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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2010

Hi all,

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This is my third year in a row to blog about Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP). I always attend on the first night (this year, September 14) so I can let you know what's new and what's changed. But the reality of the situation is this; MNSSHP does not vary too much from year to year. This makes it difficult for me to present you with new, earth-shattering information. It's always my objective to make my blogs as entertaining as possible - and hopefully you will find this article enjoyable. But if you're a regular reader of mine, you might notice that much of what I present here is very similar to my previous year's posts. So if you've been to this event before and are familiar with my work, think of this blog as a walk down memory lane. However, if you've never been to MNSSHP, then this blog will be chock-full of useful information.

For many years, Universal Studios featured Halloween Horror Nights. This was a separate, ticketed event and the park was transformed each evening from its regular theming into a frightening ghost town. It was marketed toward teenagers and young adults and the idea was to truly scare their guests with monsters, vampires, werewolves, and other terrifying surprises.

Universal Advertisement

In response, Disney started their own Halloween party. But since they cater to a more diverse age group, Disney realized that their gathering would need to be more tame than Universal's. Thus was born, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. All you have to do is look at Universal's advertisement (above) and compare it to Disney's (below) to realize these two very popular events are marketed toward different audiences.

Disney Advertisement

On given nights during the months of September and October, extra theming is added to the Magic Kingdom and it is transformed into a playful Halloween experience, suitable for ALL ages. This is a separate, ticketed event and admission can be purchased at any of the Guest Relations windows, theme park ticket booths, or online.

Mickey as a Ghost

Here are the dates for this year's event:

September 14, 18, 21, 23, 25, 28, 30
October 1, 3, 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24, 26, 28, 29, and 31
November 1

Note, these parties have a cap on how many people may attend each night. On most evenings, you'll be able to experience a relatively hassle free party. However, the closer you get to Halloween, and especially on the big night itself, the park can be busier than you might expect for a "private party."

Prices for MNSSHP are as follows (all prices listed include tax):

Advance Purchase: $57.46 for adults 10 and older / $51.07 for ages 3-9*

Passholder and DVC Member Discounts: $53.20 / $46.81*

Day of Event (if still available): $63.85 /$57.46

*Not available October 29 and 31. Those two dates are priced at a premium: $69.17 (ages 10 and up) and $62.78 (ages 3-9), tax included.

Party Sign at the TTC

This year, the monorails get into the spirit with new holiday decorations.


The party officially runs from 7pm - 12 midnight, however, guests can enter the Magic Kingdom at 4pm with their MNSSHP ticket. Upon entering, you will be given a wrist band and a trick-or-treat bag.

Wrist Band

Trick-Or-Treat Bag

If for some reason you didn't receive a wristband and/or trick-or-treat bag when you entered the park, these can be picked up at Stitch's Great Escape located in Tomorrowland. Here, a number of Halloween clad cast members will be happy to help you.

Stitch's Great Escape

Halloween Clad Cast Members

At precisely 7pm, cast members make a sweep of the entire park and politely, but firmly ask anyone not wearing a wrist band to leave the park.

For the last two years, I have received a number of letters from readers complaining that Disney does not remove all of the "day" guests from the park -- and I'm at a loss on how to respond to your comments. All I can tell you is that Disney does the best they can. If people want to cheat the system, they're going to cheat the system. My only suggestion is to complain at City Hall if this is truly interfering with your enjoyment of the events. I cannot help you with is situation. Please note, if you send me a comment that contains references to this situation, I will either delete the reference or not publish your comment at all.

If you find you're in the park on a party night and don't have a ticket to MNSSHP, but want to honestly partake in the events, you can buy a ticket at City Hall if the party is not sold out.

City Hall

Although some decorations and exhibits are not displayed until the party begins, others are on exhibit for all of September and October. In Town Square you'll find some of your old friends waiting to delight you.

Town Square Scare-A-Crow

Town Square Scare-A-Crow

Town Square Scare-A-Crow

Town Square Scare-A-Crow

Town Square Scare-A-Crow

Town Square Scare-A-Crow

Town Square Scare-A-Crow

Town Square Scare-A-Crow

In years past, I have highlighted some of the theme-specific pumpkins associated with shops like Casey's Corner and the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. And you should definitely check these out. But this year I'm going to show you some of the silly and scary pumpkins that line the balconies and window sills of Main Street.

Carved Pumpkins

Carved Pumpkins

Carved Pumpkins

Carved Pumpkins

Don't forget to check out the Mickey adorned light posts.

Mickey Lamppost

During the first few hours after 4pm, a number of cast members line Main Street with clever signs, welcoming you to the night.

Welcome Signs

Around the Hub are a few more Halloween favorites and after the sun sets, lights may play tricks on your eyes.


The Hub Decorations

The Hub Decorations

The Hub Decorations



Normally, guests over the age of nine are not allowed to wear costumes in the Magic Kingdom, but this rule is waved for this event. Many children and a fair number of adults dress for the occasion. Here are a few simple rules to follow when designing your costume:

Costumes should be child-friendly and not obtrusive or offensive.

Adult guests may wear masks, but the masks must not obstruct vision (you need to be able to see where you're going).

Guest who dress like Disney characters are not to pose for pictures or sign autographs for other guests.

Do not bring large or dangerous props with you.

Guests in Costume

Guests in Costume

Guests in Costume

Guests in Costume

Guests in Costume

Guests in Costume

Guests in Costume

Guests in Costume

This fan of Disney and Halloween decorated her ECV as her favorite Magic Kingdom attraction, a Jungle Cruise boat.

Jungle Cruise EVC

Since dressing in costume is a big part of the event, you might want to consider making reservations at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or The Pirates League for a child makeover. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique accepts their last reservation at 7:30pm and The Pirates League is open until 8pm. However, I would suggest making an earlier reservation so your child can thoroughly enjoy the party in princess or pirate garb.

Pirates League

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Halloween merchandise is readily available at many stores.

Halloween merchandise

Candy is generously distributed at a number of locations throughout the park. Just look for the Goofy's Candy Co. sign. Besides some inexpensive lollypops, name-brand treats are also dispensed like, Oh Henry, Snickers, Tootsie Roll, Skittles, and SweetTarts. Note, these are the miniature versions, like the ones you'd buy to give out from your own home. The selection of candy is similar at all locations.

Goofy's Candy Company

Candy Distribution

Halloween Candy

The cast members working the Haunted Mansion also get a makeover. Besides their regular, somber costume, their faces are made up to look ghoulish. Also, a "spirit from beyond" takes center stage on the lawn of the mansion and entertains guests with wonderful stories of her life, both living and dead. Many let others pass them in line so they can stand longer and listen to her tales. To add to the creepiness, the gravestones are given a spooky look with the addition of low lying fog.

Haunted Mansion Costume

Haunted Mansion Spirit

There are a couple of Character Dance Parties held during MNSSHP. One at the Diamond Horseshoe in Frontierland and another at Stitch's Club 626 in Tomorrowland. These venues do not offer the standard photo op. Here, the kids can actually dance and mingle with some of their favorite characters.





Character Meet-and-Greets are numerous so it's easy to get pictures with some of your favorite Disney friends as you've never seen them before. In Fantasyland, you can have your picture taken in front of Cinderella's glass coach. I even succumbed to the festivities and allowed myself to be photographed with Alice.

Alice and Jack

Donald and Daisy

Baloo and Guest


Wicked Witch

Seven Dwarfs

Cinderella's Coach

Presented on the Castle stage is the Villain's Mix and Mingle show. Here, some of Disney's greatest bad-guys and gals dance and rant and try to impress you with their evilness. This show is presented at 7:45, 8:50, 10:05, and 11:15. I shot a seven minute video of a portion of this show.

I think most people would agree that Mickey's "Boo-to-You" Halloween Parade is the highlight of the evening. Shown twice each night (8:15 & 10:30), this spectacle is a hoot. Be sure to find your viewing spot by the announced beginning time as the Headless Horseman makes a mad dash along the parade route to the cheers of the crowd. If you're not there in time, you miss him. Also note, the second parade is significantly less crowded. If you're planning on staying late, skip the first parade and enjoy the park.

