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Bay Lake Tower - Part Three

This final blog about Bay Lake Tower will contain some odds and ends not previously covered. Also, at the end of this article, I have included a Q&A section.

Let's start with the Community Center. Located off of the Bay Lake Tower Lobby, the Community Center is where you'll go if you want to engage in some sort of activity. When you check in, you should find a "Recreation Activities" bulletin in your room. This sheet lists all of the activities provided for the next week as coordinated through the Community Center. These include Disney trivia challenges, campfire/marshmallow roasts, pool volleyball, ceramics, and sand art creations, just to name a few. DVD's can also be checked out here. They are free to members and a $5 charge for others.

Community Center

Community Center

Community Center

Also in the Community Center are a number of games. These include Wii, computer, and the board variety. This is also the spot where you can check out shuffleboard and bocce ball equipment.

Shuffleboard Court

Bocce Ball Court

At the Cove Bar out by the pool, you can enjoy a refreshing libation. Also available is a limited menu offering quick service meals.

Cove Bar

Cove Bar Menu

Also at the Cove Bar you can order Private Dining. Just pick up the phone and place your order. Within thirty minutes your meal arrives in an attractive bento box. (Mine arrived in less than ten.)

Private Dining Phone

Private Dining Menu

I ordered the Contemporary Club Sandwich from Private Dining. The second meal is from the Cove Bar and is the Five Spice Chicken Lettuce Wrap.

Club Sandwich in Bento Box

Quick Service Chicken Lettuse Wrap

Next to the Cove Bar is the beverage refill station for those of you who have purchased refillable mugs.

Beverage Refill Station

Next to the pool is a Mickey shaped fountain for kids to run and splash in.

Mickey Fountain

The swimming pool features zero entry at one end.

Zero Entry Pool

On the shores of Bay Lake is the best spot on property to have a BBQ. Several covered picnic tables are available and you can't beat this view while basting those ribs.

BBQ & Picnic Area

BBQ & Picnic Area

To the north of BLT are two new tennis courts. These are for the Contemporary and Bay Lake Tower only. No reservations are needed as this is a first come, first serve facility. Please limit your play to one hour.

Tennis Court

When you arrive at your room, one of the first things you should do is study the Evacuation Route sign on the back of the door. You need to know how to exit the building in case of an emergency.

Evacuation Route

This picture hangs over the sofa. Pretty cool.

Picture Over Sofa

These next two pictures were taken while I was lying in bed. Nice view, huh?

View from Bed

View from Bed

Back at the Top of the World, I wanted to give special thanks to my waiter Dan. He took care of serving me drinks and food for two evenings and I couldn't have asked for a better cast member to wait on me.

Waiter Dan

Here is the menu featuring the items served at the Top of the World. Last night I opted to try the Chicken & Vegetable Summer Roll. To be honest, I thought they were somewhat bland, but the accompanying peanut sauce added a nice flavor.

Top of the World menu

Chicken & Vegetable Summer Rolls

I've created a short video of the Wishes Fireworks Show and the Electric Water Pageant as seen from the Top of the World.

Questions & Answers

Many of you asked questions about the resort, and I did my best to answer them when I posted your comments, but I realize that it's not easy to wade through the comments looking for something in particular. Below, I tried to capture all of the questions asked over the last several days and provide an answer to the best of my understanding.

Q. Is there music in the lobby and halls?
A. Light Jazz/New Age music is played in the lobby, but not on the hallways. More upbeat music is played out by the pool.

Q. Are there age/height/weight restrictions for the pool slide?
A. I could find none. All I could find was a sign displaying general safety rules.

Q. Is there a charge for the pool lockers?
A. The lockers cost a quarter and are coin operated.

Q. Are the room washer and dryers reduced in size?
A. Although the washer and dryer are stacked, they seem to be of a standard size, large enough to hold a decent load.

