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October 9, 2008

Main Street Train Station Bulletin Board

There is an "Arrival and Departure" bulletin board on the ground floor of the Main Street Train Station.

Main Street Train Station Magic Kingdom

The locations depicted are not just random names, but have meaning.

Here they are:

Main Street Train Station Magic Kingdom

Grizzle Bear Flats:

The Grizzly Flats Railroad was the name of Ward Kimball's backyard railroad.

Kimball Canyon:

Animator Ward Kimball was one of the "Nine Old Men" and worked on such classics as "Pinocchio," "Dumbo," and the "Three Caballeros."


Hickory is the town depicted in the Disney movie, "Follow Me Boys" released in theaters on December 1, 1966.

Siddons City:

Lemuel Siddons was the character played by Fred MacMurray in the movie "Follow Me Boys."


Medfield College was the setting for a number of Disney movies including "The Absent Minded Professor," "Son of Flubber," and "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes."


Rutledge College was the rival school of Medfield College.

Harrington Hills:

Harrington was the town depicted in the Disney movie "Pollyanna," released in theaters on May 19, 1960.

Pendergast Plains:

Adolphe Menjou played the villain, Mr. Pendergast in the movie "Pollyanna."


From the Disney movie, "The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin" starring Bryan Russell, Roddy McDowall, Suzanne Pleshette, and Karl Malden. It was released on March 3, 1967.

Griffin Gulch:

See above.

I was able to figure out most of these entries on my own, but Harrington Hills and Pendergast Plains had me stumped. While researching these names, I came across the following web-site:


I found that someone had already beaten me to the punch on this blog, but I felt it could be recycled.

October 15, 2008

Ghirardelli - Downtown Disney Marketplace

I used to live in San Francisco. My apartment was within easy walking distance of Ghirardelli Square. Occasionally I would take the cable car home from work and stop by Ghirardelli for an ice cream cone before heading home. Or walk over on a foggy Sunday morning for a steaming cup of hot chocolate. I have very pleasant memories of this place and this is definitely a "must see" location for tourists visiting The City.


When I moved to Orlando I was happy that I wouldn't have to go without these wonderful taste sensations, for located at Downtown Disney Marketplace is a branch store. Although not as extensive as their San Francisco site, you can still delight in their marvelous chocolate.


But before we discuss this shop, we need to talk about pronunciation. It's "Gear-ar-delly" NOT "Jeer-a-delly." It's a hard "G" NOT a soft "G." Don't believe me? Check out the sign on the side of their building. Many people have trouble with this name.


The Ghirardelli building is divided into two sections, each with its own entrance. The smaller section is a shop that's devoted to selling chocolate in all forms.


A host or hostess is usually on hand to pass out samples. I always stop by, even when making a mad dash through the area, for a freebee.


Ghirardelli is one of the few American manufacturers to oversee their chocolate making process from cocoa bean through to the finished product. They reject up to 40% of the beans they're offered in order to assure that only the best are used in their product. They roast their beans in-house and remove the shells first to insure better temperature control. And finally, they grind their chocolate to 19 microns (a human hair is 100 microns in diameter) to ensure there is no grainy feel in their product.


The larger half of the store is devoted to ice cream. Luscious ice cream. In my opinion, some of the best ice cream you'll find anywhere.

This section was recently remodeled and I feel that the new arrangement facilitates better crowd control. Yes, there are still lines on a hot afternoon, but they seem move more quickly.



Once you've ordered your Hot Fudge Sundae, Banana Split, or other tempting decadence, you are given a number to be placed on your table so your server can find you later.

When the weather is hot, the indoor seating area fills up quickly.


Outdoors, you'll find a covered seating area along the side of the building. When the weather is nice, this is an especially pleasant spot to sit and enjoy your dessert.


The tables have also been redesigned to look like Ghirardelli chocolate wrappers.


Additional seating is available across the promenade under Ghirardelli umbrellas.

Please remember to tip the host or hostess who brings you your ice cream. The way this entire operation is arranged, it's easy to forget that these folks are serving you to some degree.

For more information about Ghirardelli, check out their web-site. You can order many of their products online.


October 22, 2008

China Pavilion Fun

There are three pairs of lions in the China Pavilion at Epcot. One pair stands guard in front of the House of Whispering Willows (the museum).


The other two pairs can be found near the entrances to the Yong Feng Shangdian shop.



The lion is regarded as a special creature to the Chinese people as it was thought to be the king of all animals. The lion represented prestige and power and was often associated with an individual's rank. These lions are often placed in front of gates or doorways as they were believed to have mystic and protective powers.

Although the lions look like they're both male due to their bushy manes, but if fact, one is female. Look closely at their paws. The male has a ball underneath his right paw and the female has a lion cub under her left paw. The ball represents unity of the empire and the cub symbolizes prospering offspring.



On a different note"¦

To see the "Reflections of China" movie, guests walk through Disney's version of the Temple of Heaven.


Most guests pause briefly and admire the magnificent ceiling before proceeding on to the waiting room.


But in case you didn't already know, you can have a little fun in this room. Position yourself anywhere in the room EXCEPT the center stone.


Now say something out loud. For example, you can say, "Allears.net is the best Disney web-site in the World."

Now, move to the center stone.


Once again, say something out load. For instance, "And I read it faithfully everyday."

Your friends and family won't know what just happened, but you will.

October 27, 2008

More Dolphins At Disney

In September I blogged about the Mythical Dolphins that can be found all around Walt Disney World. I asked you to let me know if you knew of others!

Two more mythological dolphins have been spotted at Disney World. The first can be found at Downtown Disney next to Disney's Wonderful World of Memories shop. This one was brought to my attention by Jeff. Thanks, Jeff!

Dolphins at Downtown Disney

Dolphins at Downtown Disney

Dolphins at Downtown Disney

By the way, this shop has been closed and a new shop, Disney's Design-a-Tee sponsored by Hanes, will be opening soon.

 Disney's Design-a-Tee sponsored by Hanes

The second spotting was pointed out to me by someone at the recent All Ears Haunted Mansion Meet & Greet. Someone casually told me of its location, but I don't remember who. So whoever you are, thank you.

This second set of dolphins can be found in a fountain at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort, near the DVC information podium.

Dolphins at Saratoga Springs Resort

Dolphins at Saratoga Springs Resort

A number of my readers have written and told me that these dolphins are not the mammal, but rather the dolphin-fish (mahi-mahi). And I do agree that these creatures resemble a fish much more than they do Flipper. But nowhere in my research did I ever come across the word "fish" when reading about mythological dolphins.

Take a look at the Neptune Fountain in the Italy Pavilion.

Dolphin at Neptune Fountain in Italy

The proportions are correct for a dolphin-mammal, not a dolphin-fish.

And of all the creatures in the sea, why would the ancients pick the dolphin-fish to worship. There's nothing remotely special about it. On the other hand, the dolphin-mammal, is a noteworthy creature. It's intelligent, large, and playful.

I think the ancients had vivid imaginations. After all, it was these same people who looked up into the stars and formed all sorts of imaginative animals, objects, and people out of little specks of light.

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