the Explorer's Playground at The Dig, I noticed the swings were missing. I do not know if this is a permanent situation or temporary.

Swing Set

Missing Swings

All of the swimming pools now offer lifts that can lower and raise a mobility challenged person into and out of the water.

Swimming Pool Lift

The only other change I noticed were in the prices. Everything is more expensive today. Sigh.

I feel that Coronado Springs is the "forgotten" Disney World resort. When I ask people where they are staying, I rarely hear this resort mentioned - and I'm not sure why. I like this spot a lot. I think the architecture is wonderful and it boasts a magnificent pool and playground for the kids. In addition, the Pepper Market is a unique dining opportunity with nothing else like it at Walt Disney World. I know the resort is large, but it's not any larger than Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort. And bus service is available to transport you to and from El Centro.

I'm a big proponent of trying everything Disney has to offer. To stay at the same resort year after year and to eat at the same restaurant time and time again is limiting. Disney has put a lot of effort and imagination into everything they do. When you try something new, it might not make it to your top-ten list. But then again, it just might. And it's rare that Disney will give you a bad experience so you really don't have anything to lose. So next time you're contemplating booking a moderate hotel, consider Coronado Springs. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

While visiting last week, I videotaped my guest room (2½ minutes) and the entire resort (12½ minutes). Take a look and see if you don't agree that this resort is worth your consideration.


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** Holiday Decorations Around Coronado Springs Video

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Comments (47)


We loved our stay at Coronado a few years ago except for the disaster that was the Pepper Market. It was half table, half counter service and was so bad we decided we wouldn't return until it changed. Have they changed how this dining area operates, is it more like a typical counter service dining experience at the other Moderates?

Jack's Answer:

Pepper Market still operates in the same manner as it did on your last visit. If you didn't like it then, you won't like it now.


Since the resort is often referred to as a "full-fledged convention center" or similar description, this might lead to families to consider the other moderate resorts before this one.

The perception is that a convention can conflict with desire to "escape" often associated with a Disney vacation, even if the interaction with conventioneers is limited.

Jack's Comment:

Disney tries to lodge conventioneers in the Casitas Section and "regular" guests in the Cabanas and Ranchos. Although I have never encountered a problem with a convention, others have told me they have. However, since most of the conventioneers are not visiting with children, The Dig (main pool) is rarely impacted.

Ruth Woodhouse:

When we go to Orlando we rent a private villa - however, recently, we do try to stay in a Disney Resort for one (or two) nights - every time we do this we stay in a different hotel/resort. We haven't done very many so far but are working on it - so far we have stayed at the Grand Floridian, Saratoga Springs, The Boardwalk and All Stars Movies. I had expected to like the Grand Floridian the best and All Stars the least but actually I loved the "Disneyness" of the All Stars Movies and that has been my favourite one so far (closely followed by The Boardwalk). Now - where shall we try for this year ........................?

Clay Anthony:

Our family stay there during December of 2012. The decor was AMAZING! Your right, this is a hidden gem. Big, but good bus service. Pepper Market at that time was merely a "counter service" wish was a blessing being on the free dining plan.

One really late night of washing clothes my wife wanted some guacamole so i went to hunt some down. Restaurant was closed but the manager met me at the door and heard I was trying to "score points." He left and returned with a bag of chips and a bowl of great guacamole. I reached for my card and he said said, "On the mouse (house). Gotta help a brother score some points" Only at Disney!!


We visited Maya Grill for dinner in March 2014 and it was amazing! I had the fajitas and fried ice cream. It was a great suprise to fine such wonderful tex mex here!


I stayed at Coronado Springs last May for the first time and loved it! It was absolutely beautiful and while there were people in business attire for conventions, I don't think it impacted the feel of the resort.

I think though that the beds are queen size rather than double. That was one of the differentiators between the CSR and other moderates. Although I've heard that the other moderates are moving to queen size as they're being refurbished.

