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Parking Fees Increase at Walt Disney World


Effective for reservations made March 21, 2018 and thereafter, standard overnight self-parking is available to registered Guests for a fee that will be applied to their hotel folio upon check-out. All parking fees include applicable tax.

Standard Overnight Parking charges per Resort Category:

Disney Value Resorts: $13 per night
Disney Moderate Resorts: $19 per night
Disney Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts: $24 per night

Complimentary standard parking is available to Guests staying at the Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Each campsite provides parking space for one (1) motorized vehicle.

Valet Parking

Valet Parking is available at select Disney Deluxe Resorts and Disney Deluxe Villas for $33 per night (sales tax included).

Guests with Disabilities

Designated parking areas are available throughout Walt Disney World Resort for Guests with disabilities. A valid disability parking permit is required.

Disney Vacation Club Members
Members will not be charged for standard overnight self-parking when staying at a DVC Deluxe Villa, regardless of whether they use vacation points or another form of payment. Members also will not be charged to park when using vacation points to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

Day Guests

Complimentary standard self-parking is available while enjoying select dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreation experiences at Disney Resort hotels.

Theme Parks

Guests pay one fee for a parking pass good all day at all 4 theme parks—Magic Kingdom park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. Our special preferred parking lots are located conveniently close to the theme park entrances. All parking fees include applicable sales tax.

Preferred parking: car or motorcycle – $45 per day
Standard parking: car or motorcycle – $22 per day
Oversized Vehicle Parking: Shuttle, Limo, Camper Trailer, RV, Bus or Tractor Trailer - $27/day

Registered Guests of Disney Resort Hotels, select Annual Passholders, Premium Passholders and Disney Premier Passport holders may enjoy complimentary standard self-parking at Disney Theme Parks.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations For your convenience, a number of ChargePoint charging stations are now available in parking lots at Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom park and Disney Springs. Arriving Guests may ask a Cast Member for directions to these charge ports, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Epcot: 4 stations at the front of the Journey Parking Lot
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park: 4 stations in the Medical Parking Lot
Disney Springs: 6 stations: 3 on the 5th floor of the Orange Garage and 3 on the 5th floor of the Lime Garage

To use this service, you will need a credit card or a pre-ordered ChargePoint card—available at chargepoint.com. The cost to charge at these stations is $0.35 per kilowatt hour, with a minimum service amount of $1.50. Charging will stop once the vehicle’s battery is fully charged. ChargePoint will “ping” the owners to alert them when their car is ready.

Water Parks

Standard parking at the water parks—Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach—is complimentary for all Guests.

Disney Springs

Standard self-parking is complimentary at the Disney Springs area.

The Disney Springs area, an exciting reimagining of the former Downtown Disney area, is undergoing a dazzling expansion and transformation! As a result, we recommend that Guests arrive 60 minutes prior to their show time or reservation. On busy days, simply follow the signs to available parking, which may be located across the street—just a short walk to Disney Springs.

Valet parking is also available, at a flat rate of $20 per day (sales tax included).

Please note: Payment will be collected at time of pick-up, and gratuity is not included in the cost.

Guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel may take advantage of complimentary transportation by Disney bus, monorail or boat, as parking may be limited. Many area accommodations also provide or arrange transportation to and from Disney Springs.

ESPN Wide World of Sports

Standard parking is complimentary for all Guests.

Parking for Guests with Disabilities

Designated parking areas are available throughout Walt Disney World Resort for Guests with disabilities. A valid disability parking permit is required.

Theme Park Parking
Guests with the ability to walk short distances and step onto courtesy trams should park in the main parking lots of Magic Kingdom park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. Courtesy trams will then transport Guests to each theme park’s Main Entrance.

Disability Parking Lots
Guests with mobility disabilities—including those traveling with personal wheelchairs, electric scooters or other mobility devices—should park in our Disability Parking Lots, located a short distance from the Main Entrance of each to each of the 4 theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort. Please note that courtesy trams do not stop at these locations.

For further directions on parking options, Guests should inquire at the 4 Auto Plazas located at the entrance to each of the 4 Walt Disney World Theme Park Parking lots, or call Guest services at (407) 824-2222.

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Comments (103)

Mitchell Brannen:

This is terrible. This is a blatant money grab. I am getting tired of being nickle and dimed for everything. $24 to park at a Deluxe. There isn't even a consideration for DVC members or Annual Passholders.

This is just getting ridiculous.

ALLEARS: Actually there is information for DVC members:

Members will not be charged for standard overnight self-parking when staying at a DVC Deluxe Villa, regardless of whether they use vacation points or another form of payment. Members also will not be charged to park when using vacation points to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

Pauline :

I have been going to Disney almost every year for the past 35 years. These last few years I am so disappointed on all the little increases. Soon will you be charging for each sheet of toilet paper. If I had not promised trips for my grandchildren I would be so done with Disney.

donna cunningham:

Disney is making it impossible to visit. constant increases in tickets high hotels costs now parking. we took our children at least once a year while they young id hoped to be able to do.the same with my grsndaughters. unfortunately Disney now is getting to be only for the rich. they used to offer pins for deals off hotel room no.more sorry but universal is getting to be a better deal. wake up Disney


I just got off the phone with DVC and they informed me that DVC members will continue to be allowed to park in the Theme Park lots at no additional charge

Jennifer Sperandeo:

Wow! That is really disappointing! Every time I turn around, Disney is adding another fee or increasing their prices. When is enough enough? Disney is becoming a vacation destination for the wealthy...


While handicap parking will remain complimentary, folks will start "borrow" handicap passes from dear old mom or dad. Handicap spots will not be available for those that truly need it. Extra valets will be needed if they do not plan on adding extra handicap spots.


Wow. This is so disappointing. We have gone every year for the past 12 years. Maybe they want to thin out the crowd by it only be affordable to the rich who spend a lot of money. Enough will be enough when we stop going and paying.