The beginning of the parade starts off tame enough with some of the not-so-scary characters, but then the villains take over for a haunting good time. Toward the end of the parade, several Goofy's Candy Company carts stroll by and a number of his minions pass out treats to the crowd. I filmed the entire parade and it can be seen here.

At 9:30, a special fireworks show called Happy HalloWishes is presented. A Ghost Host introduces villain after villain and the castle is illuminated appropriately while color coordinated fireworks burst overhead. Once again, I filmed the entire show for your enjoyment.

Not all of the rides and restaurants are open for this event. But since Disney caps the attendance at a reasonable number, it is rarely crowded and lines are usually short to non-existent. Here is a list of the OPEN rides and attractions for MNSSHP:

Swiss Family Treehouse
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Magic Carpets of Aladdin
Splash Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
The Haunted Mansion
Hall of Presidents
Peter Pan's Flight
Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Mickey's PhilharMagic
Snow White's Scary Adventures
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Tomorrowland Speedway
Astro Orbiter
Space Mountain
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
Stitch's Great Escape
Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor (closes at 10pm)
The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm

To see the MNSSHP handout front cover, click here.
To see the MNSSHP handout back cover, click here.
To see the MNSSHP map, click here.

I enjoyed MNSSHP. However, I am an annual pass-holder and visit the Magic Kingdom often. Before I purchased my ticket, I had to ask myself if I really wanted to spend $50+ to see a special parade and fireworks show, because that's what it really boils down to. Yes, Disney has added some holiday theming, candy, and special entertainment, but is that really enough to justify the money. Obviously, many people think so as this event is extremely popular. But you need to consider this before you attend so you won't be disappointed.


For some reason, Disney is telling people that they cannot enter the Magic Kingdom using their MNSSHP ticket until the official opening time of 7pm.

I entered the Magic Kingdom yesterday using my MNSSHP at 4:02pm and the park was already set up to accommodate early arrivals. The east tunnel under the train station was for "party" guests entering the park and the west tunnel was for "day" guests leaving the park.

Technically, Disney doesn't have to let anyone in until the official time, but it's in their best interest to accommodate early arrivals. They couldn't handle the crowds if all 10,000 party goers arrived at the same time.

I cannot definitively tell you that you'll be granted early entrance, but I seriously doubt that Disney will keep you out without extenuating circumstances.

Addendum 2:

One of my readers wrote with the following message:

I just spoke with member services, the first person was adamant that the MNSSHP tickets would not be honored until 7pm, then I asked to speak to someone else. That person called Magic Kingdom and confirmed that they would allow MNSSHP ticket holders in after 4 like you observed. I then had him call Magic Kingdom back and check on the status of Space Mountain for the MNSSHP. They said it will be open! I'll still ride it with my family as soon as we enter the park that day just in case.

Remember to share YOUR experience at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party too!

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Comments (112)

Jason Whitenight:

Thanks for all your wonderful work Jack. My family and I are attending our 1st MNSSHP on Halloween night. This article and your videos have really got me excited. 41 days until Bay Lake Tower!

Tone Loc:

Love it .. we are not annual passholders so we do it everytime we go !!!! This is OUR time to enjoy special moments with our kids !!!! This is one of the BEST parades to me !

Boot Too You !!!!!


I went to MNSSHP last year for the first time and absolutely LOVED it. Your blog helped me re-live all those wonderful memories, since I can't attend this year. Thank you so much! :) But you're right about the struggle to decide if it's worth it for the special event. But sometimes you have to splurge on Disney, right?


Oh my gosh! I love the idea of turning the ECV into the Jungle Cruise! How clever!!


This October will mark our second MNSSHP. I truly appreciate your blog. I see a few things we missed last trip that I want to make sure and do this time!


Hi Jack - thanks for the great information. I am a DVC member. Can you please tell me what the "advance purchase" time frame is? In other words, could you buy your ticket the day before with the discount? Or even the morning of the day of the event? Thanks in advance for the info!

Jack's Answer:

Advance purchase means at least one day prior to the event. The morning of the event does not count. But please understand, some days sell out in advance. The closer you get to Halloween, the busier the party. If you wait too long, you could be out of luck.

Jen N:


I was informed when ordering the tickets that we would be unable to enter the park prior to 7pm. Is this because we were ordering the tickets over the phone and "officially" the party doesn't start until 7pm? I even canceled our dining reservations at Liberty Tree Tavern (we are going on 9/23) due to this information. Can you confirm that you can in fact enter at 4pm with your special event tickets?

Jack's Answre:

This year there has been a lot of confusion about the official starting time and actual starting time. A ticket is a ticket. It is not "marked" with weather you purchased it over the phone or in person. Disney cast members are required by management to only give the official start time. The reason? Disney reserves the right to deny entry into the park until the official start time (7pm). But barring some unforeseen circumstance, this will not happen. You will be allowed to enter the park at 4pm.


We attended last year on November 1st and it was our introduction to the Magic Kingdom. We flew to WDW on Halloween, so the kiddies missed trick-or-treating. The Halloween party the next day worked out great. We had a blast and the parade was definitely a highlight!

We are headed back to WDW this October and the party is a must do! I know it's not cheap, but WDW isn't cheap.

Once again, great job with the blog. It helps keep the Disney magic alive all year long.



I've been waiting for your blog since the day the tickets went on sale. :D :D

The Jungle Cruise EVC is such a cool idea!! Kudos on her creativity :)

This year i told my boyfriend we should start in Tomorrowland and work our way to Adventureland...we've never walked the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at night!! Should be fun :)

I saw an article that they changed the pumpkins on Main Street, kind of bummed. Are they still just as fun?

P.S. How come you didn't dress up?

Jack's Answer:

To my knowledge, the pumpkins are the same as last year. At least 95% of them are the same if not 100%. I have pictures from last year and this, and nothing has changed.

I didn't dress up because I was there to work. :-)


I haven't been able to see MNSSHP, so I enjoy reading your blogs every year. Thank you for all of your videos. My fav. is the Boo To You Parade. The grave diggers are the best.
So Thank You again.

Phil Thach:

Thanks for your report Jack.

Usually the only time during our October WDW trip that we go to Magic Kingdom is from 4-Midnight on the day we do MNSSHP so I'm dissapointed that Space Mountain will not be open.

I guess we'll have to go straight to Space Mountain when we enter the park at 4:00 and get a ride or two in before 7:00.

Our family will be there for this event on 10-19-2010. 'Can't Wait!

Christina P:

I'm glad to see that they've improved this even! We went the very first year and it was awesome- kids were happy and everyone had a great time. Attended again in 2006 and was very disappointed; for a family of 5 to pay just about $300 we expected it o be similar to the first year we went but A) too many were let into the park so it was crowded beyond belief and B) the candy was similar to penny candy, much like you'd find in a dollar store. I understand that it's not just "about the candy" but after paying $50 a ticket and having to explain to young kids why they're bags were less than stellar, it was a bit disappointing. It was for those reasons that we decided not to purchase tickets when we go next month...all that money (after already spending almost $1500 just for regular tickets) to basically watch a parade wasn't really worth it. I'll be interested to see if Disney keeps improving its standards for this event because then we would likely try it again.


This event sounds like so much fun :) It makes me want to go sooooo badly. my only question is why is space mountian not open?

Jack's Answer:

When I'm at these parties, I'm there to work and I don't ride the rides. It wasn't until I got home and read the handout that I discovered that Space Mountain and the Teacups were not open for this event. I have trouble believing this. However, I never paid attention when I was there so I really can't confirm or deny their lack of operation. I know Small World is closed, but that's because it's down for rehab. For the price Disney charges for these events, Space Mountain should be open.

Great to see photos and videos from last night. We arrived around 4ish and headed to Fantasyland for most of the night. Spotted Amazon Annie around the park.
Definately worth the entrance fee, more so if you fill up your trick or treat bags.


