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February 12, 2011

Disney Dream Recap

AllEars® continues to provide you with extensive coverage of the Disney Dream, the newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. From the official reveal announcement in New York City through the first 2 official public cruises, AllEars® has been bringing you live coverage, blogs, photos and video. (There is still more so keep checking back)

As the 2nd official 4 night cruise was drawing to an end, I sat with Fred Block, Mike Newell, Sara Varney, and Jeanine Yamanaka to reflect on our time aboard the Disney Dream. We recorded a podcast of our thoughts and recollections of this magnificent new ship and all it has to offer. Special thanks to Mike Newell of for producing the show!

Listen to the Podcast!

As a special bonus, here are some photos of the group while we recorded!

Mike Newell and Deb Wills

Fred Block

Sara Varney

Jeanine Yamanaka

Deb Wills

The AllEars Disney Dream Podcast Crew

January 29, 2011

Disney Dream Maiden Voyage Day 1 Photos

Deb Wills is on the Disney Dream's Maiden Voyage, which began January 26, 2011.

Here are some photos from the first day of the trip:

Disney Dream as we drive up to dock

LONG line to get in port - rain stay away

Sun has re-emerged at the port

450 Platinum Castaway Cay members sailing Maiden Voyage

Family of the Day from Leesburg VA on Disney Dream

Waiting to board the Dream - the Port terminal is packed!

Yea we r boarding!

Almost to the ship

Weather has cleared on Disney Dream

Maiden Voyage Sailaway Goodies in stateroom

Our virtual porthole cabin

Maiden voyage sailaway toast

Sailaway about to begin

Captain Tom video toasting the Maiden Voyage

Celebrating the Sailaway!

January 22, 2011

Disney Dream Entertainment Overview

While on the Disney Dream Christening Cruise, I spoke with David Duffy, Creative Director for Entertainment and Port Adventures Disney Cruise Line.

David shared an overview of what Entertainment is in store for guests on the Disney Dream.

David Duffy

The Walt Disney Theatre has been greatly enhanced from the Magic and Wonder ships and now seats 1,340 guests and includes a balcony.

Walt Disney Theatre

The basic show line up on the 3-night cruise will be Villains Tonight, Golden Mickeys and Disney's Believe.

The biggest news is the new centerpiece show created just for the Disney Dream, Disney's Believe! This heartfelt story includes an "enchanting score and lavish production". You'll find some original characters and songs along with some favorites.

Golden Mickey's has also been updated and enhanced to include new characters and songs.


On the 4 and 5 night Disney Cream cruises --If there is a current first run movie - it may be featured in the Walt Disney Theatre. If a movie is not current, look for a variety of specialty act. Plans are still underway for the night time entertainment on the Dream 5 night cruises.

Adult Enrichment programs will be much different then those currently on the Wonder and Magic. There will be an enhanced adult enrichment series and also a family enrichment program. A new cooking series called "Anyone Can Cook" will adult only and family cooking sessions. These are fashioned after Walt Disney Pictures Ratatouille!

Jeff Kurti has written a new book entitled "Welcome Aboard, The Creation of the Disney Dream". Jeff has created a multimedia presentation called the Making of the Disney Dream which will be another program offering.


A new Animation Program is being developed. The Disney Cruise line obtained the rights to theme the program based on the "The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation" By Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas.


David also noted that Pin Trading will continue on the Disney Dream!

There is much more to share about the entertainment on the Disney Dream - as we learn more and experience some of the programs, we will share that information with you.

January 21, 2011

Disney Dream Inaugural Merchandise

The shops on the Disney Dream were open during our Christening Cruise - Media Preview Cruise. The shopping, while still located near the Walt Disney Theatre, has been expanded.

For the Christening Cruise, the only merchandise to be found were two free items, the 1 page program from the Ceremony, and champagne glasses given out at the Sail Away Party. The Maiden Voyage on January 26, 2011 will have a variety of limited edition merchandise.

The stores had Disney Dream Inaugural Merchandise. 2011 will be a year of Inaugural Year cruises.

Disney Dream Merchandise

Disney Dream Merchandise

Disney Dream Merchandise

Disney Dream Merchandise

Disney Dream Merchandise

Disney Dream Merchandise

Disney Dream Merchandise

Disney Dream Merchandise

Disney Dream Merchandise

Disney Dream Merchandise

Disney Dream Merchandise

Disney Dream Merchandise

Disney Dream Merchandise

Disney Dream Merchandise

November 14, 2009

Disney Dream - More Details Revealed Part 3

This is the final of 3 blogs detailing my conversation with Walt Disney Imagineer Gary Hoffman and Disney Cruise Line's Jason Lasecki. A thanks to both gentleman for their time!