Josh Weiss:

Hey Jack
Thanks for the update. I have not stayed at the Coronado yet but would like to. It seems like a nice change to the value resorts I ususally stay at. Can't wait for your next blog and as always keep up the great work.


I feel I should say something here, I a big fan of all Disney things except Coronado Springs. Let me explain. Of all the trips that I made in the world my Coronado Springs trip was by far my worst hotel experience. It’s the only place that a hotel lost our luggage. Starting at 11am the Bell service promised time after time that the luggage was on its way to finally get it past 10pm. We paid a premium to have a water view (for Disney water view also means pool view). We could see the pool, but since the pool in this area is elevated the only way we could see water is when swimmers splashed it around. I can understand that the view from the 2nd and 3rd level would have had a water view but not from the 1st level. We had a wonderful view of the laundry facility though. Housecleaning wasn’t up to par with other Disney hotels they forgot to clean our room twice during our vacation and forgot the soap and shampoo almost every time they cleaned the room.
This complex is huge!!! It can take you a long time before getting to the parks since there are multiple bus stops on the resort.
I’m glad they closed down Rix since the time I ordered from the counter service I had to wait for a veggie burger for about 20 minutes while everybody else was getting there lunch. The chef kept forgetting the burger part of my order while the kid’s pizzas were getting cold.
This was the first and only time that I had to complain to a manager and write about it to customer service at Disney. They did compensate for all the trouble we got but my wife and I will never return there.

Sabrina :

I am excited to see that you are going to review what's new at all the Disney World resorts. This is definitely something I am interested in!
I have been hesitant to stay at this resort because I heard it is even more spread out than some of the other resorts. What is your take on this? My foot was recently broken and the next time we go to Disney World, I am thinking about Animal Kingdom Lodge Club Level or Grand Floridian main building just to guarantee that walking won't be too much of an issue at the resort.
I have heard, however, that the rooms and amenities offered at Coronado are more "Deluxe" than any of the other moderates. Again, do you agree or disagree?
Thanks so much for bringing Disney World into my daily life!

Jack's Answer:

If you have mobility issues, tell the reservationist when booking your room. Whenever possible, they will put you in a "close" building at the moderate and value resorts.

The Grand Floridian, Contemporary, and Wilderness Lodge will be your best bet as long as you stay in the "main" building. Animal Kingdom Lodge Club Level is also good.

I've never noticed the Coronado Springs amenities being any better than Port Orleans or Caribbean Beach. If they are, it's minimal.

Jenny Sperandeo:

Hi Jack! I have always wanted to stay at Coronado Springs (I too like to try EVERYTHING Disney)and your review really helps. The only thing that worries me (and it's a small thing) is the bus service. It seems like it would be extremely crowded with the size of the resort being what it is. Also, the buses everywhere cram so many guests on, that I feel it's an accident waiting to happen...What's your thought on this? I'm seriously looking into Coronado for our stay next year.

Jack's Comments:

Many people absolutely LOVE Caribbean Beach, yet hate Coronado Springs because of its supposed large size. Yet the two are laid out in the same circular pattern and are approximately the same size. I don't get it.

I admit, it is a hassle to take a bus back to the lobby for food. But both resorts require this or a long walk if you're in an faraway building.

As for the buses being crowded. Yup. They can be. But I'm not aware of any accidents where people have been "crushed" or "trampled." The buses at the value resorts are just as crowded. In fact, to alleviate this crowding, Disney has begun using articulated (longer) buses at the value resorts to help with this problem.


My family and I stayed here this past November (2013). I was nervous from the reviews I read about the convention center and it's massive size. I am glad I didn't let these comments stop me. My children (3 and 5) absolutely loved the pool and the playground. We missed Fantasmic because they rather swim and toast marshmallows at the evening campfire than watch fireworks. The room was large and it was nice to have to doors separate the bathroom space from sleeping space so I didn't disturb the children in the morning while getting ready. I will absolutely be returning!


