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Pirates of the Caribbean Guest Bedroom - Part One

Jack Spence Masthead

Hey everyone. I'm back from my extended leave of absence from AllEars. My move into my new home went well and I'm pretty much settled in. I'm enjoying my new surroundings and I especially like the fact that I can easily hear the Walt Disney World Steam Train and the Lilly Belle whistles from my house. These are pleasant sounds to wake up to each morning. I also have a pretty awesome view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks in the evening from my patio.

Since my new house has been the focus of my life for the last nine months, I thought that my first blog after my return should touch on the subject. So today I'm going to talk about my new guest bedroom. For those of you who are regular readers of my column, you might remember that one of my previous blogs focused on the Mickey Mouse Suite in my former home.

Since my Disney career started in the Blue Bayou Restaurant at Disneyland (which is located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction), I have a soft spot in my heart for this quintessential Disney ride. Over the years, I have amassed quite a collection of Pirates memorabilia - and it has been displayed in various rooms of my previous homes. On my latest move, I decided it was time to consolidate all of this swashbuckling merchandise into one location. This ended up being the guest bedroom.

My Mickey Mouse Suite was over the top with bright colors and a very playful atmosphere. But I knew this whimsical approach would not work for a room based on Pirates of the Caribbean (PotC). This room would need to be a little more subdued. I also did not want to create a "children's" room. I wanted this bedroom to be suitable for adults - however, I believe a young child's imagination could get lost in this space.

I started this decorating project with the bedroom floor. But what should I use? I wanted something that suggested a nautical theme. Then I remembered the carpet that Disney uses in their pirate rooms located at the Caribbean Beach Resort. Here, the carpet resembles wood planks. The only problem is, this is custom carpeting and not available to the general public.

Pirate Carpet

The idea of wood planks intrigued me and I knew this was the way to go. But real wood flooring is expensive and requires special care. In addition, all of the other rooms in my house are tile. So I decided to purchase ceramic tile that resembles wood. This would be less expensive and make cleaning day a little easier. Although I am capable of laying tile, I opted to pay a professional to do the job.

Wood Plank Tile

Next, I needed to pick a wall color. For this I went with a medium gray with green undertones.

Ceiling fans are a fact of life in Florida. Almost every room in a new house in the Sunshine State is prewired to accommodate both an overhead light and a fan. Once again, I was looking for something that suggested a nautical theme. Fortunately, I found just what I wanted at Lowes. The light fixture resembles a lantern that might have been found on an old sailing vessel.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan

Having so many pirate figurines to display necessitated buying a new bed - a bed with a headboard with many nooks and crannies.

Bed and Headboard

Bed and Headboard

The majority of the figurines seen here are from the Walt Disney Classics Collection. When moving, I did NOT trust my fragile items to the movers and packed and transported them myself. All of these items have been out-of-stock for some time and now only available on eBay.

Walt Disney Classics Collection

Walt Disney Classics Collection

Walt Disney Classics Collection

Walt Disney Classics Collection

Walt Disney Classics Collection

Walt Disney Classics Collection

Walt Disney Classics Collection

The Walt Disney Classics Collection was introduced in July 1992. The pieces recreate classic Disney characters from both their movies and theme park attractions. The creation of each hand-painted figurine is supervised by Disney animators and are stamped on the bottom with an insignia designating the year it was released. Many of the pieces are produced in numbered, limited editions that often sell on secondary markets for substantially more than their original asking price.

The sailing ship is a replica of Queen Anne's Revenge, the vessel captained by Blackbeard and featured in Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides." This wooden model is readily available online and comes fully assembled. Note, this is not a Disney product.

Queen Anne's Revenge

I purchased this lithograph at the Disney Gallery in Disneyland's New Orleans Square years ago. This piece of art was created for the PotC attraction at Disneyland Paris and can be seen in the Blue Lagoon Restaurant lobby.

Pirate's Lithograph

On the wall opposite the bed are two closets.

Closet Doors

After I finished decorating this room, I felt the white closet doors did not convey the rustic/pirate feel I was going for. (This "feel" will become more obvious as you read further in this blog.) So, I "weathered" them. To achieve this effect, I painted a clear "cracking" solution on the doors (available at Lowes and Home Depot).

Cracking Solution

After this solution dried, I painted the closets with a dark brown color. As this top layer of paint dried, it cracked and separated. This gave the doors an aged look.

