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June 29, 2007

Cruising the Med - Oblia by Chris

This may be the one stop on the trip that you've never heard of. Sandwiched between Naples and Rome, Olbia is a side trip to the island of Sardinia. It's the closest you'll get to a day in the country on this trip without renting your own car and driving off on your own for the day (which is possible).

We decided to take Olbia as a rest day. In retrospect, I wish I had stuck with my original decision and done the kayaking trip, but my day wandering the town was quite enjoyable none-the less.

A cruise ship with a Giant MOBY I woke up to the sight of the competition parked across the pier from us. A cruise ship with a Giant "MOBY" on the side, along with Tweety, Sylvester, Bugs, Daffy, and Taz.

Turns out that Moby is one of the large Italian Ferry companies servicing central to northern Italy. The Fantasy, (along with its 15 or so sister ships including the Moby Magic) cruises between the ports of Sardinia, Corsica, and the mainland of northern and central Itally.

Also out on the pier was a welcoming reception from the town of Olbia. They had a live band playing traditional Sardinian music and a huge tent full of local foods, all staffed by some very friendly locals. For some strange reason I didn't take a picture of that. Brain fade. Maybe I did need a break that day.


Olbia is basically a small town. No sky-scrapers (one 14 floor apartment block), no giant cathedral, just people living and working. It is full of little shops and restaurants. Olbia feels like a small town on the island of Sardinia should feel.


There are plenty of quaint streets and little squares in the old part of town. I wondered those for most of the day, and ended up finding - shockingly - an old wooden Indian in front of a pizzeria at one point.

Here are some more pictures from my day.






June 10, 2007

Cruising the Med - Montserrat Monastery (Barcelona) On Your Own

Many of you have requested details on how we traveled on our own to Montserrat! The simple answer is we had Gary the Guide who had done extensive research. He was awesome! Gary has offered his notes for those of you who want to try it yourselves.

Keep in mind, this is one person's suggestion. Your experience may vary. Do the research before you go!

Montserrat Monastery (just outside Barcelona)

Do it on your own - Step by Step - by Gary the Guide

The following is my step by step guide to traveling to Montserrat Monastery on your own.

I will assume that you are staying at a hotel within walking distance of a Barcelona metro stop. If you are not, or are not comfortable with using a metro system you could take a cab to Placa Espanya. The trains run hourly to Montserrat at 36 minutes past the hour, first train is 8:36am.

1. You need to get to Placa Espanya, this is where the FGC suburban line R5 departs.

2. Barcelona metro is very easy, cheap, quick, clean. While we felt safe using it all day and into the early evening hours, use caution and be aware of pickpockets! All lines are numbered and signed in color code. For example, the 7 of us who did Montserrat on our own were all staying about 500 feet from line 4 (linea 4), yellow colored on the metro map, stop named El Maresme Forum.

3. All metro lines are signed for the direction of travel towards the ends of the line from where you are standing,

For example at el Maresme Forum - the line travels towards Trinitat Nova, or La Pau. To get towards the city we traveled in the direction of Trinitat Nova, signed as Direccio
Trinitat nova.

Link to tmb official metro site --

4. After arriving at Placa Espanya, look for the FGC station. This is an underground station. It is linked by a passageway from the red line (linea 1) metro stop. There is also an above ground entrance signed with a blue on white background sign that looks like an intertwined f and c.

5. Go to the information booth and ask for a ticket to monistrol de Montserrat. I would strongly recommend the TOT MONTSERRAT type of ticket. While it is the most expensive, it includes roundtrip train, rack railway, 2 funiculars, lunch in the self serve cafeteria, museum, - which is just about all there is to see in Montserrat. There is a staff person outside the booth who can assist with the automatic ticket machine, although his English was limited on our trip day. I would recommend paying with cash (EUROs) as some of our party had difficulty with
credit/debit cards. It is about 34 Euro per adult, not cheap, but still cheaper than the Disney excursion price.

Link to fgc site

6. Take the R5 train towards Manresa. Trains are very clearly marked, and are signed with the train number. This is an end of the line station so the platforms are marked well.