Thank you so much for your review! It came at the best possible time. We are visiting soon and booked Coronado Springs. We stayed there several years ago (before the room renovations)and it is my daughter's favorite resort. I was very worried because of some of the bad reviews but realized there are more great reviews than bad. Your review confirms my decision to stay at CS! I don't mind the resort being huge or having a convention center. I only stay in the room to sleep and shower. If the parks are open, I'm there!


As someone else noted, the rooms have two queen beds, not doubles. However, on my last stay at Disney I noted there is not much difference in size between the two.

On the topic of Coronado Springs itself, it's probably my least favorite resort I've stayed at-and I've stayed at all five value resorts, Port Orleans French Quarter, Wilderness Lodge, Kidani Village, Boardwalk Villas, and Beach Club Villas. While there was nothing really wrong with the resort, it just didn't appeal to us, didn't give us the same "Homey" feeling we've gotten at other hotels. This was also the only resort that didn't even attempt to meet any of my room requests. CSR seems to be one of those love it or hate it resorts.


My family stayed at CS during a December trip probably about 15 years ago and really liked it. We were in the Casitas near the quiet pool & laundry (bldg 9A I think). We did find it a little too spread out & usually drove up to the main bldg to eat. Since the parks closed earlier that time of year (especially MK & HS), we often came back to the resort and had supper at Pepper Market afterwards. It gets a really bad rap but we liked the cafeteria-style aspect of it because we all like different food. Our only real issue was getting drink refills. My family did use the quiet pool near our room some, but only went to the big pool once and it was completely empty.


I was really excited to read about this. We're staying there in a little bit. We tend to stay at The Pop...but decided we could use a bit more room this trip. That and my niece wanted to try something different :)

cathy mullen:

Hi Jack,
My husband and I stayed at CS in Dec,97 when it was almost brand new! I loved this resort and would stay again. The decorations and landscaping were so beautiful. We stayed in the Rancho section and it was great. Very private and our room was right outside a quiet pool which no one seemed to use except for me so I had a private pool!


I have always wanted to come back to this resort because I loved Pepper Market. However; this resort, as well as the other moderates, just don't make me happy. Mainly because of their huge size. I don't like being on the bus making 3-5 stops before you ever even head out to the parks. To me, I would ratehr stay at Pop Century or save another year to go back to the Contemporary.


Another great read Jack.

Thanks for the updated info, your original articles were of great use to me as Coronado Springs is my wife's favorite resort (since I haven't been to WDW in 28 years I don't know what my fav is yet. Heh.) and thus where she wanted to go this June.

It didn't sound like a resort I would like, but once I checked out all the pics and info I've warmed up to the idea.

I will have to show your articles on the Wilderness Lodge to my boys since that is where I'm hoping to stay next trip. ;)

Thanks for the resort update! We stayed at Coronado Springs in Jan 2010. Although the theming is beautiful, it is a convention resort and the conventioneers may not be typical Disney guests. We were unfortunate enough to have a large group from an oil company there at the same time we were. They were rude, loud, and pushy. Many of them smoked (everywhere - ignoring the no smoking signs) and left their butts anywhere they chose. We did not like the food options. The theme pool was closed and we were not notified in advance. On the plus side, the queen-sized beds are nice. We didn't really enjoy our stay there; it just didn't feel "Disney" to us. PS - just ran across a picture from our room and it had the 2 ottomans in lieu of the chair.

Katharine Marshall:

We stayed at CS back in 2013 in a preferred room. We loved the room but not the resort for multiple reasons. 1. Bus system - I know it can be a challenge but we waited for an hour for a bus to MK. 2. Convention goers and the bar at night. . 3. The grab-n-go is itsy bitsy. It got real crowded in there real quick. We have stayed all over "the World" and this is on the bottom of our list.