Larry Romano:

I have been traveling to Disney World for nearly 30 years now for family vacations with my wife, son and parents as well as alone trips with just my wife. In recent years we have been talking how it is a shame things have been changing, for the worse. Now comes this news, which has made our decision on future vacations for us. We will be looking elsewhere for our end of summer 15 night family vacation. There is NO way I will be giving Disney $285 extra dollars to park my vehicle at Coronado Springs. Disney’s greed will eventually catch up with them as long time visitors stop coming and we also spread the word to friends, family, co workers and countless other people to consider looking elsewhere than WDW.


The Mouse raised the prices on annual passes last month. Now increasing the price to park at the hotels. Magic hours allowed to off park hotels. It is becoming more and more expensive, and now a short stay's parking at a value resort is at least the cost of a family meal (at a walk up location). Why be an annual passholder anymore? It looks like I'm not going to be able to afford it much longer. Perhaps better to save for a longer trip and go less often, if at all! Cruises are looking a lot cheaper way to vacation!


One question I have is what about DVC guests? If I get a two-bedroom villa and have another couple stay with us, but they aren't DVC, do they have to pay the parking fee?

What about family who aren't members? If my sons and their families come to WDW with us and we get a three-bedroom villa, we would be in three separate vehicles. Would they have to pay as well?

So many questions remain. So disappointed.


It has been so crowded my last couple visits, maybe this will thin out the crowds. We will continue going to Disney and love our DVC. So glad they are still making available for DVC as we truly feel like our second home. Only destination I know that transports your luggage from check in at airport to room, has free travel from airport to resort and then around resort. Also the airline check-in. We don't have to bring a car and sometimes choose to rent. At least their our other options.

Victoria Rudegeair:

Fly to Orlando and get free shuttle service from the airport to Disney hotels, drive to that same hotel and pay a fee to park. What!!!

Walter E. Downey:

pure greed. can't believe your doing this. seriously considering cancelling my reservations for four rooms this fall.

Antonia :

This is really disappointing. As a Disney stockholder, I'd be willing to see the bottom line a little less profitable so that everyone is able to enjoy a Disney Hotel. Have you considered how many families DRIVE to stay at Disney's Hotels? The parking lot at the hotels are filled with out-of-state plates! This appears to not be that very well thought out and could possibly adversely affect the bottom line ultimately in the future. I hope you'll reconsider. As a senior traveler coming from California and needing a car when staying at a Deluxe category hotel to get comfortably around( as we always do), this will influence our choices in planning future trips. We have family( and stockholders) who are planning a future trip and I don't relish informing them of this new policy. Find another revenue source!


Truly disappointed with the news. We are AP holders& go 2-3 times a year if possible. Every increase to every aspect of a Disney vacation is getting ridiculous. And just plain greedy on the part of Disney it seems. At the price of the hotel rates a parking space should not cost extra. As a huge fan of all things Disney, it’s getting harder to be as excited about Disney vacations as it used to be. And to me that is just so sad. Not sure we can afford to enjoy the magic like we used to. Frustrating and sad. I hope Disney reconsiders this.


I am so disappointed. This is ridiculous. It does not cost the resorts anything for a car to park there. They are asking for "free" money for no service. They better think about this again. What was their reasoning for this?

Shari Gibson:

I am so disappointed in them lately. Glad I am staying the majority of our trip off site and just spending 3 nights on site. I hope it’s only reservations made prior to the announcement date. Not fair to those of us who had reservations prior to this announcement. They truly are making it difficult to go and it’s my favorite place in the world. So sad.

Effective for reservations made March 21, 2018 and thereafter, standard overnight self-parking is available to registered Guests for a fee that will be applied to their hotel folio upon check-out. All parking fees include applicable tax.


Disney should not be charging you to park your car at the hotel when you are staying there. Disney should try to bring down the prices for the food. We have been going down for 15 years now and it is getting very expensive.

Wow, really disappointing. So Disney wants more people to to their destination? Do they not understand that hotels in cities do not charge for parking other than valet service. So when are they going to start charging for the shuttle from Orlando airport to your hotel?

Kathy :

Disney is starting to out-price themselves. I can understand increased operating costs but to charge resort guests for parking is kind of an insult. What is unclear is will guests with disabilities also be charged a daily rate to park at their resort? We like the deluxe resorts but room rates and parking may alter our Disney vacation plans.

ALL EARS: According to disneyworld.com:
Guests with Disabilities
Designated parking areas are available throughout Walt Disney World Resort for Guests with disabilities. A valid disability parking permit is required.


Another epic fail by Disney. I'm glad the AP's my wife and I purchased for our children and grandchildren just expired. We won't be returning. Tired of continually getting nickeled and dimed. I feel sorry for the families who save for years only to get fleeced at every opportunity. Sooner or later, its crowd control techniques will start working and attendance will drop.


Outrageous. Been going to Disney for 40 years. No pass holder discount!
Out pricing even the middle class. Big mistake by Disney.

E. Miller:

We already have reservations for the fall, but this will definitely make us reconsider staying off property IF we decide to come again. We have been to WDW over 16 times in the past 15 years, but this may be our last trip. It's simply getting too expensive. It's a shame - if it's Disney's aim to become an exclusive playground for the very rich, then congratulations - they are well on their way. Oh well, there are lots of places in the US that we haven't been to yet, so it looks like we'll be traveling elsewhere in the future.

steven jeltema:

I have visited Disney World forty times or more, some I drive some I fly but to charge for parking i'm done with you after this years visit you guys are charging us for everything. I don't think this is what Walt Disney would have done.


