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All Star Resorts - Part 2

Yesterday I discussed how the All Star Resorts came into existence and gave specifics about the All Star Sports Resort. Today I’m going to discuss the All Star Music and Movies Resorts.

The All Star Music Resort was the second value property to open at Walt Disney World. From the exterior, the main building (Melody Hall) is almost identical to Stadium Hall located at the All Star Sports Resort. The only significant difference is the color of the building. All Star Sports is primarily blue while All Star Music is primarily red. Bus transportation to the various theme parks, water parks, and Downtown Disney is located outside of Melody Hall. Buses run every 20 minutes (more often during busy times) from 1 hour before a park opens until 1.5 to 2 hours after a park’s closing.

All Star Music Logo

All Star Music Exterior

All Star Music Exterior

Like All Star Sports, the check-in desk at All Star Music is large and can handle large groups all checking in at the same time. The musical notes beneath the counter are the song “When You Wish upon a Star” from Pinocchio. Behind the check-in desk are drawings of Disney characters and a variety of musicians getting into the beat with a sampling of styles and instruments.

Check-in Counter

When You Wish upon a Star

Muscians Mural

Muscians Mural

For a small daily up-fee, guests can reserve a room in one of the buildings close to Melody Hall. (This service is also available at the All Star Sports and All Star Music.) I highly recommend this for guests with mobility limitations as these resorts are humongous and require a lot of walking.

Souvenirs, sports apparel, postcards, snacks and sundries can all be purchased at Maestro Mickey’s.

Maestro Mickey’s

A music “Hall of Fame” leads guest to the video arcade and the food court. Depicted here are many legends from the music industry. When you visit, take a moment to see some of the greats pictured.

Musician Hall of Fame

Note’able Games is the spot to test your eye-hand coordination with electronic wizardry. It’s interesting to note, Disney only features non-violent games in its arcades.

Note’able Games

Note’able Games

Hungry? Intermission Food Court is the answer. Breakfast can be as simple as a bagel and coffee to a specialty omelet. Lunch and dinner options include sandwiches, made-to-order salads, and Italian specialties, just to name a few. And don’t forget to check for the Chef’s nightly special.

Intermission Food Court

Intermission Food Court

A beverage station and topping bar are located just past the registers. The dining room seats 550 guests. One wall features a large mural of eclectic entertainers. The music heard in the background mimics the various styles depicted on the mural.

Beverage Station

Topping Bar

Intermission Food Court Dining Room

Intermission Food Court Dining Room

The five sections of the All Star Music are as follows:

Calypso – opened October 22, 1994 (Officially opened on November 1, 1994)
Jazz Inn - opened December 18, 1994
Rock Inn - opened January 20, 1995
Country Fair - opened February 12, 1995
Broadway Hotel - opened February 17, 1995

Calypso is the first themed area you enter when exiting Melody Hall. As the name would suggest, a tropical paradise is yours for the taking. The stairwells are enclosed inside giant conga drums and the buildings’ entrances are marked by colorful marimbas. The giant maracas could hold 150,000 beads and there are 934 banana leaves on the railings.

Conga Drum



Calypso Pool is shaped like a giant guitar and holds 251,418 gallons of water. In the rosette you’ll find Donald Duck, Panchito Pistoles, and José Carioca from the animated film “The Three Caballeros.” An all-weather Ping-Pong table is available for the competitive souls. The laundry room is located nearby in a tropical bungalow. Vending machines offer sodas and snacks.

Calypso Pool

The Three Caballeros

Ping Pong Table

Laundry Room

Laundry Room Vending Machines

Venturing onward we come to Jazz Inn. Silhouetted swing musicians shield the stairwells and a huge drum set marks the buildings’ entrances. Large instruments line the railings accented with 68 pairs of sunglasses and 470 musical notes. There is a “deliberate” Mickey (as opposed to a “hidden” Mickey) on top of the cymbals.

Silhouetted Swing Musicians

Drum Set

Giant Instruments

In the courtyard is a fountain (a la New Orleans) surrounded by a wrought iron fence. This is a wonderful spot to sit, relax, and enjoy the sounds of nature.