Q. Does the pool bar accept the Disney Dining Plan or Tables in Wonderland?
A. Not at this time.

Q. Can we watch the fireworks from the Skyway Bridge?
A. Yes, and the music is played in this area.

Q. Can we watch the fireworks from the elevator lobbies?
A. Yes, but there is no music played in this area.

Q. Can you see the fireworks from the pool and hot tub?
A. No.

Q. Are there speakers on the room balconies?
A. No. However, your television broadcasts the fireworks music on channel 20.

Q. In what rooms can Ethernet/HSIA connections be found?
A. In the one-bedroom units, the only connections are in the master bedroom at the desk.

Q. What room is the balcony next to?
A. On the one and two bedroom units, the balconies are situated off of the bedrooms with sliding glass doors. An additional standard door connects the balconies to the living room.

Q. Do guests staying at the BLT have a separate check-in line at the Contemporary Resort.
A. No. All cast members can provide service for both resorts.

Q. Do the bathroom doors have locks?
A. No.

Q. Can the sliding doors between the master bedroom and bathtub be locked?
A. No.

Q. Is there someone who can provide "general information" at the BLT?
A. An information desk is located in the lobby and is manned during much of the day.

Q. Does the monorail stop at the BLT?
A. No. You must take the Skyway bridge to the Contemporary to catch the monorail. If you're heading for the Magic Kingdom, it may be quicker to walk.

Q. How long is the walk from the BLT to the Magic Kingdom?
A. I think the average walker could make it in ten minutes.

Q. Does the Skyway Bridge have glass to protect you from the wind and rain?
A. No. One small section of the walkway has frosted glass panels, but this is to shield your view of the loading dock below.

Q. What is the music you used on the video you created (on the BLT Part 1 Blog)?
A. The title of the piece is "Behind the Waterfall" and can be found on the CD titled "Natural States."

Q. Will the addition of BLT increase the number of people boarding the monorail at the Contemporary?
A. Not really. Remember, the North Wing was located here before the BLT. The two structures have basically the same amount of rooms. Although the number of people may increase some, that number is insignificant compared to the monorail capacity.

Q. The furniture looks uncomfortable. Is it?
A. The barstools were fine, but the sleeper sofa and sleeper chair were stiff and I did not find them comfortable. This simply might be because they're new. I'm hoping that after they're "broken in" they will be okay.

Q. Are hair dryers provided?
A. Yes. One can be found in the master bathroom drawer.

Q. On what floor do the rooms start?
A. In an earlier answer, I said the 2nd. This is incorrect. There are some rooms on the first floor.

Q. Do all of the rooms have a balcony?
A. Yes. Studio and one-bedroom units have one balcony. Two bedroom units have two balconies. And the Grand Villas have four. Units on the first floor have a small patio.

Q. Is construction of BLT complete?
A. Construction on Bay Lake Tower is complete. Of course, being new, there are bound to be a few things here and there that require attention. But if you're worried about hearing jackhammers, that's not going to be a problem.

Q. Does Bay Lake Tower offer room service?
A. A complete room service menu is offered. The kitchens in the Contemporary will be servicing the BLT.

Q. What type of cooking utensils/pots and pans are in the kitchen?
A. There is a full set of pots and pans, casserole dishes, knives, tableware and flatware. You name it, it's here. You will have no problem preparing meals in this kitchen.

Q. Did I see an overhead nozzle in the master bathroom shower?
A. Yes. There are two nozzles here, one on the wall and one on the ceiling. However, only one can be activated at a time.

Q. Can I use filters and loose grounds to make my coffee in the provided coffee maker?
A. Yes.

Q. Is the sofa bed comfortable?
A. I never slept on it so I can't answer your question. However, the bed in the master bedroom was extremely comfortable.

Q. Who may use the Top of the World lounge?
A. Current policy states: Only DVC members staying on points and staying at the Bay Lake Tower, and those staying in the room with them, may use this lounge.

Q. Will this policy change?
A. Probably. At the moment, Disney does not know what the actual demand for this venue will be, and until that can be ascertained, they're taking a conservative approach and limiting access. I'm certain that this policy is in flux and we will probably see it change several times before a permanent procedure is settled upon.

