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TTA – Tomorrowland Transit Authority

Update: October 3, 2009

Yesterday, I rode the TTA. I was surprised to hear a new audio track had replaced the old narrative. A cast member told me this change took place on Thursday, October 2nd – the day I was riding.

Gone are the old jokes about keeping your forward facing tentacles inside your vehicle. And Mr. Tom Morrow is no longer paged or asked to give his party on Saturn a ring. The narrative is now in a young man’s voice and he points out the various sights along the way. For example, as you pass the Carousel of Progress, a brief description of this attraction is presented. This is in keeping with the original PeopleMover at Disneyland. On that now defunct ride, the many sights of Tomorrowland were pointed out as you passed by.

I have mixed emotions about the new recording. People are always reluctant to change, but updates are necessary to keep things fresh. I was told the Imagineers will monitor guest reaction to gauge how this change is received.


As you may know, Space Mountain is currently closed for an extensive refurbishment and is scheduled to reopen in November of this year. Since the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (TTA) travels through Space Mountain, it was necessary to close this attraction as well. But the mountain’s refurbishment has reached a point that the TTA could reopen and did so today (September 12th). I decided to take this opportunity to give you a little history of this sedate, yet very popular ride. But like so many other Magic Kingdom attractions, we must step back in time and across the continent to Disneyland in order to get a better understanding of the TTA, or WEDway PeopleMover as it was originally named.

When Walt was building Disneyland, money was extremely tight. Tomorrowland was practically an afterthought and during the early years, lacked greatly in attractions and ambiance. In 1959, Tomorrowland saw its first real improvement with the addition of the Submarine Voyage and the Disney/Alwig Monorail. But the biggest change came to this area in July 1967, when Tomorrowland was reborn (at a staggering cost of $23-million). Adventures Thru Inner Space, an all new CircleVision movie presented in an enlarged theater, elevated Rocket Jets, an improved Flight to the Moon, and the Carousel of Progress were all added to the land of the future. And tying them and the existing Tomorrowland attractions together was the PeopleMover sponsored by Goodyear. This elevated highway gave guests an overhead preview of all the wonderful new adventures that were just waiting to be experienced.

Disneyland PeopleMover

Disneyland PeopleMover

In its day, the PeopleMover was innovative and Walt thought of it as more than just a ride. He felt that the PeopleMover, along with the monorail, could help cities solve problems of congestion and overcrowding. In fact, he was so taken with both of these modes of transportation that they were incorporated into the plans for the city of the future he intended to build in Florida – a city to be called EPCOT. In this 1967 concept drawing of EPCOT, you can see both the PeopleMover (left) and the monorail (right).

EPCOT Concept Drawing

The queuing process for Disneyland’s PeopleMover was unique. First, guests boarded a speed-ramp (an inclined conveyor belt) for transport to a second level boarding area. At the end of the ramp they were deposited onto a stationary platform, surrounded by a large rotating turntable. Since the inside of a disk moves slower than the outside, it allowed guests an easy transition from the stationary platform to the moving turntable. As they walked to the outer edges of the turntable, their speed gradually increased. This arrangement allowed for better guest safety and improved ride capacity since the cars didn’t need to slow down as much in order to be boarded.

Disneyland PeopleMover

The PeopleMover was powered by small rubber tires (made by Goodyear) embedded along the track. Spaced about every nine feet, hundreds electric motors powered these tiny tires as they pressed against fiberglass epoxy plates positioned on the bottom of the cars. Top speed: six miles per hour. Each train consisted of four cars, holding four passengers each. They were equipped with power doors and an automated roof that tilted out of the way for easier loading and unloading (see above picture). The PeopleMover had an astonishing capacity of 4,600 guests an hour.

Along the nearly one mile route, a cheery narrative was piped into each car, describing the sights along the way while occasionally praising Goodyear. Unlike its future Florida cousin, Disneyland’s PeopleMover changed elevation as it circled Tomorrowland. It traveled over the Autopia, through shops, and above the submarine lagoon. It even paralleled the monorail for a short distance.