Beyond Jazz Inn is Piano Pool. As you can probably guess, the pool is shaped like a baby-grand piano – complete with 88 keys. This pool is usually much quieter than Calypso Pool and is better suited for adults wanting to sun and read. Keeping an eye on activities is Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder. The laundry room can be found inside an oversized radio.

Piano Pool

Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder

Laundry Room

The other three sections of the All Star Music Resort radiate off of the Piano Pool. These are Rock Inn, Country Fair, and Broadway Hotel. Let’s start with Rock Inn.

Rock Inn uses giant speakers to house its stairwells and an oversized juke box to mark the entrances. There are 160 records on the balconies. Be sure to take a look at the call letters on top of the old-style microphone.

Giant Speaker

Juke Box


WDW Microphone

The railings at the Country Fair section of the resort feature giant fiddles, banjos, bolo ties (with Mickeys), and musical notes. The stairwells are concealed inside harmonicas and giant boots greet guests as they enter the building. The boots are size 270 and there are132 trucks circling the rooftop. Ten-four, good buddy.

Fiddle and Banjo

Bolo Tie



Between the Country Fair buildings is a rustic picnic area. Tables are just waiting for guests to enjoy an al fresco meal beneath a shady oak tree.

Picnic Area

Disney often invites high school bands, choral groups, and other musical troupes to perform somewhere on property. More often than not, these groups are lodged at the All Star Music Resort. This isn’t a problem in and of itself, but kids can be enthusiastic and if you’re looking for a quiet getaway, this might not be your best choice. However, sometimes you find unexpected surprises when you least expect them. While photographing this resort, I stumbled across a young group of violinist, practicing for their upcoming appearance at Downtown Disney. Their performance brought a tear of joy to my eye.

The last section of the resort is Broadway Hotel. A boulevard, complete with street signs, runs between the two buildings. Theater stage doors house the stairwells and a marquee graces the entrances. The top hats that line the railing are size 125. Disney’s musical “Beauty and the Beast” is highlighted on the marquee.


Street Sign

Stage Door


Top Hats and Canes

The rooms at the All Star Music Resort are remarkably similar to those at the All Star Sports Resort. Two double beds, a night stand, a small table and two chairs, and a chest of drawers make up the bedroom. A single sink and closet area can be found in the vanity area and the toilet and shower/tub are located behind a solid door.

All Star Music Room Interior

All Star Music Room Interior

All Star Music Room Vanity

All Star Music Room Toilet and Shower

I did have one complaint about the rooms at all three All Star Resorts. The high speed internet cable can be found on the nightstand located between the two beds. At the All Star Sports and Movies, the cord was 12 feet in length and just barely reached the table. If I had had kids staying with me, this would have been a hazard as the “floating” wire is an accident waiting to happen.

Stretched Internet Cable

At the All Star Music Resort, the wire was only six feet in length. When I called the front desk to complain, I was told that this was the only length Disney offered. When I explained that the night before the All Star Sports Resort provided me with a 12 foot cable, I was connected to a supervisor. About an hour later a technician knocked on my door and installed a 12 foot cable. Still inadequate, but tolerable.

I realize that most people who visit Disney are spending their time in the parks, not in their room connecting to the internet. But enough people visit here on business that Disney really needs to rethink the location of their internet connections. I encountered this same problem at the Caribbean Beach Resort earlier this year.

This next video runs a little over seven and a half minutes and shows the entire resort plus the room. The second video is one and a half minutes and shows the room only.

The All Star Movies Resort looks remarkably similar to its sister resorts. The only notable difference from the outside is its color, teal.

All Star Movies Logo

All Star Movies Exterior

All Star Movies Exterior

Because the All Star Movies Resort was built more than four years after Sports and Music, some design changes were incorporated into this third iteration. In the check-in area, the concierge desk has been combined with the check-in desk. Although this has little effect on the guests, it allows greater flexibility for the cast members. A mural depicting scenes from Hollywood and Los Angeles can be seen behind the counter.

Check-in Desk

Hollywood Mural

Hollywood Mural

Donald’s Double Feature is the spot to buy souvenirs, sundries, and snacks.

Donald’s Double Feature

Donald’s Double Feature

The “Movie Wall” features photographs of Walt and other Disney Academy Award winners. Since 1932 Walt Disney Studios has one more Academy Awards than any other individual or studio. Walt Disney himself was awarded 39 Oscars. The second place holder was awarded 11.