Here is another exciting piece of news I just learned and it has to do with the ship's horn. The Disney Magic and Wonder each share a wonderful Disney melody as their horn sound; "When You Wish Upon a Star". So what is in store for the Disney Dream? Technology has evolved and the Disney Dream horn will be unique, in fact, don't be surprised if you hear more than one melody! We'll all have to wait to learn what it will be.

Hidden Mickeys - it's always interesting to me how Imagineers react when you mention Hidden Mickeys. I have had them go from quickly acknowledging them, to totally disavowing their existence. With Gary, a smile spread across his face and I could tell, this was one of the fun things he can be playful with and enjoy. He assured me there will be Hidden Mickeys on the Disney Dream. He also mentioned that the enchanted art pieces will not only take the art to a whole new dimension, but they may also take the Hidden Mickey to a new dimension as well. I can see it now, folks lined up in front of the art work waiting for changes to appear before them; one eye looking through the video camera and the other directly on the artwork.


Shopping area - Shopping on the Disney Magic and Wonder has become cramped and uninspired. So what will shopping be like on the Dream? Disney Imagineers have developed a streetscape promenade that will take 3 distinct shops and meld them into one contiguous space around a rotunda. They will be much grander and a little more elegant. Their location will be similar to that on the Magic and Wonder - you'll find them on the way to the Walt Disney Theatre.

Where exactly is the Disney Dream in the construction process?

The ship is currently in dry dock. 80 separate blocks of steel will create the ship. Giant cranes bring in the massive sections and weld them together.. almost like a lego set. The pieces are ready to be put in place; it's just a matter of following the build plan for the ship.

Imagineers have walked through the Atrium and the Theatre! The ship will take shape pretty quickly but the interior roll out will take much longer as all the details are put into place. The ship will remain in dry dock until probably late summer or fall of 2010.

The biggest challenge for the Imagineers was "Making sure our partners at DCL can operate an impeccable guest experience. Through the waiter stations, kitchen equipment, pantry spaces --allowing DCL to be as efficient as they can. Even though the Dream is 47% larger, the spaces still need to convey that intimate feeling you enjoy on Magic and Wonder."

A few miscellaneous tidbits I haven't mentioned yet....

The Promenade will have a walking jogging track; like on the Magic and Wonder.

While most cabins will have the Queen size bed, there will be a handful of twin bed cabins available. For the most part, guests were not separating the beds and folks complained about the "crack". The solution was the queen bed with a one piece mattress.

Special attention has been made to audio portion of the theatres to enhance the experience.

And what about the Disney Fantasy? As the Magic and Wonder are "sister ships" so too will be the Dream and Fantasy! They are the same size and build but will have their own unique differences. There will be little overlap in the construction of the two ships. The keel laying for the Fantasy won't take place until the later part of 2010, about the same time the Disney Dream begins to float out.

As with everything Disney, it's all subject to change without notice. As Jason told me "Imagineering gives us the tools and then DCL can make things happen with great flexibility."

I'll end with a variety of photos I haven't shared yet:

Jay Rassulo and Meyer Werft Shipyard Managing Partner Bernard Meyer

Jay Rassulo and Meyer Werft Shipyard Managing Partner Bernard Meyer

Disney Dream Mickey Pool

Mickey Pool

Buena Vista Theatre

Buena Vista Theatre

Buena Vista Theatre

Buena Vista Theatre

Evolution Adult Club

Evolution Adult Club

Evolution Adult Club

Evolution Adult Club




Walt Disney Theatre

Walt Disney Theatre

Walt Disney Theatre

November 13, 2009

Disney Dream - More Details Revealed Part 2

Yesterday I told you more about the Disney Dream pools and recreation, entertainment and AquaDuck. Today I will talk more about............

The Character outside the ship.

Current models of the Disney Dream do not show any characters outside the ship. Disney Cruise Line guests are used to seeing a 15-foot statue of Goofy hanging from a boatswain's chair on the aft of the Magic.


Who will adorn the Disney Dream? The announcement will come today (Friday, 11/13/09)!


Senses Spa & Salon

Senses Spa & Salon

The Senses Spa and Salon expands to more than 16,000 square feet with 2 spa villas, 17 private treatment rooms and the popular Rainforest. Two enhancements in the Disney Dream Spa are the Rainforest and the "waiting room".

