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Main Street Electrical Parade - Walt Disney World

Tonight (June 6, 2010), Summer Nightastic! at the Magic Kingdom officially gets underway with an slightly updated version of the Main Street Electrical Parade. But last night Disney held a special sneak-peak for Annual Passholders (and anyone else who happened to be in the park). I was on hand so I could bring you the magic as soon as possible.

I filmed the show twice (once at 9pm and once at 11pm) from different sides of the street. I have edited these clips together to bring you a good representation of what's in store for you this summer. However, I did not have the most current version of the music so I applied some creative editing to an old copy of the Disneyland version of this score. But what you'll hear is a fairly accurate representation of what is played today.

When the lights dimmed and the familiar "Baroque Hoedown" began to play, the crowd went wild, even though the first float was still several minutes away. People have been anxiously awaiting the return of this perennial favorite. This show only plays until August 14th of this year so plan accordingly.

For more information about this new production, check out Deb Koma's "Sneak Peak" and the "Official Disney Announcement."


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Comments (58)


Great video and post! I have been missing the Electrical Parade since it left (has it really been 9 years?). I know that Disney *sometimes* extends limited engagement events, so I was wondering if they will extend the parade into the fall/winter. Do you think there's any chance?

Jack's Answer:

I have no inside information, but anything is possible.


Fantastic job! The video, editing and music were all extremely well done. I loved it...Mike


Fantastic! I hope they continue to run this after Summer Nightastic! I don't get down there until October!

Excellent video, Jack - once again, you've proven to be the best at Disney ride and attraction videos. Amazing!

Liz McCullough:

What was the parade that was going on at night time in the Magic Kingdom? Didn't it have electric lit up floats?

Jack's Answer:

The previous parade was called SpecroMagic. And yes, it was extremely similar to Main Street Electrical Parade -- it just had different floats and different music. But the MSEP was the first such parade and because of this, holds a special place in many people's hearts.

Lynn Johnson:

WOW! Thanks Jack! We have really missed this parade. Hope all who see it for the first time enjoy it as much as we do.

Casey O'Dell:

Amazing video, Jack! Thanks for bringing some of the magic to us at home! I do have to say, I'm going to miss Spectromagic if it stays gone awhile. Chip and Dale on a baby grand just can't be topped in my book!


Thanks for this Jack I love it! I'm in the Magic Kingdom right now I can't wait to see the parade live tonight.

Patti DeLuca:

Gosh, this was gorgeous! It's too bad it's going to be only for a limited time as I don't usually go to Disney in the summer. My next visit will be second week in December. I was very glad to see this video. I always ask the Toontown Sax players to play the Baroque March for me as I love the music to the parade.
Keep up the good work, I enjoy ALL your blogs.


Thanks for sharing the magic with the rest of us! I was almost in tears....I'm not lucky enough to see this, but with your video was almost like been there

Thanks again!


With your knowledge of Disney, do you really think they'll end the MK run of the MSEP in August? Would they really go to the expense of moving the parade floats to the east coast for just a few months? We're really hoping that it'll still be there when we visit in October.

Jack's Answer:

Unfortunately, I don't have any inside contacts at Disney to fill me in on their "secrets." However, it's certainly possible they would extend this show if the public response is strong enough. I especially like the new fireworks show. I think it is better than Wishes. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Andrea Greco:

I am watching this video with tears in my eyes!! Thank you so much for this gift!! We will not be getting to WDW this Summer but this was almost just as good as being there( minus the popcorn smells!) Thanks again for posting!!


Awesome! Thanks for the post.....can't WAIT for my trip in July!!!!!!!!!!!


thank you for this preview. my family and i will be leaving for disney world in 13 days!

i was wondering if part of the updated MSEP music included the intro? you know the one, "ladies and gentleman, boys and girls..."!

Jack's Answer:

The opening announcement (electronic voice) in the new show is almost identical to what I presented in my video.


Wow it is exactly how I remembered it! Thanks so much for sharing you did an amazing job!