Academy Award Hall of Fame

Academy Award Hall of Fame

Academy Award Hall of Fame

Another subtle design change can be seen at Reel Fun Arcade. The entrance has been redesigned slightly from its sister resorts. However, the games inside are just as much fun.

Reel Fun Arcade

But the biggest change was the redesign of the food court. The designers underestimated the demand at Sports and Music and these food courts are often overly crowded. World Premier Food Court is noticeably larger and better lit, creating a more comfortable experience. Each of the four food stations and the grab-and-go section are named after famous theater chains, Grand, Roxy, Lyric, Rialto, and Majestic. Disney movie posters line the walls of the dining room.

World Premier Food Court

World Premier Food Court

World Premier Food Court

World Premier Dining Room

Refillable mugs can be purchased and refilled at any of the three food courts.

Refillable Mugs

The five sections of All Star Movies and their opening dates are as follows:

The Mighty Ducks - January 15, 1999
101 Dalmatians - January 15, 1999
Fantasia - March 1, 1999
The Love Bug - March 1, 1999
Toy Story - April 15, 1999

Unlike the other sections of the All Star Movies Resort, the Fantasia section is represented by two movies, “Fantasia” and “Fantasia 2000.” Both buildings use spell books to conceal their stairwells, but the icons on the two buildings differ from one another.

Book of Spells

The “Fantasia” side uses Mickey sorcerer’s hat and brooms to line the building. The sorcerer's hat is 45 feet high and 44 feet in diameter at the base. The brooms and buckets are 23 feet wide from bucket to bucket. The top of the broom is 36 feet high.

Mickey Sorcerer’s Hat

Broom and Buckets

The facing building uses the story of “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” from Fantasia 2000. A 35 foot high jack-in-the-box greets guests and a 35 foot tall ballerina is watched over by dedicated soldiers.


Ballerina and Soldiers

Fantasia Pool holds 231,610 gallons of water and is surrounded by a number of lounge chairs and tables. Sorcerer Mickey stands high atop a mountain peak and directs the activities below. The laundry room is nearby and housed in an ice structure.

Fantasia Pool

Sorcerer Mickey

Laundry Room

While you’re in the area, be sure to find Donald and Daisy as Noah and his wife from the “Pomp and Circumstance” section of “Fantasia 2000.” If you look closely, you can see Donald’s footprints in the concrete.

Donald and Daisy

“The Love Bug” opened in 1968 and was the highest-grossing film of 1969. It spawned a number of sequels and a section at the All Star Movies Resort. Herbie’s front end and rear end grace the buildings’ entrances. His tires are 9 feet in diameter and weigh about 7 tons. Movie clapboards hide the buildings’ stairs and 35 foot tall pliers and 36 foot tall screwdrivers line the railings.

Herbie Front

Herbie Rear


Pliers and Screwdriver

Located in the courtyard is the “Winner’s Circle.” Here you’ll find one of the actual Herbies used in the original movie. It’s interesting to note, all references to VW were removed for the movie as Volkswagen never authorized the use of its name.

Winner’s Circle

“Toy Story” premiered in 1995 and was the first ever feature film to be made entirely with CGI. The characters were so enduring that they garnered a spot at the All Star Movies Resort. To enter the courtyard, guests must pass through a doorway leading to Andy’s room. Once inside, Buzz, Woody, Rex, and Bo Peep are waiting to pose for pictures. Buzz stands 47 feet tall and Woody is 30 feet tall from his waist to his hat as he sits on the ground. Woody's boot is 7 feet tall.

Andy's Room


Buzz Lightyear

Rex and Bo Peep

The stairwells are enclosed within “Bucket O'Soldiers”. The buckets are approximately 27 feet high and 36 feet in diameter. The green army men have escaped and stand guard around the building’s rooftop.

Bucket O'Soldiers

“101 Dalmatians” opened in 1961 and was the first Disney animated film to be set in a contemporary time period. This movie is represented at the All Star Movies Resort with giant replicas of Pongo and Perdita, each weighing 17,000 pounds. They each required 15 gallons of paint, not including the ottomans on which they sit. Pongo was shipped from California in four pieces on two wide load trucks. It took workers two days to put him together. Thirty-six foot high fire hydrants house the stairwells.