This pushed me over the edge yesterday, getting ready to go for the 15th trip, it won't affect us this time, but, what really aggravates me is, unlike all these "other" hotels I keep hearing about that charge for parking, Disney is getting your money not just at your resort, the are getting it for park tickets, overpriced food,etc. The price increases in the last few years are making it impossible for the average family to have this vacation anymore, my husband pointed out to me that we could take a vacation anywhere in the world for what we pay for a Disney Vacation and he is right! Not to mention, the "perks" for staying on property are rapidly going away, nothing magical about that! Going to enjoy this coming up trip because it may be our last!


This is nothing but a money grab! Costs more to park at a deluxe than a value? What? Is the blacktop manicured every day?
We have a trip in Sept which will be our last. We’ve been going to WDW for 35 years, but this is the last straw for us.

Gregory Stewart:

Staying off site now;using uber to get to parks.Cost still cheaper then on site.still less then on site.

Dana Privette:

Disney keeps giving me more and more reasons to stay off property or worse yet, not go at all and come up with other options for my vacations that don't involve Disney at all. Over the years I've found myself basing my trips mostly around Universal Studios and Disney has become the side trip. I NEVER thought that would happen because in the past, Universal was a one day, every other visit park. Disney has turned to pure greed and there's nothing magical about that.


This is very disappointing. I cannot go anymore it's too expense. This vacation is only for the rich now. Very sad. Next they will charge for the magical express.


I'm a DVC member so the new parking costs won't affect me but I'm very disappointed in the increased costs all around by Disney and I feel they are not providing the same level of service. The "Guest" used to be so important to the Disney company and I do feel that they're losing sight of the guest experience that will make them want to return year after year. The crowd levels are so bad throughout the entire year now, with no "low crowd" time anymore, that I guess the higher ups feel that they can charge whatever they want because the people keep coming. My husband and I always say when we're in the parks and get perplexed by the crowd levels, "If you build it, they will come" which seems to be the case at Disney World.


I will start advising people going to Disney and staying on site to park at the airport and use the Magical Express asrates are currently $5 dollars or less for uncovered parking which what you get at Disney as long a you can get by with using Disney transportation. It probably wont be long before they charge for the Magical Express and onsite transportation. Sad thing is Disney grew revenue and profits last year with an attendance drop while Universal attendance grew. They wont stop until revenue and profit stop growing no matter what attendance does.


While I absolutely do not agree with this, since we are choosing to stay on their property already, why does the fee have to be added into the hotel payment folio at checkout? If we have to pay for parking, I would much rather have this charge added, or have the availability to add it when making my reservation, so that it can be paid in advance along with the rest of my reservation. That's a lot of money to hold onto and be expected to fork out as it is time to leave.

So much for the perks for staying on Disney property. Next thing you know they will be charging for the Extra Magic Hours.


The all growing list of "special events" and now parking now requiring extra fees is an affront to Walt Disney's legacy to provide the working family a place to experience "the happiest place on Earth".

Dauna Ross Paquier:

I am so disgusted with Disney. Been coming since Disneyworld opened. I'm done! Our kids are all grown but my husband's and I would still visit every year or two. Not anymore. It's pure greed. It's all about money...yes make a profit but every couple months a new charge. And now pay to park for guests that are already staying on property? Not gonna do it. It's a grab for CEO and shareholders! You're already so expensive ....you are pricing people right out of their dream vacation. I have money but it's the principal....you have lost us. My take on this...a younger greedier generation are making these money decisions..they don't remember the magic of Disney. Walt Disney's magic. To nickel and dime everyone for everything is appalling. We're through.


I find the general negative reaction interesting. Some facts:
1) Almost every (urban located) hotel I have stayed at in the last few years charges for parking (and quite a lot).
2) There are other ways to travel to/from the resort (like the FREE Magical Express).
3) It's no secret that WDW is getting more and more crowded all the time, and I suspect the parking lots are no exception.
4) Bottom line: Disney is in business to make $$, and I'm sure the majority of shareholders (like myself) expect just that...in addition to all of the "good" things they do behind-the-scenes for sick children, etc.


My wife and I have been coming to WDW annually since 1974, all long trips averaging 11 days. As we had children we began bringing them and same for our grandchildren. This really is the last straw. We've promised all of them a trip this year and we will keep our promise, after that we are done for good.

I have predicted for a long time that this would happen. Just wait; paid toilets, paid Fast Passes, maybe even back to pay per ride will come. everything that you can think of will have a price, the sky is the limit.

For all of you Off Kilter fans, user your money to travel to their performances. We've done it for several years now and had loads of fun.


Have been to quite a few hotels that charge for overnight parking. Not a new concept. We opted for the valet parking; we paid once to have car parked and then walked everywhere else. We didn't have to pay for taking car in and out. It was cheaper than the rate for each night. Glad to see DVC members getting a perk here. Always buy direct through DVC in order to get member perks.


The worst part about this decision is the stupidity of the people who made it: if they had just raised the price of what it costs to stay at the respective resorts by the same amounts listed for the new parking fees, no one would have raised an eyebrow. But to continuously raise the price of the resorts AND impose a new parking fee, tells me that there are really poor decision makers at the helm now at Disney.

I used to go every year, and usually stayed for 10 days. As costs have gone up, my stays have grown shorter. I guarantee you that I spent more when the prices were lower, staying longer, than I do now for shorter stays at higher rates. More dinners, more souvenirs, more snacks versus sit-down dinners only a few times a visit, fewer snacks, and fewer souvenirs.

I was lamenting the fact that I cannot afford to visit Disneyworld this year, but this announcement has made me feel a lot better about not going. Off-site with free shuttle service has just become very appealing to me; or I will fly in every visit and avoid the parking fees.

Walt would be pissed. Disney should WANT people to stay on-site, not give them reasons for staying off-site. Poor, poor decision.

