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Snow White’s Scary Adventures

On December 21, 1937, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” premiered at the Carthay Circle Theater in Hollywood. In the audience was the cream of Tinseltown society. Charlie Chaplin, Shirley Temple, Jack Benny, Marlene Dietrich, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks Junior, just to name a few. The movie cost $1,480,000 to produce. Walt was in debt up to his eyebrows and this premiere could be a “make or break” moment for his company. As we know, the audience was mesmerized and this pivotal evening catapulted Walt into the big leagues forever. Here are copies of the two original movie posters for the film.

Snow White Movie Poster

Snow White Movie Poster

It is often claimed that “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was the first full-length animated movie. This is not true. That honor goes to Argentine movie-maker Quirino Cristiani who in 1917 animated “The Apostle.” Not to minimize Quirino’s contribution, but an analogy similar to the discovery of the New World can be made. Yes, Leif Ericson may have been the first European to travel to the New World, but his voyage had little impact on society as a whole. Crossing the Atlantic only became significant when Columbus made the journey almost 500 years later. The same is true with animation. It took Walt’s vision to change the way audiences viewed “cartoons.”

“Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs” was the most profitable movie in 1938. In 1989, the film was added to the United States National Film Registry as being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". The movie is currently the only animated film on the American Film Institute’s list of the 100 greatest American films (#34). The movie is also ranked as AFI’s number one animated film. So groundbreaking was the movie that Walt was given a special Oscar presented to him by Shirley Temple.

Special Oscar

Although the original Carthay Circle Theater was demolished in 1969, replicas can be seen at Disney's Hollywood Studios and soon at Disney's California Adventure.

Carthay Circle Theater - Disney's Hollywood Studios

Carthay Circle Theater - Disney's California Adventure

When Walt began planning Disneyland, Snow White was an obvious choice to be included in his park. After all, without the financial success of her movie, “The Happiest Place on Earth” might never have become a reality.

When Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955, the park’s attractions were not the sophisticated diversions we think of today. Rides like Dumbo and the Mad Tea Cups were simple carnival rides that Walt dressed up with his characters. This is also true of the dark rides. First patented in 1928 by Leon Cassidy, these single-rail electric vehicles were simple rides that would entertain fair-goers for many years before Walt came along. They employed sudden tight curves to both surprise the passengers and hide the next scene from view. The sights were most often two-dimensional cut-outs and black lights were frequently used to illuminate fluorescent paint. Once again, Walt dressed up this tried-and-true attraction with his well-known characters. “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride,” “Peter Pan Flight,” and “Snow White’s Adventure” greeted Disneyland guests on opening day.

In the beginning, guests did not see Snow White while riding on her attraction. The Imagineers wanted the guests to “be” Snow White and see the adventure through her eyes. Unfortunately, this concept was lost on most guests and they complained that the lovely heroine was nowhere to be seen. During the 1983 makeover of Fantasyland, all of the dark rides were redesigned to some degree. At this time, Snow White was added to the attraction.

The same was true at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. In the early years, Snow White was not seen on the ride. It wasn’t until December 16, 1994 that she made an appearance. The ride vehicles were also enlarged at this time to hold six guests instead of four. In addition, the attraction was renamed “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” as this ride often frightened young children and the Imagineers felt some sort of warning was necessary.

“Snow White’s Scary Adventures” is housed in a castle-like structure in the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland. Behind the boarding area is a large mural featuring the characters from the story.

Snow White Exterior

Snow White Mural

The ride begins outside the Queen’s Castle. We pass Snow White’s wishing well then we find her daydreaming nearby as the Queen looks on from an overhead window.

Wishing Well

Snow White and the Evil Queen

We then enter the castle and come face to face with the magic mirror. Moments later, we see the Queen transform into the Wicked Witch. This can be a terrifying moment for young children.

Entering the Castle

The Magic Mirror

The Evil Queen

The Wicked Witch

We next pass through a dungeon and see skeletons, presumably the recipients of the Queen’s evilness. Then the Wicked Witch appears and offers us a poison apple.