We are visiting WDW for the first time this year (I went as a child and now my children get to go). We are going to MK on a day where there are eary park hours AND the MNSSHP on the same day and we are excited! Your blog has helped up the excitement level for all of us - thank you for all the wonderful pictures and videos!


Thanks for the wonderful trip down memory lane! We've been to the MNSSHP (2007) and the MVMCP (2005) and I enjoyed the Halloween party so much more. We skip the parks the day of the party, sleep in to be well rested and just enter the MK at 4 PM, so you're getting 8 hours of park time for $53+ (DVC member). :)
The Boo To You parade is my favorite Disney parade so thanks for sharing the video! Sad that we are missing the MNSSHP again this year. Haven't been in October for 2 years now. :(


Attended halloween party several years ago and am going again this year on November 1. Villains are my fav Disney characters so I absolutely love the party. I remember when I went before the villains held a meet and greet photo opp in front of the castle. I believe it was after the show. Do they still do this? Really hope so as this is one of the things I look forward to the most. You don't get to see many villains regularly. Thanks!

Jack's Answer:

I know the villains posed for photo ops last year after the shows, but I didn't stick around this year so I can't give you a definitive answer. But I suspect they do.

MaryJean Kancel:

Whew, now I can relax. Thanks Jack for the great report. Each year I worry they will tinker with a great thing! Parade, HalloWishes, Villains Mix & Mingle..it's all still there. Going 3 times this year - the first is 9/18 to take some visiting relatvies. Boo To You!!


Fun blog as usual. We're going next week...this will be our 3rd time at the party and we just love it.

One of the things we enjoy is eating at Cosmic Rays, while watching Sonny Eclipse. In the past, Sonny leaves and then Stitch comes out to take his place on MNSSHP nights. I belive he comes from the ceiling or floor. It was really cool how the transformation took place. Do you happen to know when this occurs...is it exactly at 7pm when MNSSHP starts. I can't remember.


Jack's Answer:

In the past, Cosmic Ray's was one of the venues for the Character Dance Parties. But this year, there are only two, one located at the stage in Tomorrowland and the other in the Diamond Horseshoe in Frontierland. So sadly, Stitch does not make an appearance at Cosmic Ray's.



Thanks for the awesome blog! My mom and I are going to WDW for the Halloween events this month! I am so excited to see what Disney has to offer this time of year! It's the one season I've yet to see! Your pictures are great and it looked like lighter crowds. I'm hoping it stays that way on Sept. 30th. Thanks! :o)

Joan Feder:

Dear Jack,

An outstanding job, as usual. This is the first time in many years that I will not be able to attend. Thank you for letting me feel like I had--I especially enjoyed the Parade video.

Hi. I noticed the question about what time you are allowed to enter the park. I too was told that you are no longer allowed to enter the park until 7 p.m. I ended up buying a park ticket for the same day because I wanted to make sure I got on my favorite ride - Space Mountain - which is not listed as being open during the MNSSHP. So...are the people at Disney giving out false information this year, or is it true that this year you are no longer allowed to enter before 7 p.m.? And, is Space Mountain really closed during the MNSSHP?


Hi Jack...Great blog! I have been waiting for this for a long time now :) I am going to the party for the first time this year and cant wait. I had a question about the characters that are out during the party. By any chance did you see the genie from Aladdin out and about? If so where can I find him? I remember seeing him in a party picture from a few years back and I was hoping he would be there this year. My boyfriend loves him and it would really make his trip. Thanks for the help and the great blogs!

Jack's Answer:

There is a large character Meet & Greet in Adventureland. When I visited this year, Aladdin and Jasmine were posing for pictures. But I remember that last year the Genie was in this same location. It could be that they alternate and switch every 10-15 minutes. I don't know this for sure, but if the Genie is making appearances this year, this is where he would be.


Thanks for the excellent blog, Jack! We can't wait to go this year on October 1! This article just made me more excited than ever!


Thanks for attending again Jack and giving us the latest 'special event' update. After 40+ trips to the World, I did enjoy attending the party 2 years ago and it was a great way to see it all in a new way. I attended a second time and was slightly surprised to see that, as you mentioned, everything was pretty much the same as the previous year.
However, I wanted to take my father to the party, so it was still fun although repetitive.
We did take the second opportunity to dress in costume and that was a lot of fun to do. We did Peter Pan, John, and Wendy. Unfortunately, I injured my foot right before our last trip and needed an ECV. I decorated mine as the 'Tinkmobile' with wings and lots of fluffy glowing things and Tink license plate. So, I really enjoyed seeing the jungle boat ECV pic that you posted.
Once again, I agree that it seems to be the same from year to year, but it is still a lot of fun and I do encourage people to attend it once for the fresh way to see the park. I also think that it can be a great value because you can purchase the $50-ish ticket and go to the Magic Kingdom for 7+ hours (from 4-11) instead of buying a regular day ticket for a much larger price. Plus, less lines for the rides, more characters available, and CANDY!
Last year, I developed and began teaching a 'Yes, You CAN Go To Disney World" community interest class at 4 local college campuses. I am not a travel agent or making money from it, Disney is just a joy and hobby for me and I like to share my knowledge. So, like you, I MUST continue to attend as many events as possible 'for research purposes'...LOL


Hi Jack
Ive been to this event several times in the past 10 years. One of the highlights of the night is the Headless Horseman. I have noticed he has "slowed down" in the past few years. Is this something you have noticed? I remember he used to whiz by and because of this, it almost made it more thrilling. Now I notice he is just trotting by. Still love it though....thanks for the blog.

Jack's Answer:

You know, I thought he was going a little slower this year than last, but I didn't give it much thought. If it is true, I have two possible reasons why. One, safety. It can't be easy to see out of that costume. And two, to please the guests. The Headless Horseman is extremely popular. By slowing him down it allows guests to get a better look at him and snap a few pictures.


Thanks Jack for another great report on the party. I have read all of your reports, every year, on the party...even though they are kind of the same. Your blog on the party always gets me in the Halloween mood!

We have gone to the Halloween party in 2006 (twice!) and in 2009. Loved it every time we went. We will be in WDW from October 28th through November 3rd this year. We are annual passholders and it IS a HARD decision to pay out extra cash for the party. But we have always felt it was worth it. I think it's easier to justify if you are not a passholder since you pay abuot $50 for an admission to the Magic Kingdom and can stay for 8 hours plus you get the treats, parade, fireworks and everything else. Normal one day admission is now over $80. So, to me, if you are NOT a passholder, it makes the decision SO much easier.

I am sure we will be going to the party again this year though...our 3 year old son loves the park and will have too much fun trick-or-treating there. We are just trying to decide on going October 31st or November 1st. I would think the crowds would be less on November 1st (and a little cheaper) but my wife thinks it would be really neat to actually be at the party ON Halloween. Any thoughts on that?

Jack's Answer:

Disney never releases attendance figures so I can only make assumptions, but... Halloween night is the busiest of the MNSSHP. However, I suspect that November 1 is also pretty busy. I certainly understand your wife's desire to attend on the "actual" night, but Disney does such a great job and there are so many people in costume that ANY night feels like Halloween. I attended yesterday, a month and a half before the real day, yet I felt like it was Halloween.

Regardless which day you choose, buy your tickets ASAP. Both of these days will sell out in advance!



Thank you so much for your - as always - wonderful coverage of MNSSHP! And even better, thanks for including that cute pic of you with Alice!

And thank you (again) for keeping things on a fun, positive, and informative note!

Sounds like you had fun!

Louise Davies:

We've been going to the MNSSHP for many years, and was quite disappointed last year because they did werre not selling the special pins for the event. Do you know if they are selling them on the night this year? Many thanks - great blog!

Jack's Answer:

I did not specifically look for pins, however, I didn't not see any with the other Halloween merchandise. It's possible they were for sale and a shop or cart that specializes in pins, but I really can't say.


Hi Jack,
Thank you for the fantastic info - again!!
In all the years I've been going to Disney, this is the first year that I'll actually be able to attend the Halloween Party. My favorite, of course, is the headless horseman.
Is there a better spot to be in to view him?
Does he ride from Frontierland into Main Street?
Waiting to see him for so long, I just don't want to miss a minute of his ride!