Laura Wasielewski:

How disappointing. As prices increased we've tried to adjust how we travel to make it more affordable. We take our own food and drinks. Use Disney rewards to purchase souvenirs. Purchase gift cards at discounts if possible. But it's harder and harder for your average middle class American to afford to go. We're going to have to evaluate if we can honestly afford to go anymore. So sad.

Gail Moxley:

Little by little Disney is destroying the "magic" and looking only as a corporation finding ways to charge more.. as the parks get more crowded, and the perks for staying on site are less; hotel, ticket and dining packages price hikes are the norm every year.
Walt Disneys vision is gone.
They need someone to rethink some of these things.
Once people stop believing in Disney-- it'll be too late. Your loyal guests will be gone.

Bob LeVan:

Having gone to Disney almost yearly for the last 40 years and since retiring multiple times yearly for the last 11 years I have observed a decline in both service and quality. I will no longer be going to DISNEYWORLD in the future. It is no longer the happiest place on earth. Long lines to eat, long lines and wait times for 3 minute rides and crowds have made the experience anything but MAGICAL. GOODBYE

JoAnn Scicchitano:

Completely absurd to pay for parking at a resort you are staying out! What would Walt say?!
This is outright extortion. We already had a discussion as a family and we will not be renewing our annual passes. Disney finally killed the magic for us. This move is their obvious maneuver for more and more money. They do not care about their guests. Walt did. Shame on what Disney has become! It is sickening.


Disney wants every last dollar, i.e., they do not want you to have a car and be able to travel off-resort to either shop or eat. Anyway, I will continue to rent a car when I visit WDW because you save a fortune by being able to shop at Walmart and eat off-resort.


As I stockholder, I want the company to do well. As a Disney DVC member, annual pass holder and visitor, I don't like nickel and diming. I would rather have a little higher rates here and there than be nickel and dimed like they are now doing on parking.

I happen to think Disney is still a great value. It is simply supply and demand. New Years Eve was nuts - park was way overcrowded - "closed at capacity" very early. Why? If it is to high priced, why is it full to capacity? It isn't overpriced, that's why. If you sold out of something everyday, you would be wise to raise the price. Disney needs to raise the price. Would you rather pay more and wait less, enjoy more, etc. Or get a great deal and have it packed? I would pay a little more and want less crowds. For those who go once or twice a year, it is worth it.

So, great value, good price, do it all inclusive - no more nickel and diming on everything.


After hearing this news we decided last night, IF we return we will not stay on property, which also means we will not be purchasing the meal plan. We were planning on getting annual passes but at this point I'm not sure we will be doing that either. Makes me sad because Disney World has been my favorite destination for some time now.


Already paid for a November trip, first time in 18 years. I'm taking the next generation for their first (and last) on site WDW trip. Would have been cheaper to rent a house than 2 rooms at Pop Century for a week. How long before they figure out how many are using Uber and start a surcharge for that?

Randy moseng:

We have been going to Disney for 40 years and we have so noticed the cost increases over the past few years...and now this blatantly obvious money grab. How disgusting. Hotel parking lots and not overcrowded and I should pay 24 a night for a place for my car to sleep. No way.


Squeeze every nickel and dime out of us until we squeal...or stop going. Have not returned since 2014 to WDW; went to Disneyland 2015, and won't be going back there either after an awful experience then....There are all levels of other types of accommodations all over Orlando area--from budget to luxurious...disney is hardly the only option. If I want to go to the parks, I will...but doubt I will stay on property any longer. Even paying for parking at the park once a day is more cost effective with out of the bubble hotel. Just found a suite for 8 nights for less than $800, including hot breakfast, and free parking. This is less than half what I'd pay for moderate, at double the price.....Just do your research folks. They are counting on our gullablity.


Very disappointing. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should...

Debra F Reagin:

I would just like to know the reasoning behind the parking charges. Is it to keep others from parking at the resorts, then using the transpotation to get to the parks?..thus sidestepping the parking fee at the theme parks? I guess it may not have riled folks up, if the cost of the resort stay was increased by $10 to $15 a night instead. I don't know. Just really love coming to Disney, but hated hearing this.

Karen Deka:

Shame on you Disney for charging for resort parking! And you just increased ticket prices again. If these are attempts at crowd control, why are you building more lodging? Is the parking fee an attempt to push the new Disney property car service? The Walt Disney World resort is fast becoming a rich people's destination. Soon I will visit for the 71st time (from Ohio) and I am thinking my multiple visits each year will become a thing of the past. I am so happy when I am at Disney and I hate the thought that soon so many of us will no longer be able to vacation there.


BAD decision. It's simple for me. I will NOT pay these ridiculous parking fees. Goodbye, Disney.

This was a HUGE mistake on their part.

Marion Raiser:

I have never paid for parking at a hotel in my life (64 years now) and do not want to start at WDW. My daughter lives in California and wants me to plan on visiting DL instead. I am sure I can find plenty of free parking at hotels within walking distance of the front gate there! What is the reasoning behind this stupid decision? People will find loopholes folks.... I simply am packing my bags and going to Scotland in September instead. I will not pay any parking fees there and will have a rental car the entire visit!

David :

Let’s take action - if we flood social media channels everyday for a month - it will change.

2 years ago HGVC decided to double open season rates so I started a campaign on Timeshare user group forum and it grew massively 3 weeks later they abandoned the change.

It’s a disgrace Disney make a lot of money and I love the place but parking charges and $4.50 for a bottle of smart water are taking advantage

Who is in?


This new policy is ridiculous. My husband and I go to WDW 1-2 times a year and WDW is getting greedy. Between this new policy and giving travelers staying on Hotel Drive the same privileges that WDW guests have, we’re done. We’ll take our vacation dollars elsewhere. Their new policies are downright offensive.


I have been to Disney every year since early 2000 and it has becoming more and more expensive to visit.
One of the reasons to stay on property was free parking. $24/night is a lot for overnight parking. Whats next? Pay per ride on Disney Shuttle?
The "See You Real Soon!" sign is going to be a thing of the past.