Dungeon with Skeleton

Wicked Witch with Apple

As we leave the Queen’s castle, we enter a dark forest to find the Huntsman pursuing a terrified Snow White.


Terrified Snow White

As we journey deeper into the woods, we come across the Dwarf’s cottage. We enter to find the little men engaged in song and merriment. While in this room, notice the candlelight illuminating the walls. It’s actually paint – the trick of a clever artist.

Around the corner we see Snow White accepting a poison apple from the Wicked Witch.

The Dwarf's Cottage

The Dwarfs

Snow White Accepting the Apple

Outside the cottage we encounter two hungry vultures and the Wicked Witch. We escape their clutches by entering the Dwarf’s diamond mine.

Two Hungry Vultures

Wicked Witch

Dwarf's Diamond Mine

Exiting the mine we find the Dwarfs pursuing the Wicked Witch up a mountain where she is trying to dislodge a boulder to tumble upon the attraction’s riders below. Just in the nick of time, a lightning bolt strikes the old hag and we hear her scream as she tumbles backwards to her death.

Dwarfs Chasing the Witch

Wicked Witch with Boulder

Around the corner we find the Prince awakening our beauty with a kiss. We then see them riding off into the sunset as Dopey waves goodbye.

Waking Snow White with a Kiss

Riding into the Sunset

Dopey Waving Goodbye

To see a three minute filming of “Snow White’s Scary Adventures,” check out my video. Because of low lighting, portions of this video were shot using infrared photography.

As part of the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland expansion, “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” will be closing permanently in early 2012. “Princess Fairytale Hall” will take over this space and provide meet-and-greet opportunities with a number of the Disney princesses.

Princess Fairytale Hall

But don’t despair if you’re a lover of Snow White. A new attraction, “The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train” will take up residence on what was once the “20,000 Leagues” lagoon. This mild coaster will employ new technology that will allow the vehicles to pivot using centrifugal force, thus giving the mine cars a swinging motion. Along the fast paced journey guests will encounter the Dwarf’s cottage, their mine, and new AudioAnimatronics.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

At the Magic Kingdom, “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” has always been the least popular of the three dark rides. Both “Peter Pan’s Flight” and “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” offer FastPass, but “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” never needed to. But this does not lessen this attraction’s appeal and the importance its heroine played in the building of the Disney Company. If you have a trip planned to Disney World this coming year, I strongly suggest you experience this classic attraction one last time.

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Comments (54)

David Lizewski:

Thanks for another great one, Jack! In all my trips to WDW, i've never been on this ride, but will make it a point when we make our trip this Decemeber.

Jack's Comment:

So it's all your fault Snow White's Scary Adventures is closing. If just one more person had ridden this attraction, it would have met its attendance quota and been saved. Shame on you.

Just kidding.

Snow White's Scary Adventures is not a "knock your socks off" ride, but it is a part of Disney history and should be experienced at least once.

Brian Yesutis:

I know this ride is not popular but this was one of the first rides my daughter asked to go on and she still always asks to go. This one will always hold a special place in my heart. This is the magic of Disney World. Each ride holds something different for everyone.


cathy m.:

Hi Jack,
Oh boy here's another Disney fan that has never been on this ride at least I can't remember going to this attraction. It does look too scary for the little ones though so I think the new Train Ride will be more fun for the younget set.
Since I never went on this ride I appreciated the video and history.

Snow White is one of our all time favorites. On our last visit my 6 year old begged to ride it over and over ( in her Snow White dress no less)! By the time we left The World we had ridden it 8 times. I really hate to see such an iconic ride go. I do look forward to the new additions but we will truly miss Snow White!

Jenny Sperandeo:

Hi Jack! I really enjoyed your article. I even learned some new facts about the ride from you. So, thanks! Snow White's Scary Adventures has always been a must every time my family comes to Disney World. We will surely miss it when it leaves the park. To be honest, I enjoy this ride a lot, often riding it more than once when we visit, and am a huge fan of Disney's first princess. However, I am anxious to see and ride the new attraction when it appears. It looks really neat.


hey jack
snow white is always an attraction that i never miss when i visit disney world. the line is usually short so i can go whenever. it is just one of those classic rides that everyone knows. can't believe its going in 2012 but i can't wait for the new mine attraction to open. can't wait for your next blog and as always keep up the great work.