Jack's Answer:

The Boo-to-You Parade starts in Frontierland and ends near City Hall on Main Street. The Headless Horseman rides BEFORE the rest of the parade and he passes rather quickly. However, he can be seen along the entire parade route.


Thanks for a great blog! I added your blog to my RSS feed last year after your MNSSHP report and have been (not-so)patiently waiting for this year's! We're going back for our second MNSSHP in a month, and I've been waiting to hear what's new. I like that Woody and Jessie are doing a dance party now, didn't see them last year.
Two questions: Is Snow White still taking pictures with the dwarves? She's not with them in the picture. We opted out of this last year due to the lengthy line, so it's a priority this year. Can we still find them at the entrance to Toon Town?
Also, I saw the Disney Bear in one of your costume pics. Did you notice if he's for sale at WDW, yet? I know he's available overseas, but I'd like to buy one (or two) next month, if available.
Thanks again!

Jack's Answer:

When I cover one of these parties, I circle the park about five times, trying to see everything -- but that's impossible. There's just too much going on. I did not see Snow White so I really can't say if she is making appearances at this party or not.

In regards to the Disney Bear you saw... The couple is from Japan and they brought their bear with them. I do not believe Disney is selling them yet.



Thanks again for the useful and fun information. We are making our second trip to MNSSHP this year. And, despite being AP holders ourselves, I think it is worth it. We all dress up and have a blast. (I do not hold the same opinion of the Christmas party.)

We go in early October to minimize crowds (and not to miss Halloween at home).

I was surprised to see that the Laugh Floor and the Hall of Presidents are listed as open attractions for the party. I trust the HOP is the same as during the day, but do you know if the Laugh Floor has MNSSHP specifc material?

I would also note for your readers that you can still get "advanced" pricing as long as you buy anytime before the day of the event. If you are going on days where no sell out is expected, wait to purchase until you have seen the weather forecast before you put down your hard earned money. On most trips, you'll have more than one chance to visit the party. For example, we are going either on 9/30 or 10/1 this year - but I won't make that call until I have 2 or 3 day weather forecast in hand.

Jack's Answer:

Hall of Presidents is open this year to make up for the fact the "it's a small world" is not open.

When I report on these parties, it's all I can do to cover what you saw in my blog. I don't go on any rides. So I really don't know if they have any special jokes for the Laugh Floor. Sorry.


Just a quick note....I L-O-V-E everything Disney, but I have to tell you that we thought about it and we find the price tag (even with our DVC discount)for MNSSHP a bit much. One would think that you would get SOMETHING more than a snack size snicker bar and a tootsie pop for that much money...We have gone twice and will not attend again. So, even tho we will be in WDW the first week of October, we will "miss" the Halloween event. Now, the MVMCP....we will absolutely be there!!!

Marci Smith:

Thanks so much for sharing Jack!!!! Only 8 more days and we will do MNSSHP for the 1st time! We are so excited; we did MVMCP last year and loved it but somehow I think we are going to enjoy MNSSHP even more! Reading your blog, seeing your pics, and watching your videos made my day!!!! Your the BEST!

diane fox:

Jack, Thanks a million for all the info! We will be arriving for a 10 day trip in just 21 days! We are super excited as this is our first trip in the Fall & we have a tickets for the party. My grandson enjoyed your film from last year & as soon as he sees this he will be so ready to get there. We can't wait to get caught up in all the festivities! He will be getting his pirate makeover before the party starts so he will be ready for all the mix and mingles and lots of photo ops. Thanks again your blogs are the BEST!!!! Diane from KY.

Alicia Littleton:

This is unrelated to MNSSHP, but I wasn't sure where else to send my question in. You seem to be very knowledgeable about all the latest things Disney. I remember reading about the carmel shop that was scheduled to open in September in the Germany Pavilion in EPCOT. Is that still happening? I haven't heard anything recently about.

Jack's Answer:

I had not heard that a caramel shop was coming to Epcot, but it's very possible. One of the shops in the Germany Pavilion has been close for rehab for the last several months. I was there last week and it was still closed so I suspect it has not opened yet. This may be caramel shop you've heard about.

diane fox:

Jack, Where do you stand to film the parade? You have a great shots! Thanks for any tips you could provide for filming & veiwing as this is going to be our first time for this event. Great job.

Jack's Answer:

My favorite spot for filming parades is near the Hall of Presidents. There is a walkway that leads from the Haunted Mansion area to the Liberty Tree Tavern. I stand right next to this parade "pass through." However, I need to secure my spot 35-40 minutes before the parade begins. I like this spot because the floats make a 90 degree turn right in front of me.


Thanks for the great blog! I'm getting really excited about our trip and going to the party for the 1st time!!

I saw you had a picture of the 7 Dwarfs. Where were they? That is one of my picture goals for the party!!


Jack's Answer:

The seven dwarfs were posing in at the base of the old Skyway terminal in Fantasyland.

Russell Camp:

Jack, my family and I were there at the party with you (unbeknownst to us) and it was our first Halloween Party. We met some family friends and attended the party together and had a great time, but I had some comments on a couple of issues I didn't see you address. We attended the first performance of Disney's Villians Mix and Mingle at 7:45. The adults in our group were a little surprised at the opening dance where, among other things, two female dancers in short tight patent leather dresses and bright red wigs did a bit of a 'bump and grind' from high perches flanking the stage. Granted, one can see much more suggestive stuff on daytime Soap Operas, but this brief bit of minor vulgarity was definately NOT the family-friendly vibe that Disney promotes so much for this event. In fact, my 17 year old son commented that this dance number looked like a Lady GaGa video. The other issue was Splash Mountain breaking down. When we got around to Tomorrow Land, we found Space Mountain was open and running, and I wonder if it was because of the troubles on Splash Mountain. (In fact, SM was on and off again today when we visited the Magic Kingdom.) It was a very enjoyable party and we stayed until they rolled up the streets at midnight.

Jack's Answer:

Let me address both of your issues. To be honest, I didn't really notice the "bump and grind." But then, I was watching the show through my video viewfinder so I miss a lot. Disney takes guest comments very seriously. If you think anything at Disney is not suitable for the entire family, you should definitely stop by City Hall and lodge a complaint. Disney wants to know what people think.

As far as Space Mountain... It has been established that this attraction is open during MNSSHP. It has nothing to do with Splash Mountain breaking down. All attractions break down occasionally. In fact, it would be a rare day that no attractions stopped working for at least a few minutes on any given day. This is just a fact of life at an amusement park.


I took my son (then 3) to the party last year. It was great! It was a little on the expensive side but it was so much fun, worth buying these tickets instead of a couple shirts or toys. I think my favorite part was the fireworks. Seeing the castle lit up in Halloween colors, and main street too, was awesome. We took home about 5 pounds of candy. He was dressed as Buzz Lightyear, so all of the cast members said "Hi Buzz" when we walked by. My son got to dance with Stitch and Pluto and really liked the parade. When we talk of our trip he starts singing the Boo to you song from the parade! He even enjoyed the Haunted mansion, the ghost out front even stopped her story to let me snap a picture of her. It was a great experience and I hope to take a trip next year to do it again. Thanks for helping me remember what a good time we had last year. And though it was last year, when I ordered the tickets over the phone I was told that we would be able to enter the park as early as 4pm. I believe we got there a little after 5pm and got in without any trouble.

Thanks for your hard work.


Another wonderful blog Jack. Our family went last Nov. 1 and enjoyed Halloween at home the night before. It was fun but I think we had more fun at the MVMCP. The decorations were awesome and the headless horseman was really nice (albeit slow as someone commented earlier).

I know we bought special MNSSHP pins last year at the party and was somewhat surprised they were still available on the very last night.

Counting down the days until our trip in late December. Call us crazy but this year we're celebrating the New Year at WDW.


Thank you very much for all the information. It's T-minus 36 days til we arrive. We've taken our 5 year old 3x to WDW, but we've always gone in April, so we are THRILLED and so excited to try out Not So Scary. Thanks for all the pointers!