7. Get off at Monistrol de Montserrat. It's about a 55 minute train ride; about half is outside the urban areas in countryside. You want the next stop after montserrat-aeri. You will see the cable car and the monastery on the left, facing direction of train travel for several minutes before this stop, it's the 12th stop from Barcelona if the train is making all the stops

8. The rack railway (cremallera de montserrat) meets the train, transfer across the platform, about 20 minute ride up to the monastery.

9. You are there! Reverse the train order to return to Barcelona. The rack trains leave the monastery about 6 minutes after the hour, and are timed to meet the Barcelona trains. I believe last train is 5:30pm so don't stay too late. Check fgc timetable for the last train back to Barcelona. Remember all trains are timetabled in military/24 hour clock style, IE: 0836, for the first train of the day

A brief word about the cable car. I made a mistake while leading our group and thought it was included in our tickets. So imagine my embarrassment when we got off at monistrol de arie, and found we had to pay another 5 euros each to take the cable car, or wait an hour for the next train to go 1 stop further. We elected to pay the euros and take the e ticket cable car. BE ADVISED, this is a European style cable car, which means it's pretty well up in the air for awhile, so anyone with a real height issues might want to skip this. I loved it because it gave me a real appreciation for the labor and commitment of the monks and craftsmen who built that far up the mountain.

Montserrat is a very spiritual place and occupies a special part of the heart of the people of Cataluña. Please respect this and do not be the ugly American tourist. Cover knees and shoulders in the basilica, and no flash photography inside either.

Monsterrat Photos from Deb's Blog Entry, Part 1
Monsterrat Photos from Deb's Blog Entry, Part 2

There are many other pictures and sites available about Montserrat via a google search of Montserrat monastery.

Gary the guide

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June 4, 2007

Disney Med Cruise - Chris and Beci at Pisa! 6/3/07

Today we took a short tour to Pisa. to visit their famous School of Architecture. But first, in case you were afraid this was all business and no fun, let me introduce you to one of our dinner mates.

We pulled into port early, as always, and with a little help from our friends Mark and Reed we proceeded to get hooked up with the smallest tour, and headed out toward Pisa.

If your goal at this port is to get a taste of Tuscany, like in Under the Tuscan Sun, don't go to Pisa. It is on the industrialized coastal plain. That's not to say that there isn't anything worth looking at on the way to and from Pisa. There are lots of quaint old villas and little villages sitting on the tops of the rolling hills. There are also some amazing quarries in the hills where most of the marble used for building and sculpting in Italy was mined. There are now hundreds of marble cutters sprinkled throughout the region, and if you've got any Italian marble in your home there is a good chance it came from this area.

Once we arrived at Pisa, we had to park the bus about a one mile walk from the town square. The last quarter of a mile is covered by hundreds of swindle-vendors. Three T-shirts for 10 Euros type, except here it's one T-shirt for 10 Euros. Or one umbrella (it was raining yesterday, off and on) for 5 euros.

The square at Pisa is lovely, and all the "keep off the grass" signs keep it from being swarmed with people around all the buildings. The tour was short, and covered the famous tower (Torre Pendente), the less famous but far more beautiful Duomo, and also the Battistero where they perform baptisms.

Once you've done the tour, you're left with being a silly tourist, and holding up the tower and such. We spent a good 45 minutes posing with Mark and Reed and muttering under our breath at the other tourists who walked into our frame. Mark has all of our good shots on his camera, and Beci has yet to get them from him (slacker).

June 1, 2007

Disney Med Cruise: Beci Mahnken - Naples -The Long & Winding Road

May 29, 2007 - Today we arrive in Naples Italy . As the 3rd largest city in Italy , its home to 1.5 million and one of the best, yet worse shore tours I have ever been on. I'll get to that in a minute.

We awoke just in time to see Mount Vesuvius on the distance and a tall masted ship in port as we worked our way into the berth. It was a beautiful day around 72 degrees in the am with a few gray rain clouds off into the distance.

Ok.. before I continue I need to be honest that the worse shore excursion part is actually from one perspective - mine. And further I must preface this to include the fact that I am not really scared of many things, but heights is a phobia I will admit to.