We were at Magic kingdom tonight for the first Main Street electrical parade. It was fantastic. The parade concluded with a wonderful patriotic tribute. The parade was at 9pm and again at 11 pm, both times it was delayed about 15 min but still worth the wait. For good viewing pick your spot about 25 to 30 min before it starts. We were at the end of the parade route so we got on splash mountain right after the parade. It cooled us down and there was no waiting

Jack's Comment:

The show starts on Main Street at 9pm (and 11pm). It takes it 15-20 minutes to get the Frontierland.

Kelley Morris:

I can't wait to see this the very last day the are running this parade! Can you imagine what this would look like at the MVMCP's! With all the Christmas lights..oh well one can dream can't one?


I got to see this Sunday night, and it was fantastic! Worth standing in the heat and humidity to stake out a prime spot.


Awesome Video!
This parade was the one I always watched growing up and seeing the video gave me goosebumps! My favorite part has always been the techno intro. Keep up the awesome job

Jim Finley:

Great video Jack we are passholders and made trip just for the parade and the new fireworks show with the special glasses. They were both awesome my children loved the new "old" parade as much as me and my wife.


Just a quick question...Does the MSEP start on main street just as Spectromagic did ??? Or does it start in Frontierland ??? Will be there in 108 hours...Thanks for your awesome video...

Jack's Answer:

The MSEP starts at Main Street for both showings. So if you're waiting in Frontierland for the show, you won't see it for 15-20 minutes after the announced starting time.

Great video! I can't believe how much I remember the music and who knows when I saw it last... Maybe 1993 or 1995. Has the music always been the same? I may have seen the parade when I was a child in the 70s and early 80s. Did they have it then?

I think the whimsical music makes it so fun.

Thanks Jack!

Jack's Answer:

The basic theme, “Baroque Hoedown," has been with the parade since its debut in 1972. This tune is almost as bad as "it's a small world." After hearing it, it's stuck in your head for hours, maybe days later.

Claire :

Thanks again for a wonderful video Jack! I just watched it with my 3 year old daughter, who of course, has never seen it. And she loved it! We'll be there in Oct/Nov. so maybe, fingers crossed, it might still be there. I know the music can be annoying, but as soon as it starts playing I get goosebumps, even though I know I'm only watching a video. Is that wrong? You know you're old when you have to explain who Elliot the Dragon is ( I remember seeing it in the movie theatres!)
Thanks for letting me share a memory of my childhood with my child.

Amy Ross:

Great video jack. Thank you for posting this. We aren't going until Sept. I wish they would extend the parade. I think it's amazing.


Thanks for posting!!! My boyfriend and going to watch the parade tomorrow after work, SO EXCITED!!! Love the eagle at the end!

I'd like to get some photos of the parade w/ my DSLR (canon T1I). By any chance do you have any tips on which setting would be the best to capture the light w/o the photos being blurry?

As always, thanks for sharing your awesome blog <3

Jack's Answer:

I wish I could help, but I can't. Maybe if you send a comment to one of our Photography Bloggers they can give you some hints. And they've probably already addressed this topic. Use the Allears search option and see if you can find a past article.

Sue VanVleet:

I love this parade and am so thrilled it is back. I have a t-shirt from one of the final runs back in 1991 or so. Hearing the music puts me in a good mood, and I like it so much that I made it into a ring tone for my new phone! Thanks for the video.

Wendy Crober:

Hi Jack,

We saw this in 2000 for the first and only time and since we won't see it this summer it was wonderful to watch your video (can't believe how good the quality is!).

I agree with the others who say the intro is one of the best parts.

My daughter likes this one much better than SpectroMagic because it doesn't have those creepy clown like jesters on the twirling balls (for some reason that is a major disturbance to her in SpectroMagic!)

Thanks again,


Jack ... This blows me away!!! Great Video!!! I always make my Daughter a lil DVD of our trip with photos and video. I'm glad I have this song on CD. Next time I have a plan !!!!! Thanks again, WALL

Kelly DeLeon:

I can't wait to see it in 12 days. This is my absolute favorite parade. I might have to have my dad get out the original MSEP record that he treasures. I remember how excited I got when he played it. Thanks for bringing back those memories!


