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March 2, 2017

Thank You Everyone!!! Collectibles for a Cause - Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom Cards

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UPDATE: 3/4/17 8am Thanks to everyone who participated we raised $611 to fight breast cancer! Thank you so so much!

UPDATE: 3/3/17 8am FINAL DAY - Ends at 5pm Come back Sunday for a MINI-Pin Palooza.


The minimum donation to Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is $10. Even if your cards don't add to $10, you agree to donate $10, please.

All are in excellent to mint shape. No bends, tears or marks

Your ENTIRE purchase price is a DIRECT donation to my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I pay shipping for US only (sorry can't ship outside the US).

Let me know what item(s) numbers you are interested in. You must purchase a minimum of $10.

I will then send you information (email will come from mugs at allears dot net) to make your donation and once made, I will mail the item.


Please remember this is a fundraiser, not a garage sale.

NOW $40 #05/P The Pirate Helmsman's Bombardment $50; 1 available;


blue line

SOLD NOW $25 #06/P Elsa's Icy Shield $30;

blue line

NOW $3 each The following Sorcerer Cards are $5 each.

#15 Rapunzel's Hair Whip (2 available)

blue line

The following cards are $1 each
#20 Tinker Bell's Pixie Dust
#21 Violet's Force Fields
#25 Cinderella's Magic Ribbon
#26 Colonel Hathi Righteouos Stomp
#30 Mickey's Magic Beans (1 available)
#31 Mike's Grand Entrance (2 available)
#32 Pinocchio's Sawdust Blast (2 available)
#33 Prince Phillip's Enchanted Sword (3 available)
#35 Headless Horseman (3 available)
#36 Mad Hatter's Tea Time
#37 The Queen of Heart's Card Army (2 available)
#38 Sugar Plum Fairie's Dewdrop Spiderweb
#39 Wall-E's Trash Crunch
#42 Baloo's Coconut Cascade
#43 Caballero Donald's Pinata (2 available)
#44 Dash's Whirlwind (3 available)
#45 Flower's Flowers (4 available)
#46 Gopher's Demolition Dynamite
#47 Grumpy's Pummeling Pick axe (2 available)
#48 Lumiere's Candle Blast (3 available)
#49 Mowgli's Swinging Vine (2 available)
#50 Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (3 available)
#51 Pocahontas's Colors of the Wind (2 available)
#52 Pongo's Soot Bucket
#53 Prince Naveen's Army of Frogs (6 available)
#54 Pumbaa's Odorous Gas (5 available)
#55 Quasimodo's Bell (2 available)
#56 Rafiki's Wisdom Stick
#57 The Blue Fairy's Wand Wish (2 available)
#58 Woozle's Woozie Nightmare
#59 Thumper's Might Thump (3 available)
#60 Tiana's Hot Sauce (2 available)

There you go. Leave a comment below with what number (s) you wish. I'll publish with what you have bought and send you an email (from mugs at allears dot net) to make your donation to my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Please make payment within 48 hours of email. Once payment has been made the cards will be mailed within 7 days of your donation.

Questions? Leave a comment below

March 5, 2017

Mini Pin-Palooza Collectibles for a Cause

THANK YOU EVERYONE - We raised $695!!!

Yes, it's time for Mini-Pin Palooza. It takes me weeks to get everything together for a regular pin palooza so I thought perhaps I would take the pins that did not sell last time, reduce the price and see what we get.



Your ENTIRE purchase price is a direct donation to my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!

Here's how it works. READ CAREFULLY

** The following pins are offered for sale at the stated price.

** You leave a comment below stating the ITEM number of the pin(s) you wish to purchase.

** I will go through the comments in the order they ARE received.

** I will then put a SOLD with your first name and first initial last name on the pin description.

** Within 72 hours I will send you the link information for my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and you will have 48 hours to make your donation. Once that happens Avon will send you an email confirmation. Forward me a copy of the donation receipt along with your shipping address -- pins will be mailed in approximately 3-10 days.

Your ENTIRE purchase price goes directly to my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Account. I pay postage and WILL SHIP TO US ONLY. You get pin(s) you want and a charity deduction too! I raise money and reduce my pin collection.

blue line
blue line

ITEM # 1 2004 DCL - Chip and Dale Blue Anchor (Artist Choice) LE 750

This artist choice pin features Chip and Dale. Chip is standing in front of a blue anchor while Dale is holding on to the chain. A gold "2004 Artist Choice oval" is in the lower right corner. The back of pin has the famous "Disney" logo and "Limited Edition 750" stamp.


Original Price $135 NOW $75

blue line

SOLD LeslieG ITEM # 2 DCL - New Year's Eve 2006 - Mickey and Pluto LE 500

Original Price $65 NOW $30

blue line

blue line

SOLD JeffF ITEM # 3 Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Stitch as Carmen Miranda LE 250

Original Price $80 NOW $35

blue line

SOLD DebraS ITEM #4 Epcot® International Food and Wine Festival 2008 - Chef Figment

With just a spark of inspiration, Figment creates culinary sensations! This Limited Edition pin features Chef Figment holding some delicious pastries. This pin commemorates the 13th annual Epcot® International Food and Wine Festival, which will take place at Epcot® from September 26 - November 9, 2008.