The Rainforest will now feature a glass enclosed section that looks out over the ship. On the Magic and Wonder when you check into the spa, you sit back down in the main check-in area to await your therapist and begin your spa treatment. The new spa on the Dream will feature a special reception room further into the spa which will be much more conducive (soft music and lighting) to relaxing while you wait for your therapist.



The three rotational restaurants were announced at the press event -- Royal Palace, Enchanted Gardens and Animator's Palate.

The Royal Palace will follow along lines of Tritons and Lumiere's (Magic and Wonder), home of the Disney Princesses - the most elegant of the 3 restaurants.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Enchanted Gardens - Themed after the Gardens of Versailles

For breakfast and lunch expect a casual buffet experience. The dining room will be very airy with a translucent ceiling, bringing the outdoors inside. The booths are open and the flower buds closed up.

At night, the Enchanted Garden transforms to a more elegant dining experience with full sit-down service. The sky will become filled with stars, the flower buds open into chandeliers, chairs get slip covers, panels cover the buffet and there is a view of the Versailles Gardens at night. The booths turn inward for a more intimate feel. The most theatrical transformation will be for dinner. Details are still being worked out as to how the restaurant will transform. There will be subtle changes that guests won't notice and in fact, you may look around and think this place is different but I'm not sure why.

The majority of the room consists of tables, not booths. The booths will offer a different more intimate dining experience for those wishing it. The booths can be rotated and connect to tables or the tables can be rearranged so that the dining room can accommodate most groups!

Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden

Animator's Palate
The one restaurant which carries over from the current ships, Animator's Palate, is being re-imagineered for a more magical evening.

Animator's Palate

Animator's Palate

Animator's Palate

Animator's Palate


At this time, the adult only restaurant will be Palo. If you're like me, you wondered why a second adult only restaurant was not announced. Disney Cruise Line's response: "Some surprises are still left in the dining story." We can only hope :)

On the Magic and Wonder Palo is a modern Italian experience. On the Disney Dream it will be more Northern Italian, more quintessential Italian, more elegance, more classical and sophisticated. Instead of the art glass decor found on the Magic and Wonder there will be more "gold leaf".

Palo on the Disney Dream will seat approximately 160 chairs; the 40-45% proportional difference in size. At this time, Palo on the Dream will have a small outdoor terrace that seats 12-16 guests for an outdoor dining experience. Adjacent to Palo is an ocean view bar where one can have a before or after drink (and you won't need a Palo reservation to enjoy the bar). The bar area may have a special outside section for cigar smokers.



Cabanas - is the new option to sit down dining. Cabanas is similar to a food court environment and will have a number of "kitchen" stations. It is free flow dining; you decide the type of food you want and then go to that kitchen to order. The seating area will surround the cooking stations. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served daily. Dinner (this is still under discussion) may become table service with cook to order food.

For those of you wondering, there will be a 24 hour beverage station on the Disney Dream, as there is on the Magic and Wonder.

That's it for today! There will be one more blog post from my conversation with Gary and Jason tomorrow!

November 12, 2009

Disney Dream - More Details Revealed Part 1

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Walt Disney Imagineer Gary Hoffman and Jason Lasecki, Public Relations Director for the Disney Cruise Line, to learn more about the Disney Dream Cruise Ship. Having attended the press event in New York City and pouring over the Press Releases, I had some follow-up questions. Also, I was curious as to specifically where in the build process are the various components of the ship.

We jumped right into a discussion of the AquaDuck!

Aqua Duck Artist Rendering

A partial mock-up of the coaster currently resides in Canada, although at this point, no actual ride testing has begun. The current stated minimum rider height requirement for AquaDuck is 48 inches, however that may change once actual testing begins. The rafts will have a minimum and maximum weight capacity. Solo riders will be able to enjoy the coaster! Each person will need to climb stairs in order to get to the loading zone, there is no lift or elevator. The water temperature can be controlled. Look for some special surprises and lighting effects for rides at night!
If you want a sneak peak at the Aqua Duck rafts and are a fan of Blizzard Beach you're in luck. The rafts will be "tested" in Blizzard Beach in the near future!

Pools and Recreation!

Mickey and Donald Pools

The biggest difference you'll see in the pool area is that the Mickey and Donald (yes, Donald instead of Goofy) pools will be in the same ultra large deck space. Instead of having the funnel between them as in the case with the current Magic and Wonder ships, families will be able to be closer together. This area (from funnel to funnel) is the size of a football field! A hard deck will cover the pools for special parties and events. It might even be the ultimate dance floor for Pirate Night!