Q. How do you gain access to the lounge?
A. Guests must check-in at a podium in the lobby of BLT. A cast member will check your room key. They can tell by the information printed on the card whether or not you're allowed to access the lounge. Once you have been cleared, you are escorted to a dedicated express elevator.

Q. I don't like this policy. Who can I complain to?
A. Since this policy is in flux, you might want to wait a month or so and see what happens. But if you want to voice your displeasure now, contact a DVC representative if you're a member. Non-DVC members should contact guest relations.

Q. Are children allowed at Top of the World?
A. Yes. Children, accompanied by an adult, can visit the Top of the World. However, they should refrain from sitting at the bar.

Q. What is the capacity of the Top of the World?
A. The lounge and outdoor viewing area combined can hold 499. The lounge alone can accomodate a little over one hundred.

Q. What are the hours of the Top of the World?
A. The Top of the World is open from 5pm until midnight -- last call is at 11:45.

Q. Can you make reservations for Top of the World?
A. No.

Q. Can you use Table In Wonderland at Top of the World?
A. Yes.

Q. Can you use the Disney Dining Plan at Top of the World?
A. Yes. But you might not want to. It takes one full-meal credit to order one flatbread. This would not be a good use of your credits.

Q. Does Bay Lake Tower have its own bus stop?
A. No. Guests staying at BLT share the Contemporary bus stop.

Q. Does Bay Lake Tower have its own exercise room?
A. No. Guests staying at BLT will use the gym at the Contemporary.

The previous post in this blog was Bay Lake Tower – Part Two.

The next post in this blog is Where Does the Music Come From?.

Comments (46)

Sarah Haas:

Jack, 'Loved your whole BLT blog series. I probably won't get there for YEARS but I feel like I've been there already.
Thanks! Sarah Haas


Thanks so much for all the info! My girlfriend and I will be going in October and again in May and staying at BLT both times. Your blogs have made us even MORE excited to go! My one question is, what exactly do "standard view" room look out to? Thanks!

Jack's Answer:

To be honest, I don't know. But there are some rooms that look out over the entrance driveway and tennis courts. It's possible these would fall into that category. A better source would be your DVC representative. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and information. Even though I'll be there in September at the Boardwalk, I'm already anticipating my January stay at BLT and am very excited!

Tricia Carathers:

I can not wait! Thank you for taking the time to post pics and info. We are DVC BLT members and are booked for April 2010......This helps us to get even more excited!!!!!


I'm staying at BLT in about 2 weeks and I was wonder about the exercise room? Does BLT have their own, or are you required to use the one in the main tower? Thanks, Zachary.

Jack's Answer:

Bay Lake Tower does not have its own exercise room. You will need to use the one at the Contemporary.

Robert Dobbs:

Thanks for the pics and info. We are staying at the BLT beginning of January 2010. I will give you a heads up if the sofa and chair is more confortable then. One question, you mentioned that you need to get the higher floors for the best view of the fireworks but can you still see them on the lower floors. Thanks

Jack's Answer:

If you can see the Magic Kingdom from your room (the top of the castle or Space Mountain) then you should be able to see the fireworks. In reality, you can see them from the BLT parking lot.

Excellent work on all three parts!

One question, i keep forgetting to ask, and this goes with all of your blog posts; how do you keep people out of all your pictures? I'd love to be able to do that when taking pictures of the kids, or just the park for that matter.

Thanks again for your wonderful work.

Jack's Answer:

I use three techniques to capture as few people as possible in my pictures.

First, I arrive at the parks at opening. During the first hour of operation, there aren't many people in the parks and I can usually capture what I want.

Second, I have great patience. Sometimes I will stand, and stand, and stand until the crowds clear out of my shots. I try not to give them dirty looks, but sometimes it's difficult not to. ;-)

And finally, I'm pretty good at photoshopping people out of my pictures. Since I'm starting with a much larger photograph, you can't see my "flaws" once I shrink the picture down to the size we use on the website.