Disneyland PeopleMover

Disneyland PeopleMover

Disneyland PeopleMover

When the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World was in the planning stages, the PeopleMover (to be known as the WEDway PeopleMover) was an obvious choice to be included in the new park. However, it was not an opening day attraction. You see, just like at Disneyland sixteen years earlier, Tomorrowland would have to wait until after the park opened before it took on its full potential. The WEDway PeopleMover did not open until July 1, 1975, six months after Space Mountain. Here are two pictures taken in January 1972. As you can see, the WEDway PeopleMover is far from operational status.

Tomorrowland Under Construction

Tomorrowland Under Construction

There were several changes made to the Florida version of this ride from its California counterpart. First, it would not be powered by moving wheels embedded in the track, but rather by linear induction motors. This made for a much smoother ride than at Disneyland. Second, due to Florida’s weather, it was decided that individual roofs over each car would not be sufficient protection from the elements, so the entire track was covered. Another change would be the addition of a fifth car to each train. And as I mentioned earlier, the Magic Kingdom version traveled at the same elevation throughout its entire journey. This concept drawing provides a good overview of the attraction.

Tomorrowland Concept Drawing

Back at Disneyland, the Carousel of Progress was being dismantled so it could be shipped to Florida. On the second floor of the COP building was a large model of Progress City – the prototype for the city of EPCOT. The Imagineers didn’t want to destroy this beautiful work of art, yet they had no place to store or display it at Disneyland. It was eventually decided to make it one of the sights seen while riding the new WEDway PeopleMover in Florida; however, it was much too large in its current state and would need to be cut down dramatically in order to fit into the space available. Believe me, anyone who saw the original model at Disneyland, knows that this resized version pales by comparison.


The WEDway PeopleMover has changed little over the years. However, some of the sights along the way have evolved. For example, in the beginning, guests looked into the “If You Had Wings” attraction, then came “Dreamflight,” and finally “Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.”

As part of the Tomorrowland makeover, the attraction closed for five months in 1994. During this time it received cosmetic changes, giving the front section of the attraction a retro-futuristic look, leaving the back half virtually unchanged. The ride was also given a new name, the “Tomorrowland Transit Authority” or TTA. The backstory being that this is a future mode of transportation in the metropolis of Tomorrowland and the “Blue Line” services this area.

TTA Blue Line

I have ridden the TTA more than any other attraction at Disney World. Why? First, it rarely has a line, and if it does, it’s never more than a five minute wait. Next, the TTA offers a ten minute relaxing ride – allowing me to sit down in relative comfort. This is the perfect way to unwind for a few moments after being on my feet for hours. And finally, I like this attraction. It’s enjoyable to people-watch from high above the crowd. In addition, I get to take in some great Disney architecture and detailing along the way. Also, if the ride doesn’t have a line, you can ask the cast member if you can stay on for a second go-round.

Is this ride as thrilling or as engaging as other attractions at Disney World? Nope. Far from it. But it is a favorite of many people. I mourn the passing of the PeopleMover at Disneyland especially since the Rocket Rods attraction failed to run satisfactorily. I only hope that Disney does something with this eyesore of empty track sometime soon. I also hope that the Magic Kingdom version keeps running for many years to come.

To my knowledge, only one change of any note has been made to the TTA. A new LED lighting system has been installed and the track route changes colors every several seconds during the evening. Sorry, I do not have any pictures of this.

Here is a video I created of the TTA to help you relive the simple pleasures this ride has to offer. Note, it was a rainy day so occasionally you’ll see a drop of water on my lens. Sorry.

The previous post in this blog was Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2009.

The next post in this blog is Tomorrowland Skyway Station.

Comments (82)


I thoroughly enjoyed the article and the video. Nice work!


I used to love to ride this at Disneyland when it went through the TRON part. You always felt like it was going so fast! Is that section still there?

Jack's Answer:

As you may know, Disneyland's PeopleMover closed years ago and was replaced by Rocket Rods. Unfortunately, this attraction had technical difficulties that could not be solved. Eventually, this ride was closed as well. Innoventions now stands where the TRON section of track once ran.

Connie La Tempa:

This inspired me to take a ride in my upcoming trip in early December. I may take a night ride as well. Possibly a great photo op too!