Fire Hydrant

A scene from the movie creates a wonderful photo op. Here I am enjoying a canine moment. And be on the lookout for Horace, Jasper, and Cruella de Vil.

Photo Op


Cruella de Vil

Kanine Krunchies, the puppy’s favorite treat, are strewn along the walkways.

Kanine Krunchies

If you added all the puppies that line the railings, the puppy watching TV, and Pongo and Perdita, the total would be… Well, I think you can figure it out.

Although some rooms do look out onto the parking lots, most of the rooms face the courtyards or into wooded areas. Disney has gone to great lengths to minimize bad views. Here is an example of a “garden” view.


The final section at the All Star Movies is the Mighty Ducks. This live-action movie was released in 1992 and starred Emilio Estevez. The two duck masks that guard the buildings’ entrances are constructed from more than 1200 pounds of plaster and 11,000 pounds of shotcrete. The hockey goalie nets that house the stairs are 31 feet high. If you look closely, you can see a puck flying into the net. The hockey sticks that line the railing are 31 feet high and made of aluminum.

Duck Mask

Goalie Net

Hokey Stick

The “quiet” swimming pool is themed after a hockey rink and Goofy plays the determined goalie. The laundry facility here is inside an enormous locker room.

Hokey Pool

Goalie Goofy

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

All of the buildings at the All Star Resorts are three stories high. Two elevators and ice and drink machines can be found at each building’s core.

Room renovations have just begun at the All Star Movies. When completed, they will look unsurprisingly similar to those at the All Star Sports and Music. Subtle differences such as pictures and wallpaper boarders are the only significant variance from one resort to the next.

This first minute and a half video shows the old rooms. The second video shows the new rooms. And the third, nine and a half minute video shows the entire resort and a remodeled room.

That’s it for the All Star Resorts. I think these resorts are great. In fact, I think they’re worth visiting even if you’re not staying here. Take an hour out of your vacation one day and stop by. The picture opportunities are abundant and it’s relaxing to wander the pathways. It will be time well spent.

In closing, I’d like to ask a few questions and offer answers.

Are the All Star Resorts luxury accommodations? Nope. Do they offer lots of extras and services? Nope. Will they suit everyone’s tastes? Nope.

Are the All Star Resorts fun? Absolutely! Will they make you smile? Definitely! Would I stay here again? Positively!

I am a big proponent of staying ON Disney property. The extra perks add to my enjoyment and I love being surrounded by Disney magic 24/7. I totally understand that a Disney hotel is not within everyone’s budget. But given that the price is equal, I would prefer to stay at the All Star Resorts rather than a “nicer” hotel/motel on Hwy 192 or International Drive. For me, nothing beats the Disney experience.

The previous post in this blog was All Star Resorts - Part 1.

The next post in this blog is A Lazy Afternoon on Sassagoula River.

Comments (39)

Di Berry:

WOW! Such detail! Fascinating as always - we loved Sports and Movies when we stayed there. Must try Music!! Thank you as always very much Jack.


Hi Jack,
Thanks for the great tour of the AS resorts! I have a memory associated with them even though I've never stayed there. My husband and I were driving south on I-95 in the vicinity of Baltimore (can't remember where we were going, but it wasn't to WDW at that time), probably around 1998, judging from your date of 1999 for the resorts' opening. I looked up at a huge 18-wheel flatbed truck that passed us and was surprised to see giant *parts* of Herbie the Love Bug strapped down to the flatbed. The big "53" painted on the side of one of the parts tipped me off. I had no idea what they were for, but I said, "I'll bet you that truck is headed to Disney World!" It was a funny moment and something I always remember any time I see pictures of that section of AS Movies. I guess at that moment, it was a hidden Herbie! Nothing like a little out-of-context Disney magic.

Jenny Sperandeo:

Hi Jack! Thanks for Part 2. Having stayed at 2 of the 3 All Star properties, I'd have no problem staying at any of them again. Each Disney resort brings something new to the table, whether it's a Value, Moderate, or Deluxe accomodation. I agree, I like to try out all the properties as well, and the All Stars shouldn't be overlooked. Their themes go above and beyond, and they are full of the Disney magic we all look so forward to on our visits. :)


This blog is just what I have been looking for. Thank you for sharing such intricate details on all of the AS resorts. We will be staying in the All Star Movies this May and I was wondering if you could tell me which rooms at the resort have been renovated. It would be nice to request one if they are available.