Aw man. We're still over here in Japan. I hope it's back when we go once we're back in the states (another year and a half at least)

Richard Mercer:

Great video Jack! I've wanted to see this parade for years -- it was not running during my one and only trip to Disneyland. And I will get to see it in a couple weeks!!

I've heard a rumor that this parade will also be appearing at Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Tokyo. If so, there may be an actual schedule for these appearances, which would make an extended stay at Magic Kingdom unlikely.

Jack's Comment:

Tokyo already has a Main Street Electrical Parade. I just saw it a couple of weeks ago. So I doubt that the parade will be going there. And if Paris needs a new parade, I would think it would make more sense to send them SpectroMagic and keep the MSEP here. But these are all rumors and speculations. People asked me if it is "possible" that they'll extend the parade and fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. And yes, it is "possible."


Simply - that was fun to remember

Ashley Tuner:

Awesome Job as always! Have you done an article regarding the history of this particular parade? I have many people asking me to help them understand why people are so excited. You may have done the history & I may have missed it.

Jack's Comment:

I have not done an article on this parade. I'll have to think about it. However, I did see this show in 1972 when it first debuted. I was blown away then and I still am today.


Jack, don't think I'm too crazy, but I'm such a Disney nut, I have Baroque Hoedown as my ringtone!

Jack's Comment:

You're not crazy. I have "Never Smile at a Crocodile" as my ring tone. LOL

Jenny Sperandeo:

Hi Jack! Your video brought a tear to my eyes. The Electrical parade was just how I remembered it, but better. I cannot wait to see it in July. I am counting down the days...Thank you for always bringing the magic into my home.


Once again, thank you SO much for all the time you put into your blogs and videos. They are always just wonderful. I was so sad that we were going to miss MSEP since we won't be at WDW until August 19, but at least I can watch your video and enjoy it vicariously. I'm curious - which parade do you think is better - Spectromagic or MSEP?

Jack's Answer:

I saw the MSEP when it debuted at Disneyland in 1972 and it holds a very special place in my heart. That being said, I actually like SpectroMagic better.
But they're both fantastic and unique shows.


THANKS for posting this!! We saw MSEP on our first trip to the World in 1999. Personally, I enjoy Spectromagic more because of the combination of the beautiful floats and the wonderful music. We will be seeing MSEP this summer so it was nice to get a sneak peek. You did a GREAT job!


I took my 2 girls down to Disney just to see this parade. I have to say it was great but...I like the music to Spectromagic so much better. It is so much more dramatic! I also love the horn players in the front of Spectromagic with their light up hair!


Still remember when they used these floats one year for the Orange Bowl Halftime show. I never wanted to go to Disney more in my life!

Brad :

Love the ELP! I really hope they allow it to stay, at least for Christmas when we go back. We saw it 10 years ago and loved it.

Karen Ludwig:

I have a special place in my heart for the Electrical Parade from the times I saw it in the 70's at Disneyland where it originated. Saw it again on June 5th here at WDW and I must say I like SpectoMagic better.

J Rueger:

I can not believe I did not know about the Annual Passholders sneak peek. My family and I left WDW June 5th at 4 PM. We had a room booked for Saturday night but decided not to stay cause we could not stay til Sunday to view the parade, however we would have stayed Saturday night, June 5th for the sneak peek. So upset...I have not seen this parade since I was a kid. Great job video for me, but nothing beats the live experience.

Elizabeth Goodman:

Jack, As always I enjoy reading your blogs. I saw MSEP the first time I ever went to Disney and it would be fun to see it again. My son and daughter would love it and it would bring back great memories for my husband and I.I remember the music and you are right- it's defnitely one that sticks in your head. We plan on being at Disney in July, but weren't planning on visiting a park this trip, but we may just have to reconsider and go for the memories! Thanks again,


The last time I saw this, it was 1987 and I was 7 years old. For some reason, it has always stayed with me, and for personal reasons, I have very strong attachments to it. (So much so, that I can't listen to the music without becoming overwhelmed with emotions.)

