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All Star Resorts - Part 1

I’ve been fortunate enough to have stayed at every Disney World resort. But I have to admit, when I win the lotto I’m going to be booking the suites at the Grand Floridian and Contemporary on a regular basis. Or maybe I’ll buy a gazillion DVC points at Bay Lake Tower. I clearly enjoy the finer things in life. But until that wonderful day comes, I’m perfectly fine with a stay at the All Star Resorts. These value properties have a lot to offer and don’t skimp on Disney details.

Giant Star

So how did these value properties come to be?

In October 1973, OPEC declared an oil embargo against the U.S. in response to the United States’ decision to re-supply the Israeli military" during the Yom Kippur war. This hit tourism hard as it made automobile and air travel expensive. Existing hotels and motels along International Drive, Highway 192, and Hotel Plaza Boulevard saw their occupancy rates plummet and new construction came to a standstill. However, the Contemporary and Polynesian Resorts felt almost no effects from the downturn as people were still willing to spend a little extra to stay “at” Disney World.

Disney’s Golf Resort opened two months after the oil embargo began but it never achieved the success enjoyed by the Poly or the Contemporary, baffling executives. In addition, the faltering resorts along Hotel Plaza Boulevard all leased their land from Disney and paid hefty rents. Donn Tatum and Card Walker, the CEO and President of Disney, felt some obligation to these companies and believed if they built more Disney hotels, it would hurt their tenants. So they adopted a “go slow” philosophy when it came to the construction of new resorts on Disney World property. Unfortunately, Tatum and Walker never built ANY new resorts, even after the energy crises lessened. In the meantime, new non-Disney hotels and motels began springing up right and left. This “go slow” decision was one of many that weakened the Disney Company and prompted hostile takeover attempts. Eventually Walker, who had become CEO, and Ron Miller, now president, were forced to resign because of their bad decisions.

When Michael Eisner was hired by shareholders Sid Bass and Roy E. Disney in 1984, he was given the directive to develop the Disney World property – in other words, build more resorts. Shortly after taking the reins, Eisner started construction on the Grand Floridian and the Caribbean Beach Resorts. These were followed by the Swan & Dolphin, the Yacht & Beach, Port Orleans & Dixie Landings, Old Key West and finally Wilderness Lodge.

All of these new resorts did well, but it soon became apparent that Disney had neglected a huge portion of the vacationers who visited Orlando – those who needed to think twice before spending their hard-earned money. To cater to this demographic, the Imagineers designed and built the All Star Resorts. These were deemed “value” resorts that offered basic accommodations with a Disney touch. The rooms would be the smallest on property at 260 square feet (as compared to 314 square feet at most of the moderate resorts) and only counter-service meals would be available. Other amenities and services would also be scaled back in order to cut down on costs. In the end, three resorts would make up this complex, All Star Sports, All Star Music, and All Star Movies.

Here’s a little bit a trivia for you. The All Star Resorts are located in Osceola County. Sales tax here is 7% as compared to 6.5% in Orange County where the other Disney resorts are located. Thus, souvenirs cost more at the All Star Resorts than at other shops on property. So if you’re like me and buy enough mementos, this .05% can add up. LOL.

Groundbreaking for the All Stars began in November 1992. All Star Sports was the first to open when the “Surf’s Up!” buildings began welcoming guests on April 29, 1994. All Star Music began operation on October 22, 1994 (officially opening on November 1, 1994). And All Star Movies began operations almost five years later on January 15, 1999.

Although each of the three resorts is laid out a little differently from the others, the basic design is the same. A central building houses the check-in facilities, shop, arcade, and restaurant. Five themed areas, each consisting of two facing buildings, are situated along meandering pathways. And larger-than-life icons anchor these buildings and set the tone for fun.

Before I describe the resorts in detail, let me share with you what it is that makes the All Stars “value” resorts.

The rooms are small, measuring 260 square feet.

Rooms have double beds, not queen.

The table and chairs are small.

The vanity area only has one sink.

Fluffy is NOT a word I would use to describe the towels. They are adequate at best.

The bathroom is provided with soap and shampoo, but conditioner and body lotion are omitted.

The toilet paper is single-ply.

