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Casey’s Corner

Originally called Refreshment Corner (until 1995), Casey’s Corner is located at the north end of the west side of Main Street.

Casey's Corner

Casey's Corner

This baseball themed counter-service restaurant pays homage to the poem, “Casey at the Bat” by Ernest Thayer. More specifically, it’s a tribute to Disney’s animated short “Casey at the Bat” which was one of the segments contained in the movie “Make Mine Music” released in 1948. The story tells of an egotistical baseball player, Casey, who in the 9th inning loses the game due to his over confidence and arrogance. The piece is narrated by veteran comedian Jerry Colonna, who is best remembered as Bob Hope’s zany sidekick on Hope’s popular radio shows and films of the 1940s and 1950s. Colonna also voiced the March Hare in Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland.”

Make Mine Music


Walt Disney & Jerry Colonna

Open for lunch and dinner, Casey’s Corner serves traditional ballpark fare such as hotdogs, chilidogs, corndog nuggets, nachos, brownies, and let’s not forget that all-time baseball favorite, Cracker Jack. Sorry, no beer. After all, this is the Magic Kingdom.

Most counter-service restaurants at Disney World position a cast member in the line to take your order and money. Then you advance to the counter to pick up your food. However, due to space limitations, Casey’s does not use this system. Instead, you proceed directly to the counter to order, pay, and secure your goodies. Because of this, the lines at Casey’s can move a bit slower than at other locations.

Casey's Corner Interior

While waiting in line, be sure to look around at the beautiful detailing. Baseball memorabilia is tucked into every nook and cranny. In addition, this location is sponsored by Coke and their everlasting logo can be seen everywhere.

Baseball memorabilia

Baseball memorabilia

Coke Memorabilia

Coke Memorabilia

Casey’s offers a topping bar. Here you’ll find mustard and ketchup, chopped onions, relish, sauerkraut, jalapenos, and melted cheese. Note, this is a small area and it can get crowded.

Topping Bar

Topping Bar

Topping Bar

Topping Bar

As you would expect, the cast members at Casey’s are costumed appropriately. Vintage baseball uniforms with umpire-style aprons complete the ensemble.

Cast Member at Casey's Corner

Casey’s offers two choices for seating. Outside you’ll find tables and chairs befitting of a turn-of-the-century ice cream parlor. The tables are small, but adequate for the food selections offered. On a nice day, this is a wonderful spot to sit and relax and enjoy the view of Cinderella Castle in the background. In addition, old-time melodies can be heard when the Main Street pianist tinkles the ivories. Remember, don’t feed the birds. I know it’s difficult to resist, but it’s not good for them.

Outdoor Seating

Main Street Piano Player

Please Don't Feed the Birds


The indoor seating area is a lot of fun. Bleachers for the Home team (Mudville) and the Visitors face a large screen showing vintage Disney sports oriented cartoons. The overhead scoreboard accurately displays the score just before Casey came to bat. An old-time pinball machine with a baseball theme can be found tucked into a corner.


Movie Screen


Pinball Machine

When I ate here recently I ordered the nachos for $7.29. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when I got to my table to find that there was just enough chili to cover the top layer of chips. Although it tasted fine, it wasn’t adequate. I highly recommend stopping by the topping bar before getting seated and smothering the nachos with melted cheese and chopped onions. My friend Donald ordered a hotdog and fries. Knowing that it would be served plain, he had the good sense to add the “fixin’s” before getting settled.


Hotdog and Fries

Casey’s also offers a wonderful photo opportunity. These two veterans of the game get awfully lonely and would be thrilled to pose with you and your family.

Baseball Player

Baseball Player

Casey’s Corner is a beautifully themed restaurant. I admit the menu is small compared to other counter-service restaurants, but the atmosphere helps make up for this. Lines can be long so I recommend eating here before noon (for lunch) and before 5pm (for dinner).

“And it’s one, two, three strikes they’re out at the old ballgame.”

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Comments (40)


they have THE best hot dogs!!


I don't know why Casey's corner gets bad reviews. I enjoy everything about it the food, the atmosphere, the music, the deco, outdoor seating with view of the castle, and people watching.

Ethan Shuster:

Nice overview of the place. I always end up at Casey's when I go to Disney. I like the look of the place and sitting outside with the piano playing in the right weather is great. But mostly I go there because for me, when you're at Disney at lunch time, you grab a hot dog and move on. Worry about really eating later that night. There are more important things to do! :)


Love Casey's Hot Dogs!! We had the opportunity to eat there on our last visit to the world and had the pleasure to hear the piano player. He was so great with my kids and let them even hit the ending notes. They played take me out to the ball game which my son love to sing! I think the piano player got a kick out it. It was one of those great 'free' entertainment experiences that I wanted my kids to see.


hey jack
i have never eaten at casey's corner before but now after reading this i sure am hungry for a hot dog and nachos. can't wait to visit there next time im down there. can't wait for your next blog and as always keep up the great work.