Unfortunately this is the only resort I've had any problems with out of almost every one of the resorts. I was in a room that's air conditioning really didn't work. From the moment we arrived, call the front desk they sent a repairman there. Only took him about thirty minutes to arrive, he checked things and changed the filter then told me that the thermostat would turn it off after like four hours. So in the heat of the day, while at the parks we'd come back to a room that was hotter then it was outside. A/C was never fixed called down to the front desk daily, asked if we could switch rooms. Never were able to. I think this is the case because this hotel really doesn't cater to disney guest it is really geared only to convention guests. My only other complaint about this resort is the lack of true counter service restaurants. Every other resort I've stayed at has had great counter service. This ones version of counter service is cafe rix, me and my wife found the food there lacking compared to other counter service restaurants. They only had like five choices at one window. We did enjoy the couple times we ate at pepper market but I don't consider this a counter service restaurant and all items were served ala carte. For example there was no hamburger with French fries, you could get a hamburger here then go over to another counter wait in line for French fries. There beds are nicer and pillows and sheet sets softer than at other mid level hotels. All in all I'd rather have a firmer bed but have the other convienences of the other mid level resorts.

@jack spense

Jack, your first room at CSR was a business class room in cabana 9b. Those rooms have a chair, not ottomans. Also, looking at your first room photo, you'll notice the crown molding around the top of the room. That signifies cabana 9b rooms. Business class rooms also have a DVD player, tile flooring in the sink area, robes and better mattresses.

Your second room photo is a standard CSR room which are what all other rooms at CSR are like other than the suites.

Anthony Goulet:

I agree with you about trying different resorts and places to dine outside our comfort zone. I am thankful that we have been able to stay at 13 WDW resorts and villas. In my opinion, CS is the best of the 4 moderate resorts. And for all the reasons you wrote about, and one, most important aspect. As a convention resort, this allows those who use WDW transportation a less crowded bus/line. The next time you are leaving a park and walk past the bus depot take a look at the length of the line.


Very nice update- glad to hear you'll be doing more for the other Disney hotels. My husband and I are going to Disney in October, but unfortunately we were a little intimidated by the size of this resort along with the other moderate resorts. This is our first stay in a moderate, and we've decided to start small. Port Orleans French Quarter here we come! Perhaps we'll plan a stay at Coronado or one of the other larger resorts next time since there seems to be ample transportation.

Hi Jack -

We Honeymooned at Coronado Springs when it was fairly new, for 12 nights in September 1998, Ranchos 6B. I thought the landscaping in Ranchos was sort of sterile - but so is the desert it represents, so Disney gets high marks on the re-creation. I really liked how the Casitas looked and were landscaped & decorated. I took a bunch of photos of the various fountains and archways at night when the lighting was spectacular.

During our stay we ate at Pepper Market 3 or 4 times. My wife enjoys it. Since she enjoys Pepper Market so much, we've returned there on 3-4 following trips, whether or not we had a car; the most recent being in 2012. Yes, it does sometime bother me to have to tip a person who brings me to my table, gives me my silverware and refills my drinks (in the early days YOU got your own silverware and procured and refilled your own drinks after the Cast Member led you to a table of their choosing and still you tipped the CM) while I still have to leave my table to order and carry my own food and pay at the register with a guest check I carried and gotten stamped the entire time. I suppose that's the trade off for a wider ranging and different menu from the other Moderates (we've stayed and/or dined at all of the them). And, where you watch your meal being assembled and/or cooked fresh to your specifications right in front of you as well as being able to have the chef tweak your food to your liking (e.g.: more pepper please, etc.) as he/she creates it. I'm sure we'll return on future trips.

The videos showed how much the rooms had changed since we were there - I like the doors closing off the bathroom, they weren't there in 1998. I seem to remember having two sinks when we stayed there.

Thanks for the update on CSR!

- Jeff

Jack's Comment:

You and I would get along. I am always dismayed why I'm expected to tip 15%-20% when I go to a buffet (like Boma). I'm doing half the work. The tip should only be 10% at buffets and the Pepper Market.


I thought thr Coronado had 2 queen size beds??? We r booked here for feb. and that is one of the main reasons...