Once again, you have provided a thorough, insightful and fascinating review - and we thank you for it!


Thank you for the very helpful review of BLT!!


Great pix and blogs, thanks!


Great blog - I do have a random kitchen question you may have the answer to. Do the 2 BR units have supplies to bake a cake (beaters, cake pans)? Thanks!

Jack's Answer:

The rooms do not have the equipment necessary for baking cakes or cookies. But once you get settled in your room, call the front desk and see what they can arrange. I believe the DVC's offer additional supplies upon request. I won't swear to this, but I think so.

Jennifer Wood:

I want to thank you, too, for the info and the pics. The whole place looks gorgeous and very modern.

I have decided when I finish grad school in 2 years, joining the DVC will be my graduaton present to myself. :)


All the information you posted was awesome!!!!
My husband and I cant wait to stay at BLT for two weeks this October..We even opted for the Magic Kingdom view..We were very excited to purchase the vacation club, but are even more excited to stay there after all your information, and pictures.. Thank you! :)


I love your Top of the World Wishes Video, Thanks for sharing it with us..


Great job as usual Jack. Thank you so much for making us feel like we are there already. I can't wait until October. We couldn't wait to see the pictures. Thanks for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated.


Awesome Blog!!!!!!!!
My wife is already packing for our trip on Tuesday and wants to know if they supply swimming vests for infants at the pool?

Keep the tips and thoughts coming!!!!

Jack's Answer:

I cannot give you a definitive answer because I don't really know. But to my knowledge, Disney does not supply any equipment at their pools.

Rob :

Is there a spot to eat breakfast in the morning if you decide not to fix something in your room?

Jack's Answer:

No. Bay Lake Tower does not have any restaurants. The pool and Top of the World Lounge have very limited offerings and nothing for breakfast. You'll need to walk over to the Contemporary and eat at Chef Mickey's, Contempo Café, or the Wave.

Burnt Toast:

I hope they continue to limit access to the Top of the World, just like their pool and even access into the building. If you want access to Top of the World, become a member and make a reservation there.

Non-members should not have any grounds to complain that they don't have access there... how absolutely rediculous.

Jack's Comment:

Only time will tell what the eventual outcome will be.

Here's an interesting scenario that I heard about:

BLT members were staying at the BLT. The first four days of their stay were on cash, yet the second half was on points. Under current policy, they were denied access to the lounge for the first half of their stay. They could not use the lounge until the "points" portion of their stay started. Needless to say, they were not happy.

karen gentile:

Jack, you've done it again. Your wonderful! I arrive in September for a two week stay and I have been waiting su-SPENCE-fully for your first hand, first day report - you certainly did'nt disappoint with all the information you provided. Thank you so much for the in-depth first look at BLT - and thank you for adding to my excitement.


Were are staying at the BLT in Nov for Thanksgiving, can't wait!!! We have a Bay Lake View, tried to get a MKV, with no luck. will we be able to see any of the fireworks? Do you have any idea on whether or not I should request a higher floor room? I show people mention a Wonderland table, what is this? We're fairly new to the DVC. Thanks so much for all the info you have provided us so far!!!!


Jack.Rules,regulations and restrictions are something we need at BLT since it's a MEMBERS ONLY club.The thought of paying cash as a member and not having access is wrong.We need to step up security and control park goer's and others from using our facilities.The Beach Club has done a great job with that at the main pool but the DVC pools have no security checks.We have alot more members since I joined in 2000 and we pay alot to have our own exclusive amenities.
I would also like to say I only read your reports because you do a excellent job.



Thank you for the GREAT three part report. As always, the pictures are beautiful and as usual,your wonderful narrative gives us the feeling that we are right there with you. You are the BEST! Thank you also for all the video, expecially the Part 3 Video with the surprise ending--it really makes us homesick for our favorite home away from home. Please keep the pictures/videos/narratives coming--we eagerly anticipate your reports.
Jack & Kay
Tucson, Arizona


We just left a 2 night visit at the BLT. We were paying cash after using all of our points at AKL. We are a family that was denied access to the Top Of The World. We have been members for many years....and yes we were very angry. Other members of DVC are rarely denied access to the amenities at our "home" resort. We just wanted a few pictures. We will not return to the BLT....Enjoy your lounge....stay out of our pool!!!!