Calvin Bauer, Jr.:

My wife and I have been going to Disney for a long time. I will have to really think if I wish to go to the parks again. Walt is turning over in his grave. My theory on the increase is they want to pay for all the new areas being built. It is not like Disney is not making money. It is not a fair way to charge people. Value pays less than moderate and moderate pays less than deluxe. It is just a parking lot for each hotel.

I can't wait to see the tv commercials that say stay on grounds and pay to park.

Paul Connor:

Personally this means that my family and I will look at alternative holiday destinations as the cost of those coming from the uk is already painfully high and this just makes it even more painful. We go to Disney for at least two weeks at a time and have a car so we can make the most from our trip, this move from Disney either ups the cost or restricts our movement in Florida. Has anyone started a petition against this latest attempt to overcharge guests, a backlash aimed at shareholders would have an effect and may get this decision reversed if it got enough support.

Stefanie Lange:

Disney is getting so ridiculous. I guess this is their way of paying for the expansions. It’s sad. We will stay off property from now on. Sorry Disney.

Doris Armstrong:

We have visited the Orlando area many years for our two week holiday. We have seen the cost of parking at the parks steadily rise. This year my husband and I will try staying at a Disney Resort for the first time. One of the factors in that decision was free parking at the hotel and parks if we take the car. We have already booked, so will get that benefit this visit. However, parking fees for a hotel car park will affect our future decision making. With the cost of the tickets rising, it all adds up to becoming prohibitive. Very disappointing.

Debbie Stoddard:

Back inn 2006, it cost $10 to park in the parks,, now its $22. Now we pay to park at the resort. I was told by a cast member that disney is doing this because the area hotels do it. REALLY disney? All the perks disney has offered over the years are slipping away. I can take a cruise for $2000 for a week, all inclusive, instead of 6 day value resort with dining and park hopper for $3100.00. Disney just doesn't make it worth it any more. I can afford the extra cost because i plan like crazy, but its the PRINICIPLE of the situation disney has created that will lead me and mine right to a cruiseline next year!! Sorry Disney. cya.

Party of 5:

This takes some of the magic out of Disney. We stay for 14 nights and will this will add a significant cost to our trip. I feel very disappointed at this decision. What I loved about our last visit was that having paid for staying on site and the dining plan the holiday felt all inclusive with just spending money to splurge. If we go again our last memory will now be a check out bill for parking!

Stefanie Lange:

Disney is getting so ridiculous. I guess this is their way of paying for the expansions. It’s sad. We will stay off property from now on. Sorry Disney.


I booked my reservation in November 2017 for a stay in April. Does this mean I am going to be charged for parking? If I had know that in November I would have stayed off site. I think if I going to be charged for parking I will change to ofsit.


The greed that the upper level of Disney execs have been demonstrating is apauling. They are just making it difficult for the average person to make WDW a reasonable vacation destination. I am a premier passholder, and the cost of our passport is now over $1500/year. At at time when profits are up and they don't even pay their castmembers a living wage, this additional fee is just rubbing people the wrong way. I travel to Disney World from CA twice a year for 2-3 weeks at a time. That can be an extra $1000/year just to park. I have been an annual passholder since it was introduced at Disneyland over 20 years ago. I wonder whether or not I will be renewing this year.

Susan McCleish:

I think people have had it with these increases,
little by little. The DVC resales seems to be
at an all time high. There was a time when my
DVC membership meant so much to me, now I find
myself thinking about selling it off. My income
does not increase with Disney's appetite for cash.The "magic"is gone in my soul, replaced
with "how am I going to justify this kind of money"
and how am I going to pay it off? I will be
looking elsewhere for our family reunions and
feel bad my grandchildren will not come to know
the excitement of what it was to go to Disney.

Hoping everyone will flood Disney with negative comments. On our recent visit to WDW in Florida we had a member of our group has decreased lung functions and it limits her ability to walk without the aid of a scooter or wheelchair. Fortunately we had our car and were able to transport her from Guest Check in to our rooms. We stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort and no shuttle was available at midnight when they arrived. It would not have been possible for her to get to her room without our help. According to Disney's new policy, guests with valid disable permits will not be charged. Since we don't have a handicap permit we would have been charged under the new policy for parking. How is the accommodating anyone. This new parking fee is an outrageous attempt to charge a random fee and unfair to the anyone who may have a disability or is assisting with family members with disabilities.

Has Disney thought about short term disabilities? How many times do you see a guest with a broken leg? Mostly likely you haven't got a handicap permit for a short term disability. Under current parking fees you will be paying for parking.

There are so many positives about a vacation at WDW. It's a great place for all family and friends to get together in a safe and fun environment. You pay for the convenience of staying on resort to help all your family be able to participate and make everyone's stay and wonderful as possible. This new parking fee reduces the chance for everyone to be able to attend. The new parking policy has no allowances for disable guests without a valid permit. I am hoping Disney will take time to rethink this policy.
Please post your thoughts. It's the only way to get there attention.


Well....I managed to book this trip before the parking fees were added. We haven't been able to fly to Disney in forever due to cost factor. The meal plans are so expensive that we have already cut those out, and park ticket prices continue to rise. I know that many of these increases are due to the necessary maintenance and upkeep of the parks further necessitated by the harsh way so many treat the parks, resorts, etc. Unfortunately, we might be joining the dark side in the future. Disney used to be cheaper, but I can actually book a nicer hotel and stay for longer at Universal based on this latest increase.....breaks my heart, but one can only afford what they can afford.

Brian Wilson:

Pay 40 bucks to stay at a dump on US 192, then come park for free at Polynesian and enjoy the hotel amenities except maybe the pool. Pay an exuberant amount of money to sleep there and pay an extra 24 bucks a night to park. Live 3 hours away, driving is the best option. Going to rethink about staying onsite after this. Probably will be a no.