Luggage service is offered, but not on an individual room basis. A multiple room drop-off system is employed. In addition, this service is not offered 24 hours and times vary from day to day.

Towels are not provided at the pool. Guests need to bring their room towels with them.

No table-service restaurant is available at the resort, only counter service.

The resort is massive. This allows Disney to maximize their staff and facilities to cater to large amounts of people in an efficient manner.

Okay, now let’s take a look at the resorts and see what IS offered.

Since all three resorts offer the same services and amenities, I will not be repeating information when covering each property. Instead, I’ll interject general information throughout this article. So note, when I mention “bus service” at the All Star Music, this information is applicable to All Star Sports and All Star Movies as well.

Let’s start with the All Star Sports Resort. This property highlights surfing, football, basketball, tennis, and baseball. The large star out front is 55 feet tall and weighs more than 55,000 pounds. There are 727 stars on the exterior and interior of the building.

All Star Sports Logo

All Star Sports Exterior

All Star Sports Exterior

Guests begin their stay at Stadium Hall. There is nothing subtle about this venue. Vivid colors and in-your-face embellishments greet visitors upon arrival. The check-in counter is huge so it can accommodate the 1,920 guestrooms. Drawings of both Disney and non-Disney athletes line the walls. Be sure to check out the “lockers” underneath the counter.

Check-in Desk

Sports Murals

Sports Murals

Under Counter Lockers

Don’t forget, you can check-in on-line and receive FastPass-type expediency when securing your room.

“Stadium” seating and a television are available to keep little ones entertained while mom and dad check in.

Children's Check-in Area

A variety of souvenirs are available at “Sport Goofy Gifts and Sundries.” While browsing here, be sure to check out the runner that transitions from 2D to 3D. Pay phones, restrooms, and an ATM are located near this shop.

Sport Goofy Gifts and Sundries

2D/3D Picture

A Hall-of-Fame wall features photographs of top athletic contenders.

Hall-of-Fame Wall

End Zone Food Court serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner from four stations and a grab-and-go section. The 550 seat dining room includes paintings and Lucite depictions of various competitions. Hours of operation are generally from 6am until midnight.

End Zone Food Court

End Zone Dining Room

Lucite Depictions

While staying at the All Stars, I dined at the various food courts several times during my visit. In all cases, I was pleased with my meals. Is the food comparable to Citricos or California Grill? Of course not. But the food was tasty, hot, and pleasantly presented.

This first picture is of the individual Pepperoni Pizza. I was pleased. I also liked the carrot cake, even though it is obviously mass produced.

Pepperoni Pizza

This next picture is of the Ham and Salami on Ciabatta. Of all the meals I sampled here, this was by far the best!

Ham and Salami on Ciabatta

Here we have the Chicken Penne Alfredo with Breadstick. I felt the chicken was a little dry, but this could easily be remedied with extra Alfredo Sauce. The breadsticks are identical to the ones served in the Animal Kingdom at the Pizzafari Restaurant.

Chicken Penne Alfredo with Breadstick

Next we have the Pasta with Meatballs and Breadstick. The sauce was zesty but not overpowering. However, the small side salad had too much dressing as it was pooling at the bottom of the cup – but it tasted good.

Pasta with Meatballs and Breadstick

I’m not a big breakfast eater so on most mornings I ate a bagel and cream cheese. But one morning I went all out an ordered a breakfast platter. This included scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, biscuit, and “dipping” French toast. Everything was more than adequate but I’d have to say, the sausage was outstanding!

Breakfast Platter

Game Point Arcade is open from 8am to 11pm and offers a wide variety of challenging options.

Game Point Arcade

Each of the five themed areas has 384 rooms situated in two, T-shaped buildings. The various sections opened on the following dates:

Surf's Up! - April 29, 1994
Hoops Hotel - May 13, 1994
Touchdown - June 26, 1994
Home Run Hotel - July 22, 1994
Center Court - August 11, 1994

Surf’s Up! cradles a large pool within its courtyard. Here, giant lifeguard towers house stairwells and 38 feet high shark fins mark the buildings’ main entrances. Fins of this size would belong to a 300 foot long Great White Shark. The brightly colored surfboards are also 38 feet tall. Approximately 950 Red Snapper and Dolphin Fish line the balconies.