Aubrey Cooper:

I have to say I am not one bit sad to see this ride go. It terrified me when I was a kid!!! (Though I did get a pretty cool MSEP pennant to console me after we rode). I've only ridden it one more time, when I was about 14 or so. No I volunteer to go get FP for something else while the rest of my family rides. LOL What can I say, I'm stubborn!

I do believe Snow White is an important part of the Disney legacy and I'm glad to see the film get a new attraction that will appeal to so many more people.

Josh Olive:

I've always loved this ride - the way it seamlessly combines 3-D figures with painted backgrounds is breathtaking - and my wife and I ride it several times on each visit to the parks.

I'm saddened that everything new we seem to get at the parks these days is at the expense of something old, and I absolutely hate to see this fantastic experience go.


As far as I am aware, Snow White's Scary Adventures was the first ride I ever rode at Disney World around 20 years ago. I've been back probably about 10 times since then and have to ride it every time. This July my family and I are bringing my 6 year old niece for her first visit and will definitely take at least one ride so she can experience it before it goes! I'll be sad to see it go, as it's so nostalgic for me. I am, however, VERY excited for the Fantasyland expansion and know that even though you have to say goodbye to the rides you love (Mr. Toad, 20,000 leagues under the sea, the skyway, etc) the new rides are always fantastic replacements!

Heather Young:

Another fantastic blog Jack.

I remember the first time I encountered this ride, my husband and I waited at the exit to make sure no kids were coming off traumatised. We climbed aboard our mine train and set off on our adventure. The kids didn't bat an eyelid.

I am so looking forward to the Fantasyland expansion but I will miss this ride. Thanks again Jack.


I'm kinda conflicted on the passing of this attraction. It's definately the lesser of the 3 dark rides, but is still a good ride in its own sense. The new little mermaid dark ride is sure to be a spectacle, and peter pan will always remain a classic. Now we just have to hope we get the Winnie the Pooh that Tokyo has. But Snow White's Scary Adventures will surely be missed!

Jack's Comment:

I'm with you about Tokyo's Pooh. I don't know why Disney hasn't used this technology here. At least they're using it at Hong Kong's Haunted Mansion.


I will be sad to see this ride go, as it is the home of a friendly wager and fun memory between my husband and I. We each try to guess which dwarf will be featured on our ride car, and the "loser" buys the ice cream. We'll miss this tradition! I always love new additions, but hate to see anything go.


I am still mourning the loss of Mr. Toad's wild ride. Snow White will truly be missed. I am visiting this September and will surely ride the scary adventure one last time. I am sad that all the "originals" are slowly being replaced but excited to see some new and fresh attractions.

Is there any word on Mickey and Minnie's houses?

Jack's Answer:

New Meet & Greet venues, to replace Mickey and Minnie's houses, are being built in Exhibition Hall on Main Street. However, no details have been given.


What do they do with the scenery and other things from rides like this that close? Is it thrown away or made use by other means? They should make a museum or auction off old stuff like this.

Jack's Answer:

If something can be recycled, Disney hangs onto it, but a lot of stuff is sold to a company called Mouse Surplus. At one time you could buy the old ride vehicles from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Robert Dickinson:

Hey Jack!! Another AWESOME blog!!! You must had read my mind! I was hoping, since hearing that "Snow White's Scary Adventure" was getting mothballed at the Magic Kingdom that you might do a blog on it before its demise. So I was extremely happy to find this when I logged on today!!

I Love "SWSA" and I am sorry to see it go. I know its not the most "knock your socks off ride". I agree. But I still find it a fun attraction. With regards to it being Scary I agree it can be scary for the little ones but then again a little scare like this attraction can lead to cherished life time memories. It could also be argued that it also sets the stage as a transitional attraction for the little ones to move to the bigger league attractions.