Wade A. Williams:

Been taking my kids and now my grandkids to Disney World for 30 years. Stay onsite nearly every time. NO MORE !! This money grab by Disney is the last straw. We'll spend our money at other destinations.

Jan Copeland:

This increase reminds me of airlines that charge for luggage and wonder why passengers are generally in a bad moods when they fly on those airlines. This is why Southwest always has better reviews, they may charge me for my luggage, but I don't see it as a charge they include it in their ticket price. Disney should take a page out of their book. Raise the rates or rooms and leave "free" parking, it just makes your visitors happier.

Heather :

Very disappointed with Disney to hear about this parking charge.
We have been coming to Walt Disney World for many many years now, from the UK.
We have always stayed at a disney hotel and enjoyed all of the guest benefits that go with it.
This year we will be over in September and luckily won't be charged this as we booked it last year.
So next year if we stay at a Disney resort, we will have to pay $266 for our 14 night vacation.
We have stayed for 3 weeks in the past and this would total at $399 !!!
Walt Disney's vision was to make magic and family fun accessible to everyone.
Now it's getting to be a place only the rich can afford.


Like many others we have already booked our trip for November so the parking fees won't affect us this trip however after this trip we are done. I feel Disney went too far. Maybe other area hotels charge for parking but I didn't think Disney wanted to be like ever other hotel.


Holy moly. Guess I wasn't the only one feeling at my threshold with Disney's cost increases. I hope their interns read these comments and report back to their bosses - this reaction should be very scary to them. The frustration isn't about the parking fees - it's about the non-stop trend we've seen from Disney lately. I fully expect them to start charging fees for Disney Express and FastPasses (they're already testing a paid option with high-tier DVC). I agree with so many of these comments that envision a future Disney World being only for the rich. I guess if the business can sustain itself by only catering to that crowd, it's one way to go, but that strategy could end up biting Disney in the butt - and the comments here tell me that's a sure thing.

Maria Sider:

I am a DVC member, a premium passholder and Florida resident and I understand that costs everywhere are increasing and most Disney area hotels already charge parking, but Disney hotels are not area hotels. People expect a difference from Disney. A magical experience, and for many a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Instead of charging everyone for parking at the resorts why not just start charging for Disney's Magical Express? Those that never use it are paying for it...if you're going to raise prices, raise them for usage of a service that costs you (Disney), such as Disney's Magical Express. As another commented, the lots are not full...I know this as well because I go 3-5 times a year. There's better business decision to be made throughout Disney, I hope they reconsider instead of needing to backpedal again.


I read one comment that there is nothing magical at Disney anymore - The way Disney makes my money disappear so fast has to be the best magic trick of all - why, because I keep letting Them do it to me. Goodbye my colorful friends, I already sold your stock, it's like a yoyo anyway, that should tell you something about the way you run this corporation, badly, very badly.


The Dream is Over


I’m outraged and disappointed.
Disney is charging for a space that has always been there, offering no additional benefit or improvement to justify the charge for self parking.
I noticed folks mentioning Disney is becoming a destination for the wealthy, but really, even rich people do not appreciate being ripped off.
It’s a matter of principle, not just money.

Congratulations Disney. What a nice way to show annual passholders that they don't matter. We've been passholders for years, been visiting the parks since YEAR 1...Been to WDW well into the triple digits... Will probably seek other vacation options after this season's pass expires. As others have mentioned, we've tolerated being nickel and dimed long enough. Our money is green, and we can spend it anywhere. Looks like it won't be at Disney.


On a follow up note..... I just saw Disney's "Incredible Summer" room discounts. Port Orleans Riverside averages $247.00 per night. All-Star Music now at $157.00. Wilderness Lodge discounted rate at $390.00 per night. And of course, don't forget the parking fees on top of this. Disney is getting over the top expensive. BAD Move. BAD decision. BAD!! BAD!! BAD!!


was considering taking our 3 grandchildern to Disney World next year,but you are out pricing our budget. Will take them elsewhere.

Helen Faye Blackwood:

Why is everyone fussing about the parking fees? It's very simple. You are fussing because you still want to go to Disney. STOP GOING! They know you will eventually stop being angry about this, so they are just waiting for this to blow over. It will in about one month. But you will still be paying for parking at the end of this storm. I decided one month ago that I would no longer go to Disney. My annual park hopper jumped from $600.00 to $800.00 a few years ago, clothing $2.00-5.00 per item, meals, etc. Most of the attractions I loved (I'm 72 years old) have disappeared in Hollywood Studios. AND in the Magic Kingdom. AND in Epcot! The new attractions are geared for children. I only spend 1/2 day in Studios now, including shopping. I knew when "Be Our Guests" starting serving alcohol, other places would in the Magic Kingdom, and they have. Now I see people walking around in the lobby (Sports) with drinks in hand in the middle of the morning. If you think, "well the Magical Express is still free", you can forget it!! You will soon start being charged for that also!! It cost Disney a lot to pay for contracting those buses. Disney knows: kids are the bosses in the family, parents are on guilt trips because they don't spend enough time with them at home, plus the parents are paying for this vacation 2 years from now. Disney had a 6% increase last year. Supply and demand. If you think I'm going to fuss at a company so I can spend my money there AND pay for new attractions (Star Wars, etc.) that I won't ever see, you're crazy. WON'T HAPPEN! I can afford their increases and I'm not mad because I know every company has increases. BUT with all the changes, Disney no longer is for me.
"If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen." I have unsubscribed to everything that Disney was sending me, Newsletter, etc.
Helen Blackwood

Valerie Harris:

"If all performance maximums are met, Iger’s total potential payout stands at more than $423M."