Bonnie McNabb:

Love the video!! It made me feel like I was back at Disney for a little while. Thanks for posting it! :)


I was so disappointed that I wasn't able to see this two weeks ago. It was supposed to be open, but then it got postponed. It seems like one of those B/C ticket rides that really defines the character of a park like the Magic Kingdom.

Diane C.:

Hi Jack,

Great blog entry, as usual! Your video is great. Did you shoot it recently? That was a really UN-crowded day. That's the way to see the parks. I enjoyed the music on the video. Did it come from a CD of Disney parks music?

Diane C.

Jack's Answer:

The first weeks after Labor Day are always extremely slow at Disney World. If you can take the heat, (and you have no school children), this is the perfect time to see the parks. You can walk onto every ride. Couple this with the fact that it was a rainy day yesterday, when I shot the video, and the park was deserted. The music is authentic for Tomorrowland, however, I don't remember where I got it.


The video is great. When was it taken? THere was noone in the park. I want to go then.


This is my kids (ages 3,5,10)favorite ride! My family has had many wonderful conversations about their favorite things they've done and what we want to do next on this wonderful calming ride. It's one of the few rides a family of 5 can all ride together! If you plan it right you can get the best pictures of Cindrella's castle at sunset while riding.


Loved this video, planning trip first part of October with grandkids (first visit for them) So happy the TTA is back in operation. My Daughter-in-Law is not big on thrill rides so this will put her mind at rest! Keep up the great, informative, posistive comments.....


I have a question about Space Mountain. When you went through that part on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, was Space Mountain covered. If it wasn't want kind of changes were made?

Jack's Answer:

Sorry to disappoint you, but with the exception of the space ship which I showed in my video, all of the other interior sections of Space Mountain were covered or boarded so it was impossible to see anything that was going on.


Jack - thanks for another great article - and the good news!! I'm so glad this will be open when we go on our trip in October. It is one of my and DD's favorites. We ride it when DH takes a ride on Space Mt. - guess he'll have to go on with us this time!! Love it at night - especially during Christmas time.


Thanks for another great posting Jack! It's been years since I have riden the TTA. Our next trip I will definitely introduce my children to it.

Tony C.:

Hi Jack,
Another great blog and video. TTA and CoP are my 2 favorite Magic Kingdom attractions. I was so disappointed that TTA was closed on our trip in August. I'll be back down in 10 days, so i'm looking forward to riding it. Thank you again for all the great blogs, photos and videos.

Awesome article, this is one of my favorite attractions!


One of my favorite times to ride the TTA is at's fun to view the neon and lights throughout Tomorrowland. By the time the sun sets, the breeze is usually cool and a ride on the TTA makes a good break for the feet and the mind.


Hi Jack,
My family loves this ride. We were here from 8/26-9/2 and were extremely disappointed that it was still closed. (Attraction closure page listed openings for 8/24 then 8/31, but sadly neither happened). My oldest daughter and I always look forward to "paging Mr Tom Morrow".
The park looks so empty. I would love to be there when it is like that!
Thanks for the update and video!


I road the TTA on the 11th, the day it reopened. Yeah, when it went through Space Mountain, the lights were on, but pretty much all you could see was the ugly ceiling of Space Mountain. I was really happy it opened a day early so I could ride it since I left on the 12th.

sandra shaw:

Jack I can not wait to ride this ride IN 2 DAYS when we are back at Disney. This is one of our favs. So glad it is open and you wrote about it.


Thank you so much for the video clip and the information! We also love this ride. We visited for just one day in August and it just wasn't the same without a ride or two on the TTA. My 19 year old daughter loves it! We can't wait for our visit in December!


That was a very cool picture of Tomorrowland before the PeopleMover opened. Thanks!


Hi Jack,

What a coincidence? I too was at the Magic Kingdom at WDW yesterday (Sept 12th) for my 3-year-old son's FIRST visit. Maybe we passed each other on the People Mover.

My husband and I have always loved the People Mover and our son did too, he loved all the attractions in Tomorrow Land. We always enjoy the relaxing break and the opportunity to see many other attractions from above.

My nephew was along with us and very disappointed that Space Mountain was closed. Seeing it under construction via the PM was a
treat he wasn't expecting.

Thanks for posting all the cool pics from the beginning of the TTA/PM!