So, to continue. When you first get the long awaited list of available shore excursions you make a date with your significant other and/or family to figure out what you are going to do when you cruise. Chris and I did just that and normally we both find something we both want to do together. This time Naples offered us different options we both wanted to do conveniently packaged in one nifty 9.5 hour excursion.

Chris wanted to experience the Almalfi Coast and I wanted to wander the ruins of Pompeii so we opted for the Amalfi Coast Drive and Ruins of Pompeii tour. Looking at the description it sounds like it will be a peaceful drive along the coast to view the unique architecture and natural wonders along the coastline. In reality it was a very large bus winding its way over the mountains via a very tiny road that was lucky to have a straight area for more then half a football field or so at a time.

Deb & Linda joined us on this journey and we managed to add some new friends, Chuck and Tony as well. Poor guys - eerrr I mean lucky guys - just happened to be in line with us as we got our bus assignments and we talked them into sitting with us too.

First of all, hats off to the driver who was able to maneuver that 50 passenger bus as if it was a 2 seater sports car even when the road narrowed to spots where only one car could pass. (yes, when I said tiny road, I meant it).

We winded our way up the side of the mountain from the port to the top of the crossing where the Guide, Gino, announced that we were almost to the Almalfi Coast where we would see the most beautiful sites including sheer cliffs that range up to 4000 feet high. as we went over the crest of the mountain, sure enough, he wasn't kidding. My heart was beating so fast and between the sheer height , the drop offs and the winding roads , I couldn't help but think I was on a thrill ride instead of a transfer to see one of the most beautiful villages I have ever seen. (If I could just open my eyes first!)

Instead of trying to interpret what I saw between my tightly clinched hands over my eyes, I will let Chris blog about the ride itself which I'm sure was breathtaking. (Further proven by listening to the gasps of people as we made our way up and down the mountains. While they warn you about possible motion sickness on this tour, I would also caution anyone who has a heights issue too.

When we arrived at Amalfi, we had about 40 minutes of free time to wander the village and we decided to tour the Cathedral of the Amalfi which has some origins back to 596 AD and also is the resting place of head and other bones of St Andrew, Jesus' first disciple. Wow"

We boarded the bus and drove another 20 minutes to a hotel where lunch was served. Including wine of course.

After lunch we were on the way back towards Naples with a stop at Pompeii . This was of great significance to me. I was a Mt St Helens survivor of sorts- while I wasn't on the Mountain itself, I was camping on the south side of Mt Rainier just north of the volcano when St Helens blew and ended up walking in ash up to my hips and stuck in the icky goo for several days. That's another story in itself.. so I digress. To continue, I have been very intrigued by Pompeii and the fate of the people who perished in the tragedy back in 79 AD. We toured the ruin and saw the streets complete with visible grooves in the stone from carts and chariots. Our guide Gino was a member of the archaeological team that helped unearth parts of the ruins back in the early 1970s so was full of information to share about the lives of the people who died here. As the rain started to fall on our out door tour, we moved a little faster through the site then I would have liked, but we did manage to see some of the original artwork and tiles that have been uncovered, along with a few of the bodies that were in the positions of their last moments and with expressions that provided an eerie glimpse into what that horrific day was like. That was truly an experience of a lifetime.

Tomorrow we arrive in Olbia, Sardinia Italy .

May 28, 2007

Chris Mahnken - Arriving in Palermo

We've just pulled into port at Palermo - it's 8:00 here. I've handed off my new silk jacket to the Disney cleaning crew - it was collateral damage in a flying wine war last night! One of our table mates brought his cricket bat and used it to fling a full glass of wine onto Sandy and me (mostly Sandy). Our head waiter was there in a flash with cleaning tickets on the house, so I'm we're testing the dry cleaning guys to see if they can get it done before dinner tonight. They say it will be back in our cabin by 5:00!

So now it's on to breakfast, then we're off to visit Palermo and the village of Cefalu. We'll have full reports this evening - perhaps even two, as we've got a late dinner in the private room at Palo tonight and may be able to get in a post both before and after.


