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“Green” comes to Disney Merchandising

Disney has introduced a new "green" product line. Starting this week, environmentally friendly merchandise will start appearing on shelves across property.

Last year, Disney developed guidelines for what "green" meant. They wanted to make sure if a product said "green" it actually meant something. Their efforts gave birth to some surprisingly innovative merchandise.

Here is a list of the new "green" products:

Stationery, notebooks, and pencils made out of recycled materials including rubber tires, denim, and currency.

T-shirts made from organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers.

Purses made from misprinted Disney candy bar wrappers.

Mickey and Minnie plush toys made from organic cotton and earth-friendly inks.

Jewelry made from bamboo and coconuts.

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund pins that come on a paper-card embedded with wildflower seeds. The card can be planted in the soil to grow flowers.

Displays like these (below) can be found in shops designating where green products are for sale. And before you ask me, the purses sell from the mid-twenties to the mid-fifties, depending on size.










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White Family:

I am so glad that Disney is doing this. Disney can change the way people think of things and this is a great step in the right direction! GO DISNEY! GO GREEN!!


Wow! Those are really cool. It makes me feel even better about recycling. Some of my stuff may end up in a Disney product!


It's great that Disney is staying ahead of the curve with recycling.If we recycled all garbage it would make more jobs and stop landfill/ocean dumping.

What Dreams Are Made Of-Disney



Now THAT is awesome!


I saw all of the merchandise in the World Of Disney NY store recently---very very cool! I had my hand on one of those purses, they are awesome!


I can't wait to check these out. My daughter and I will be there in 16 days. This is just awesome.

Sue VanVleet:

Can't wait to use my Disney birthday gift card for one of the purses! Thanks for the info.

Theresa Konno:

Beautiful,Jack! Just beautiful!! My daughter is in elementary school and this year in her class the motto is keeping our planet Earth healthy and promoting ways to a safe environment. This will make our upcoming trip next month instructional, how great! Congratulations on this great report!!
Theresa Konno - Brazil


Anyone know the prices on the purses?
I will be there next week and would love that as souvenier.

Jack's Answer:

And I quote from my blog: The purses sell from the mid-twenties to the mid-fifties, depending on size.


woohoo! thats awesome! i'm so excited about this summer i'm definitely gonna have to buy some of this stuff!

Abby Sinsheimer:

Did you know...... THIS IS REALLY COOL!! I am soo excited to get some green Disney merchandise!

Marie Phillips:

I just wanted to pass along a great souvenir idea that I put together recently. I bought one of the pins that have the seeds embedded in the card, along with a mini clay pot from the Flower and Garden Festival in Epcot. It has butterflies on the outside and the event/year on the inside. I found it at a kiosk just before Canada as you enter the World Showcase. I put the pin in the pot, along with two other pins, added yellow crinkle paper and wrapped it up in clear plastic. It made the cutest springtime/Mother's Day gift full of Disney memories, and Earth-friendly, too!


I cannot wait to go in July and get my hands on some of this stuff.....My son is all about being green, He begged us to go see Earth the first week to have a tree planted in his honor...I am so proud of Him for that....
He is going to be all over it...

Jack's Comment:

I just read that Disney will be planting 2.7 million trees. I'm glad to hear one of them will be for your son.

Mark (aka Chip_and_Dale!):

The nice thing about Disney's decision is that it's just a continuation of what they've already been doing. Their recycling and reclaimation program within the parks is amazing; their efforts to be a responsible corporation within the parks is to be admired; yet, you don't hear about it much. This effort, of course, is promoted...but there's so much more they do offstage.

It's one thing to promote ecological responsibility, it's quite another to quietly and purposefully do the right thing. Hooray once again to Disney...


We will not be in Disney until July 2009 and
would like to purchase these purses for
graduation gifts. Does anyone have the UPC
codes to order? Thank you!

Jack's Answer:

You don't need the UPC codes to purchase these Green products. You can order most Disney merchandise once you're home by calling this number: 407-363-6200

All you have to do is tell the operator in what store you saw the merchandise and describe it. My pictures were taken in the "Disney Outfitters" shop of the Animal Kingdom.

For more information about home shopping, check out the Allears page at:


Happy shopping.


Hi Jack,

Great Green stuff!


Could you list the store where you took the photos of the purses? I have checked gift shops at AKL, MK, Epcot and no one knows what I am talking about when I ask for them.

Jack's Answer: My pictures were taken in the "Disney Outfitters" shop in the Animal Kingdom.

Sue VanVleet:

The purses only seem to be at Animal Kingdom right now. I was just at the World of Disney store at Downtown Disney and they had not idea what I was talking about. Thanks for letting us know where the purses are now.

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