Lifegaurd Tower

Shark's Fin

Surf Boards

The Surfboard Bay Pool holds 242,471 gallons of water and a children’s splash pool is available for the kids. A laundry facility is located nearby in the “Surf’s Up! Bath House.”

Surfboard Bay Pool

Kiddie Pool

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

Beyond the Surf’s Up! section is Mount Mickey. This memorial pays homage to the winning spirit of sports and to our favorite mouse.

Mount Mickey

Mount Mickey

Mount Mickey

Mount Mickey

To the right of Mount Mickey is Hoops Hotel. Here, 45 foot tall megaphones house the stairwells and giant whistles mark the buildings’ entrances. The whistles measure 60 feet long and 20 feet high. The pea inside the whistle is approximately 9 feet in diameter. Pennants from college teams and over 70 giant basketballs line the railings. The palm trees were arranged to look like a basketball team at tip-off.




To the left of Mount Mickey is Center Court. The section of the resort pays homage to tennis and unfolds on a giant playing field. The stairwells are contained in oversized tennis ball cans large enough to hold 9,474,609 regulation size tennis balls. The buildings’ main entrances are marked by giant referee chairs. The tennis racquets that line the railing are approximately 51 feet tall and the tennis balls are almost 5 feet in diameter.

Tennis Ball Can

Referee Chair

Tennis Racket

Out on the court we find an infuriated Donald Duck who is trying to play tennis while his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, enjoy a game of baseball.

Donald Duck

Huey, Dewey, and Louie

Closer to Stadium Hall we find the Touchdown! section of the resort. Giant footballs at the end of each wing house the staircases and large helmets mark the buildings’ entrances. A football player would have to stand at more than 200 feet tall to be able to wear one of these giant football helmets. On the gridiron are “X’s” and “O’s” marking the players on the field.



Grid Iron

The last themed area is Home Run Hotel. This baseball inspired section is marked by massive Coca-Cola cups. It would take more than 20 million 12-ounce cans of Coke to fill just one of these containers. To put this in perspective, in 1992, guests at Walt Disney World consumed approximately 1,600,000 gallons of Coca-Cola which would only fill 85% of just one of these giant Coca-Cola cups.

A 40-foot tall White Ash tree would be needed to make a baseball bat the size of the ones located on the railings of the Home Run Hotel.

Coke Cup


Baseball Bats

Grandslam Pool is designed in the shape of a baseball infield. Goofy can be found on the pitcher’s mound with a water cannon. Underneath the nearby bleachers is the resort’s second laundry facility.

Baseball Pool

Pitcher Goofy


Laundry Room

In an effort to maximize theming, Disney will frequently promote the All Star Sports Resort to youth sports-oriented organizations. It is not uncommon to see Little League, Pop Warner Football, and similar groups staying here. For the most part, these groups are well behaved and cause absolutely no problems. But kids have youthful energy and can be noisier than one might like. In addition, these groups will descend on the food court en mass, each paying separately. If you think this will be a problem for you, I might suggest the All Star Movies and the Pop Century Resorts if you’re looking for a value property. The picture below shows a group of cheerleaders stretching before their day begins.

Youth Group

The rooms at the All Stars Sports have all been recently renovated. Gone are the dark furnishings and tube TVs to be replaced with clean colors and wide-screen televisions.

The rooms can accommodate a maximum of 4 people, or 4 people with one child under three who sleeps in a crib. Some rooms feature one king bed but these are designated as handicapped rooms. Refrigerators can be rented for $10 per day, subject to availability. The vanity area is separated by a curtain and contains one sink. The toilet and shower are located in a separate room. With the exception of the wallpaper boarder and a picture hanging on the wall, the rooms are indistinguishable from one section to the next.

Room Interior

Room Interior

Room Interior

I’m happy to report, the new rooms have been equipped with light fixtures that can accommodate the new, energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. They look great and no one would ever suspect they’ve been switched out.

This first video is of the entire resort and room and runs a little over 8 minutes. The second video is of the room only and is about a minute and a half in length.