Hi Jack

Great post as usual. Question for you, in your BLT Wishes video, where did you get the music ? We really like the beginning of Wishes - where the music is played just as they turn down the lights on Main St and prior to the verbal intro.

Thanks for all you do!

Mark Reinhardt

Jack's Answer:

You can buy a CD of Wishes on Main Street and at the World of Disney shop at Downtown Disney. I don't remember the cost, but I'm pretty sure it's under $20.

Cheri P:

Jack, loved your update. I don't know if you realized this, but if you had said "hold the turkey" when ordering that sandwich, you would have had a BLT at BLT!! Hope I'm not the only one that finds this funny. :-)


Reply to Litsa:

"I show people mention a Wonderland table, what is this?"

It is called Tables in Wonderland. It was previously known as the Disney Dining Experience (not to be confused with the Disney Dining Plan, which is probably why they changed the name)

Info here: http://allears.net/din/dde.htm

Jeanni C:

We have ownership at both AKL and BLT. I may be the only one that feels this way, but I am glad Disney is limiting access to only those on points at BLT. One of the main reasons for buying into BLT was to have the privilege of having the view-both in the room and on the deck. BLT points were also more expensive and I think it is just an added perk for those who have points there. If people want to use it, next time use your points for BLT instead. If they don't limit the use, then people who are on points might not be able to use the deck and that would be completely unfair.

Marilyn GC:

After reading the comments and concerns about who is able to access the BLT lounge, I came away unsure. Please clarify for me... If you are a DVC member staying with points are you allowed access or do you have to be a BLT DVC member in order to have access? The latest posting on August 11 gave me the impression that you must be a BLT club member. Thank you.

Jack's Answer:

As long as you're a member at ANY Disney DVC and staying at BLT, you can use the lounge -- just as long as you're staying there on points.


I love all your blogs. This was excellent. Watching the video of the fireworks from BLT was fantastic. Having no idea when I will ever be able to return to The World after each trip, this video brought me right back. Thank you, Patti

Great overview! We recently sold off our Saratoga Springs points and re-purchased at Bay Lake Tower and have reservations for our first trip this coming January. Really looking forward to it!

I did have one question that I haven't seen brought up yet. Do the balcony doors have child safety locks? We had previously found these to be standard at all the DVC resorts we have stayed at with the exception of Boardwalk Villas. With BLT being a high-rise building, I would hope this wasn't something left off.

Also, you mentioned the lack of locks on bathroom doors, but did you notice if the bedroom door has one?

Jack's Answer:

The sliding glass doors to the balcony have two locks, one at normal height and one higher. Since I don't have kids, I never pay attention to things like this, but I'm guessing that the upper lock is the "child" lock. I know it was difficult for me, as an adult to work, so I like to think it would be impossible for a child to figure out.

As for the bedroom doors, I did not notice if they had locks. Sorry.



What a wonderful tour through BLT these last 3 blogs have been! I'm not a DVC Member so I doubt I'll ever get to see this resort in person. Your pictures and descriptions are invaluable! And, what a perfect place to watch Wishes. You have the privacy of your own balcony, music coming from the TV and you're not crammed on Main St. craning your neck. Worth the money right there! LOVED your videos, especially the last one. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!



Great post! We will be staying in a Grand Villa the first week of December! We can't wait! My question is can we see the light show from our bay lake view?

Jack's Answer:

The rooms facing east and south should be able to view this show, but the rooms facing north will not.