Best hot dog and fries at all of the parks. Especially like that cheese sauce is free. The piano player is grat and very personable.
This is a must stop for me every time I visit Disney. Have to have a Casey's hot dog and a Mickey Head ice cream bar every time I visit. At peak times seating is limited--but just walk around and you can always find outdoor seating somewhere.

Jenny Sperandeo:

Hi Jack! I love Casey's Corner. We usually pick up snacks here before the parades. But, you still can't beat a Chicago style dog. They are simply the BEST!!! :)

cathy m.:

Hi Jack,
Casey's was a favorite of my two son's since they were in Little League they thought it was a pretty neat place to have lunch. ( Back then they didn't have that sign up about not feeding the birds).
Thanks again for the memories.


This is a MUST everytime we go to Disney! As soon as we start planning the trip, I start craving the hot dogs! They are by far the best in the World.


Casey's is a must do for our family each trip and usually more than once. I love the baseball theme and the food. I am thrilled to get kraut for my dogs.

Thanks for the article and photos. I have been home for 9 days and suffering greatly from post disney depression. It brought a bit of WDW fun to a cold, snowy and dreary Minnesota day.

Michael MacDonald:

The one thing I can always rely on is for you to point out things and places I never knew existed at Disney World. In a way, for me, it is sad that in all the times I have been to the Magic Kingdon I never noticed this great find. However, it is great that you pointed it out as I am looking forward to one of their hotdogs the next time I am there! Thanks Jack.

Jeremy Hunt:

We love Casey's - always a fun stop for us, generally a late afternoon lunch or snack, hanging out and listening to the piano (which the kids always like).


We make a stop at Casey's every time we visit. Usually on the way out of the park late at night. I am coming next month with a group of friends and I for one will be stopping by here.


Thanks for the post Jack! I love Casey's Corner. I usually grab some corn dog nuggets and fries on my way out of the park and enjoy them on the ferry boat back to the TTC. :)

Ashley Carnes:

Ugh!! How can you post such a wonderful review of the BEST hot dogs where this poor pregnant woman can read it?! LOL!
My now husband introduced me to these dogs in 2004 (though I'd been going to disney for many many years by then) and I fell in love. Now it has become a staple along with my Pineapple dole whip.
Too bad I won't be returning to WDW for several you think they'd deliver? ;)

Ron Stalsberg Jr:

I always have to get a hot dog from Caseys at least once on every trip. In fact this is the only place I ever eat hot dogs. I love all the little details that Disney does with there restaurants. Thanks again jack for another great blog.


I love Casey's Corner! Everytime I come to the Magic Kingdom I have to stop and eat a hotdog. Last time I was there I saw some new items on the menu, 3 specialty hotdogs. The one I loved was the Chicago style dog even though I'm from NYC. It had all the Chicago fixins on it down to the bright green relish and it was on a bigger bun as the hotdog was slightly bigger too. I can't remember the other two styles. I'm not sure if this was a temporary offering or a permanant one but I hope they have it all the time.


Thank-you so much for this, Jack! I really needed this little reminder of one of my favorite Disney 'spots' on this cold and snowy (and snowy and snowy and snowy) Boston day. Everytime we fly to Disney, I insist on a departing flight before 8am so that we can be at MK in time for lunch. We go straight to Casey's, order hot dogs and fries (and then cover them in yummy cheese) and stand outside and stare at the castle and just relish in the fact that we're finally there. One bite of a Casey's 'dog and I'm happy from my ears to my toes!


I love Casey's too. Although, I was a bit disappointed last time I was there in November. They did not have the spicy relish like they usually do. Does anybody know what happened to my all time favorite spicy relish?


Yum! Casey's is a must do for us everytime, and I'm not even a big hot dog eater, but theirs are SO good. Don't know if it is the dog itself or the atmosphere that makes me love the place so much. (Maybe it's that extra cup of cheese sauce I sneak to dip my fries in...but shhh! Don't tell anyone!)

Casey's used to be my favorite counter service in the MK! I loved their hot dogs. In fact I still love the hot dogs themselves, even though they've changed the meat blend. I do not like the new wheat buns . . . they don't hold up to the toppings bar and fall apart . . .


The best Hot Dog at WDW, and Jim the Piano Player. My alltime MAgical moments!!!

Dennis Felsing:

Great reviews. Spot on. Caseys is always a stop when in the MC. My family loves the atmosphere as we are diehard baseball fans. The food is good and prices accordingly with other counter service spots. The lines can be hectic, but that is whats you get when you want a good lunch. Seating can be rather cramped but we deal with it as a family of five. We love the free cheese and the toppings bar. All in all I would have to give it an 8 out of 10 rating. Good food, good prices, good atmosphere.