Thank you, Jack, for another wonderful blog and what a fantastic video! The TTA is one of my family's must-ride attractions for every trip! Your video helped bring WDW to us at home! Thanks!


I like your article. I didn't even know that it was shut down! I love the people mover. Better than sitting on a hot bench in the middle of tomorrowland. I am glad they decided to do some repairs. Last time I rode the TTA, I got stuck on it for over a half hour. The Cast had to evacuate people between the tracks. I am glad they're fixing it up.

David Santo:

Hey Jack!

This ride is one of my favs.

And look at you go with that video editing. You got a really good eye and a really good vibe.

Me likey mucho!

1. Are you shooting with 1 camera from multiple angles then insert editing the video images you like over the pre-existing audio?

2. Have you ever driven the TTA through Space Mountain when the lights were on and the coaster was actually working?

Andrea Greco:

This is my husband FAVORITE ride!!! Thanks for making it shine!


Thanks goodness it's reopened! We're leaving for WDW on the 26th. This is one of my 6 year old son's favorite rides. He would ride it over and over if he could. He even loves to watch videos of the TTA!!

bob baker:

some great old photos....thanaks for sharing!


Thank you so much for the video allowing me to "escape" on my favorite ride at MK! The only thing that could have made me happier (aside from actually riding the TTA!) would have been to hear my favorite line from the onboard audio "Paging Mr. Morrow,..." not sure why I love that line so much, but I do :)


Jack - I got a tear in my eye watching this video. Like you, TTA is one of my family's favorites and is the attraction we have ridden more than any other. In our early days of visiting the MK, it was our favorite place to go to rest, relax, and rejuvenate with two young children. On our first visit, on a warm day in May of 1994, we rode at about 3pm. As the breeze cooled us on our ride, I looked over and discovered that both of my boys (then ages 3 and 8) had dosed off. When we reached the departure area, the attendant, seeing my little boys, signaled us to stay on the ride if we liked. Bless her!! That lovely afternoon, we stayed on that ride for 45 minutes and our boys had a peaceful nap. Watching your video, I can still see the sleeping there in my mind's eye. Over the years and many visits, we always ride this attraction together, or separately when traveling on different vacations.Though it is always a treat, that first ride will forever be special to me. Thanks for the memories, Jack!

Bethanne Graustein:

Our family loves that ride we are traveling in November and really sad that Space Mountain will be closed. Love reading all the history behind the attractions and places at Disney it gives me a little Disney to may day and that is a wonderful thing~~~~

Mike Venere:

Exactly how you write about it.....just a relaxing "break" during all the hustle you go thru in a day there.

Upset it was closed down when we went in August but looking forward to it when we return at the end of October...

Who knows, maybe Space Mountain wil open a little earlier than planned as well.


My DH, DD and myself all love this ride. My husband and I love it b/c we can finally sit back, relax, snuggle and hold hands while my daughter points out all the sights that we have seen umpteen times before. We just love it! I would have been so disappointed if it had been closed while we were there. Thanks for the awesome pics and video! Beautifully done as always!

Chuck T:

Hi Jack, Great job again you are right this is not a thrill ride but it is one of my families FAVORITES. A great ride just to watch the other guests and take in tomorrowland sights and sounds.

Theresa Konno:

We absolutely love the TTA and your article is awesome as usual Jack! Congrats!!!
We are coming back to WDW in January and we hope we get a chance to meet again!

Greetings from Brazil!

Theresa Konno


Thank you for another wonderful article. I always enjoy hearing about Walt Disney World and its attractions from your perspective.

This has always been a favorite ride of mine. I'm not sure why, but I would be more dissapointed if this was closed during my stay vs. Space Mountain or Splash Mountain...weird huh? Probably b/c I get to take in ALL of Tommorowland everytime I finish another "loop". It's especially exciting when the sun is just setting and all of Tomorrowland is brightly lit.

Ahhh....looking forward to my next visit.
Thanks Jack!!!!!