I love your blogs! Every one of them! They always get me in the Disney Spirit!

We are attending this year in just a little over 3 weeks. I have a very anxious 5 year old who loves characters! I read online that Tarzan and Jane will be out for photos in Adventureland this year. Did you see them out and about during your circles of the MK?

Thanks for all you do to add extra Magic to our trips! :)

Jack's Answer:

I saw Jane and Turk in Adventureland, but not Tarzan. But please remember, I'm making a mad dash from land to land trying to capture as much as I can. It's very possible that Tarzan was taking a "health break."

Thanks for a wonderful report! We attended in Mid-September 2009, but will be there Halloween Night this year. Can't wait! Is there anything different offered during the Big Night?

Thanks, again, for your work! Best Hallo-Wishes...

Jack's Answer:

I have never been on Halloween night, but I've never heard of anything being different. But please be aware, this will be a busy night. I strongly recommend arriving shortly after 4pm to maximize your time.


Last night was my first time working a MNSSHP and I had a blast! I look forward to seeing more great costumes at the upcoming parties!

Everyone should come out; the parade and fireworks are amazing!


Did you by chance see Jack and Sally (Nightmare before Christmas)? My niece loves them and it would make her trip to see them!

Jack's Answer:

I did not see either Jack or Sally. That doesn't mean they aren't somewhere at the Magic Kingdom during MNSSHP. It just means I didn't see them.


Hi Jack. Wonderful blog-as usual. I'm still debating whether I want to shell out the extra cash for our Oct. trip. The Boo to You parade has always been my favorite aspect of the party. I haven't yet watched the video you posted...but were the grave diggers present this year? I love the way they make sparks fly from their shovels.
I too noticed the Headless Horseman slowing down over the past 2 years Last year, since he was going fairly slowly, I noticed that while he was indeed headless, he wasn't much of a "horseman". I agree, that seeing thru that costume would be a challenge, but,remember, the horse can see just fine, and should respond to pressure from the riders legs. It takes a good rider to wear the garb and ride solidly and tightly at a full gallop, and last years rider was sliding, and wiggling all over the saddle. He (or she) didn't seem to be an experienced, confident rider and one would need to be in order to pull this off effectively. Perhaps this is the reason the Headless Horseman has had to slow his pace...he ain't no cowboy, pilgrim!

Jack's Answer:

The Grave Diggers are still a part of the parade. I think this group is definitely a crowd pleaser. I know their tops in my book.


I didn't expect to see videos of this year's shows so quickly, so thank you for getting them up in such a timely manner. Of course now I'll have the music of "Boo-to-You" stuck in my head for several days...:)

Speaking of the music, any idea who wrote the music used in the parade? It's some of the most catchy and fun music at any of the WDW parades and I think it's contributes greatly Mickey's Boo-to-You Parade enduring popularity.

Jack's Answer:

I have no idea who wrote the music. But I have to admit, the tune is catchy. Like so many others, I hum it for days after the parade.


This is great! We are going to WDW a week from tomorrow and going to the Halloween celebration. My question is... We have reservations at Tony's at 6 that night. Are we going to be all right being at dinner right before the party starts? Thank you!!!

Jack's Answer:

This isn't a problem. You don't say what time you're entering the Magic Kingdom. If you come in after 4pm, you'll be given wrist bands as you enter. If you enter the park with a "day" ticket before 4pm, you'll need to go to Stitch's Great Escape some time before your reservation and pick up wrist bands. That way, when your meal is over, you'll be all set to enjoy the party.

cathy m:

Hi Jack,
Thank you for the photos and videos. It brought back memories from our MMSSHP experience back in 2007. When we attended I was so surprised to see how many adults dressed up and families came as a themed group.

Tory Battiata:

Hi Jack, My question is, with the construction going on are the seven dwarfs still in the same area? We didnt hear about it last year til the line was an hour and a half, so we would like to see them this year. Should we expect a similar wait, and is there a time to get in line early to be one of the first ones in line? Thanks

Jack's Answer:

The Seven Dwarfs are posing for pictures at the base of the old Skyway terminal. I passed by this location around 10pm and the line was outrageous. All I can suggest is get there before 7pm when the party officially starts.

Ben Smith:

Hi Jack,

Thanks as always for an incredibly informative blog. I don't know how you keep up with it all! You mentioned that Disney forbids guests who are dressed up as Disney characters to pose for pictures or be photographed. This was immediately followed by several photographs of guests dressed up as Disney characters. I'm assuming this rule is not strictly enforced? My friends and I are planning on dressing up as Disney characters, and it would be a shame to not be able to take pictures and document our silliness. Do you think we would be allowed to? Or should we consider changing our costume ideas?



Jack's Answer:

The "rules" about costumes are a direct "cut-and-paste" from an official Disney site. These are not my words. However, it's my opinion that what the rule you're questioning is actually trying to say is, "Don't pretend to be 'Snow White' and pose with other guests (outside your party) with her persona." Does that make sense?

Sonja Burford:

My family and I attended two years ago, and we loved the entire event. My question is, previously passholder discounts were only offered on certain nights of the event. Has this changed, can you get a passholder discount on any night?

Jack's Answer:

According to the official Disney page, discount tickets are available every night except October 29 and 31.


I love this blog, thanks for the great information. I havent gone to this party in years and we are planning on attending this year and I was wondering if they still have the fortune tellers and free face painting for the kids as that too was a great part of this party and one my kids and I enjoyed.

Jack's Answer:

Sorry to tell you, but I saw no fortune tellers or face painting and none are listed on the official handout. If they still exist, Disney hid them from me.


Thanks for this blog. We went last year with our kids who were 2 and 4 and my parents. We all dressed up and we had a great time. It was so much fun. The parade was awesome and the fire works were incredible! I would recommend to anyone who is at the world during this time of the year to go. Our oldest started kingergarten this year so we knew last year would be our only shot to attend. We are so glad we did. We next want to try the Xmas party which may require oldest missing some school next year! Anything for Disney! LOL!

Joyce Eimer:

My family LOVES the holiday parties (halloween and Christmas). We found it actually can save you money. When we buy our hopper tickets, we don't buy for the day we'll be at the party. Parks usually open around 9:00 during holiday season and many times close by 7:00 which is 10 hours of park time. If you get into the park at 4:00 durnig the special holiday shows and they close at 1:00, that's 9 hours. So for almost $30 less, you can get the same amount of time AND add some holiday fun!

Eric Bouchet:

Thank ye Jack,

Once again AWESOME blog.
My wife and I will be there in approx 2 weeks for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and we will be attending the MNSSHP.
Now I am even more excited!!!!!!


hey jack
great blog on MNSSHP. It looks really interesting and really cool. I can't wait till I get the chance to go to disney when it is going on. can't wait for your next blog and as always keep up the great work.


Thank you so much for the great pictures and information! My partner and I live in Orlando, and we have the same predicament as far as if its worth the extra money to go for a parade and fireworks. Our solution? Each year we alternate between attending the Halloween and Christmas party. As a side note - I always thought it would be fun if Disney did an adult Halloween Party at Hollywood Studios or Epcot concurrently with the Not-So Scary Party. I know it won't happen, but always thought they would do an amazing job of creating a party somewhere inbetween Not-So-Scary and Halloween Horror Nights.... :-)

Elena Brubaker:

Thanks for the great pictures ! I last attended MNSSHP in 2005 with my nephews. I don't recall nearly as many "themed" decorations as shown in your pictures. We were in Disneyland last week and their Halloween themed windows were amazing. I would like to put some of those pictures up on your website if I can. :D


I was at the first party on the 14th, too. I LOVE the party! Space Mountain was definitely open (wait time was only 10 minutes when I checked at about 10 ;))


Jack, thanks for another great blog. My husband,myself,son and his wife and our other son,his wife and 2 grandchildren (7 and 4) attended last year. Thanks to all the great info and videos we were prepared. The party was so worth it to our family. Just remember that it can still be very warm (we were here during record breaking heat last year) so chose costumes accordly. Let the magic happen and enjoy. Our family had our photo with Snow and the 7 dwarfs, which is a special event to have them all together. Thanks again we will be back first wk in Dec for our first MVMCP .