Jack's Comment:

You are correct. The rooms have two queen, not double beds. I have correctly my blog. Thanks for letting me know.


Would love to try Coronado but the queen beds and murphy bed keeps us at Riverside. Looks very nice!

Jack's Comment:

Just so you know, when I published this blog, I accidently said they have double beds. I have corrected this and it now states correctly that the rooms have queen beds. However, Coronado Springs does not have the pull-down bed.

We have stayed at Coronado Springs 6 times since 2009. We love this resort and don't mind the large size. I have been disappointed in Pepper Market in the past (2012 and 2013 trips) but we just stayed again in March 2014 and things seemed to improve. There is no longer a wait staff that bring your drinks or seats you. It is now entirely cafeteria style and you seat yourself and get your own drinks and refills. They have moved some of the food stations around and overall I felt the food and flow was better. This is a beautiful resort with an amazing pool.

Sonda Jordan:

Hi Jack, would you consider adding some "history " to the resorts as you update them? I have been searching for photos and information about the Boardwalk Inn from when it opened in1996 but it seems most websites only have updated current photos and info. Thanks so much for blogging!

Jack's Answer:

When I wrote the my original reviews of each resort, I included all history I could find. To locate these, go to the AllEars "Search" box at the top right of each page. Then type "Jack" and the hotel name. One of the top entries should be my original article.


We've stayed at CS twice and loved it. The atmosphere is wonderful. We especially loved the eclectic menu items that the Maya Grill offered on our first trip. However, I wasn't crazy about the food on our last stay as the menu was very boring (just meat and potatoes type of food). I am so excited to see that the menu is offering more variety.

Michelle B.:

I stayed for 1 night at Coronado Springs for a convention this past Feb. I've stayed there previously on vacation and did not care for it. My recent stay reinforced why I hate it. After checking in to my room fairly late, I found a man's dress sock when I moved the hassocks to get at the drapes. The bottom of the drapes were covered in ketchup, and the shower gel was half used and no full bottle. Worst mousekeeping I've encountered. I brought it to the attention of the front desk who sent a manager who apologized and took the items away but did not offer to have the room cleaned or switch rooms.

I think the issue with size versus CBR is that at CBR the main water area is long and thin with bridges periodically. There are no bridges around the big lake at CS. You must walk around the lake the whole time.

Also, you forgot one other new thing in the last 3 years which is the opening of the new restaurant Las Ventanas. I ate there the week after it opened. I found it quite tasty.


Hi Jack!
I took your advice 2 years ago and stayed at the Coronado Springs - totally out of my element, as I'm a French Quarter girl!
The grounds are beautiful, the main pool is inviting, along with a quiet pool near my room. The room was spacious and comfortable. No complaints.
The only "negatives" I found, based on my stay was the bus service and the Pepper Market. There were days that I waited over 35 minutes for a bus and missed a few dining reservations because of it. Having said that, the resort was full due to a convention, so that may have been a factor. The Pepper Market was a mess - no direction - it wasn't a friendly atmosphere and the food was just OK.
If I stayed there again, I would consider renting a car for both park transportation and going to non-Disney restaurants.


I love Coronado Springs, the hotel has always been great when I've stayed (the food is another story!) It does seem like the bus service has gone down, seems to take quite awhile before a new bus comes after one has left (for any park, not one in particular)I consider Coronado Springs my "home".
Thank you for letting me "visit" if even for a few moments :)


Back in 2005 my (now) wife tried to convince me we should go to Disney. Since her mom worked for the airlines she'd gone several times as a kid. I kept telling her it was stupid and that I wasn't at all interested. Disney was for kids. I'd never been, but I wasn't a kid anymore so why would I want to go there? I wanted to go to Vegas! But she wore me down and we booked a five day trip, staying at Coronado Springs.

(Off topic: does anyone remember how amazing Disney's WDW hotel website was back in 2005? Every hotel had its own page with its own thematic style and as you looked it over it played the same music that was played in the hotel lobby, giving you a serious taste of the hotel even when you were just booking your stay. An amazing touch that I'm sad is gone.)