Brown Closet Doors

Brown Closet Doors

However, I was not pleased with the stark contrast between the dark doors and the lighter wall color. So I took some of the gray/green wall paint and diluted it greatly with water. Then, working in small areas, I painted this watery mixture on the doors and trim. Next I took paper towels and wiped the majority of the paint off of the wood, leaving just a thin coat of paint. This technique accomplished two goals. First, it toned down the dark color. But more importantly, it helped "age" the wood even more. Now the closet doors look as if they have been exposed to the elements and faded in the sun. Also, by using the wall color to whitewash the wood, there is continuity in color.

Whitewahed Closet Doors

Whitewahed Closet Doors

Above the closets I have mounted a flat-screen TV, surround-sound speakers, and more pirate art. Since I knew in advance that I would be mounting a TV in this location, I had an electrical and cable outlet installed inside one of the closet. Inside this closet you'll find the cable box and DVD player. To simplify viewing, I bought a universal remote control that works on radio frequencies rather than infrared light. This allows the user to control the TV and sound system from the bed without having to open the closet doors as "line of sight" is not needed to operate the equipment.

Inside the other closet is my CD and DVD collection. I wanted to make sure my guests had something to watch when they retire in the evening. Of course, all Disney "Pirate" movies are available.

DVD Collection

To add more interest to the closet doors, I purchased pirate-themed knobs. Although they are not Disney related, they still fit the motif of the room.


The third wall of the room simply contains some Disney art, but some of it is interesting and not often seen today.

Wall of Pictures

In preparation for my move, I was rummaging through my entire Disney collection, trying to decide what to keep and what to sell as I was downsizing. During this ordeal, I came across a poster that I didn't even know I owned or where I had obtained it. Upon closer examination I found that it was a map of the PotC attraction. If you study it carefully, it traces the entire Disneyland Pirate voyage from start to end. Knowing I was creating a pirate room, I took the poster to a framer and had it mounted and laminated.

Pirates of the Caribbean Map

When Disneyland's PotC was in the planning stages, Marc Davis created many sketches of the scenes that would someday delight guests. When PotC opened in 1967, many of the sketches were transferred onto postcards and sold in New Orleans Square. But like all merchandise, they eventually ran their course and were retired. Years later, a Disney cast member was rummaging through a warehouse and stumbled upon several boxes of these unsold postcards. As the fledging Disney Gallery was on the lookout for new and interesting merchandise to sell, these postcards were framed and sold as "art" rather than a throwaway souvenir.

Pirate Postcards

Pirate Postcards

Pirate Postcards

The last picture I'll discuss on this wall is a sericel created by Disney artists to be sold in the various "good stores" at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Here we find Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto taking the place of pirates in the most memorable scene of the attraction.

Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto Sericel

I've saved the best for last"¦

For my fourth wall, I wanted to create something that would command attention and really hammer home the pirate theme. After a lot of thought, I decided on a crumbling wall as seen in the queue of Castillo del Morro and in other locations around Adventureland.

Adventureland Wall

My first thought was wallpaper. But I didn't like how frequently the patterns repeated. The bricks didn't look realistic. Next I looked at murals, but they were expensive and not big enough to cover an entire wall. I also thought about using the trompe-l'Å"il effect and painting a realistic scene. But alas, my artistic abilities aren't that keen. So I eventually decided to create the real thing - well, sort of. Here's how it turned out.

Feature Wall

Feature Wall

I'm pretty happy with my efforts and will talk about this wall in more detail later in this article. But first, let me discuss the remaining bric-a-brac.

I've never been a fan of overhead lighting in a bedroom. I much prefer lamps. So I went online and found this skeleton-pirate lamp. Once again, it's not "Disney," but it fits the room.

Pirate Lamp

Closer examination of the lamp finds our dead friend is wearing a pirate hat, has a bottle of rum in his boney fingers, and his feet are surrounded by doubloons and gems. The shade depicts a map to secret treasure.

Next to the lamp is another Walt Disney Classics Collection piece. This time we find a drunken pirate sprawled out with pigs.

Walt Disney Classics Collection piece

On the wall is a lithograph depicting the original ending scene in the Magic Kingdom version of PotC. If you remember, before Jack Sparrow arrived, the magistrate was bound and gagged as the pirates looted the treasure room.

Pirate Litho

Next to the litho is a shadow box that uses items from the attraction to spell out Pirates of the Caribbean.

Pirate Shadow Box

Well this ends today's article. If you like my feature wall and are interested in creating something similar in your own home, check back tomorrow when I will provide you with step-by-step instructions.

The previous post in this blog was Christmas Week at Walt Disney World.