"Walt Disney World employees earn $30,000 annually on average, or $14 per hour" Career Bliss

"Median household income is $59,039

DisneyWorld was my favorite. Then they cut back on cleanliness and became like any other theme park. The food was great and unique, but starting with the garlic mashed potatoes, became repetitive at the restaurants and over priced for what it was. Our family would drive to Disney from TX and alternate staying at Old Key West or offsite, so that we could have a kitchen and laundry facilities. Now parking at the parks is $22 additional daily and parking is $24 a night to stay at Old Key West. Unfortunately, Disney is doing their part to contribute to the growing class warfare, that is changing the USA forever.

Joyce Keough:

Sad to hear Disney has resorted to a money grab.
Like others, we have been disappointed in the loss of magic during our recent stays. So much so that our family will vacation elsewhere in the USA.

"It was all started with a Mouse." Hope it doesn't end up with a RAT.


$13-24 for resort parking is merely Disney's opening bid. This fee will scale along with all of their other pricing: up, up & UP.

Many of the off-site hotels that charge exorbitant daily fees extend the courtesy of providing extras such as a couple of bottles of water or a newspaper each day. They may be ripping you off, but at least you have something to show for it.

Due to a disability in our party, we cannot fly or use DME -- we must drive ourselves if we want to vacation at Disney. It's not a disability that merits having a handicap plate or placard. So, unlike others, we have no option available that allows us to visit Disney without paying for parking: a surcharge for a disability. Thanks Disney!


I have waited to make a comment about the parking charge. Our family have always loved Disney! The excitement of visiting and having a great family vacation! My husband and I are now retired and the first time this year we purchased an annual pass. We brought the family this past winter and returned to Disney again a month later.We drive to Disney when come.We were so excited to know we could come to Disney when ever we would like to enjoy the parks.

Disney hotels are expensive so we always watch for a discount! I'm sorry to say this may be our last annual pass after ours expires next year. WE ALSO HAVE BEEN COMING TO Disney for over 40 years. We have had wonderful times but the cost has now become a factor. Ticket prices keep increasing,food pricing increases and the portions decrease. The hotels are beautiful but so expensive. To charge families to park is so wrong. Many of these families can not afford to fly, so now you are going to put an extra charge for parking.I think Disney should rethink this new charge! Disney you have forgotten this is supposed to be a magical experience. Please stop putting a charge on everything.


My wife is a big time Disney fan. She is extremely disappointed. She told me that the AP that we currently have will be the last we ever buy. That says a lot.

Dara Thomas:

I used to be able to justify the amount of money I spent at Disney but now I just feel nickel and dimed to death. So much for my warm and fuzzy feelings for Disney. My family is already talking about vacationing elsewhere. So very sad......


I agree with Joyce. They can call the new character Rickey Rat.

Susan Leibrock:

I've visited Walt Disney World since 1972 many many times, and thoroughly enjoyed myself...my happiest place. I never thought much about that parking pass I was given at check in...another special Disney perk for staying on property. Everything at Disney was magical to me, and, thinking back, I guess that little slip of paper was too.
It was SO magical that it has DISAPPEARED! POOF!
I haven't been to the World in almost 3 years now, and was quite excited about returning and seeing all of the new offerings. Just like everyone else on this page, my enthusiasm is now tempered with this added cost. As a retiree on a fixed income, it may just be what bursts my magical Disney bubble!


After experiencing very poor housekeeping at the Moderate Hotels for years, I had already decided that I would not be returning to Disney. And this price increase just cements my opinion on WDW. They make enough on their room rates that they should allow you to park your car. The parking lots are not full, so the management at Disney is risking losing paying customers for a marginal return?

JoAnn Scicchitano:



I live an hour away from the parks and use to visit frequently. Our weekend consisted of 2 nights at a Disney hotel with dinner at Disney Springs and a day at one of the parks using Disney transportation to get around. The prices have increased so we haven’t done it as often. The new parking fee is the last straw. I can drive home and sleep in my own bed cheaper. So,Disney, I’ll keep the money we would have spent for the 2 nights hotel, the meals and the gifts we would buy. You can keep your price gouging. As a long time, diehard Disney fan I have to say it stinks.

Linda from Colorado:

I am DVC and disabled but this fee is the straw that broke the camels back.

Debi M:

I have been going to Disney World for over 33 years. There was a time that you couldn't find graffiti on anything, trash or food on the ground, the prices were reasonable, the tickets didn't expire and you enjoyed your Disney trip.

NOW, you have to set aside more money for your Disney trip than you would spend on a really nice all inclusive week long cruise or resort. NOW, you have to use the tickets that you buy within a year and a half. NOW, you pay extra for everything....park hopper, parking, and now having a car parked on the parking lot of your Disney hotel! The prices are unreasonable. The food, beverages, snacks, gifts, parking, tickets, hotel....all are unreasonable. If the price hikes are due to overcrowding, the solution is to build more attractions. Disney has the space to add additional attractions to spread out the crowds. Why would you purposefully deviate from Walt's vision to create a place where families could go and have fun together. Paying 2 1/2 to 4 times the amount for similar things and being pressed to plan everything from the food you are going to eat and the time you are going to ride a certain ride is not my idea of a fun family vacation. I look around and see more stressed people than people that are having fun.

I guess we all can vote with our wallets and just stop going until the greedy grab for our $ stops. The past 5 years Disney has really been a disappointment. The rate hikes, the "random" searches at the TSA style entrances, the condition of the parks, the removal of most of the benches and all of the lockers throughout the parks. All of these things have really led us to look elsewhere for our family vacations and giving up our Disney Visa if we are no longer going to be visiting Disney parks.

Stacy Lehman:

Our first family trip to WDW was in 1991 with our then 1 year old twins and our 4 year old daughter. We drove down from Missouri and rented a condo in Kissimmee and drove to WDW each day. After a few years we decided to try staying on site so we could benefit from perks like free parking at the parks. Disney began to offer its dining plan which at the time included gratuities. This was a good value so we tried it and liked it very much.