We like to hit Casey's later in the evening. It can be a good spot to watch the night time parades and have a hot dog or chili to keep warm.

Michelle Schaefer:

Great review Jack! But I have to admit that on our recent trip to WDW we stopped at Casey's on our way out of the MK one evening to have one of the 'raved about' hot dogs...and it was a HUGE disappointment! We had actually chatted with someone on the ferry a few days previous to eating at Casey's and she had said the dogs were horrible. I went in favor of all the glowing reviews and decided we should have one. The hot dogs themselves were big but all 3 of us found them kind of spongy...just had an odd texture for a hot dog, or so we thought. Glad we went...the venue itself is very well done...but we know not to go back on our next visit.

Robert Dickinson:

Hey Jack,

Love Casey's! Love the nostalgic atmosphere and in particular LOVE the in door seating area showing the vintage cartoons. Thanks Jack for pointing out another awesome corner of the world!!



Jack, your posts are like wonderful little bursts of happiness. Right now, I'm 22 days away from my next trip to Walt Disney World, so I find my mind wandering to all my favorite sights and sounds from around the parks.
Casey's Corner is a place that my dad has always loved. Couldn't tell you why, I just know that his face lights up whenever we even walk past it, let alone get something to eat. He insists on sitting in the bleachers...
perhaps reliving some memory from his own youth. So thanks for this little reminder that on the upcoming trip, I need to squeeze in time to take dad to his favorite Disney ball park!

Joseph Fraunberger:

My family and i always made Casey's a must stop when at WDW, and that's at least 3 times a year, but when they changed the blend of the hot dogs it just wasn't the same. i wish Disney would reconsider and bring back that real ball park hot dog back.


Caseys is a tradition for my wife and I. Every year when attending both the Halloween and Christmas parties, or an Extra Magic Hours evening , our last stop of the night is at Caseys for a hot dog to take back to the room. Even though I do agree w/ a couple of the posts that the quality has slipped somewhat over the last couple oy years , its still a great treat, best dogs on property, and again , it's a tradition , one of those things that make repeat trips to the World so special

Mary Duplin:

We have been to WDW many times and always stop to listen to the Main Street piano player "tickle the ivories" at Casey's. However, we have yet to enjoy the fare at this restaurant. I can't imagine why...I guess we are just too anxious to continue along our way to the attractions in Adventure Land! Our next trip is scheduled for the fall of this year. After reading your feature on Casey's, we'll definitely stop for a bite.


i was at Caseys at park closing as we always do (this was first week of January'11) and i got a really bad surprise, THEY CHANGED THE HOT DOGS!!!! They used to serve the best hot dogs, and I was soooooo dissaponted when I tasted them and were not the same! Please bring back the old ones!

Christopher Moore:

I like Casey's. And I like the hot dogs. But I was there a couple of years ago as the park was closing...could not find anywhere else to grab a quick bite on the way out...and the place was a complete madhouse. So I would be a little careful about timing at this particular spot.


We always make Casey's our first stop after we check in at our hotel, and make our way to the Magic kingdom! :-) Best hotdogs EVER!

Joe F. Tempel:

Great review Jack! We always seem to pass this place by but will now make it a point to stop in on our next trip.


Great pictures ! In all the times I've been to wdw my family and I have never been to Casey's Corner. Definately going there on our next visit. Thanks for the info !!


You didn't mention anything about the change in food at Casey's.

For one they use the dry whole grain buns and the hot dogs are no longer all beef but a chicken beef mixture.

Some people are wondering why Casey's can get bad reviews, well maybe they haven't eaten there for awhile.

Jack's Comment:

To be honest, I don't eat at Casey's enough to realize that the buns and dogs have changed. You are not the first to mention this.


Being a Disney freak it's hard to say, but the food has changed and was not good. The buns are different now and the hot dog is of poor quality. We ate there during fireworks in Sept. Food quality was bad and we left most of it. The hot dog at the Lunching Pad is much better.


Thanks for another great review! Also, thanks for reminding people to not feed the birds!! It is one of my biggest pet peeves when I am in the parks. Not good for the birds, and definitely not good for the guests who must fight to keep the birds away from their food. Anyways, keep these wonderful reviews coming!

Mark Antry:

Eating at Casey's was always a must do for us. The Hot Dogs where the BEST!!! well, up until they changed them.. Now I will walk all the way from EPCOT to the Boardwalk's boardwalk area to get one of their Hot Dogs, they are still the delicous all beef!!!!


it gets crowded and its hard to find a seat especially at lunch and dinner time so you may want to have one in your party try to secure a table and adequate chairs although kids can probably sit in the "bleachers" (if you're inside)

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