This was a nice review of the resorts. Having stayed at moderate resorts before, we actually prefer the value resorts. The money we save far outweighs the amenities we are "giving up." (We don't actually feel like we are losing anything.) Our kids love the pools, the food court, and the theming. We have stayed at Movies and Sports(twice), and also at Pop Century. We always stay on property, but spend all our time in the parks and don't require bell service, sit down restaurants, etc. The Value resorts are obviously the most cost effective option and are fun for the kids. This year, we'll be staying at Wilderness Lodge, but the main deciding factor in that decision was that our kids are getting to an age that made the bunk beds invaluable. If Disney were to put that option in the Value resorts, there is no question as to where we'd be staying.

Cara Richards:

Hi Jack

Have previously stayed at both AS Music and Movies and found them to be a perfect way to spend time on property without forking out a small fortune... will be staying at Sports next month for 5 nights so will soon have done the whole set! :-)

Portsmouth, England


Hi Jack!!

What a great blog! Wonderful amount of details and up to date pictures! Do you happen to know which buildings/rooms in the ASMovies resort have been refurbished? We are staying there May 26-June 2 and have paid for a preferred location. Will request a refurbished area if I know location. Thank you!


Hi Jack!! Love your blog...great as always (and as the icons in the All Star Hotels). My fav resort is Gran Floridian, I don't know why...but as I live in Chile and I have to think in flight tickets too I have to adjust my budget to the All Star's or Pop Century (once I stayed at the Port Orleans...great experience).
I love Hotels, I studied Hotel Management, but what I love the most of the value resorts, specially the Movie, is that they have Disney icons that you can't easily find in other resorts. You are staying in Disney, so you can sleep and dream Disney too (I have to maximize my "every 2 or 3 year" trip to the World)
I'll staying at the Pop on my next visit (first week of May) because my mom loved it from the last trip...but I agree with you: if I win the lottery to stay at least once in Gran Floridian I'll keep staying at the Value resorts...(I'm already planning my 2013 trip! I have to know the new Art of Disney and the new Fantasyland in MK!!!)


hey jack
i have stayed at all three all star hotels before and have had no big problems with them. they are a great place to stay and still offer the same things that are needed just like the more upscale hotels. can't wait for your next blog and as always keep up the great work.


Thanks for the info. We've stayed on grounds a few times in the past mostly in moderate resorts, but due to budget constraints we'll be staying at an AS resort for the first time this May. We'll be staying at the AS Music, but we'll definitely have to walk around the other resorts for the picture opportunities alone. Our 2 1/2 year old loves Toy Story and he'll absolutely love the giant Woody and Buzz!


I stayed at All Star Movies (old room) with my teenage daughter for the High School Cheer Nationals. We enjoyed all the theming while walking around the resorts. The food courts were great and our rooms were clean and bright. We stayed with another mom and her teenage daughter, and I have to say, it was tight. There wasn't enough "storing" space/shelves, and with two women and two teenagers, it was sorely needed. Plus, getting ready had it's challenges especially with "mirror-sink" time". But it served it's purpose for the weekend, and we weren't in the rooms that much but to get ready and sleep. Last time we came to Disney we stayed at Kidani Villas, so it was a big difference.


Great article. It makes me sad to think that I have stayed at all of these resorts and didn't see some of the things that were there. I stayed at All Star Movies one night during the half marathon of 2010 with all the snow and I totally missed the Toy Story section. I would have loved to walk into Andy's room. I know what I will be doing next time I stay there. Taking that hour you suggest and just walk around. thanks for taking the time to write such a wonderful article.

cathy m.:

Hi Jack,
Those dear,little violinists put a big smile on my face this afternoon. Thanks for sharing this special musical treat!

I had planned on visiting these resorts when we were there in Dec. but the rare FL cold weather put a damper on that. These resorts do look so cute and I will have to check them out on our next visit.

You do such a wonderful job with these blogs!
Take care


Great Blog Jack.