To think that now, at 30, I'm going to see it again in 16 short days is amazing!

Anyone want to hedge any bets as to how long it takes me to burst out sobbing on Main Street? LOL


Is the parade done every night before the new fireworks show? I can't seem to find the parade listed on the daily schedule for MK...I'm trying to plan my trip around seeing both! Thanks!

Jack's Answer:

The parade runs every night through August 14th (usually at 9pm & 11pm) and the fireworks are presented after the first showing (probably 10pm). But be sure to check the Times Guide when entering the Magic Kingdom.


Hey Jack,

Thanks for the MSEP video! My sister and I were there for the passholder preview. We stood to the left of the Partners statue. I'm not sure if you could see this where you were standing, but a couple of the floats (one being the London Tower) had trouble crossing a little "dip" in the road. Hope they fixed that for future shows.

It was my first time seeing the MSEP and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Like others, I love the techno intro and closing.



Just got back and it was great to show my kids the same parade I remember as a kid!

Oh, nothing beats this parade! It's my all time favorite of WDW. Last time we saw it my oldest two were 4 and 6 and this year my youngest will get to see it. It is just magical. Something about this parade emotionally connects with me so much more than Spectromagic. It is just the best! Thanks for the video! Love your blog Jack.


What is the difference to the electric parade and the Spectromagic light parade? Great video:)

Jack's Answer:

The basic concept is identical. The only difference are the floats and the music.


are they going to keep this cause this was the one when i was a little baby and i enjoy this


That was great!!! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to go back next spring.


My all time favorite Disney parade and I haven't seen it as a child. GREAT video! I just took my kids last fall and so wish they could have seen this. It is so much better than Spectro Magic. I sure hope they extend it longer.

Sara Beth:

Eeee!!! I'm so excited to see this again (via your awesome video!) Thank you thank you!! I loved (love!) this parade!! Elliot talking was always my favorite part. *sigh*.


Hi Jack.... I'm so happy to hear that the MSEP is being extended, as we haven't been able to see it yet. We won't be to the MK until Oct. Do you think it'll still be running thru the fall?
It would be nice if it went on into early next year....

Jack's Answer:

The announcement says that the parade has been extended indefinitely. I have no inside information, but I'd bet money it will be around in October -- and probably next summer as well.


Hey Jack! I'm taking my daughter to WDW 10/1/10-10/6/10 to celebrate her 21st birthday. When I've been there in the past, I've noticed people in the parades that aren't staff members. How could I surprise her and possibly get her into one of these parades? Thanks for your help.

Jack's Answer:

Being selected to be in a show or parade is strictly a matter of being in the right place at the right time. I've never been selected for anything. :-( Disney keeps this selection process somewhat spontaneous. If they didn't, everyone would clamber to be in a certain location at a certain time, hoping to be chosen. The only thing I can suggest is going to Guest Relations and ask, explaining that it's your daughter's birthday. They'll probably just give you a "Happy Birthday" button, but you never know. They might be able to pull something off.


We will be viewing the parade on Dec 6th at 7pm. Can you please let us know the route... where does it start and where does it end. Thanks so much!!


So...does this mean the electrical parade is staying for now? Is there a date? I am going in March...

Jack's Answer:

The Main Street Electrical Parade has been extended indefinitely. It will be running when you visit in March.


One of the best parades I have ever seen. While we were there in October we saw this amazing parade. I remember we sat up at the Main Street Station balcony and watched it. Tinker Bell stuck her tounge out at us, Alice waved, and Pete and his dragon Elliot were just marvelous!

P.S Do you know if the parade is still running?


I have never seen the MSEP so this was an incredible treat to watch!! Thank you so much for posting it!
My husband and I are going to Disney World in a couple of weeks and it's my first time!! We'll be there for the Christmas Parade....would love to see the electric parade one day though, it looks spectacular!!
Thanks again!

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