Thanks for all the great information from everyone. We will be attending this year for the first time with our 2 year old. We figure the "whole" disney experience may be too much for her and too expensive for her to not even remember it, so the MNSSHP is the perfect thing for us to do with her. We go to FL every year, last week in Oct. and thought this year we would drive and stop at Disney for a few days. The more I read the more excited I get! I've been teaching my little girl all the Disney characters.......SO EXCITED!!!


The party is still nice, but our family doesn't go anymore due to all of the cutbacks. You used to get 1 free photo, a free button/pin, free face painting, another dance party, and it seems like another show. There also were many strolling entertainers, like a 3 man ghost band. There were so many events you simply couldn't do them all in one night. Now it just seems underwhelming.

Jack's Comment:

I hate to admit it, but I completely agree with you. Every year I see more cutbacks. And it's not just the parties, it's everywhere. At first people don't notice the cutbacks, but over time, it becomes noticeable to the average guest. It's sad and I hope Disney wakes up soon.


Awesome blog! Thanks for the info! I'm glad to hear the 4PM early entry is still valid. When I was booking my tickets, the disney rep told me it was 7PM this year! I was so disappointed as I wanted to take my son for this first haircut at the barber shop and didn't want to pay for the day entry price to do it!

We will be there in 2 weeks! CAN'T WAIT!


I was there with my husband on opening night and it was great! Was a first for both of us. We rode on Space Mountain that night with no line wait and the teacups were running as well. Just wanted to let everyone know who is planning to attend. By the way I love your blog!

Arden :


Thank you for this great re-cap. MNSSHP must be doing well for WDW.

In the past, Cast Members were able to buy discounted tickets throughout the run of the event.

This year we are blocked out for all of October and can only attend in September.

We've decided to sit this year out and see if things improve next year. I only like to go when the weather is a little cooler!


We just attended the very first MNSSHP of the year. We entered the park at 4pm with just our party ticket. Space mountain was open! The wait was about 5 min. when we were there. We attended the 2nd parade after the fireworks show. As usual everything was fantastic! The lady ghost at the castle carried on conversation with everyone, we loved it. We got off rides and then immediatly back on again with almost no wait! We did not leave the park until 12:45. One thing different than the past years, the cast members really checked for the arm bands and directed the none party members to the nearest exit and turned them away at the rides. I saw this even past 9oclock. Glad to see it. As usual, we had a magical time and will return for the party again and again.


Great blog, Jack! Your information is priceless!
We attended the party on Saturday, Sept. 18th. Here are a few random observations. Folks were entering the park at 4:00. There was a free face painter in Toontown Fair located in their usual spot by the barnstormer.
The wait for the rides was 5 min or less except for Dumbo which was about 15 min. The candy appeared to be a higher grade compared to last year with most CM giving out handfuls. Can't wait for next year!!

A. D. Johnson:

Hi Jack,

I think I've missed your MNSSHP blogs the last couple of years - so this was all new to me! I've never been to MNSSHP, but based on your report and the comments from other party-goers, I will make it a point to get there sometime in the next few years. This does sound like a great event, and a new way to see MK.

By the way, it's totally okay with me if you re-do your blogs from time to time.

A.D. Johnson
Littleton, CO


Does anyone have a picture of what the t-shirts look like this year? If anyone has one, please post it.



Hi Jack...great column! I especially enjoy it this year as we can not make it down to Florida. Please let people know that adults can also enjoy the Pirates League for a pirate makeover...yea the price is high but my husband and I splurged last year and really had an incredibly fun time! The cast members from the league saw us later in the night and told us they enjoyed being able to be silly with "adults!"


We will be attending MNSSHP on Halloween and are so excited. Are there any special events that occur in Magic Kingdom just on Halloween night?

Jack's Answer:

To my knowledge, MNSSHP is identical every night, including Halloween. However, Halloween will be very busy. When you read other people's comments about how empty the park was and how they could walk onto every ride, this won't be the case on the 31st. You will encounter lines. I don't mean to be a wet blanket, I just want you to be prepared.

Debra Kupper:

Are Fast Passes issued during the Halloween Party?

Jack's Answer:

Generally, no.

Liz Barker:

This is great! I am unable to go this year and reading your blog has made me feel that I still had the opportunity! As far as other posters wondering if it's worth it, it is absolutely worth it! We have gone the past two years and we are also passholders! So we have always been willing to spend the extra money for this event and not feel pressured into hitting it all during an average day where it can be virtually impossible to hit all of the kids' favorites. Especially for kids who love rides like Dumbo, Peter Pan etc. There are virtually no lines and you can basically do all of the Magic Kingdom must see's during this event. The fireworks are amazing and the parade is phenomenal! The headless horseman is one you must not miss! Thanks again for all of the great information! (And to the point earlier about people trying to sneak around without wrist bands, I have only ever witnessed very diligent Disney Cast Members checking the bands and you have to show them to get into any of the rides, so I feel confident that they are doing their best!)

Jack's Comment:

There are no lines during September and early October, but the closer you get to Halloween, the busy these parties become. Those of you attending on Halloween or the week before WILL encounter some lines.


Love the blog! but i was wondering, my family is going to the party in costume but we have a dinner reservation at the Grand Floridian before, would we be allowed to wear our costumes there? or would we be thrown out?

Jack's Answer:

It depends on where you're going for dinner...

In reality, the only restaurant that would turn you away is Victoria & Albert's, but I suspect that's not where you'll be dining.


Thanks, Jack! We love Disney, but being from the North only make it down every 3-5 years or so and have never been for MNSSHP. This will be our first year and your post increases my eagerness!

When ordering tickets from the disney site, it indicates we will need to pick up the tickets at the will call window. Do you expect we will still be allowed to enter soon after 4 pm? Do you think the crowds will be any different in early October between a Sunday and a Thursday?

Any help appreciated!
thanks, Sue

Jack's Answer:

Once you pick up your tickets (which you can do at the ticket booths in front of the Magic Kingdom), you will be able to enter the park any time after 4pm.

Disney never releases attendance figures. All I can tell you about crowds is that the closer you get to Halloween, the busier the party is.


Hi Jack,

This is the first year in a few that I will not be in WDW for the MNSSHP, instead this year we will be attending the Christmas Party for the first time! I am sad to say that I did not even take notice of the "ghost" by the HM telling her tale. I would love to have seen that! Great blog, as usual. Even if most information is redundant as years past, it still takes me there and allows me to dream.


Our family went to MNSSHP for the first time on 9/18. We arrived at 4:30pm, and just like you said, we were admitted right away. We got our wristbands and castmembers were already in their costumes, holding signs and handing out programs. We had a 5pm reservation at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique which was a lot of fun for my 4 year old "Ariel". She arrived in costume and the Boutique was packed, but we got seated within 10 mins. of our reservation time. DH and DS entered the park with us but went to ride Space Mountain & Buzz Lightyear before we all met up at Cosmic Ray's at 6pm for dinner. At exactly 7pm they opened the candy stations and we were off. Loved the great parade, everyone in costumes, the fireworks right overhead, and the upclose encounters with the characters (Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White were all with their Princes for photos in Toontown. Right next door was Tinkerbell with her Fairies). It is a completely different vibe at night during a "private" event. And it truly feels like you are part of something "special". Part of that good old Disney Magic! I would definitely recommend it!


We just got back from 9/21 MNSHP. we took our 6 and 10 year olds and had a blast. Space Mountain is open. It was left off the list by mistake as it was closed last year for refurb and they used last years list. We were let in at 4 with no problems. Free face painting in toon town. the lines were a breeze except in toon town but they moved pretty quick. Hang out after the villans show and the villans mingle and pose but no autographs. great time!