Another area where the value resorts are down-graded is their bus service. The lines for All-Star Resorts and Pop Centurey are always much longer at the theme park bus stations. In addition, unlike the deluxe and moderate resorts, the bus stations at the value resorts are not covered. To me, this is a significant omission, given the weather in Florida

However, The Disney bus service is still far better than the transporation to/from off property hotels.

Janice West:

I prefer to stay at the PO Riverside when we go to WDW, but when I "run away" (i.e. get away trip just by myself) I will stay at the All Stars. I usually rent a car (so I have supplies, like bottled water), and ask for a room far from everyone and everything. I get a great, natural view. . .but the bus stop is a far piece by then. I just drive my car to the front parking lot, leave it there for the day and board the bus. No long walk back to the room at the end of a long day. . .just hop in my car and drive back to the room.


Hi Jack,

Great write up on these resorts. I have stayed at All Star Music twice and would do so again (next time I think I will try Movies or Pop Century). While not as fancy as the moderate and deluxe resorts the All Stars are fun and comfortable for those of us on a budget.



Another great article! Like you, I tend to enjoy the finer things in life. My husband and I are currently working on staying at a new on-property hotel with every yearly trip. I must say, however, that there is just something about the All-Star Movies for me. Sure, the buses are crowded and tend to have the longest waits to get home from the Magic Kingdom. Sure the quality of the bath towels make you want to bring your own. I could go on about the lack of luxuries here. Still, there is a great element of nostalgia for me. I love the larger than life Toy Story characters. I love the lobby and game room. Most of all, I love the food court. It might sound strange and I am certain that many would disagree, but this is the best fast-service food court in all of Disney. Nothing compares to that late-night snack of nachos or bread sticks! Thanks again for the article and for letting me reminisce :)

Corri :

I wanted to know when the renovations on the AS Movie Resort are expected to be completed. We are planning a trip in October and looking to stay here, but if Music has already been renovated, we may change our plans and stay at Music.

Thanks for the great information! I have only ever stayed at Value and I appreciated the comparison.

Jack's Answer:

All I know is that the renovations at the All Star Movies have just begun. I don't have a completion date. It's my understanding that the renovations have already been completed at Sports and Music.

Clare C.:

We've stayed at all 3 AS resorts over the years. We stayed one time at a moderate resort (POR) but it didn't seem to be worth the upgrade, we're just not in our room enough when we're at WDW. Now that we are a family of 6, 2 value resort rooms seem to be the best deal for us. The theming there is the most Disney-like to us, too.

Thanks for the great blog. I often hear people putting down the AS resorts, but I agree with you that they are a option worth considering.

Robert Dickinson:

Hey Jack,
Part two was better than I could have imagined. It has been a while since I had the pleasure of staying at the Value resorts and yes I use the word Pleasure. They are awesome resorts and I would happily stay there every trip if I had to. I have stayed at all three over the years but being a huge movie buff, All Star Movies is my all time favorite. Thanks for all the detail and reminder about Herbie and the Toy Story characters. Last I staid there I think I was put up in the 101 Dalmatian building and since I was still in my "commando" touring years I never got to see much of anything else at the resort. I am a Huge Herbie fan so thanks for the tip that one of the original Herbies lives at this resort in the Winners Circle. Will definitely put a visit to see Herbie on my Must Do list for the next visit down.
My only critique of the Values is I wish there were benches lining the Bus ques. You can be waiting a while for a bus if you don't catch one at the right time or you have to wait for the next one because the one that just pulled up is already near full. All in all I love Disney transportation and I think they do a bang up job of it all. Far more efficient than many real world cities public transportation systems!! Just wish they would provide some benches at the stops!! Well gotta run for now. Thanks for another awesome blog. Keep the Firehouse lamp burning!!!


Hailey Gill:

I loved this blog, we usually stay at the value resorts and it just reminded me of great memories. I remember when I was 7 yrs old on my first trip staying at All-Star Music and swimming in the Piano shaped pool!! I agree that Movies is a great place for photo fun!! I have numerous pictures from Andy's Room and they always bring a smile to my face. Yes, the values may not have the fluffiest towels or biggest rooms, but who needs that when they can walk off the bus from a long day at the most magical place on earth and a cast member is there and says welcome home!! I love that!! Plus if your at WDW and spending all your time at your resort, your missing out!! Get out and experience the World!!