Quiet Cove, the adult only pool, will have a main pool lounge area as well as an upper deck for sun bathing. The pool itself will have different water levels. To accommodate adults who enjoy dangling their toes in the water, you'll be able to sit in a lounge chair and have your feet in 6 inches of water. For those that enjoy more depth, there is a deeper section of the pool. There will be an adult beverage station in the Quiet Cove area.

When asked about a "zero entry" pool on the cruise ships (like several of the newer pools at Walt Disney World) Gary explained that the zero entry pools require much more space than the traditional pools. With very limited space allocated, they are unable to build a zero entry. He did assure me there are transfer tiers into the pools.

When I inquired about additional recreational activities, a smile came across the faces of both gentlemen. As I had been told at the press event, there are still surprises and details to be announced for the Disney Dream. It sounds as though this may be one of the bigger announcements still to come!


First, many of you have asked if the Disney Dream will have the ability to shoot off fireworks - and the answer is YES!.

The new Villains show, announced at the press event, will feature a new take on the villains - a tongue in cheek, fun approach, and not so scary. One of the artist renderings says "Welcome to the Funderworld!"

Villains Show

Villains Show

With this new show, I began to think perhaps Pirates night would be replaced by Villains night. However, at this time, Pirates night will continue on the Disney Dream. With the short itinerary of the Disney Dream, there is a limit to the entertainment options that can be done. However, I think the Villains show will open up a huge opportunity for Disney Cruise Line Entertainment and look forward to what enhancements roll out!

Villains Show

Villains Show

Villains Show

That's it for now.. check back tomorrow for Part 2 of my conversation with Gary and Jason about the Disney Dream!

November 2, 2009

Disney Dream - Suites, Pools, Shopping and more....

While at the Disney Cruise Line press event for the Disney Dream, I had the opportunity to speak with Joe Lanzisero, Imagineering Senior Vice President, who oversaw the Imagineering team for the Disney Dream. Joe showed me around the model of the ship and gave an overview of the upper deck and some of the enhancements coming to the Disney Dream.

 Joe Lanzisero


No matter who I spoke with, the Cast Member emphasised how the Disney Dream is 40% larger than the Magic and Wonder and so everything was enlarged by about 40%. The same is true for the pools. There are three pools: quiet pool for the adults, the family pool and kid's pool. The family pool and kid's pool are positioned together so families don't feel separated. The kid's pool has the Mickey slide (similar to the Magic and Wonder) with a couple additional turns. None of the pools are covered nor is there a "Solarium" type pool.

Pool and Water Recreation Area

The huge announcement for water activities is the incredible AquaDuck coaster :) More AquaDuck information click here.

Here's a photo of the AquaDuck raft:
 AquaDuck Raft


Disney officials are being quiet right now about the Recreational Area on the upper deck. When asked if there would be mini-golf or some other type of recreation, I was told there would be a separate announcement about that.

To Be Announced Recreational Area


There will be exciting additions to the upper deck. Suite guests will now have their own private area to relax. The deck below is also the suite deck. And the stairs to the left will also take you from the Lounge to the Upper Deck. There will be a private concierge lounge. If you look at the photo, the dome in the ceiling is for the concierge lounge. The lounge will offer private check-in, private buffet, a bar, and a shore excursion desk.

Private Area for Suite Guests

The Walt and Roy suite are located in the front of the ship. If you look at the photo below and you will see two outdoor jacuzzis and that's the Walt and Roy! These 2 suites were designed so the beds have ocean views out to the sea. This photo is from the starboard side of the ship, so it's reversed from the photo above. These two suites will be approx 890 sq. feet and sleep 5.

Walt and Roy Suite


Those familiar with the Magic and Wonder ships may recall that there was a Crew member pool area in the front of the ship. On the Disney Dream, this area now becomes part of the Teen Space! This area will have lounges for sunbathing, two wading pools, fountains, pop jets and misters. The checkboard area are the pop jets. Under the Mickey ears (one deck below) is the Teen Club. They will have cards to swipe that allow only them into these areas. Click here for the Press Release on the Tween and Teen Clubs.


The Shopping Area will be enlarged (about 40% as all the areas have been). The Disney Dream will have more of an open promenade shopping area. There will be more than two stores.


The entire ship will be Wi-Fi, there will be no dedicated internet cafe!

Thank you Joe for spending so much time with the AllEars team!

October 30, 2009

Disney Dream Videos

I have lots of photos and information to share.

Let's start with some videos. There were video screens stationed in various locations (during the press event) that showed a bit more of the artwork.

Here is a video showing the Buena Vista and Walt Disney Theatres.

This one shows the Dining Rooms.


And here is the Adult District!

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