The next post in this blog is Pirates of the Caribbean Guest Bedroom - Part Two.

Comments (64)

Deb Wills:

Welcome Back Jack!!!!!

vanessa gordon:

Welcome back !
I enjoyed reading your "Reruns"... They got me back into the habit of reading through the archives. Your Pirate room is fantastic, did you recreate any of your "old house"rooms? Can't wait to see the rest of the house.

Jack's Answer:

I tried to do some consolidating in my new house. For example, I put all of my Haunted Mansion collectibles in my living room/dining room. However, at the moment, the walls in these rooms are not themed as those in the Pirate Room.

Calvin Hefner:

Love the room. How cool is that wall. Welcome back.


Welcome back!

The room looks great - really cool to see the level of detail in the room itself and in your presentation of it.

Heather :

Welcome back:) I love the way the wall turned out.. It looks so real. I love all your Disney pieces and posters:)

Welcome back Jack! Glad you are settled in your new home. Missed you and your weekly blogs. Awesome room! I'm sure your out of town friends and maybe even your local friends will love staying in your new guest room.

Josh Weiss:

Hey Jack
First off it is great to have you back and i'm glad to hear that the move went smooth. The guest room looks great. It really makes you feel like you are at the attraction. I love the artwork as well. Can't wait for part 2 and as always keep up the great work.


Welcome back, Jack! What an amazing room! This POTC fanatic loves it!!!
Glad you're back, cant wait to read more!

cathy mullen:

Hi Jack,
I was so happy this AM when I saw your blog.
I am so glad your move went well and you are happily settled in and the Pirate room is great. Lots of work but it was well worth the effort.
What a great Monday ...JACK is back.


Welcome Back. You have been missed!

I love the room! Your guests are lucky to stay in such an amazing space. We haven't been to Disney in 4 years but are planning a trip for May. I am SO excited!

Kathleen Thornton:

This room is beautiful! Got a question. Do you need a live in maid? lol This would be the cleanest room in the house because I'd stay in it all day cleaning lol. Welcome back and I can't wait to see more.

Becky Norman:

So glad your back!! What a tremendous job you did with this room! Very well thought out and well done.
I enjoy your blog immensely, and have missed 'all the great info' very much.

Ashley P. :

Welcome back, Jack! You've brightened an otherwise cold, dreary Monday in the Northeast!

Sharon Powell:

I am so thrilled to have you back! I have missed your articles. Just a question - what happened to your "Mickey Mouse Suite"? That is my dream room. Of course my husband would have something to say about that! Again, welcome back!

Jack's Answer:

When I moved, I downsized. I sold much of the bric-a-brac from the Mickey Suite. However, the new owners loved the idea and were going to recreate their own version of the room.


Too cool! Worth the wait of not seeing your blog posts for the past year. You were missed! Love the memorabilia!

Jim Finley:

Wow that is an awesome room and I am not just saying that because POTC is my favorite attraction. It is so good to have you back. I am excited to hear of your new home and adventures whilst you were away.


Welcome Back! I have really really missed your posts! I was thrilled to see you were back this morning. I am glad your move went well.

That room is awesome. I love the flooring, and the closets, and the wallpaper. You truly did an amazing job.


Welcome back! Congrats on your new home, glad to read everything went smoothly. Thanks for sharing your Pirate room - looks fantastic! Love the closet doors & the brick wall. (I also loved your Mickey Suite.)

I look forward to reading your blogs each week. Welcome back Jack!!!


Welcome back! Glad your move went well. Love the Pirates room and can't wait to read about how the wall was done. Also, loved the "Mickey Suite" you had or still have.

Looking forward to reading your blogs again.

Happy New Year!

Michael Moss:

I am so glad you are back Jack!! All Ears just isn't the same without you.. Great article, cant wait to read tomorrows conclusion..

Corey Harris:

Welcome back Jack! We missed you! Love the room! I wish I was this creative! Lol!


Hi Jack! Welcome Back....

It just wasn't the same here without you.
The POTC room looks amazing! I am envious of your POTC figurine collection and I nearly fell off my chair when I saw you had the "Hairy Leg" piece.
You did an amazing job on the closet doors and the walls and, as I said before, the whole room looks incredible!

Great to have you back, Jack!
~ Johnny

Nanette :

Glad you are back Jack, I've missed your blogs! It was nice and fitting that you've started off with something relating to your move, the room looks great, very well (& tastefully) done. You must be REALLY close to MK to hear the train. I can just about hear it from the Wilderness. BTW, I'm typing this from the 'secret' spot in Columbia Harbourhouse ;) welcome back again ...

