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Kidani Village – Part 4

I arrived at the Animal Kingdom Lodge this morning around 8am. The first thing returning visitors will notice is that the guard shack has been moved as it now serves two sections of the resort. You will also notice signs for Jambo House and Kidani Village.




When I arrived at the check-in desk, a number of cast members were waiting to help me - all of them smiling broadly. It was obvious they were excited to be a part of the opening team at this new resort. While I was checking in, a number of them were eager to impart information about the details designed into this newest Disney Vacation Club.

The first bit of trivia they shared was the fact that all of the artifacts below the check-in counter and behind them on the wall were different types of ancient African currency. In addition, the marble counter was quarried in Africa.



I also learned that the front desk offers balloon baby-sitting. Because of the danger to the animals, Disney requests that all guests purchasing a balloon check it at the front desk so it doesn't accidentally find its way to the savanna.

And here's an interesting bit of detailing. It seems that the night sounds of Africa, like crickets and other insects, were recorded and are played in the evening in the outdoor areas. It was hoped that this would add a bit of realism to the ambiance.

Since many of you peppered me with questions, I spent some of my check-in time asking Claudia and Lisa for the answers. Here's what I found out.

* Valet parking is available.
* Bell services are available.
* Magical Express serves both Jambo House and Kidani Village.
* Airline check-in is available at both Jambo House and Kidani Village.
* Additional buses have been added to the Animal Kingdom Lodge route to handle the increased number of guests. This will continually be monitored to maximize service.
* Refillable mugs are available at the Jahari Treasures merchandise shop and the Maji Pool Bar. They can be refilled at both Kidani Village and Jambo House.
* Coffee is served at Jahari Treasures merchandise shop.
* The only indoor fireplace is located at The Library.
* Survival of the Fittest Health Club does not offer massages.

A limited number of covered parking spaces are available on the first floor of the resort underneath the guest rooms. The second picture is of the parking lot elevator.



Since this was opening day, the hotel was empty and I was able to get my room immediately. I am staying in a studio.


I mentioned in my very first blog that Kidani Village has three themes: Fabric, Art, and Proverbs - and each proverb is designated by a butterfly.

When I arrived at my room, I found a washcloth shaped as a butterfly and a proverb card on the bed. In case you can't read the card it says: "A family is like a forest, when you are outside it is dense, when you are inside you see that each tree has its place."


Here are a few pictures of my room.






The television has a dedicated box so you can plug in and play your video equipment easily.


Take a close-up look at the curtains. Here you'll find characters from the Lion King.



Here's a picture of the balcony and chair.



And finally, here is a picture of my view. I'm on the third floor. At the moment, the only animals on the savanna are humans. I'm hoping for more exotic creatures later in the day.


I'm off now to do some exploring. More later.

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Thanks so much for sharing! Cant wait to see more!


Perhaps the lodge should be renamed to the African Animal Lodge. Africa seems to be the only representation of the animal kingdom.


Jack so glad you could be there on opening day. Have fun and keep us informed


AWESOME AWESOME Oh and AWESOME....Thanks for the pictures and Hope you have a GREAT time...


I am so excited for you (& so envious!). Beautiful pics! I can't wait to see it in person and will stay tuned to see more! Thank you so very much!


Hi, Jack! Great update. We'll be at Kidani next weekend and I can't wait! A really trivial little question: on the wall next to the bed (to your left if you were lying in the bed in your photo), is there a piece of artwork like in the Jambo house studios? In Jambo I think it's a map of Africa... Thanks for putting this up, and I hope you enjoy Sanaa!

Jack's Answer: When I toured the resort last week, I did see some maps on the walls. However, my studio only has two pictures over the couch. These are both framed pieces of fabric.


We're appreciated that you have shared those pictures with us . We want to ask you about wireless internet at the new resort . Is it available ? Please let us know . Thanks. There are 28 days left before we get there . Hope you have wonderful time at Kidani Village .


wow. thanks for the update!!

i can't wait -- i go in two weeks!!

any precautions that you notice that disney is taking because of the swine flu?


Have a fantastic time Jack! Thanks for sharing.


We arrive on May 3rd - CAN"T WAIT! Thanks for all the awesome pictures :-)


Thanks so much for taking the time to fill us in on Kidani & great pix too !!

Lisa Cubbon:

Thanks Jack. I am so excited to see your photos. I hope the humans on the savanah are being well fed. And with fresh water too. Can't wait for more photos.
One question, in the studio, where is the HSIA access point? Thanks!

Jack's Answer:

The High Speed Internet Access is located next to the table and chairs. It couldn't be more convenient.


Jack -
Great pictures; we're going in June and can't wait. Did you eat at Saana yet? How about a review?

Jeff Hancher:

Love your pictures and the photo series on Kadani Village. We are visiting in July, and can not wait to experience it.

Randy D. Pflueger:

How far is it from Jambo house to Kidoni Village? Is there a walking path between the two?

Jack's Answer:

There is a walkway from Kidani Village to Jambo House. It's approximately 1/2 mile from lobby to lobby. It is uncovered so you will be exposed to the elements should you decide to take this path.

doris wood:

Thankyou for the pictures you have shared. I look at them almost every day. We are comming to
disneyWorld in January and staying in Kidana Village. I'm so excited bout this trip. It's the first time in 10 visits we will be with 2 other adult couples. No kids.

nora wiley:

Looks absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing.

Glenn Watts:

Than you for the great article and pictures!


Thanks for the review! I love the additional touches so far at this new DVC location! The accomodations look so spacious and beautiful. I anxiously await more! ~mel


Just found out about Kidani Village and the name change for Animal Kingdom Lodge to Jambo House.I've been wanting to go since it opened.Haven't been to DW since '93.Mom and Dad are popping for the trip so their 6 yr. old grandson can go.I'm more thrilled than he is because I know what we'll be getting.We're going in June(2010)staying in the Kidani Village in a 2 bed. suite.This will truly be a dream come true.I'm soooooo excited it's now all I think about!

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