But I digress, the main reason I hate to see this attraction go is that it IS an important piece of Disney History and History in general! Although "SWSA" it's self is not a Historic building or landmark it was modeled after Historic "laugh in the dark" rides that have greatly disappeared in numbers over the last couple decades. I saw a documentary a few years back on the subject and it even featured a Dark Ride from my home town's Kennywood park called "Le Cachot" that made the national historic registry. "Le Cachot" had a Dungeon room just like "SWSA" Dungeon room! Unfortunately "Le Cachot" was destroyed a few years back in an electrical fire and was tore down:( So from a historic standpoint I believe "SWSA" is a very important piece of history and I hate to see it go.

Its always difficult to see a loved attraction go away or be refurbished to the point it is no longer recognizable from its former self. Yet again Walt wanted his parks to be ever growing and ever changing. So I do get it!! Thanks again Jack for another awesome blog. Looking forward to the Seven Dwarf's mine car ride!!


Jack's Comment:

When people tell me they don't want an attraction to be removed, I remind them that if things didn't change, brassieres would still be sold on Disneyland's Main Street and the Bathroom of the Future would be an exhibit in Tomorrowland. I only become angry with Disney when they remove an attraction and don't replace it with something else. At least in this case, they are building another Snow White themed attraction in Fantasyland. And Snow White's Scary Adventures is still alive and well in Tokyo, Anaheim, and Paris.


Hey Jack! Thank you so much for the great article! I always loved this ride because of its simplicity. I always felt its location had something to do with its light attendance, but Snow White sure will get her fair share of attendance with the new attraction! :)


this ride quickly became one of our family's favorites when our then 2 year old son had to ride it 4 times in a row one night, with no wait, it will be missed. as all things at disney it will make way for a newer more advanced ride and that is part of the magic of disney

Leslie Dameron:

Hi Jack,

My family is greatly dismayed by the news that Snow White is closing. This ride is a real favorite. The artistic quality is classic while not dated. The ride appeals to both children and adults. My kids loved it at a young age - yes, a scary adventure, but doable - and continue to enjoy the classic adventure. If you love old movies and can appreciate what makes a grand MGM movie "GRAND", then you can appreciate a ride like Snow White's Scary Adventure. We will be sad to see it go.


Andrea S.:

Hi Jack! Thanks for yet another wonderful blog. Snow White's Scary Adventures is one of many must see attractions while at the Magic Kingdom for my family. It is such a classic, I even remember going on this ride as a kid in the 80's, which if I remember correctly it was just Snow White's Adventures. I will be really sad to see this attraction close, but am really excited to see the new Snow White attraction. We are going back to Disney in May and we will be sure to ride it one last time :)


Hi Jack,
SWSA was the first ride we took our girls(ages 4,4, and 7)on during our very first trip to Disney World. It was summer time and it had the shortest line. A friend(hah) told us it wasn't scary anymore. Well, the twins wouldn't go on any ride that was even remotely dark for the rest of the week.
On the upside, their being terrified got us front row seats to the Lion King Show and they were in the show parade. The girls got to go behind the scenes of the Pocahontas show and see the animals. And they got to open Camp Minnie & Mickey and had special souvenir pictures taken with the characters.
I didn't realize this ride was closing. I'm glad we rode it in December because we won't be back before it closes. Can't wait to ride the new Dwarf ride!!


Thanks again for another wonderful blog! I'm sad to see this ride go away. It is one fo the one's that I remember always being there. It wasn't a ride that we did everytime we went to Disney, but I'll still miss it. I just wish that they had annouced it before now. After our Fall 2010 visit, we won't be back until Fall 2012. The Fantasyland changes are going to be hard for my childhood memories to adjust to.


Thank for a fantastic article!! SWSA has never been one of my favorites, but I always rode it and appreciated the "classic" feel of an original attraction. Reading the history and seeing the details in your article was terrific. I'm very glad to see that they are replacing it with something with such broad appeal (Seven Dwarf Mine Ride) and using the space by the castle with something children will embrace and staying within the theme of Fantasyland. I agree, change is necessary and the attractions are almost always an improvement. Now, if they would only come to their senses with Stitch's Great Escape. Ugh!