Clare C.:

Welcome home!

Wow, what a guest room! Love the "movie store" right in the closet. So good to read a new column from you...


You are the only reason that I am glad that it is January. -30F wind-chill outside today and I am happy to be inside reading "The 'World' According to Jack"! Welcome back! You were missed!

YES! Welcome back. And what a great post for you to start off with; I actually found your blog when I googled the DCB pirate rooms as I was going to be staying in one. I was hooked and read every post!

Betty Rohrer:

welcome back!! missed you

Mia W.:

Welcome back, Jack! I have really missed your columns. And you are returning in style!

There's so much amazing detail in your guest room, but I think I am the most in love with the weathered doors. But I may change my mind after you give us the lowdown on the brick wall!


Hi Jack! You have been missed. I have been watching every day (LOL, all 6 of them since January started) for your return and so you can imagine my excitement when today I checked and you have returned. Your Pirates room is gorgeous and that old crumbling brick wall is a stunning detail. I am so impressed. Pirates of the Caribbean is my number one favorite attractions in all of Disneyworld. Can I come stay there? Not long term, just for a week? I can't imagine the joy from living so close to WDW that you can actually hear the train! I'm happy and excited for you. As a Disneyphile this would be paradise. Your posts are a wonderful read and always so informative and educational as well as just plain fun. Welcome back, Jack!


Welcome back Jack!!

I have very much enjoyed reading your older posts, as it brought back memories of reading them for the first time.

So happy that you are settled in in your new home AND extremely happy that you are back at AllEars now.


Jack I missed you! So glad you're back and can't wait to have my Monday blog back to start my week off happy :)

Welcome back, Jack! There room looks awesome. Looking forward to reading your posts in the future once again!

Jill Hogg:

Welcome back! Clearly, all your loyal readers have missed you! Your room looks awesome! I just love what you did with the closet doors. I wouldn't have thought to do that, and if I had, I'd be too afraid to try. Good for you for giving it a go. Glad you are settled in and I'm looking forward to your thoughts on all things Disney!

Dana G:

Welcome Back! You have no idea how much seeing a blog from you cheered me up this morning since I am just getting back to work after 2 weeks off! I love your potc room, the wall, the art work and the awesome potc figurines -well just everything about it! Fantastic! Anyway, missed you terribly! We went to Disneyland for the first time this past summer..so much fun. Loved the Blue Bayou and the potc ride was great!


Yayy you're back,2014 is off to a great start now!! I'm glad you're enjoying your new home and one that is now even closer to your other "home"!:)

Wow, what a great bedroom, although I'm not a hgue Pirates fan, but it does look great.

I'm doing an all uphieve of my bedroom starting tomorrow, cleaning, and organzing and hopefully i can add a new theme to my room with all my Disney items. :)

Thanks for Sharing

Stacy Hines:

Hi Jack!

I'm so excited you are back! Thank you for sharing your cool "Pirates" themed room! Congratulations on your new home, and I'm looking forward to reading more blogs! You were missed!

All the best!
Stacy Hines

Mary :

Like many others have said it is great to have you back! Keep up the great work. It really brightens my day when I see you have a new post. Can't wait for Part 2
Your Friend


I can only echo what everyone has been saying - so good to have you back.

A very enjoyable tour of your guest room - thanks for inviting us in.

Brian Richmond:

Welcome back! While me and my family have enjoyed re-reading your previous blog posts, we look forward to your new posts this year.

Ronnie Schreyer:

Welcome back. Your new Pirate's room sounds exciting. Wishing you much happiness in your new home. It's so exciting that you are able to enjoy the fireworks from your patio. Looking forward to more of your blogs.


Welcome back, Jack! Your posts have been sorely missed! What a great guest room! I can see the same attention to detail that you put into your articles shine through in that room. The wood-plank tile? Genius. The exposed brick wall? Genius-er! I don't know if your guests will get any sleep, though. Too much cool stuff to look at! Glad you're settled in and excited for the new posts.


Hey Jack!!! "First time, long time" So excited that you're back!! Just wanted to say hi and you've been missed. Looking forward to hearing more great Disney information from you this year.

Thanks for taking us to Disney World through this blog when we can't be there ourselves.

