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Meet-&-Greet with Jack and Lisa

Hey Everyone,

Come by and say "Hi" to me and photo-blogger Lisa K. Berton near the entrance to Dinosaur. We'll then join the expedition to bring back an Iguanadon (aka ride Dinosaur, the attraction). Whoever makes the best face in the attraction photo wins a prize! Lisa and I will also be handing out our personal AllEars.Net trading cards. Hope to see you there.

Date: Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time: 10:30am


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Comments (11)

Oh I would love to, just a day too late.

Ray Sharpton:

Hi, Jack and Lisa. I wish I could be there with you on September 3rd. I hope to see you guys in December. Ray :)

cathy mullen:

Oh I would love to be there but I'll get you in my thoughts ! These meets are always so much fun!

Greg Highfill:

Hey Jack,

Hopefully, I can drag my "wretched body" out of bed at a decent hour and drive over to say, "Hi!" and meet another photographer. It will also be a great opportunity to take some more 3-D photos at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. So much to photograph, and so little energy, especially in the heat!



Would love to be there but not going until early December. Any chance you will be at any meets then?

Jack's Answer:

Sorry you can be at our September meet. However, I will be at several of the events this December. I'm sure you'll run into me at one of them.

Lisa K. Berton:

A reminder that Dinosaur is at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

I will not be able to attend A December to Remember. You'll have to try to have fun without me.

Bonnie Lorenzetti:

Hi Jack,
WOuld love to meet you some day but won't be there till sept 18th to the 23rd. Let us know if you are planning anything in that week by chance.

Jack's Answer:

I rarely make advance plans for my trips to the parks. It all depends on the blog I'm writing at the time and what pictures/information I need. I usually decided to make a day-trip to Walt Disney World to do research at 7am that morning. But watch for me. Just yesterday one of my readers recognized me.


hey jack
i wish i could go to the meet and greet but unfortunetly i start school before then and will be unable to go. Hopefully i will be able to get to a future meet and greet that you will be their as i have attended one before and it was a lot of fun. can't wait for your next blog and as always keep up the great work.

Shannon Robinson:

Ok, no fair!!! My first trip in 4 years and I am not arriving til late that afternoon!


Hi Jack,
Going to try to make it over there to meet you guys. There's 18 of us and little ones in tow so hoping we can arrange it. It's on my itinerary for the day. Hope to see you there.


Two AllEars bloggers that I would love to meet in person! ...but just a few days too soon. I'll catch you another time though. As always, I enjoy your posts - thank you!

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