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Hotel Anagrams - Answers

Here are the answers to yesterday's quiz. I hope you got them all correct.

1 A Cub Belch - Beach Club

Beach Club

2 A Dark Bowl - Boardwalk


3 A Massive Troll - All Star Movies

All Star Movies

4 Be A Ranch Cabbie - Caribbean Beach

Caribbean Beach

5 Betrayal Woke - Bay Lake Tower

Bay Lake Tower

6 Country Pep - Pop Century

Pop Century

7 Darn Frigid Loan - Grand Floridian

Grand Floridian

8 Deaf Ogres Hens - Shades of Green

Shades of Green

9 Demon Gold Milk Again - Animal Kingdom Lodge

Animal Kingdom Lodge

10 Downers Lifters - Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness

11 Goat Grasps Rains - Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs

12 God Sells New Ride - Wilderness Lodge

Wilderness Lodge

13 Insane Ploy - Polynesian


14 Butch Lacy - Yacht Club

Yacht Club

15 Loaner Sport - Port Orleans

Port Orleans

16 My Rancor Poet - Contemporary


17 Parrots Stalls - All Star Sports

All Star Sports

18 Poor Rancid Songs - Coronado Springs

Coronado Springs

19 Rustic Llamas - All Star Music

All Star Music

20 Stewed Yolk - Old Key West

Old Key West

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Comments (16)

cathy m.:

Hi Jack,
This was fun although I missed Bay Lake Tower.
I could not figure this one out and my husband even tried but I thought Bay Lake Tower was just part of the Contemporary and I didn't even
think of this new resort.
I hope you will do another word quiz sometime!

Jack's Comment:

Technically, you are correct. Bay Lake Tower is part of the Contemporary. But since it has its own, distinct name, I decided to include it.


hey jack
That was a hard quiz but boy was it fun. as soon as i saw the answers that i missed i can't imagine how i got them wrong lol. can't wait for your next blog and as always keep up the great work.

Rebecca Keenan:

This is the first time I have scored a 100 on one of your quizzes! Thanks for keeping the fun coming.


I didn't miss any, but it took some time for sure. I bet not nearly as much time as it took you to make the anagrams. Thanks for the effort, it was very enjoyable.

I missed some, but it was fun trying! Thanks for the quiz.


I got them all but two. I missed some letters. It was a fun challenge, Jack!!!

Jeff Finger:

I finally passed one of your quizzes, without missing any. Shades of Green threw me for a while, as it is not a resort I typically think of. Great job, it was a lot of fun! Keep them coming!

Wendy Crober:

Hi Jack,

I couldn't get Shades of Green but got the rest. This was really fun.

Out of curiousity how long did it take you to make this up?


Jack's Answer:

This quiz took me several hours to create, but it wasn't as difficult as you might think. I have a computer program that creates anagrams. The difficult part was sifting through the hundreds of possible combinations of words to find a somewhat meaningful phrase.


That was so much fun. Finally I got all of the questions right on one of your quizzes, even without the hints. You combined two of my favorite passions, Disney and puzzles! Thanks!

Jenny Sperandeo:

That was a GREAT quiz Jack! I only missed 3. :)

Samantha French:

This was a lot of fun! THe only one I couldn't get was Shades of Green!

Heather Young:

Jack, you have made me realise I need to get out more! I solved the anagrams without using the hints. I can't wait for my next visit to WDW, where we'll be staying in 'Stewed Yolk' for the first time.

Thanks again Jack


This was a great quiz! The only one that I couldn't get was Bay Lake Towers. Shades of Green had me a little stumped for awhile, but I eventually figured it out. Keep the challenges coming!


That was super fun and for once in my life my dyslexia came in handy. I saw the correct answer almost immediately on nearly half of them!

James Greene:

Hi Jack,

Great quiz as always, I always enjoy them & actually scored 100 for the first time!! I know you hear this all the time but thank you again for giving us disney fanatics our disney fix it really does help the time pass in between visits (37 days!!!!!!)

On an unrelated note, I noticed "it's a small world" was supposed to re-open last Friday, any chance of a blog with what was updated/changed?

Thanks again for all the hard work you put in keeping us informed, I'm sure it must be a tough job but someone has to do it!!!!

Jack's Answer:

I actually went to "it's a small world" last Friday with the intent of writing a blog about it. I decided not to. The only change is the way guest load and unload. In order to make things easier for those traveling in wheelchairs, Disney has reversed the ramps. Guests now enter on the old "exit" ramp and exit on the old "entrance" ramp. The attraction itself is virtually unchanged.


As someone who travels with a daughter in a wheelchair, I love hearing everything Disney does to make loading and unloading easier. This past July was 13 years in a row. Next year will be 14.

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