That’s it for Part 1. Check back tomorrow for Part 2.

The previous post in this blog was Animation Academy at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The next post in this blog is All Star Resorts - Part 2.

Comments (32)

David Seymour:

Thanks for reviewing the All Star Resorts! I look forward to seeing pictures of all 3 of them (we have only stayed at Movies). I found the comparison information very helpful for future planning. This will also be great for sharing with friends planning their trips. Thanks! David

Jason Dupre:

I should have stayed at AS Sports instead of AS Movies last month. Our room there was looked old and battered. The chairs and table were all dinged up and the upholstery was stained and dirty. The carpeted floors had visible dirt along all wall edges. The TV was an old tube type. Thankully the linens and towels as well as the bathroom were clean when I checked with my UV light. A previous stay there 5 years ago was great but last month was disappointing due to the cleanliness demerits. I'd avoid AS Movies until the update it.

Jack's Comment:

In Part 2 I'll be pointing out that "Movies" has just started renovation. In fact, I was originally put in an "old" room at Movies and I requested a change. You are correct, the old rooms are looking tired. I have videos of old and new posted tomorrow.

Davida Kosa:


All Star Sports was the first to open when the “Surf’s Up!” buildings began welcoming guests on April 29, 1999.

Nope, it was '94. (You were just seeing if we paid attention, weren't you?)

Love the blogs -- keep'em coming!

Jack's Comment:

If you notice, I mentioned the opening date later in the article and got it right the second time. Thanks for the correction.


Once again, a stellar blog post, and you taught me something new! I had no idea you could rent refrigerators at the All Star resorts! This is certainly going to change the way I eat at the resorts in the future. Thanks so much!


hey jack
i have stayed at the all star resorts before and do enjoy staying at them from time to time. The only problem i have with them is that there is only one bus for all three hotels. this can sometimes be hard to deal with especially after a long day in the park. other then that the all star hotels are a great place to stay on a tight budget and they still offer that Disney feel. can't wait for part two tomorrow and as always keep up the great work.

Jack's Comment:

Actually, it depends on the season and time of day. During moderate to busy times, each resort has its own bus. Still, it can get crowded.

The Swan, Dolphin, Yacht, Beach, and Boardwalk (all deluxe resorts), also periodically share one bus.

In my opinion, this should never happen. Even when it's not busy, it's time consuming to travel from one resort to the next. This takes time away from a guest's vacation.


Hi Jack,
I just wanted to add one more of the differences in a value resort. Value resorts do not have a slide at the pool. While this is not important to me, it is one of the first questions that kids ask about when I book a resort! While this is not worth paying a higher price for, I just thought I would add it to the list of differences.

Robert Dickinson:

Hey Jack,

Thanks again for another awesome blog. Thank you for all the work it takes to get all these details. That's not an easy feat to do! Looking forward to part 2 tomorrow!! Can't wait!!!


James Raymond:

Another great post!

We have stayed in all 3 of the All Star Resorts, we always enjoyed our stay.

On our last trip we were fortunate enough to stay at All Star Music Family Suites. We loved the small kitchenette provided. We were able to avoid the food court in the mornings. Our autistic grandson doesn't do well with crowds until his morning medication kicks in.

The cast members at all 3 All Star Resorts have always been very friendly and helpful.


My family and I always stay at the All-Star resorts. One, out of necessity to keep costs low, but also because the larger-than-life fun themes to the hotels are quintessentially Disney. My wife and I love it, and so do our kids! Yes, there are not many "creature comforts" here, but I don't spend much time at the resort anyway! I'm at Disney World! I'm in one of the parks most of the time ;) Bus transit is timely; I've never waited more than 10-15 minutes for a bus to get wherever I needed to go. My car stays parked all week!

I will always defend these value resorts because they are fun and a great, relatively inexpensive way to stay on Disney property and reap the benefits of the World (like transit and extra magic hours!).


Great blog, so far Jack. Can't wait to see what the new rooms at Movies look like. I know they are no-frills, but I too enjoy staying at the All Star resorts. Partly for the price & partly for the theming. Keep up the great work!