Sad to have you confirm the rumors. A family favorite for years - from my first ride at age 3 until my last at 14 (apparently) - and my Dad's from age 33 to 47. We are in mourning. Has Disney ever thought to preserve the experience for others (who won't get to Tokyo or Paris) with an 3D or HD (at least) short of the retired rides for future generations. YouTube and our own home videos don't do it justice...

Ron Stalsberg Jr:

Thanks Jack for another great blog. I will be sorry to see Snow White go away but the new ride sounds great. I'm just glad that they are investing in the new fantasyland. It is always sad to see old rides go away. But think how the parks would be if nothing ever changed.......


Do they have a approximate date of when the new attraction, “The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train” will be completed?

Jack's Answer: No.

Paul S.:

I may be in the minority, but I'm not terribly sad to see this go. The five minutes reading this blog were way more interesting than five minutes on the ride, not to mention the wait time. By far it was the least interesting of the three dark rides.

However, I would rather this be replaced by another attraction as opposed to a Princess meeting place. Don't they have a character breakfast for that already?

Stefanie Delorey:

Hey Jack,

It looks like I am one of the few that will not be too sad to see Snow White's Scary Adventure disappear forever! I didn't remember it being so scary. On my son Jack's (great name right!) first visit it was the first thing we rode because there was no wait. He freaked out and we had to spend lots of time convincing him to ride anything else! Lucky for us Dumbo cured him of his fear but he was still a little hesitant when we tried to take him on anything that resembled a dark ride.

I look forward to taking him on the new Snow White ride!

Thanks for the fantastic blog.

I love this ride, I'm 15 and have went to disney world 16 times!!! Disney is seriously my whole life. And this ride was so fun when was little! I remember in the end of the ride waving to all the dwarfs and snow herself!! I feel so stupid doing that, but now when i get old my kids wont have the same experience that I did.This is sure gonna be sad when its gone! I literally cried when I saw it was going to close:( but I guess we need a little change...Disney always keeps us on our toes!!


Another great article, Jack! :)

*Proofreading time again*

"When people tell me they don't want an attraction to be removed, I remind them that if things didn't change, braziers would still be sold on Disneyland's Main Street and the Bathroom of the Future would be an exhibit in Tomorrowland."

A BRAZIER is "..a container for fire, generally taking the form of an upright standing or hanging metal bowl or box."

I think you meant "brassieres" (bras)

Jack's Comment: Thanks guy!


Nice job, Jack. Our 2-year-old daughter is typically a trooper in the dark, and she did well on most rides during our recent trip. However, she was not a fan of Snow White. I had forgotten how dark and scary it is for youngsters! I'm glad we rode it, especially since it will be gone soon. I'm sad to see it go but also am excited about the new ride. I wish both could be there, but I know that the current dark ride is not very popular. Cheers!


If I am correct, there are initials on the crest over the door where you enter. You can see the crest above in the picture where the guests are entering in the car. Do you know whose initials they are? Or am I thinking about one of the other similar rides in the Magic Kingdom?

Thanks for another interesting article.

Jack's Answer:

As you can see by the picture I have attached, there are no initials on the crest. You must be thinking of another ride.


The new ride looks like fun, but I am sad to see the old one go. I'm as big a fan of history and artistry as I am of bumps and thrills, so for me SWSA is as appealing as a swinging mine train. One of the bog draws of Disney over other parks is the sense of history. So, I'm glad I'll probably have a last chance to ride it when I go in June.

I personally don't see the appeal of the multiple staged meet-and-greets, but apparently the kids of today like them, so I guess they're here to stay.

I also don't understand why parents would take very young children on a ride with "scary" in the title and then cry foul when the kids get scared, especially when everything is available for preview online. A harmless scare is all part of growing up, but it's not like there weren't plenty of other, non-scary rides to choose from if the littlest ones weren't ready for it.