Thanks for the article. We recently got back from Kidani Village and had the same problem with our internet cords not being long enough or convienent in location. It made us wonder why Disney has not upgraded to a wireless system in their hotel. Any thoughts?

Jack's Comment:

Disney is testing wireless connections in the lobby of the Contemporary. If it catches on, they will expand this service to the other resorts. But no mention has been made to adding this feature to the rooms. Perhaps it has to do with the $10 per day they charge to connect via a cable.


i love the allstar music hotel. it was the very 1st disney hotel i stayed at and have loved it ever since. Although it may not be as high class as the moderate or deluxe resorts i think you get more than your money's worth. I love the larger colorful music icons on all the buildings, that really brings the Disney magic to life. The landscape and themes of each area are also very descriptive and detailed. the foodcourt and gift shops are awesome, and i love the movie that is played every night!!! Great Hotel!!!

Karla :

I have stayed at all of the AS resorts and I am a fan. As little time as I spend in the room on a Disney vacation, the lack of "extras" is a non-issue for me. But I always wondered what the price difference was between an off property value-type resort and the AS resorts. This year I priced it out for a May stay. The hotel I priced was $49/night. I don't live in Florida so I fly in. Once I added the parking fees and rental car (I didn't even include gas costs), it ended up being $40 cheaper to stay at the AS resorts. I will never double the value of these "value resorts"!


We stayed at Coronado Springs and Caribbean Beach Resort and so I felt a little spoiled and didn't want to book a trip to a "cheaper" resort (since we do not have the funds for a moderate or deluxe this year). But after doing a little research online and reading your blogs, it sounds like I will not be compromising in the least bit! I had no idea how nice the all star resorts really are. I'm very excited to book my next trip to the Movies resort!!!!! Thank you for all the great information! It really helps maximize my trip and find the BEST resort for myself and children :)

Lori A:

We have stayed at all 3 AS Hotels and found AS Movies to be the best. They learned what worked and didn't work from the other 2. I love the decor and wish I had seen more of the grounds but it was our first trip to Disney in years and we spent more time in the parks. Gotta love the Mickey Waffles for breakfast! It's good bang for your buck at these resorts. Can't wait for the Art of Animation Hotel to open!


When the resorts undergo this type of update do the beds get a new mattress? On our last visit they seemed pretty worn out.Even so we loved our stay, these resorts are great! I often dream of the poly or the contemporary but as a family of 8, two rooms at a value are the most economical choice. We have never been disappointed with our stay.

Jack's Answer:

The mattresses at all of the resorts are changed on a regular schedule. On your last visit, you must have had a mattress at the end of its life cycle. When I stayed at the AS Music, the room I was given had just recently been refurbished. In fact, you could still smell the fresh paint -- and the mattress was definitely new.


Just last week we stayed one night at All Star Music. They put us in a room about as far away from the busses as possible in the Country Fair buildings. When we checked out we noticed that the entire first floor of the building was getting flat screen TV's installed. The rooms were all previously renovated, but had the old style tube TV's. So, there may still be a few rooms at Music that are not completely changed over.

Hi, Jack thanks for yet another engrossing read - I've really enjoyed the times I've stayed at the All-Stars (and Pop). Annual passholders can get some genuinely amazing room rates there, making quick long-weekend trips surprisingly realistic.

At the risk of spamming my own site, awhile back I did a fun little photo compilation of the All-Star Music food court mural:

My fiancee and I were fascinated by it, and we kept our guessing-game going all week long.


I have always loved your videos. I know that your editing and talent is what really makes them great.That said,I am in need of a new video camera and was very excited to find out what kind you use in a previous comments section, until I looked it up:) I was wondering if you have any wisdom on a slightly more budget friendly model. If not its completely fine as I know that this question is not at all related to the blog. Thanks for the great work

Jack's Answer:

I'm not really qualified to suggest a brand to you, but I will tell you some of the things that were important to me. First, buy a camera that records in High Definition. That's the wave of the future. Next, buy a camera that records to a hard drive within the camera. The box or sales person will tell you how many hours can be recorded to the camera before you need to download the video to your computer. NOTE: The camera may say something like "Holds up to 15 hours." This will be at the lowest quality setting. You'll probably want to record at the highest quality (which will only hold 1-2 hours) -- after all, that's why you bought a HiDef camera.