Thanks for the highlights of this hotel. I've stayed at ASMovies in the past and Pop. We've been staying at Pop on all of our recent visits due to them having their own bus instead of the shared ones, the All Stars share. But I plan on running one of the Wine and Dine races and we'll be staying at Sports since it's a "host" hotel and will provide transportation to and from the race.

Mike Venere:

We have stayed here a few times out of the many to the world. I have never had any issues with the "value" end of this resort.

Because ya know what, when my eyes are closed I cannot tell if I am in Cindarella castle or at All Star Movies!!!


Yet another wonderful post! I really enjoyed this one. I have a family and the only way for us to stay on property is to stay in the value resorts. I think that they are great if you want that "Disney" feel but can't afford the more expensive resorts. We have a trip in October and are debating staying on or off property. This blog will certainly help us in deciding. Thanks!!!!

Hailey Gill:

I have always stayed at the value resorts and have never noticed Mount Mickey, I'll be sure to look for it next time I'm there!! Thanks for pointing it out. Also to add, from experience I feel that the All-Stars have the best bus service.

Lynn Johnson:

Jack - Thanks for a trip down memory lane! Disney's All Star Sports Resort was the very first Disney World property we visited when my boys were little, in March 1995. My boys still talk about their first stay on Disney property. Though we have since visited Disney World many times, trying out different resorts, we will always hold our first stay at "Sports" dear!

Jenny Sperandeo:

Hi Jack! I agree, I'd stay at the Grand Floridian any day (I'm a bit of a Disney snob). We should play the lottery together to boost our chances. :) But, that being said, if it means a trip to Disney on a budget, I'd gladly stay at any of the All Star Resorts. And, I have. I've stayed at ASMo, Pop Century, and ASMu twice. There are many things I like about these Value resorts. I like how there are so many options in their food courts. Their gift shops are larger than the Moderate and Deluxe resorts, and the grounds are just as nice. That's the beauty of Disney. They take care of all the resorts, and you never lack the magic at any of them. They each have something special and unique to offer. Thanks again for a great read.


Howdy Jack,
Another informative post! Thanks for all the trivia - the Osceola County tax tidbit is one that I'll share with friends who visit (you'll be credited, of course). Your selection of photos are comprehensive (food pics!) I'm looking forward to the Part 2.



Thanks for the article on the All Star resorts. My husband and I always stay at the Value resorts (though our favorite is Pop Century).

We spend most of our time at the parks, so there's no real point in paying more money for amenities we're not using. Although, if I win the lottery I do want to stay in one of the Savannah rooms at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. ;-)

You still get the fantastic Disney service at a more manageable price at the Value resorts.


Looking forward to Part 2 as well! This is perfect timing for us because the Cheer and Dance Worlds Championships are held at Disney April 29 through May 1st of this year.

Our team from Pittsburgh will be staying (most likely) at All Star Movies.

The resort is not bad, the pool is nice too. Last time I was there and for this new trip too - - - I will rent a car! It is helpful to get off the grounds every once in awhile - I am not very patient waiting for resort buses and waiting in bus line crowds - especially if they are packed with the sport teams. I like to go to the local grocery store and with the hotel parking pass you can drive to the theme parks and park for free if you keep the pass on your dashboard!

See you in 2 weeks!

Thanks for the great summary of AS Sports! I'm looking forward to the next post. Any inside information about the newest Value Resort, the Art of Animation? I hear it will be built next to Pop Century and will open in 2012.

Philippa Bianca:

We had six people on our last Disney trip. It was half the cost to rent two AS Sports rooms than one moderate. We got connecting rooms and were very comfortable and had two bathrooms to boot! I had been forewarned about the towels and TP, so I brought my own from home(We drove.) Since we had our own car and didn't need the buses, I requested rooms furthest from the stadium hall - they were cheaper! We had a wonderful experience and would definitely stay there again.

Ashley KY:

Another great blog Jack! Weve stayed at all star movies 4 times & loved it! We are headed to the world in 45 days, and trying something new with port orleans riverside. Your blog makes me miss the all stars, and my husband said we should have tried sports after seeing these pictures. It looks exciting!

Wendy Snelgrove:


I am enjoying part 1 of this blog. I wanted to add to Nikki's comment above (about there being no slide at the pools) that there are also no spas (hot tubs) at any of the pools.