Wonderful article Jack

This is one of my must do rides. So sorry to see it go. Was at the World in Oct & Dec 2010 - wish I'd have known then - would've ridden it a bunch of extra times!!! Not sure when I'll get back again, but will probably not be until after it's gone. :(


Hi Jack,

I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed this blog!
Snow White is my favorite princess of all.... SWSA is a "must ride" for me at least 4 or 5 times a year (I'm a local resident as well.)
I'm gonna ride it as much as I possibly can until they take it away. I wish we could have the new Mine Train ride in addition to SWSA...but that would be asking for too much. ):

Every time I think I know everything there is to know about MGM....uhh, excuse me, DHS (it'll always be MGM to me,) I end up learning something new from one of your great blogs.
I practically Live in MGM and yet I never noticed that that was the Carthay Circle Theater...and I notice EVERYTHING!
I'm so glad you pointed it out. Thanks! And again, thanks for the great job on this blog. ~ Johnny.


Another great blog! Keep them coming! They remind me of Disney while at home! This is definately one of our overlooked attractions.


Sorry to see such an iconic ride go (same with Mr Toad and 20,000 leagues) but I guess It's time to move on.

Especially happy the the 20k site will finally be redeveloped. What a waste of space that site has been since 20k closed.

Sad to see the SWSA site being turned into another meet and greet...glad my kids are past meet and greet age can't say I ever loved them but see the $ behind the concept.

I think I figured out from your great blog about the 7 dwarves mine ride. But is it intended to be another barnstormer (with indoor anamatrinics) or something more thrilling?


I have always loved this classic ride, it is a shame that they will be doing away with it. Mr Toad is gone, and at least I can see him in the Pet Cemetery and in Poohs ride. I will be there in April and will have to ride it a few times, and take more pictures inside. I hope they will use some of the props for the 7 Dwarfs roller coaster. As they say when 1 door shuts another will open. So I will look forward with an open mind and heart when the new Fantasyland opens.

Jack, thank you so much for this blog and the warning. We will definitely ride when we go back in May before it is gone. We have only ridden once before; my son was 4 and it really scared him. He has not wanted to ride again. But, now that he is 12, I'll tell him we have to see it again before it is gone. Thanks!


i hate to see this go snow white is m favriote ride and princess and i hate to see it be redone but at least its there and not gone yet......

Ashley Carnes:

I was 8 years old the first time I visited WDW and rode SWSA and I remember it terrifying me. I know I have ridden it since and enjoyed it but I could not tell you when that was. Despite all that it always saddens me to see classic attractions close. With each closure and expansion I feel we get further and further away from Walt's original vision. While I truly believe he would have loved and embraced all of the new technology I think only he could have found a way to incorporate it seamlessly within the old attractions, pleasing everyone.

Jack's Comment:

I understand and respect your opinion, but I was alive and visiting Disneyland when Walt was still alive. He was constantly changing things, removing things, and adding new things at Disneyland to make his park more relevant.


"The movie is currently the only animated film on the American Film Institute’s list of the 100 greatest American films (#34)."

Actually...Toy Story has been #99 on AFI's top 100 since 2007. :)


I can't believe it's closing. I've always gone on this ride because I love Snow White. We are taking our kids age 5 and 2 this spring for their first trip to Disney World and I'm glad that it will still be open for them to ride. Thanks for the info on the closing!


I love all of the rides in Fantasy Land. As a former College Program Cast Member, I have many memories of all of the rides. As silly as it sounds, my friends and I enjoyed going on this ride and seeing which dwarf we were going to be sitting in as each of the cars had a specific dwarf on the front. I'm sure it is too much to hope for, but do you think that the mine train ride will have similar cars - at least have the dwarfs on the outside? It's the little things, you know?

Mindy Woon:

Dear Jack,

Another great article! Well I can't say Snow White was my favorite ride even though we rode it everytime we came to the parks. I always wished it could have been better but can't wait for the new ride. Having said that I am sorry to see it go. I like history to be preserved but do understand the need for expansion and improvement. Too bad they couldn't just have a place for all the old rides to go and we could revisit them anytime we wanted maybe that Discovery Island since it's not doing anything anyway. I bet it would be a lot more crowded than you would think. Haha.