Hi Jack -
Welcome back!!!! So glad to hear that you're settled in to your new home. WOW! being able to hear the boats & trains and seeing the Magic Kingdom Fireworks from your home - that's every Disney World Fan's dream come true!!
I've loved the reruns, but have missed your exquisite videos. In fact, I decided that on Monday nights, I would go back to the beginning of the archives and read from oldest to newest. The first few entries were very short and I was worried that I would finish enjoying them all well before your return. Well, despite my best efforts and reading multiple blogs every Monday night, I only made it up to May 2009, months before I began reading your blog. Now that your back, I plan on continuing reading the archives. Looking forward to more great blogs and videos.
Again, Welcome Back!!
- Jeff


Welcome back Jack. Missed you and your writings. Love the pirate room!
It must be good to be back to work, after your summer of building you can use the rest. We've built 1 house, so know how much has to go into it.



Amazing. Just amazing! It's good to have you back!


Just had to chime in and say Yay!!! So happy you are back! Really missed your blogs and videos! Glad you are settled in!


Great to have you back Jack! As your resident spellchecker I could find no errors in this article at all!

But I am confused about one thing. You said you picked the skeleton lamp because you are not fond of overhead lighting in a bedroom. Yet didn't you earlier in this very article show us a fan with a "special" built in light? LOL

So very good to have you back again.

Your Friend,


Jack's Answer:

You caught me...

Unfortunately, the room does not have a switched wall outlet. I have to walk over to the lamp, which is on the far side of the room, to turn it on. The overhead lamp is connected to the switch by the door.


Welcome back!
Love Love Love the Pirates room. Can't wait to read the techniques you used to make that great wall. AH-mazing!

Greg Highfill :

Welcome back, Jack.

I really envy your strength and energy, especially since there's only a 10 day difference in our ages. I haven't been able to keep my place clean, let alone complete projects I've started. You know you're in bad shape when your lottery fantasy includes a housekeeper. LOL!

It's really great having you back, especially since these days I spend a lot of time at the computer.

I echo all the accolades of the superior job you did designing and decorating your guest room. It really IS Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Roger Miller:

Welcome back Jack!

I love the room and look forward to reading about the wall tomorrow.

Mouse Junkie Adam:

Welcome Back Jack! Your blog was missed. Glad you've settled into your new home.


Welcome back Jack!

I discovered AllEars while you were on hiatus, I'm a Disney lover who has not been to DW since I was a teenager but who is planning on taking his boys (currently 2 years and 6 months old) to discover the magic whenever I can.

Your articles really helped me get updated on the parks and all they have to offer, so thank you for that. Can't wait to start making some new Disney magic. =)


So glad you're back! Really missed reading your blogs over my morning coffee!

Great job on the guest room! It looks great!


What a bleak world it is without the "World" According to Jack!

Great job on your guest room. Looking forward to hearing more about your recent adventures!

Loyal WDW fan, loyal Jack fan :)

Kait Rose:

Welcome back!! (you were missed!) the new room looks fantastic--great work! Can't wait to see what new and exciting things you have in store for your blog :)

Heather Young:

Welcome back Jack an a Happy New Year to you! I'm so glad you're settled in your new home.

I love the room it looks fantastic!

Knowing that you're back has brightened my day!

Lori Hearn:

I absolutely love this!! So glad your back Jack. Can't wait to see more pics of your new home!!!

Welcome Back Jack! great to see you back , and this is a great first post. Well thought out and fantastic room! I especially like the POTC fun map/poster that you had framed and laminated.

Welcome back! So if you can hear the train whistle, your new house is in Golden Oak?


As everybody said, welcome back!
I missed you blogs, but had fun reading the reruns.
Your pirate room is amazing, your fantasy is unique.
Ciao from Rome!!


Just wanted to echo everyone's sentiments: I think yours is the only blog I've ever missed (you're not allowed to take another long break)! My goal when I retire? To live as close to WDW as you do!

Wendy Snelgrove:

Welcome back Jack!

I just discovered your blog was live again and have now reread them all (except Bedroom post #2 as I wanted to read those in order).

You did a great job with the bedroom, and achieved the adult but themed look you were aiming for. I particularly think the closet doors were well done, and the basic white would have ruined the look.

I hope you are really enjoying your new house and that you enjoyed your break.

All the best, Wendy

Rachelle Beaney:

Ahh I am late in catching on that your BACK! Very excited to hear that you are, I really enjoy your articles and now I have 3 months worth to catch up on! So excited. Also wanted to let you know that, thanks to some advice from you a few years back, my husband and I made the trek to the Tokyo Disney Resort last November and LOVED it! Thanks again for advising us to try it out -you probably don't remember but you did

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