Hi Jack,
I too love this ride and ride it everytime I get to the opposite coast. I really miss it at Disneyland and wish they would bring it back, and yes :), I do remember the original Progress City model and I admit was completly fascinated with it as a child, it was quite a happy surprise to find it at WDW on my 1st trip in the 90's!!! Thanks for the free trip to the past :)


Thank you! The TTA (or "Blue Line" as my oldest son calls it) is one of our family's favorites. We have made it our own tradition to make this the first attraction we visit on each of our trips to WDW. We love it!

I love all of your pictures... especially the older ones. It's amazing to see all the changes that have been made over the years.


Hi again Jack, thank you for the marvelous blog and photos, I love see the old WDW and the TTA is my husbands favourite and he will be very happy with the "no" changes on it in our next trip in January. I m very glad that you enjoyed Buenos Aires when you came here. It s a wonderful city to walk and discover, just WDW.
I m always looking forward for your comments.
Thank you again, read you soon!

I love this ride, and thankfully, so do the kids!

Thanks for the history lesson!

Tomorrowland looked pretty deserted in the video, was it the rain, hour or because Space Mountain is still closed? I really need to go back soon. Or maybe I'll just sit back and enjoy your videos. :)

Exciting news about Fantasyland and it's expansion, don't you think?


I'm so glad you wrote about this ride. It is one of my favorites and I always feel like it is overlooked by so many people.

Kendall :

Jack, Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and let you know how much I enjoy reading your blogs. I check blog central daily and know that when you have posted I am in for a treat. Your blogs are always fun and informative. Thanks for the recent history of the Peoplemover (Still have a hard time calling it the TTA). It has always been one of my favorites. I can't wait to hear your take on the Fantasyland expansion news. It sounds exciting to me, just hoping they don't try to cut costs and that they do it right.

Joanne S., Frederick, MD:

Hello, Jack. Thank you for another enjoyable blog and video. My sisters and I love riding the relaxing TTA. We appreciate being able to ride several times in a row without having to get off. Of course, we always make sure that we keep our tentacles inside the car. ;)


Thank you for the great article and wonderful video. The TTA has such an interesting history. I've never seen the park so empty as in your video and I am hoping that it's like that next week when my family and I visit.

Great work!

James Cowan:

Jack, great write up. Even better video. I missed this ride in July. Can't wait for Feb. so I can ride it.

Follow up letter:

I thought you might want to know. I went to visit my mother today. She is 70 and doesn't get around much. Her favorite thing to do at WDW was to ride the peoplemover. She hasn't been in many years. I showed her your video. She watched it several times, crying each time she watched it. Your video will brighten her day many times over for the next few months. Thank you for the time and effort that yourself and the rest of the staff at Allears puts in, on a daily basis, to help spread the magic around.


This will always be known to me as the people mover. Our family also calls it "the relaxing ride" as we always go on it when we want to take a break from walking or after a meal if we're in the area. If not crowded, we usually stay on it for several laps. We just love it and will be on it in 11 weeks :)


I'm glad this ride is up and running again. I loved taking a bit of my lunch hour to ride along with your video. What a professional job!


Thanks for the great post! I never make a trip to the World without going on this attraction at least once. It's relaxing, provides terrific views and, on a hot day, provides a nice breeze and the occasional blast of air conditioning. A true gem that often goes unnoticed.

Amanda Novotny:

Thanks for the quick trip on the TTA, Jack! I can't wait to ride in December!

Elizabeth H:

Hi Jack. You're developing quite a fan club! I've been a faithful reader for the last two years. I look forward to checking your blog every morning and always hope for a new entry. The videos have been a great addition. Your music choices and editing really make me feel like I'm there.

By the way, I'm an educational writer who's also writing a novel for kids set in a fictional theme park. Your blog has provided more inspiration and reference material than any other site. If it gets published, expect to see your name proudly mentioned in the acknowledgements!

I think your blog would also make a great book. Not sure what the specific angle would be, but there are lots of choices. I'm traveling to WDW next week for a research trip. I'll be the one scribbling down notes!

Thanks for your blog and all the best,



Loved the piece on the TTA (though I still call it the WEDWay Peoplemover). It was closed when we were there in May and am looking forward to a relaxing ride on it in October. The video gave me my Disney fix for the day! Thanks!



Thanks so much for the wonderful ride! I'm glad it will be back up and running when my husband and I come on the 27th to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary!!