As we got into the Orlando airport it started to pour rain. My wife could tell I was getting more and more annoyed by our vacation choice. The Disney Magical Express bus (we were one of the first to participate in the program, which we've used at the dozen or so trips back since) plowed toward WDW and as the windshield wipers went from low to high to extra high my mood darkened more and more.

To this day my wife insists that it was seeing Main Street USA that turned me around. And it certainly helped. How can you not be charmed by that first view of Main Street with Cinderella Castle in the background? The Magic Kingdom's opening reel, as Walt might put it. But she's not completely right.

The bus pulled into the Coronado Springs parking lot. We were greeted as we walked in. And then I saw that lobby. The vaulted ceilings, the beautiful fountain, the music playing, the smells and styling of the Pepper Market. We walked to our room, going past the amazing pool and walk around Lago Dorado, taking in the gorgeous view of a Mesoamerican vista. It was right there that I fell in love with what Disney had to offer. It might take another hour or two for me to realize that I loved the Magic Kingdom, that I loved all of the parks, every bit as much, but it was Coronado Springs that made me love Walt Disney World.

We've never actually been back, despite many plans to do so. And now that we're DVC members it seems unlikely we'll ever make it over there. Still, this past Christmas season we made certain to make it out to Coronado Springs to see their decorations. Whenever friends want to go to WDW and are looking at moderate resorts, we always push Coronado Springs over the other three. We enjoyed Riverside, but it just wasn't a spot on how much we loved Coronado Springs.

It's odd to see the dislike of it voiced in the comments. Maybe I'm viewing it through rose tinted glasses, and I really probably am, but I still remember that while none of the travel times were great they were very even, with none too long compared to some resorts where you might be able to walk to Epcot or MK, but your trip to other parts of the park will take forever. I know that when we went to the Caribbean Beach we loathed it.

Anyway, I'm glad to see you give Coronado Springs a revisit, Jack. It was fun to see the little changes that have been made to it since I was last there nine years ago.


To directly address the complaints of size and busses, I would say that whenever one stays at any of Disney's moderate resorts it is a good idea to do a little research. Casual Disney visitors might book blind, but anyone reading Allears should know well enough to have a look at maps, maybe check out a guide like the Unofficial Guide or Passporter and get building numbers and lists of bus stops. When we went to Coronado Springs we lucked into a great room that was a very short walk to a bus stop and right beside a quiet pool. Later when we did Riverside we made certain to do a little research and got ourselves a room a short walk from the main building and the bus stops. If you make your reservation with a building number (or even a room number!) in mind Disney CMs will generally work to accommodate your request.


I really liked your piece on WDW's Coronado Springs. We go there and my 4 kids LOVE the pool there and so do the adults! Great blog post!


I have booked the business class room at CS. Would you comment on the included lounge area, that will have AM and PM food and drink? Does anyone know what they serve? Is it a full meal or just snacks? This is the reason we booked here as we did not want a meal plan.

Jack's Answer:

I have not used the lounge amenities so I cannot provide you with any firsthand information. Hopefully someone will read you question in the comments section and reply.


We stayed here September 2013 and had a great time. I would recommend building 9a. It is a short walk to El Centro and the main pool. The bus stop is just across the parking lot and there is a quiet pool and laundry next to the building. We would order breakfast from the Pepper Market to go and eat outside near the lake. Large portions, a family of 4 could share 2 meals. Great way to start the day. The longest bus ride was about 15 minutes to the Magic Kingdom. The kids loved the pool activities, s'mores by the fire and movies at night. There was a convention going on during the first couple of days of our stay and they never bothered us. We have previously stayed at CBR and the All Star and CS was by far our favorite. We have no idea why it is the lowest ranked hotel on Disney property. I find it funny the the number one complaint is that is too big. Every review tells you that is big so this shouldn't be a surprise.