I purchased an inexpensive wide-angle lens. This make a big difference in how much "picture" I capture. Make sure the camera you select can accommodate external lens.

I use a monopod when filming. This gives my pictures a much smoother look. A monopod can be purchased for around $20 and they're easy to carry while filming.

I use an expensive version of "Vegas" software to edit my videos, but you can purchase lesser products for $50 and $100. Both offer a lot of flexibility and creativity.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the wonderful review! I loved all the trivia. I spent a week-long trip with my college friends at Music and it was so peaceful and surprisingly lovely (with all the trees and landscaping). I'm a big proponent for the All-Stars, regardless of what other people say. I'm glad to see someone else is too. :)


Hi Jack!
As a family of five, we used to stay at the Port Orleans Riverside when our kids were little. But as our girls got older, one bathroom was not enough!! For the last few years, we have been getting connecting rooms at the All Stars. So much better!!

We have stayed at all three All Stars and I have to say that Movies is our favorite. Disney music used to play throughout Cinema Hall and Melody Hall(nice touch) but I have heard other music at both the last few times.

On our last trip, we traveled with my parents. My mom is in a wheelchair. I was quite surprised that a handicapped room was on the third floor. That would be a problem in an emergency.

We don't even consider staying at other resorts because we are quite content with what the All Stars have to offer. Can't wait to go back :-)


I am not able to view the videos you posted....I would love to see the video of the Movies since we are staying there in September...can you offer any suggestions on how to get the feed?

Jack's Answer:

In most cases, you need to download Flash Player in order to view the videos. Also, if you click in the lower right corner of the video (where is says YouTube), it will open a second window with the video.

Greg Highfill:

Okay Jack, you've now motivated me to visit the All Star Resorts within the next couple of weeks to take some 3-D photographs!

I have never visited, and have been meaning to for some time. Now looks like as good a time as any!

The Good Wario:

Because the All Star Music Resort was built more than four years after Sports and Music, some design changes were incorporated into this third iteration.

Take a look at the above statement, you typed All star Music when you meant movies by accident.

I love your blog theough, keep it up!

Jack's Comment:

I'm surprised that someone else didn't notice my booboo before now. Thanks for pointing it out. I've corrected it.


I've stayed at all three All-Star Resorts & Pop Century and absolutely LOVE them. As a Disney guest who spends most their time at the park (we get up for rope drops at the morning Extra Magic Hours park of the day, take an hour or so break mid-day and then move on to night Extra Magic Hours park) we don't want to spend too much money on a room we're not going to spend a lot of time in but still want that Disney magic. Every visit we try and explore around the hotel and see what other fun things we can find (I'm looking forward to pointing out some of the things you showcased in your blog that we haven't seen before)

The ONLY complaint I have about the value resorts is the bus schedule when the All-Stars are being serviced together. Granted I was there in June the visit where it was really bad (one night we spent close to an hour waiting to get on) but I've also noticed it when I've been there during a less crowded time in November--the buses seem to still be on the usual 20 minute schedule even when they're servicing all 3 All-Stars. Just an observation--still love the value resorts and am looking forward to the opening of the Art of Animation resort!

Ron Stalsberg Jr:

Thanks for another great blog Jack. We have stayed at the All-Stars many times over the years and always had a great experience.


Hi Jack,
Thanks for remembering the All Stars! I've stayed at the deluxes, the moderates, Pop Century and all (3) All Stars.
I've always found it funny when people justify staying at the All Stars b/c they "don't spend much time in their room while at Disney". I stay at the All Stars b/c it helps me get my SILLY on!!!! So much fun to play at, and a great way to connect with your kids in a genuinely unique setting. We all have a ball being children again....
Thanks for reminding everyone that you can stay at the All Stars b/c you WANT to!

Nathaniel Powe:

Hey Jack,

has the rosette been changed in the Calypso pool? It looks different from the last time I saw it?

"The Disney Fanatic"

Jack's Comment:

I really don't know. Although I like the All Stars, I don't spend a lot of time there unless I'm actually lodging there. I'm not familiar enough with the pool to have any vivid memories.

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