Thanks, Wendy

Sue KY:

We loved our recent stay at All Star Sports. Another plus to the All Stars is their close proximity to McDonalds. We found it a great place to go for breakfast -- it was a less expensive than the food court.

We plan in the future to stay at an All Star for 4-5 days then move for 1 or 2 nights to a Deluxe resort -- maybe Wilderness Lodge. For the days we are there, we don't plan to go to the parks, but to spend the day really enjoying the amenities. On park days, all we really need is a place to sleep --


I stayed at the All Star Sports with my 9 year old nephew in 1999. He thought he had died and gone to heaven! Plan on staying at All Star Music this fall just to try a "new" resort - hope renovations are done by then. Haven't had the pleasure to stay at ALL the resorts but have stayed at quite a few. At the "Sports" resort I requested a room a little out of the way - we got a room in the end zone and it was away from all the noise - on the second day there my nephew discovered instead of turning right outside our door and having to go through the main building to the bus we just turned left around the end of the building and there was the bus stop! I'm glad they have been able - for the most part - to keep prices down.


One of the attributes that makes it "value" is the double beds as opposed to queen beds. On the WDW website, they list moderate resorts such as the Caribbean Beach, French Quarter and Riverside as having double beds as well and the price is no different than the ones offering 2 queens. Coronado Springs is the only Moderate that offers 2 queens (not counting the cabins @ Ft. Wilderness.) Do you know what's up with that? Not even the Preferred Rooms at the Moderate Resorts have 2 queens.

Jack's Answer:

The only reason I can think of that Coronado Springs offers queen beds while the other moderate resorts offer double beds is the fact that it's a "convention" hotel. This is just a guess on my part as I really don't know. However, Coronado Springs also only has one sink while the other moderates have two. Go figure.


Thanks for the great post. In June we will be embarking on our very first vacation to Disney World and will be staying at the All-Star Sports Resort. This was awesome information for us "first-timers". We can't wait to read part II.

Julie B.:

Loved this review Jack!! As always, I love all of your articles! My family has stayed @ ASM & ASS in past years & have also enjoyed them. Like you, I also enjoy the 'finer things' in! I prefer the Poly or the CBR. My family seems to have upgraded to the 'moderates' when deluxe is out of the question. I do have to say that for what the 'values' offer, I do love the bright & bold theming of the resorts & the pools are all fabulous. So even if you are going to WDW on a budget, these are great resorts to stay at!!


We've started our vacations to Disney World in 2002 staying at the Allstar Music and have been going back every year since. All stays were at the Music except for one year at the Movies but we just didn't feel at home so we went back to the Music. We'll be going back again in 15 more days and can't wait to get back to the Music. Everyone I have talked into going to Disney World I have told them stay at one of the value resorts because of all the money they will save, more to spent at the parks, they are clean have anything that they might need while they are there.
Can't wait to get back.


all star music is great, disney movies at the pool in the evening, kids activities, best meal i had was stuffed pork at the food court, freindly service for the most part, pool nicer then pop centry. recamend it to others


We have stayed many Times at both Music and Movies. We loved them. In the few years since beginning our Disney travels we have stayed at AKL and Boardwalk. I can honestly say, I cant feel any difference in the towels, we have had towels available pool side, the toilet paper was the same as the parks, and the food is as good as the quick serve anywhere. My daughter loved the "Disney-ness" of these hotels. AKL lacks some of that. Cast members were a lot friendlier and sweeter than other places I have encountered.The bus service was definitely better: especially the cattle gates. Nothing annoys me more than standing waiting for a bus at some of these moderate/deluxe resorts to have ppl push right in front of you! Doesn't reinforce manners to a child to watch affluent adults push past her to be "first"! I highly recommend these resorts! If you can save money and not lose anything...Why not do it! We loved our times there!

Nathaniel Powe:

Thank You Jack! This resort holds a special place in my heart because it is the first Disney resort that I ever stayed at. My wife and I took my son to Disney for the first time when he was 2 and we styed in the basketball section. This report has put a smile on my face and brought back a host of happy memories!

"The Disney Fanatic"

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