I love commenting on your blogs because you consistantly respond back not that I expect you to respond everytime but it's much appreciated.



SIGH...Another classic ride gone. I am still mourning Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. When I went to Disneyland in 2007 I insisted that be the first ride we went on. Oh well, sometimes progress hurts a little, but I am excited about the new Fantasyland area. I can't wait to get back and experience that and the new Star Wars ride.
I'll have to save my pennies!

Thanks again for a great blog.
PS: If you see Mike, tell him we miss his blogs!


I grew up with Snow White and I am sitting here reading of the closing of the Snow White ride at Disneyland! I have tears rolling down my cheeks for we are passholders and everytime we come (at least four times a year) to DL I always request a ride on Snow White's ride! My heart is truly saddened with this closing. She is my favorite princess and always will be. I have reserved a special section of my scrapbooking pages for her story. This is very sad.

Jack's Comment:

Just to set the record straight, Snow White is NOT closing at Disneyland. It's closing at the Magic Kingdom in Florida. It's still sad, but I wanted to make the distinction.

Beth in MI:

I am really sad to hear about the closing of SWSA. My daughter has such a love/hate relationship with the ride. Of all the Disney Villans, the Evil Queen scares my daughter the most. She is 9 and still puts her hands over her face when the Evil Queen appears in Snow White, but she won't fast forward the movie or leave the room. The first time she rode the ride she screamed when the Queen appeared and yelled for Snow White to be careful, and cheered at the end. Even though it scares her, we have never not rode the ride on a trip to WDW. I guess it is the memories that we will really miss. Love your blogs!

Amberlee Futa:

I did not seen a date when the ride was going to close. Do you know when that will happen? My family will be in the World during the week of July 25th and would love to ride it one final time.
Thank you for the info.

Jack's Answer:

No definite date has be given for the closing of Snow White. However, it will probably occur in early spring 2012.

Kitt Hitt:

Sad to see this attraction close. Hope they find a new spot for Dopey to continue to wave at the many children and adults who have enjoyed visiting over the years.

Matt from GA:

Great blog as always, Jack!

Though Snow White was never on my "must do" list, I always took advantage of the short line and jumped on to take a trip down memory lane. The memories of riding for the first time with my family when I was young will stay with me forever...the ride itself however, not so much. It was a great ride for it's time but, Disney is trying to keep pace with today's ever changing ride technology and I can appreciate that. Looking forward to what the expansion brings.

~ Matt


Rode it twice on Tuesday this week. It is a creepy ride, but Jack, you forgot to mention the hidden Mickey right before you enter the mine!

Jack's Comment:

Since Steve Barrett is part of the Allears team, I rarely mention Hidden Mickeys. That's his job. LOL


We're planning our first visit to any Disney park for WDW in December. The article said "As part of the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland expansion, “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” will be closing permanently in early 2012." but I just read a response that said spring 2011. Hope it's 2012 cause I've been wanting to ride it my whole 30+ years.

We are so excited to experience everything Disney. Thanks for the blogs.

Jack's Answer: I mistyped in my answer to the other blog. Snow White will not be closing until spring 2012.

Trisha Johnson:

I loved this ride, but when my son was young (6 years old) he was terrified of it. We went on it again when he was 9 hoping it wouldn't frighten him, but no luck. to this day, he refuses to ride. Still I miss the every "old" ride that Disney replaces. I'm with the group too on the princess thing. The meet and greets to me are just another opportunity for Disney to sell very expensive photo packages. Besides, princesses may be nice for very small boys and young girls, but what about the rest of us. I feel like they have taken over!


So sad to see the old attractions leave us (last year's trip was my last hurrah in Mickey's Toontown Fair--so sad to see it go--it was Mickey's Starland for my first trip ever!) I guess I'll have to say my goodbyes to Snow White's Scary Adventures if we go this year. On the bright side I'm excited to see all the new attractions that will be offered in the expanded Fantasyland! Like Walt said about Disneyland--it will never be complete and will continue to grow as long as there is imagination!

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