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ESPN The Weekend

Andrew Rossi

I'm having a great time at ESPN the Weekend right now. I spent most of yesterday at the event and my photos are already in the ESPN Weekend Photo Gallery.

Here are a few tips based on my experience yesterday!

1. Be sure to get an event times guide as soon as you enter the park. There are often multiple things going on at the same time at different locations throughout the park so it helps to plan in advance what you are most interested in seeing.

2. If you want to be close to the stage, especially for the taping of live shows, it helps to show up about a half an hour ahead of time.

3. If you are looking for autographs, be sure to head to the ESPN Sports Zone (located near Rock n' Roller Coaster). Athletes make appearances there throughout the day, although there is no set times for when they will be there.

4. The athlete motorcades process up Hollywood Boulevard toward the Hat Stage. It is actually fairly easy to find a spot along the route to view the motorcade, so you only need to get there a couple of minutes before it starts.

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My experience at ESPN the Weekend was not a pleasant one. The only athlete I noticed who was nice was Tim Tebow. LaDanian Tomlinson would sign nothing...Anquan Boldin looked totally bored and looked and sounded like he couldn't wait for his part to be over with. As time has gone on, this event has become more restrictive. I went to one show, asked a cast member if the seat in front of where I was was taken, she said it was saved, then not two minutes later, when asked by a couple of kids if those seats were taken, she said no, they weren't! When I pointed out to her that I had just asked the same thing, she said, oh, the they were saved for found other seats! What kind of nonsense is this? I'll tell you, Disney wants young people and kids in the front rows, they don't want older people there! This event was very disappointing, I certainly would not recommend it.

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