Sadly as more people used the dining plan the price went up and the included gratuities went away making it of no value to us any longer. We tried purchasing annual passes to decrease our cost and would visit sometimes twice in a single year. This too became too costly.

Since our first trip we have visited over 30 times and have many wonderful memories. Unfortunately this latest move by Disney to charge for overnight parking at its on-site resorts is frustrating. It's not that we can't afford another $15-$20 per night. It just feels like we're being nickled and dimed for things once advertised as perks. If Disney needed to raise prices then it should have simply done that instead of charging for resort parking. Why risk the backbone of your business? Trying to get a disgruntled guest back after they are lost is many times harder than keeping them in the first place. Guests want to be treated as if they are special and not taken for granted. There has to be at least some perceived value added realized by guests. Disney seems to have forgotten this. Should my family and I return, we will be looking to stay in an area hotel/resort that offers among other things, free overnight parking.

Marty Cooper:

So disappointed with Disney. We have been going since my daughter was 4 months old in 1976. She is a Disney fanatic. Starting in her 20’s she would plan our annual trip. In the more recent years we would get a 10 day park hopper with no expiration. It was over $600.00, and it was hard to spend that much at one time on a teachers salary. Because of the no expiration, we could use it for several years and it would average out to a bit over $60.00 a day. Disney got rid of the no expiration. The last time I bought a ticket was for just one day with the Park hopper option. It was around $175. I can no longer afford this magical place. Now charging to park your car in the hotel parking lot? No way Jose’! Why would the price go up the higher the room rate? There isn’t any difference in the size of the space or the proximity to the room, or the surface of the space. Sorry Disney. Bad mistake! Bad!

Harry Peppel:

You can tell Walt and Roy are gone and the company is being run by some profiteers. The Magic of Disney is no longer there. There was a time when the cost were reasonable, the parks were very clean (bathrooms were exceptionally clean with an attendant in each bathroom) and the people were very friendly, Now, the parks are nowhere as clean as they used to be, some of the bathrooms are as bad as the rest stops on 95. The people are not as friendly, the food costs are through the roof,(in Tomorrow Land 2 Hot dogs, a bag of chips $18.00 then add drinks) and now they want a parking fee. Hotel fees are sky high, Park Tickets are constantly going up, and now a Parking Fee at your hotel ($24.00 at the Contemporary Hotel where we have stayed for all but 1 of our 16 visits. I cannot believe this is the Disney World Walt wanted. The only magic left is how they take the money out of your wallet with a smile and a little pixie dust. Everything is supposed to be magical and it is working, they just made me, disappear, from any more trips to WDW.

Kathleen Cameron:

My sister and I have flown from the UK to WDW every 2 years since 1987. A couple of times we stayed off-site and had hire cars, but mostly we've been at Disney Hotels starting with the All Star Movies, going to the Dixie Landings/Riverside and ending with the Wilderness Lodge for the last two visits. We use the Magical Express all the time, so no car parking fees. However, this time, we're at the Animal Kingdom Lodge - and not by active choice. After the recent refurbishment to the Wilderness, the UK price of this hotel shot up by nearly $1600 for a two week stay. That's $1600 more than it cost two years ago - for nothing extra! We were on the free dining plan then, and now, so no change there - but the $200 gift card came down to $100. I wanted to give us a 'treat' after a very long and unfortunate year so decided to see how much it would be to upgrade our AKL accommodation from standard to club level. I went through the Disney Travel centre and was horrified when I was told that this would cost an extra $2200!!! That's the cost of taking a third person along with us!! Disney have now priced themselves out of our range and this will likely be the last holiday with them. A real shame, but this money grab has lost them our business.

Walt bowers:

l have been going to Disney world every other year since it opened and I always wandered what could destroy the fantasy ,the great vacations . now I got my answer. Pure greed!! should have stayed in Disney’s family only. Rest In Peace Walt

Lauren :

I just booked our annual mother/daughter trip to wdw....been going to Disney every year forever! prices have always been going up, but these past two years, it's been unreal.
When I was told by the booking cast member about the resort parking fee, I was really upset. I cut our trip one day short to cover the cost/preplanned budget.
I am now disillusioned with Disney as the cost is so expensive. I have slowly been becoming disillusioned: anther issues that we are crowded into buses like sardines to go to and from the parks, and now to drive to save money instead of flying is also costing us.
I think Disney has changed a lot lately. I have decided that IF I come back next year it will only be for a long weekend and we will go elsewhere ...to Universal, to the beach, somewhere else.....NOT HAPPY , DISNEY with this huge increase in cost.


I don't understand why Disney has decided to punish guests who drive to their resort, while offering free bus service to guests who decide to fly. If they really needed to increase their revenues, why not spread this increase across all guests, and it would hurt everyone a little, rather than a few folks a lot.

We just got home from a great family trip to Disney, for which we drove all the way from Canada. So now, for our trouble, we'd have to pay an extra $133 ($173 in our currency).

What I really don't get is that they're charging this fee to people who are paying to stay at the resort, but they're giving free parking to those who are coming to shop and eat ... as though the folks staying at the resort aren't shopping and eating there as well. Poor play Disney. Very poor.


I understand small price increases to cover operating costs but I no longer feel I am getting any benefit for the amount of money I spend on a trip to WDW. Even Extra Magic Hours are way overcrowded and I don't feel that they give their "guests" the same level of service they used to and that makes me sad. I can stay off site, pay a resort fee to that hotel, get a free breakfast and still not pay as much as Disney charges. Our Annual Passes expire in June and we WILL NOT be renewing them. Our family has gone several times a year for 20 years but , sadly, that tradition will now end. It's not so much about the money, it's about how they take advantage of the hard working, middle class people that have kept their gates open for all these years. Where has the magic gone?

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