Judy D'Alessandro:

We also attended MNSSHP on the 14th and it was our first time. We had a great time and truly enjoyed the party. We did have something unusual happen though while we were waiting for the Boo To You parade to start. We were sitting directly in front of the castle, close to the road. There was one or two people in front of us who would be considered "front row". Just before the Headless Horseman came out, a CM came by and made everyone (regardless of whether you were in the front or not) stand up, just until the Headless Horseman passed and then she said we could sit down. The CM was pretty insistant that everyone had to do this. I have never seen that before and wondered if it was because of the horse.......at least that was the only thing I could think of. I have to say at my age, getting down on the ground was difficult enough, but trying to get back up in a hurry surrounded by so many people was almost impossible.


We are coming to WDW for the first time. We're arriving late on Oct 1 and leaving mid-afternoon on Oct 7. I have heard I cannot miss Fantasmic which is on Oct 3 at 8PM. Oct 3 also happens to be the only date we would have as an option for the MNSSHP. Why do they have both events on the same night (same thing happens on Oct 7)? Is there any way we could do both? I'm thinking not because of travel time from Hollywood Studios to Magic Kingdom.

Jack's Answer:

Is it possible to see both MNSSHP and Fantasmic on the same night? Yes. Would I recommend it? Absolutely not?

First, you need to arrive at Fantasmic at least 30 minutes before the show. That means you need to be walking through the gates of the Studio at 7:30 AT THE VERY LATEST. Although it might take less time, you need to plan on an hour travel time between the Magic Kingdom and Studio. So you would need to leave the Magic Kingdom by 6:30. Fantastic is a half hour show. But by the time you exited the park, you wouldn't be to the Studio bus lot for at least 20 minutes. Then add another 30 or so minutes to return to the Magic Kingdom. It's now 9:30.

Bottom line, you will invest about 3 hours of your Halloween party time to see Fantasmic. I personally don't think this is a good investment of your time.

Tam :

Hi there. I want to do this MNSSHP next year when we'll be there, on Sunday Oct 30th, 2011. We've never been before. But, I don't know if they'll be doing it on this particular date ... and unfortunately it's the only day we're going to be there! Do you have any best guesses as to when the party will be held next year? When are those 2011 dates posted? Do you know when do next year's tickets go on sale? Thanks!

Jack's Answer:

I have no way of knowing what next year's dates will be. This year, the dates were announced in late April. Allears tries to stay on top of things so start checking our site sometime next April or May.

Awesome post sally, it's been a while since I've been on here. I see that nobody has lost their passion. Good to be back.


I was at the 9/21 party, my first one - and it was a blast! The fireworks were the best I'd seen!

I love the villain's show too, though was disappointed they do not have photopass people at the villain spots. We got some pictures...but but they came out poorly! Maleficient is in black, in an unlit corner...so bring a good flash to the party!

Also, despite being an early party, and a Tuesday, it was really crowded! The ride lines weren't bad, though Peter Pan still had a 25 minute wait and the haunted mansion a good 40 minute wait. The 7 Dwarves and the carriage had the longest photo lines we saw.

The 2nd parade was also really crowded - Disney states in the handout to go to the second one! I saw a lot of already-asleep kids because the parents wanted to go to the "less crowded" parade.

It was definitely awesome though and I really want to go again!

Marie Hall:

Thanks for this great blog. We're planning on going next year--our first time to MNSSHP, tho' we're WDW veterans. I thought the ticket price was ON TOP of the park admission! Glad it's not! You got me even MORE EXCITED to go. I hope they don't change it b/c it looks like so much fun! Thanks for all the pictures!


where are snow white and the dwarves?
my girls must see them on oct 7!

Jack's Answer:

The Seven Dwarfs can be found at the base of the old Skyway Terminal to the left "it's a small world."


Hi Jack, I look at allears.net so often for Disney info, it's becoming a habit!

We're going to the Halloween party on October 31 with our little girls who are 8 and 6. We are trying to balance the weather with costume choices. We are used to northeast chilly halloweens and are trying to choose costumes wisely. Not only do we not want to be hot, but we don't want to
worry about being uncomfortable if we go on splash mountain or something - so, we were thinking about wearing regular clothes and then changing. What do you think of that?

Also, will it be ok to wear tinkerbell/minnie mouse type costumes at night - do you think it will be too hot still?

Thank you for your great work. I love the photos of the Halloween Party - they get our family all excited.

Jack's Answer:

The weather around Halloween is usually quite pleasant. The daytime temps are in the mid-eighties and the evening temps are in the mid-seventies.

In my opinion, if you're just going to the party (4pm-ending), then come in your costume. Why waste precious touring time changing clothes in a public restroom. Plus, you'll either have to carry the other set of clothes with you or get a locker.

If you're worried about getting wet on Splash Mountain, request the back seats. You might get splashed, but you won't get soaked.

If you're going to be in the Magic Kingdom before the party begins on a "day" ticket, then maybe you'll want to change clothes while there. But many people spend the entire day in costume and no one thinks anything strange about this.

Wearing Tink and Minnie customs at night is fine.

Sarah Ashley:

Hey Jack! Just wanted to be the annoying copy editor that I am ... in the section about the Haunted Mansion, you used the wrong version of "tales." Unless, of course, the ghost in question had a disturbing encounter with a cat. I suppose "tails" would work for that... Happy Halloween!

Jack's Comment:

I proof my copy. I have a friend proof my copy when I'm done with it. And Deb Wells reads my blogs before she posts them. You'd think one of us would have found this mistake.


Absolutely awesome coverage of this event Jack, as usual! :)

Just wondering...where was Cinderella's Coach located for photos this year?

Thanks! Trish

Jack's Answer:

This year Cinderella's Coach is located in front of Pinocchio's Village Haus. You can't miss it.


Will you be attending the Very Merry Christmas one on opening day too? I would be interestd in hearing the same type of blog. We are heading to WDW in November and we have been to the MVMCP before and I was wondering if we should do it again.


P.S. I like your comment about not wearing a costume because you were working. You have the greatest job in the world!!!

Jack's Answer:

I have covered the Christmas party for the last two years, but this season DizneyMike will be attending the first night and writing a report

lynette miller:

We just went to the party on Sept. 21 and what a blast! We went at 4:30 to make the most of our time and to ride rides before the party started. I saw in a post wondering about free face painting and we did that! It is located in toontown at the face painting station you usually have to pay for. All five of us took advantage of this since it is expensive. We got in line around 6:00 and it did move quick. I would skip doing the pirates league/bibbi boutique and take advantage of the FREE make over here. My daughter did a princess & hubby did a cool pirate one :)


Jack - My family is planning to attend the MNSSHP on our trip to Disney next year. I have a 2 and 4 year old, and the 4 year old is a bit of a scaredy cat. Is the party really "not so scary", or are there some things we need to watch out for?

Jack's Answer:

Disney discourages scary costumes. Unless the Disney villians scare your kids, you'll be fine.


My family and I are going to attend the MNSSHP on October 11th for the first time and are SO looking forward to it. To me, the cost of attending is just another magical piece of Disney that will create memories that will last forever. My 8 and 5 year old daughters can't wait. My 15 year old son, not so much.

Thank you for providing us with so much information and videos/pics of what happens there. It makes me want to be there tomorrow instead of 11 days from now.

Thank you again Jack.

Chris Matherne:

I went to the MNSSHP last year and am going againg this year. When watching your video of HalloWishes, I noticed something I didn't see before. At the very beginning of the show (after the music starts, but before any fireworks are set off), the turrets on the castle start to sing. That truely is Disney detail and magic. I can't wait to look for it when I go this year!

maureen hern:

My husband and I have just returned home returned home to rainy England after another brillant 2 week vacation at WDW, this was our first MNSSHP, it was the highlight of our vacation. The parade and fireworks were fab. The trick or treat stops were great too, we ended up with two overflowing bags of candy, we left a bag for housekeeping, shared out some with the families at our hotel pool and brought some home!!!!! We dont have any children but would recommend it to anyone

Dear Jack: My friend and I were also at the party on the first night. Judging from your video of the parade, we must have been standing within a few feet of you. I am sorry I didn't know you were there as I would have loved to say hello and tell you, in person, how much I love your posts! Perhaps another time! Anyway I did see something new at this year's party. They were distributing more chocolate candies and considered the trick or treat candies to be "upgraded" this year. WDW now has silver colored cool packs inside the containers where the candy is kept at the trick or treat stations. This allows them to have more chocolate candy which would melt otherwise. We saw the cool packs and learned this in a conversation with a cast member. (my friend and I love to know ALL Disney trivia!) Also, we did see face painting in Toon Town. We both just love the Halloween party and even went again on Saturday as we just love it so much!