Lonnie W:

Hi Jack,

I just wanted to thank you for the tip. In one of your previous blogs, you mentioned a book called "Realityland - True-Life Adventures of Walt Disney World" by David Koenig. I checked my library, and sure enough, they had it! Just finished reading it! Very entertaining! A lot of interesting background on Walt Disney World. I really enjoy reading about the history of Disney, and this was one of the best. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Nancy Desrosiers:

Hi Jack - Just viewing your site "brings" me there... thank you for the superb reporting. We leave New Hampshire for BLT this Thursday, for a four night stay! My classroom is always filled with Disney magic - the literature, pictures, and spirit seem to enrich the curriculum, while sprinkling pixie dust on my students' endeavors. As in Peter Pan's ride, "Here we go.....!!!"


Hi Jack!
Thank you SO much for all of the info you provide in your posts - and the pictures too!
We're staying at the BLT next week. We just bought into DVC and are using our points to stay in a studio. Do the studios have all of the "extras" that the one bedroom has - like the clock radio with ipod dock, internet access and dishes, glasses and utensils in the kitchen? I am starting to pack, and I don't want to pack something the BLT provides!
Thanks again!!

Jack's Answer:

No worries. The studios have all the "extras" you mentioned. However, since the kitchen is scaled down and only has a microwave, there aren't as many cooking dishes and utensils. But there are glasses and plates on which to enjoy a meal.


Jack, awesome job documenting this new DVC resort. I can't imagine a more complete review. Well done. And now I know that I would NEVER stay there.

Sorry to be a party pooper, but for me, the entire thing looks like it could be any business type hotel anywhere else in the world. Except of course, that it has all of the DVC amenities. It lacks magic and imagination and for me there is nothing unique or special about any of it. And when I'm at Disney, I want special and unique, and Disney Magic. It's certainly a matter of taste, but I absolutely hate the look and design of virtually every element of this hotel. I also hate that I have to check in over at the Contemporary and then walk over to the BLT. Sorry, but paying for DVC isn't cheap and I don't want to go from building to building. That alone is a deal breaker for me. And frankly finding out that you have to have a room above the third floor for a view isn't so swell. And neither is that big parking lot cluttering the view. Someone else mentioned the idea of covering it and planting grass and gardens. WOW. What a great idea there.

What I do like, is the PRIVACY. If you pay for DVC you should have exclusivity, and be able to get away from the throngs of people who just want to look at stuff. I also think as the amenities goes, Disney hit them all. I can't think of anything else I would need for that type of stay. And I LOVE the BBQ grills facing the lake. And the parking lot aside, the view is pretty great.

Thanks again for such a terrific review. Anyone who is interested in the DVC resort will be able to easily make up their mind. Now I'm going to read your other blogs!

Lynn Reno:

loved reading your comments Jack! - we stayed at Saratoga for a week (loved it there!) and moved to BLT for our last nite on Aug 7th with a magic kingdom view. Check in was a nightmare as they kept us waiting until after 5 p.m. - finally told us to wait in the BLT LOBBY which does not have one comfortable place to sit - couches without backs and carved wooden chairs with no padding is not fun - especially when we had my elderly mom with us

Our room was filthy - streaks everywhere and I had to clean food off the island and countertops - I know they are working out the kinks as it is new but I expect more from Disney - and am I the only one that recognized that the bathtub in the master was put in backwards??? - good luck to those who want to lounge there and watch TV or fireworks - you will be facing a wall of tile. We enjoyed this feature at Saratoga except the half wall was a bit high - was so pleased to see the half wall was much lower here - then realized the tub was facing backwards - again I expect more from Disney.

Also the security is a joke - everyone on the walkway was holding the doors open for those behind them - regardless of whether they had a card key for the building or not. I am just saying. Other than the beds we also found the furniture to be uniformly uncomfortable.

Seems like they have a bird problem at the Contemporary that has expanded to Bay Lake Towers - there was much bird droppings on both our balconies and the walkway to the contemporary was filthy with feathers and droppings - YUCK! Glass it in and keep it clean! (we were slated to stay on the 12th floor and they finally got us in on the 9th floor after I had to politely ask for some attention) Also hated the parking lot which dominated our view.