Chris Mahnken

May 26, 2007

If this is Friday, it must be Montserrat

Guest Blogger Chris Mahnken

Friday morning, after a stout 3 hours of sleep, making six hours in the past two nights, I got up early and met our crew (Deb, Linda, Sandy, & Sharon) for breakfast. After that we went to the Lobby to hook up with our informal guides (and fellow travelers) Gary and Karen. Next stop, well, the subway, but our goal was Montserrat.

Several transfers, ticket buyings, and about 90 minutes later we arrived at our stop. Montserrat - Aeri. Only it wasn't our stop. We should have stayed on the train for one additional stop to get to the rack railway station that would lead to the monastery. Instead we were at the gondola / cable car station for said cliff side religious haven. So rather than wait the hour between trains to go one stop further, we delved deep (5 euros) into our pockets for a ticket up the gondola.

One semi-terrifying ride later, we were several thousand feet up above the river valley at the famed Montserrat monastery. There are still monks in residence (I understand, I didn't see any) and there is also a small hotel.

We started by taking the Funicular up to the (near) peak of the mountain and then spent a leisurely morning walking back down the down the mountain trails to the monastery. If you're not afraid of a bit of exercise I'd encourage the walk if the weather is nice. The views were spectacular (if somewhat hazy in the morning).

By the time we got back down I was starving (no really, that distended belly is a sign of starvation, not beer). We went to the cafeteria and grabbed some lunch, and while it was not the equal of the food we'll be getting on the Magic, it was quite good.

After lunch we went up to the basilica and toured thru and got to see the black Madonna of Montserrat. The basilica is fantastic. Very well preserved and quite lovely. If you like to visit the churches of Europe, I'd be sure to add this one to your list. It's very nice.

At this point I was getting ready to take a nap on the first non-paved surface I could find, and everybody else was a bit tired also. We decided to hit the shops, and then start the long ride home. We were back to our hotel by 6:30.

Chris Mahnken

Disney Med Cruise: The British Connection 5/24/07

Beci continues:

We land in London May 24th - 10 am London time. The steward provides the landing card we need to fill out folks and a very coveted fast pass ticket that allows us to skip the regular queue and breeze right through the passport control station. What took us over an hour in our previous trip to London was just about 10 minutes. Our connection time here was a long one. Almost 7 hours. But there was a lot to keep us busy!

One thing I should mention is our arrival was met with a stairway not the auto gangway that goes right to the door. We descended the staircase and walked across the tarmac to the terminal where we were met with even more stairs. Something to be prepared for - check into arranging assistance ahead of time if needed.

We arrived in Terminal 1 and decided to check out the arrival lounge there before making our way to terminal 1 for our departure to Barcelona later that day. It seemed the air conditioning in the terminal was either not working or set for people who require 80 degree temps inside to survive. It was extremely hot in the dining room at the lounge but it would be an hour or so before we made it to terminal one so we stopped for a quick breakfast. They had fans set up in the room, but they weren't doing much good, and since the terminal backed up onto a public street they had razor wire swirling outside the window. This just didn't seem like the relaxing oasis I expected at the British flagship city, so we decided to move on to terminal one. The razor wire wasn't the only sign of security. The Brits take this very seriously and there are serious guards with serious guns at several locations thru the airport.

British provide a nice step by step guide to getting from terminal 4 to terminal one which involves a bus transfer. Against my better judgment Chris says we are heading for the trains and while that little voice was screaming "conform to the map!" I knew we had 7 hours so what the heck ... We by passed the signs for the buses and headed for the Paddington station train with the first stop being.. you guessed it .. terminal 1, 2 and 3. There is no charge for the terminal to terminal service and is highly recommended if you have the option from your arrival location. With Comfy seats and plenty of room for luggage you don't feel cramped in the least.

TIP: if you are connecting through Heathrow, or any major airline really, be sure your flight times offer some time over what they consider a "legal connection' time which is usually the bare minimum the airlines are willing to gamble will make it in time for you to reach the connecting flight. The odds begin to tip if your departure flight is late, the airport is too busy to clear your flight to land so you circle a while, and/or doesn't have a pocket (ie the Queens English for - gate) to allow the flight to pull up to. We had all three of these situations during this journey.