Debra McDonald:

Thanks Jack...I leave for WDW in 37 days and was excited to hear my favorite from DLand had reopened at WDW, your video was so peaceful and sweetly nostalgic. Great piece!!! :)


Thanks for the great info. The 12th was our last day in Florida and I sat outside my room in the new Bay Lake Tower watching the rides in Tomorrow Land thinking "we should have gone to the Magic Kingdom, it doesn't look like anyone is there..." We scrubbed our plans of going to Typhoon Lagoon and just relaxed in our room. I'm glad some were taking full advantage of the slow day. Missing WDW already!

Ricky Greathouse:

This is the best video of TTA I ever seen. The video is so clear that you think that you are there. Make more video.

Amy :

We love this ride....especially when it is sweltering outside. I couple of nice bursts of AC and the breeze in your hair are a great break. My kids love it also and sometimes we will ride 5-6 times in a row when there is no line. When they were 3 years old. They would ride with their arms in the air...their own thrill roller coaster.


Jack, am I the only one who would love to have a TTA t-shirt? My kids think I am crazy for tta being my favorite.


The picture of the EPCOT model is my absolute favorite part of the ride. It was fun to see it as a kid and imagine living there :)

Julia K:

Our family truly enjoys this ride as well. You are absolutely right--we ride it to relax as well as to absorb the sights and sounds in a less frenzied way. Have gotten some great pictures from this ride.
We've been stuck on this ride twice--once in Space Mountain and once elsewhere. My daughter thought it was pretty neat to walk the track back out. And, we got a fast past to any attraction as a thanks for being patient consolation.

The "people mover" still continues to be one of our favorite rides! In fact, when I was little it was the Wedway People Mover and that's just how I introduced it to my two sons, 4 and 5, and they call it the "PEOPLE MOVER." We love to just get on it and relax for a bit. They will let you stay on as many times as you want, as there is never a line. Thanks for the great history Jack. I love the old pictures!

Ken Fischler:

You do an amazing job on these videos. The editing and soundtrack are very professional.

Jenny Sperandeo:

Ah, the TTA. I'm glad to see it's back up and running. Although, not a very exciting ride, it does give weary feet a chance to relax, and it also provides shelter from the frequent, Florida showers. It'll be nice to give it a whirl in November when I come back to the World.

Joe Brewer:

This blog post is a good example why Jack Spence is my FAVORITE Disney blogger! Great details on a great attraction.



Great article. Thank you. Got chills at 2:30 on the YouTube video. Love the music.


The TTA is a favorite of ours as well. We ride it numerous times each trip. Such a wonderful place to rest, relax, and plan the rest of your day.
I am thrilled to know it has reopened because I feared it would be closed in early November when I take my daughter for her 16th birthday.


I LOVE the TTA!!!! It is also one of the attractions i've been on the most at WDW.

BTW, thanks for the video, don't you just love the small crowds on rainy days :)


What a terrific article! TTA is one of my absolute favorite rides at WDW. I was going to call it an unheralded gem, but it seems that a LOT of people love it like I do. The video is terrific and the old photos make me nostalgic for a Disney World I never went to! Thanks, Jack, for such a meticulously researched and well-written piece!

Richard Adamson:

Great story. We rode the TTA 3 times in a row back in January of 2009. Just one of those relaxing rides we love. Wish Horizons was still at epcot we would ride that 5 or 6 times a day when at Epcot.


This is one attraction I've never taken the time to experience in my mad rush to get to all my favorites in MK, but if Jack Spence says it's worth it, then it's going on the list for the next trip!

jean :

Yes, we too call it the people mover. While it's never the first "go to" ride, it's still a "must" for my tweens. As babies, when they needed a nap, that's the ride we'd head for. Without fail, they'd fall asleep on it. We'd stay on for another spin if lines allowed to ensure they were truly sleeping before getting off and transferring them into the stroller. I loved the backstory to the ride...well done as always.

sue and jerry ziolkowski:

It was great to hear the history of this ride, I love this ride as to my children and DH as this has become one of our most relaxing rides at the Magic Kingdom. It is neat to go through space mountain and also see the city and beauty shop as we call it, this ride is never crowded and we have been able to stay on a time or two, which helps when you are zzzzzzing along with the kids! We just missed this re opening during our recent trip, and we look forward to this as we have already started to plan for our upcoming trip in August of 2010. Thanks for all the great newsy info, it was great!