I also encountered DVC members who are upset there is not more ice machines and upset they had to go all the way to the contemporary to get a cup of coffee. One cast member told us in the elevator these were attempts to keep our DVC costs lower - who are they kidding?

Overall the only reason to stay here is for convenience to the monorail. I hate to say that is the case, but that is what we found. I paid a small fortune for one night with a two bedroom suite and did not find it worth the money. It was most disappointing.

Love Love Love the Bay Lake Tower! Visiting this resort almost made me want to buy a Disney Vacation Club Property, which is really funny because I am an Orlando local.

My favorite was the Top of the World lounge and deck. Simply amazing view. Unfortunately, this area really is only for Disney Vacation Club Members (which is a nice perk). I also loved the pool area. Great beach entry pool, fabulous waterslide, and even the bocce ball is fun. Great resort - highly recommend it!

Love Love Love the Bay Lake Tower! Visiting this resort almost made me want to buy a Disney Vacation Club Property, which is really funny because I am an Orlando local.

My favorite was the Top of the World lounge and deck. Simply amazing view. Unfortunately, this area really is only for Disney Vacation Club Members (which is a nice perk). I also loved the pool area. Great beach entry pool, fabulous waterslide, and even the bocce ball is fun. Great resort - highly recommend it!

Kevin Mello:

Hi Jack,
I really enjoyed your photos and I'm looking forward to staying @ Bay Lakes in November. Did you happen to notice where the designated smoking areas are at Bay Lakes. My wife is a smoker and I enjoy my cigars at the end of the day. Thanx

Jack's Answer:

Good question. I'm not a smoker, but I know were all the smoking sections are in the theme parks. But for the life of me, I can't recall seeing smoking sections at the resorts. I'm sorry, I just don't know. You'll have to inquire when you check-in.

gwen swett:

Thank you for such in-depth info. It is very helpful. Do you know if there is a store at Bay Lake Tower or nearby that sells basic (uncooked) food items like bacon, eggs, milk, bagels? I have only ever stayed at the beach club villas where they have a marketplace. Thanks again.

Mila Ochishnic-Burmeister:

We had the pleasure of staying at the Bay Lake Tower 8/16-8/22. It has, as my husband said, "ruined us" for anyother Disney resort. We will NEVER stay anywhere else! We are not DVC members but are thinking about it now. We stayed in the 1-bedroom unit with our 2 boys (7&10).

When will the Rate and Review be up for Bay Lake? I would love to share our experience.


Disney Nut Anne:

I love to buy weeks/points from other DVC members who do not wish to use them that year....and I was thinking of staying at Bay Lake Towers in the future. Under current rules, do I get to use the "DVC points only facilities" like the Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Towers or not? If I can't find a dvc member who will help me get into BLT...I won't 'rent' a room there if I don't get to use all the facilities!

Maureen Wittke:

This was great Jack- thank you for your review. I'm going soon and can't wait to see it for myself. I do have one question/concern, and I was hoping you might know the answer. We will be staying in a one bedroom villa with a magic kingdom view. I assumed a magic kingdom view meant we would be on a higher floor, but when you wrote there are rooms on the first/second floor...well, I'm picturing us having a patio/balcony on that parking lot shown in some of your pictures. Could this happen?

Kimberly Herr:

Thank you Jack for your amazing work! We are going to be staying in the BLT for the week of July 4th. We are NOT staying on points however we did use our DVC membership to get our rooms for our discounts! Do you know if we would be allowed to use the lounge and viewing are as DVC members (since we are not using points?)

Jack's Answer:

I spoke with a friend of mine who works at the Top of the World. According to him, the official policy requires that you stay at Bay Lake Tower on points to use the lounge.

Great info one question about the big shower in the master bedroom. How is the water pressure and more important how is the volume ??? I know that is really two questions. Thanks

Jack's Answer:

I'm sorry. I haven't stayed at BLT in several years. I really don't remember what the water pressure is like. However, I've never had a complaint with any of the Florida Disney hotels. On the other hand, Paradise Pier in Anaheim is definitely under water restrictions.

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