We arrive at terminal one and are a little lost. The ticketing area is right there but we have boarding passes, so we just need to find the arrival/departure lounge. After a little searching and asking a nice gal at British bag drop, she points us to area "R" which is a hike to the other side of the terminal through several shops and counters unlike any airport I had seen before. We follow the signs to the First/Business class check in area and are escorted to a special security line where people actually help you thru the check point. I KNOW.. I couldn't believe it either! J

The Lounge is located just beyond and here is the 2nd best part of my day - they offered us a shower. Basically they have private spacious rooms with a shower stall, sink, mirror and toilet. At the desk they will provide shampoo, conditioner, lotions, toothbrushes, razors and even shave gel. It was nice to refresh after the flight. But the best part was they also have an onsite spa service with offers complimentary services. Chris and I both signed up for neck and back massages after the shower.

After our relaxation sessions, we had about 3 hours to spend in the lounge before the next connection to Barcelona . We found a quiet pocket near the service area so we could easily refill the cappuccinos and grab snacks. One thing that I found quite entertaining in the lounges are the conversations you over hear. Government contracts, 14 million dollar lawsuits and the pros and cons of i-pods vs the Zune. That last one was courtesy of one Kurt Russell (you know...... Captain Ron, Escape from LA, etc) and his traveling companion who sat approx 20 feet away. A few minutes later Goldie Hawn joined them and off they went to catch their flight.

And soon we were off to ours.

We landed in Barcelona approx 7 pm and after collecting our bags we found a gentleman holding a sign with our name who whisked us to our unique Disney transfer - a Mercedes. The driver had to have been practicing for the Indy 500 and would probably win. It was a fast yet strangely safe feeling race through and around the city to our hotel - The Hilton Diagonal Mar.

Arriving at Hotel

Upon arrival, we checked in and were upgraded to a nice corner Jar suite for our two night stay. Two separate rooms with a large bathroom and unique corner with large windows offering a nice view of the sea and city.

Beci's Room

When we arrived we called Deb and Linda (blogging at ) and met them for a drink to celebrate the journey!


May 23 - Part 2 - Crossing the Pond

Guest Blogger Beci Mahnken .....

We arrived at the airport in plenty of time to check in at the Alaska airlines desk for our first flight to Chicago . They tell us our bags have been checked thru but unfortunately we need to check ourselves in at the British desk in Chicago for the next two flight legs. This shouldn't be a problem as we have 3 hours to make the connection and get where we need to be. Right?

The reality of the Chicago connection seemed a tad more complicated. Chris and I arrived in Chicago and worked our way thru the terminal to the shuttle leading to the international terminal where we checked in at the British airlines desk. The agent at the desk informed us that we were invited to go to the first class lounge located next to gate 11, but unfortunately they did not have a fast track line at O'Hare. Initially that was fine, until she further explained that the line was just about an hour long. (Ok.. I get it, now I know why she was apologizing.) Behind us snaked a security line that made me wonder if 3 hours for a connection with time to enjoy that wonderful lounge, was indeed enough.

And here is a confession - if you are ever with me and we are presented with a choice of lines to get into please do not allow me to choose unless of course you have time to kill and have a desire to be in the longest line. For some reason I am cosmically drawn to the line that will have some kind of issue just moments before I am the next to go. Supermarkets, drive thrus, and yes airport security. I choose the line that for the last 15 minutes has been moving at a very quick pace. Just as we approach and are now one person form the security station, here comes an army of flight crews who of course have the priority to avoid delayed flights. We are stopped for what seems like an eternity.. (ok minutes, but f you hate lines as much as I do, then you get it) about 15 minutes later we are through the screening process and on our way to find the lounge.

Once there, we are checked in and offered a wide array or beverages and snacks to prepare for our flight. We were given the choice to have dinner before or during the flight so we elected to wait. We found a window seat and watched as our Boeing 777 aircraft pulled up to the gate next door. About 30 minutes later they announced boarding for first class passengers. We made our way onto the aircraft and to our seats - errr.. beds - err pods. That may be the best description - pods. Each seat was very private with its own controls, nice sized table that lifted out of the console, and personal entertainment screen. They even provided a light weight sleep suit, slippers and a personal amenity kit with lip balm, tooth brush, toothpaste, eye shades and a pair of comfy socks for the trip. Nice touch!

