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Hotel Anagrams - Questions

It's quiz time again. This time, instead of testing your Disney knowledge, I'm going to play word games with you. Below are twenty anagrams of resorts at Walt Disney World. Your job? Unscramble them.

For this quiz I have used the simplified name of the resort. For example, I have scrambled "Grand Floridian" not "Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa."

There are no prizes to be won or winners to be announced so please do not send me your answers. Good luck!

1 A Cub Belch
2 A Dark Bowl
3 A Massive Troll
4 Be A Ranch Cabbie
5 Betrayal Woke
6 Country Pep
7 Darn Frigid Loan
8 Deaf Ogres Hens
9 Demon Gold Milk Again
10 Downers Lifters
11 Goat Grasps Rains
12 God Sells New Ride
13 Insane Ploy
14 Butch Lacy
15 Loaner Sport
16 My Rancor Poet
17 Parrots Stalls
18 Poor Rancid Songs
19 Rustic Llamas
20 Stewed Yolk

Realizing that this could be a difficult quiz, I have provided hints. I hope this helps.

1 A Cub Belch - Sandy
2 A Dark Bowl - Atlantic City
3 A Massive Troll - Celluloid
4 Be A Ranch Cabbie - West Indies
5 Betrayal Woke - Cove
6 Country Pep - 100
7 Darn Frigid Loan - Admitted 27th
8 Deaf Ogres Hens - Olive, Kelly, Hunter
9 Demon Gold Milk Again - Creature
10 Downers Lifters - Stronghold
11 Goat Grasps Rains - Racetrack
12 God Sells New Ride - Forest
13 Insane Ploy - Papeete
14 Butch Lacy - Ship
15 Loaner Sport - French City
16 My Rancor Poet - Up to date
17 Parrots Stalls - Athletic
18 Poor Rancid Songs - Explorer
19 Rustic Llamas - Harmony
20 Stewed Yolk - Hemmingway

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Comments (15)

Ruth Woodhouse:

Hurray - I finally had enough Disney knowledge quiz - even without the clues. Love your blog - first thing I always look for every time I fire up my computer. Ruth

Susan Cole:

Well, that was fun (as they all are), but you have entirely too much time on your hands! ;>)


Yay! This is the first quiz of yours that I have gotten a 100 on! I love word games. More please!

Matt Schaubroeck:

Stumped on #8. Got all the others though! :)

Matt Schaubroeck:

Never mind...got all of them!

Cara Richards:

Think I've got 'em all - hoorah!

Portsmouth, England

Lost. So lost. Maybe I need more coffee! Thanks for the quiz. :)


Stuck on Betrayal Woke. Even the clue is getting me nowhere. It's driving me crazy. Do we get the answers tomorrow?


Yeah! Got it! Got it! Now I can sleep tonight. :)


hey jack
WOW that was one of the most challenging quizes yet. I'm not sure how i did but i hope i did well. can't wait for the answers tomorrow
As always keep up the great work.


Great quiz Jack. Here's one for you!

Danish Lawn Pond

Jack's Answer:

Swan and Dolphin

Chris and Nancy:

My wife and I enjoyed working on this together. It was good exercise for the brain. More please!

Nathaniel Powe:

I loved this quiz. WE WANT MORE!


loved this quiz! some of those were challenging but i think i got 'em all :)


My whole family (including 10 and 7 year olds) had a blast doing this! Thank you!!! We're thinking about making our own anagram quiz with attractions!

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