Superb article and video. I've always loved the TTA and go on it every time I visit the MK.

Ron Stalsberg:

This is also one of my favorite rides at WDW. While I love all the "e" ticket rides in the Magic Kingdom some of my favorite are these slower fun rides. Where else in the MK can you sit back and relax for 10 minutes and take a relaxing ride? We do the TTA and Carousel of Progess many times on every trip. thanks again Jack for all the work you do on the blogs.

Julie Boetsch:

..Great review on the TTA!! I was very disappointed this past May when we were there & this was closed as well as Space Mountain (2 of my all-time MK favorites!)But I'll get a chance to see them again when we go for Spring Break 2010 (already planning that trip!) I too remember this ride when it was called 'The WedWay People Mover'...from my days as a little girl going on our annual family vacations to WDW!! It seems that WDW changes & updates attractions & restaurants, etc..every so often but I truly hope that this one stays just as it is. This is a MK classic & should stay put!!

Laura Keever:

Dear Jack,
Every time I visit WDW I video tape as many attractions I can. Your clip of TTA makes my videos look like a child did it! Do you know of a website thats sells DVD's or DO YOU sell your own videos of you riding the attractions??

Jack's Answer:

The only Walt Disney World DVD's I know of for sale are the ones that Disney creates and sells in their shops -- which I don't really like. And I don't sell my own, sorry.

What sets my videos apart is the editing. Once I get home, I download all of my shots onto the computer. Then I use Vegas Movie Studio software made by Sony to edit my work. I also remove all of the sound and add new "clean" tracts for a crisper

Phillip Stewart:

Dear Mr. Spence,
Thanks, as always, for your informative text and wonderful photographs (and video!).
The TTA is also my favorite attraction for all the reasons you've listed. I have had the good fortune to stay aboard up to 10 times in a row, thanks to kind Cast Members. I'm quite capable of the thrill attractions, it's just that only the TTA allows such an incredible vista into so many parts of the Magic well as Walt's vision for EPCOT.
I'll enjoy your video until I'm able to return to WDW.

George Shrout:

Wow Mr. Jack! My family thought I was the only person out there who truly loved riding the TTA "Blue Line". But I always knew there are others like myself who grin from ear to ear while riding the TTA. Hope to see you on the ride one day, we can wave our tentacle's in greeting.


Awesome video!I felt like I was there. I remember in the 80's hearing them say that the people mover was partially solar powered. Is that a myth? I always thought that they should have a people mover ride that weaved through all of the magic kingdom. Thanx forthe video. cj

Jack's Answer:

None of the PeopleMover (TTA) is solar powered. I've seen aerial pictures of the Magic Kingdom and there are no solar panels anywhere. Perhaps you're thinking of Ellen's Energy Exchange at Epcot, which is partially powered by the sun.

Paula Bender:

Thank you, Jack for 'transporting' us back to a wonderful memory. My husband and I also look forward to riding the TTA every trip. You captured the serenity of the ride so well!

Scott Weideman:

We just got back from WDW(Sept 12-17). We all have post Disney trip blues. Can't wait for our next trip. Our Bay Lake Tower room was very nice. It is a great place to stay. Great pics of the TTA. We rode it several times. It's a classic. Thanks

Jared Josephson:

Great article! I thought that I was the only one that uses that ride as a moment of relaxation. There are so many fun little details in the ride, and it always seems like you can catch a new one every time you ride it, even if you have hundreds of times before. It is definitely a classic and I can't wait to ride TTA a bunch of times on my next visit.


I have watched numerous videos of this ride and i remember riding it when i was little and we're going back this spring w/ my own family to enjoy disneyworld. I can't wait to ride this ride again:) Thx for the wonderful update! I love!!!

WOW this brings back memories. We moved to Florida in 1978 and I have many fond memories of Disney World and of riding the 'People Mover' - Great video. Wish someone had a video of the old version too but I love you video. I miss the sky ride too, now that it's gone. Thanks again!

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