Once airborne we were provided menus for dinner which provided several starter options as well as entrees. Chris had the Lobster salad with sesame chicken and I opted for the steak and mushroom pie with mashed potatoes. Dessert was New York cheese cake with berries. They also had a nice wines list with 3 reds, 3 whites and champagne as well.

After dinner the stewards came around and converted the seats to beds. Fully flat, approx 6 feet and was a very comfy way to cross the pond. I even managed to get a little sleep to prepare for the next leg of the journey that will take us to Barcelona .



May 23- Part 1 - Europe in 4 bags or less

Guest Blogger Beci Mahnken, owner of begins her blog....
Beci's husband Chris, has the earlier blog entry.

Day 1 - May 23

Europe in 4 bags or less

We are about to embark on 16 nights of city hopping starting in Seattle and visiting many places including London , Barcelona , Rome and Monaco . This adventure actually began 24 hours ago when the realization hit that I should actually start packing for this trip. In a mad frenzy of laundry and checking against the weather channel - who coincidentally don't seem to agree on if it will be 70 or 79 in Rome. I found myself confronted with the sad truth that I was about to break my own cardinal rule. "Never travel with more the one checked bag.

It's amazing how you begin to negotiate with yourself, when faced with such a dilemma of packing for 16 days and for almost any occasion. "This will be good for the shore excursions, this will be good for the sail away party and I can wash this in the sink if needed and this will be ok for formal night since I don't actually know anyone, let alone actually own a beaded gown myself. Then come the doubts ... but what do I do if it rains? Better take this shirt ... but what happens if the polar ice caps melt? ... better take this life preserver ... oh right ... plenty of those on board. Finally just when you think you have managed to get both what you need and want you want in one tidy suitcase, you realize its definitely over 50 pounds. Dang! Break out the 2nd bag. I felt better when Chris told me he also decided to break out bag 2.

We are on the way to Sea Tac airport in a few hours. It's a mid morning flight that will take us from Seattle , connecting in Chicago to London where we change planes yet again on the way to Barcelona . The best thing about this part of the trip is we have saved, and saved, and saved air miles to fly in first class. I am one of those people who cannot manage to sleep on a plane in a sitting position so am hoping the flat beds offer at least a few hours sleep to help avoid jet lag.


May 22, 2007

Guest Bloggers in the Mediterranean!

Chris and Beci Mahnken, owners of MEI Travel and are traveling with Deb Wills and Linda Eckwerth on Disney's First Mediterranean Cruise. Beci and Chris will be blogging along with Deb and Linda sharing their adventures.

Chris and Beci Mahnken

Here is Chris's pre-trip entry:

Pity me. I'm going on an 11 day Disney Mediterranean Cruise.

The cruise will be fantastic with great food, great friends, and great sights to see of course. A once in a lifetime sort of trip. But ...

It seems like just about every time I go overseas I end up just barely missing some really cool event. My first trip to Dublin came the week after U2 stopped playing as the house band at the bar in their hotel in Dublin. My first Trip to Paris came during le Tour de France, a yearly event that I follow religiously. The race was in the west, near Saint-Malo on the day I had free, but I couldn't get out there and back in time to see any of it.

This year we're going on the inaugural 11 day cruise of the Disney Magic in the Mediterranean. Barcelona, Palermo, Naples, Olbia, Rome, Florence, Marseilles, Monte Carlo, and back to Barcelona. So of course there will be an even nearby that I can almost get to, but not quite.

Beyond le Tour de France, one of my favorite sporting events is Formula one. Last Saturday the F1 circus was in, yes, Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix. I missed it by 11 days. Even worse, on the 27th of May, while we're at sea between Barcelona and Palermo, the Grand Prix of Monaco will take place without me. A week later on the 4th I'll be in Monte Carlo. Just in time to see the removal of the last of the grandstands and Armco barriers.

I'm going on an 11 day Disney Mediterranean Cruise. Life is hard.

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