Antonia Strasser:

We just returned from our week at DW and attended the MNSSHP. Great fun! They were allowing guests in at 4pm. Epcot note: on September 30th, we went into the Werther's Caramel Shop near Germany. We were too full from dinner to try all the treats they had created there, but they looked yummy! About Halloween Party Pins: bought one for my grandson's collection at a kiosk on Main Street in front of the Castle! Hope some of this helps....Can't wait for next year!

Antonia Strasser:

Hi, Jack!

I forgot to ask? Any way we can buy a CD of the music from the Halloween Parade?

Thank you,


Jack's Answer:

I can't sell you the music, but Disney can. They sell a CD of their holiday music and the "Boo To You" parade is among the selections. I don't know the Disney mail-order number, but if you call Disney's general information at 407-824-4321 they can give it to you.

Aaaah, I totally wish I could be a part of that. I hope Halloween party goes great! :]


Thank you Jack for all the details you share with us!

I wanted to share one cost-saving/enjoyment stretching strategy that my family utilizes when visiting WDW. Each visit we enjoy one of two types of trips: park-centric or event-centric. I've seen several posts to this blog about not wanting to pay "twice" for park entry on the day people are attending the party and the event-centric strategy allows you to pay (and enter after 4 pm) just once.

For the park-centric visits, we go for a week or more and get one of the complete packages offered periodically by Disney (like the free dining package). We spend the majority of our time in the parks and get our fill of in-park rides and shows. We do not do this type of trip when hard-ticket events like MNSSHP are offered.

We go to WDW for event-centric visits during hard-ticket event periods, like MNSSHP. Awhile back we invested in 10 day No Expiration Park Hopper with Water Parks Fun and More tickets (so 10 individual use one-day park hopper days plus 10 visits to the water parks). On this type of trip we usually just go for a long weekend (typically a four or five night stay). We combine one or two hard-ticket party nights (entering close to 4 pm, of course!) with one or two days from our previously purchased 10 Day No Expiration Park Hopper ticket. On the park hopper day(s) we visit HS, Epcot and AK and enjoy just our favorite rides/shows. On the mornings of the MNSSHP party we get reservations at a character breakfast in one of the hotels (like Chef Mickey's) and/or send the little kids off on one of the Pirate cruises (such as the one that departs from the Grand Floridian), or do lunch at T-Rex in Downtown Disney and/or just enjoy the resort activities and facilities (pool, game room, etc.). We also use up one or two visits to a water park. On the evening(s) we go to a water park (which is never the same day we use one of the park hopper passes!) we book a dinner show (like the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue), visit one of the miniature golf courses or just kick back at the Ft. Wilderness campground and have hot dogs and marshmallows at the nightly campfire and movie. Sometimes we'll head out to the beach area to catch the MK fireworks.

They are two completely different types of WDW vacations and we enjoy them both.


I thoroughly enjoy reading all of your blogs! I have one question. Can you get into the party with just the party ticket? In other words, you don’t have to have a park ticket to enter, right? We have park tickets but they are not park hoppers and we plan to visit Epcot earlier that same day. I don’t want to arrive at MK and learn that we won’t be allowed entry due to visiting Epcot earlier. Thanks!

Jack's Answer:

Your MNSSHP ticket is completely separate from any other ticket you might have. You can enter the Magic Kingdom any time after 4pm using your party ticket. You do not need any other ticket and the fact that you were in Epcot earlier in the day will no affect anything.

Camille J. Sauer:

We attended the MNSSHP in 2008 and my family loved it. I was looking at pictures from the party from 2009 and 2010 and was wondering what happened to the float with the pumpkin guy. He rode on a lighted ball right before the villains float. I didnt see him in any of the pictures. He was our favorite and will miss him very much if he is no longer a part of the parade. We will be attending the party again in a couple of weeks and your info is always such a great help. Thank you.

Jack's Answer:

Disney is constantly tweaking everything in order to keep things fresh. It's very possible they removed the float you remember to make room for a new addition. The previous float may have been shipped to Disneyland or one of Disney's overseas parks. Or it may have needed so many repairs is wasn't worth fixing.

Lisa Campbell:

Thanks for such great information! We are so excited to be attending our 6th year of the Halloween party. It is so awesome. I almost started crying while watching your video clips. Thanks for the info on arrival time. When I asked, I was told 7pm also so I was glad to see that this probably isn't really the case. We will be there next week and hopefully get in early. Thanks again for the great pictures and videos!


I am thrilled to have found this blog and information! Finding out we can enter after 4 pm has been one of the best tips I have found so far for this trip!

I have a question about costumes. I noticed that scary costumes are discouraged. I have 7 and 6 yr old boys who choose costumes a few weeks ago (attending Oct 31). Their costumes have sheer material masks (good visibility) but I am wondering now if they will be deemed too scary? One is sheer black with glasses that have red lights that look like red eyes under the mask, the other is a skeleton/zombie mask (again sheer material).

They could go without the masks, but will be disappointed. Was wondering what your thoughts are so I can prepare them just in case.

Jack's Answer: The costumes you selected for your children should be fine. What Disney is really trying to discourage is “blood & guts” and gruesome images.


We won tickets from Radio Disney and are going to the party tomorrow night. Can't wait. Thanks for all the info--glad to know we can get in early too!

Esther :

I am the Disney fan who made her wheelchair into the Jungle Cruise Boat! It was my first MNSSHP and I had the time of my life! My cousins had to leave earlier that day, so I was on my own, but I met so many nice people that night, and had my photo taken so many times that I lost count. It was an honor to be photographed for your blog; I have used your site often for research and planning (I researched MNSSHP on it). I think I got tons more candy from the CM's because of my costume; all adults should have costumes as it makes it so much fun. Keep up the good work....all of your good works (I have a loved one fighting cancer). Thank you.


I called to make reservations for Pirate league for the night of Sept 20th 2011 which I believe will be a MNSSHP night for 2011 but were told that they take the last reservation at 3:30pm. Do you know if they will extend the hours for MNSSHP nights once the tickets go on sale? Also, do you know when the tickets will be going on sale?


Loved the videos. What did you use to record them?? Thanks

Albert :

Hey great blog it was very helpfull. My family will be attending the party for the first time this year and wondering witch day would be less crowded we have a choice of Oct. 30 or 31 or Nov 1.

Jack's Answer:

I hate to tell you this, but ALL three days are going to be very busy. Disney touts these Halloween parties as intimate affairs, but the closer you get to the holiday, the busier it will be. Unlike the parties in late September and early October, you will encounter lines on those three nights. Of the three days you mentioned, I'd pick November 1. Since it's after the holiday, it's a little less in demand.


I'm just wondering if you can clarify something for me. If I take my daughter to the MNSSHP, do I also have to purchase a park ticket? Or can I just by a ticket for the party and go at 7:00?

Jack's Answer:

MNSSHP is a separate, ticketed event. You need a "party" ticket to attend, but not general "all day" ticket. Although the party advertises the starting time as 7pm, in years past you can enter the Magic Kingdom at 4pm with your MNSSHP ticket. I hope this answers your question.

Joseph Van Grembergen:

If I go to MK the day of the MNSSHP early and have tickets for the MNSSHP do I have to go back outside to get the wristbands @4:00 pm or could I get them when I arrive say at 12:00 pm. I have ADR at Crystal Palace


Jack's Answer:

There will be a place within the Magic Kingdom where you can pick up your wristband. In the past, it was near Stitch's Great Escape or at the Rose Garden. If not, you can pick them up near the turnstiles. But you do not need to exit the park.

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