The Coronado is our favorite for our large family! We do have to get two rooms(which we pretty much have to do anywhere) but what keeps us going back to CS is the doors that separate the sink from the room. We can fit our pack n play in the closet area and so when a little one needs a nap they can have it dark and the rest of the family can relax and move about without having to worry about waking them. This may seem like a small thing but I think well rested and well fed children are essential for a great trip!:) I also bring a white noise machine to help as well. We go pretty much every year and every time we consider trying a different hotel but we always go back to CS. The kids LOVE the pool and the pepper market is one of the best quick service to get healthier options in my opinion. We do not use the buses so I don't know how crowded they are. It's just easier for our family of 7 and all our gear to have our own vehicle. When anyone wants my Disney advice I always tell them to go to CS!


My absolute favorite moderate resort, having stayed at all of them. Love the theming, it just feels more upscale than the other moderates. LOVE the oversize hot tub at the main pool. Usually stay at Coronado every year but trying a pirate room at the Carribbean Beach this June, but I'll make a point of visiting the Coronado!

Joyce Steimer:

We are going to Disney World and staying at the Coronado. There are four adults. Can you recommend what building would be the best place for us to stay in.

Jack's Answer:

Casitas building #1 is the closest and most convenient to El Centro. However, these rooms are usually reserved for convention guests. The best bet for non-convention guests is building #9B.


We stayed here on our honeymoon 9 years ago and so did my sister and her husband 2 years ago. It holds a very special place in all our hearts! I recommend it to everyone.


I've stayed at Coronado twice: once in a regular room on a family trip and once in a business suite for a work trip. I loved it both times! The decor is so detail-oriented. The Maya Grill is a delicious dining option. The pool and grounds are beautiful -- especially for jogging around the "lake".

I have heard people complain that the resort is so large and it takes a lot of time/walking to get from one point to another. This is one of the things I love about Coronado!


I absolutely love this resort. I stayed here in 2011 for the first time and it's a true gem. I did not feel that the resort was too large; however, I can see where it would be a problem for someone with mobility issues. By comparison,I have also state at the Carribean beach resort and liked it a little better-but only because I enjoyed the beach atmosphere better. There were many conventions going on when I stayed but they did not get in the way. Most conventions were business people and they were very polite and quiet at night. Then again, that was just one experience.


We've stayed at Coronado three times and it has become our "home" resort. I think part of the reason is that we're adults-only (I'm 24 and travel with my mom or friends to WDW) and Coronado has a more adult crowd, with the convention center. On our last week-long trip staying at Coronado, we did not have anyone under the age of 16 or so on our resort buses until the end of the fourth day. We've stayed in both the Ranchos and Casistas sections, near the quiet pools and love the atmosphere.

The resort is large, but we've always requested a room near a bus stop and that has been granted. We learned after the first trip not to walk back to our rooms from the lobby with our luggage, it can be a very long hike. Since our first stay, we've had bell services assist with our luggage and grocery orders, and they have been amazingly helpful.

We've never had any problems with conventions, I don't even remember seeing any of the conventioners when we were there.

If we didn't stay at CSR I think we'd upgrade to a deluxe, but the value we get is wonderful.


Just returned from Coronado Springs, we loved it! Great location, clean friendly place. We were in Std-Busness class room, king bed, more room than we needed. Our bonus with business class room was the FREE breakfast and PM snack with FREE beer and wine. It was right in the 9B Cabanas building. We ate breakfast each day and worked in the snack/drinks most evenings. Wonderful best kept secret of our resort. Check it out, we did not do meal plan at DW. Yes we would return.

Bob :

Jack your timing is perfect as ever. The last 4 years my wife,daughter and I have been staying at Port Orleans Resort Riverside during September and we always get the free dining plan. This year as you know they left out POR, which hurt as it was really begining to feel like our home away from home. I ended up booking Coronado Springs resort a resort we last stayed at 9 years ago. Here you are with a curent revisit and updated tour of the resort, we cant thank you enough.

Keep up the great work, there are so many of us out there who really depend on you.

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