Original Price $75 NOW $40

blue line

ITEM # 5 Emperor (New Groove) Kuzco - Cusco Kingdom Adventures by Disney

This Adventures by Disney pin features Kuzco (or as spelled on this pin, Cusco) from the Emperor's New Groove. He is standing in front of ancient ruins and has his finger out pointing. The words "Cusco Kingdom" are before him. This pin was given out as a gift by participating in an Adventures by Disney trip.

Original Price $65 NOW $35


blue line

SOLD NancyA ITEM # 6 DCL - DVC Members Cruise 2006 Logo LE

Original Price $65 NOW $30

blue line

blue line

ITEM # 7 DL Cast Member - Seasons Greetings 1995 (Belle)

One in a series of pins given to Disneyland CMs who work on Christmas. This one shows Belle from Beauty and the Beast, wearing a red hood trimmed in white fur. Around the outside of the pin in gold lettering it reads "Season's Greetings 1995."

Original Price $150 NOW $100


blue line

SOLD RichB ITEM # 8 DL - 1998 Attraction Series - Skyway

Original Price $65 NOW $35

blue line

SOLD Laura B ITEM # 9 M&P Valentines Day 2004 - Lilo & Stitch

Original Price $75 NOW $40

blue line

ITEM # 10 DCL - Happy Holidays 2008 Mickey with Chip

Celebrate the holidays with this Limited Edition pin featuring Mickey Mouse and Chip enjoying Castaway Cay Island. This pin can be linked together with the Happy Holidays 2008 Disney Cruise Line® pin to make one image. Snowman, Bow, Acorn, Sunglasses, Cloud, Santa Hat, Holly, Christmas string of Lights.

Original Price $45 NOW $30


blue line

SOLD Leslie ITEM # 11 DL - 1998 Attraction Series - Tomorrowland People Mover

Original Price $75 NOW $50

blue line

SOLD Stefanie ITEM # 12 WDW - Disney Vacation Club - Epcot® 25th Anniversary (Spinner)

Figment is holding a wand and Spaceship Earth is in the background. The candles that Figment is blowing out are on a spinner.

Original Price $100 NOW $70

blue line

SOLD KAYB ITEM #13 Star Wars Weekend 2002 - Obi Wan Kenobi and Jango Fett

Original Price $75 NOW $30

blue line

SOLD Terri Item # 14 Mulan - Poster Series

Original Price $55 NOW $25

blue line

Item # 15 WDW - Cast Member Exclusive - Vote for Dale 2008

This Limited Edition, Cast Exclusive pin resembles a political campaign button and features the loveable chipmunk Dale. The red lower part says "VOTE FOR * DALE * 2008". The background is a patriotic red, white & blue American Flag with "CAST MEMBER" on it.

Original Price $150 NOW $50


blue line

SOLD Laura T ITEM # 16 Stitch Gift Pin WDW - A Family Pin Gathering 2004 - Disney Catalog

Original Price $175 NOW $90

blue line

SOLD Valerie P ITEM # 17 DCL Captain's Choice - May 2005 (Captain Mickey & Flag)

Original Price $125 NOW $65

blue line

SOLD KAYB ITEM # 18 WDI - Characters in Sorcerers Hat - Orange Bird LE 200

Original Price $125 NOW $70

blue line

ITEM # 19 Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S) - Lion King (Simba, Timon & Pumbaa) LE 250

The lion cub Simba is joined by his friends Timon and Pumbaa on this cheerful gold-finished character pin, a Disney Auctions exclusive in a limited edition of 250 fixed-price pins

Original Price $80 NOW $50


blue line

ITEM # 20 Mary Poppins Countdown to the Millennium Series #59

Disney Store #59 pin -- Mary Poppins -- dated on front with 1964. Shows silhouette of Mary Poppins with open umbrella floating against background of London.

Original Price $80 NOW $50


blue line

SOLD LauraB ITEM # 21 Merry Christmas 2004 - Epcot (Figment)

Original Price $50 NOW $35

blue line

ITEM # 22 Chip 'n' Dale - An Incan Tapestry Adventures by Disney

This Adventures by Disney pin features Chip and Dale back to back in front of a brightly colored tapestry. The words "An Incan Tapestry" are in front of them.

Original Price $45 NOW $25


blue line

ITEM # 23 Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Carousel Horse (Goofy)

Goofy takes a carousel ride astride a horse that shares his flair for headwear on this whimsical gold-finished character pin, one in a series that allows our favorite Disney characters to get on their high horse.

Original Price $125 NOW $75


blue line

ITEM # 24 Woody Vinylmation Pin

This listing is for the Woody pin from the open edition Toy Story mystery collection (#80596). This open edition mystery collection features Mickey Mouse in various artistic styles. This Woody Vinylmation pin is done on gold metal.

Original Price $20 NOW $15


blue line

SOLD Terri ITEM # 25 Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Stitch Baby New Year LE 500

Original Price $125 NOW $65

Thank you PinPics.com - Links on the pin names go to the PinPics.com website (with their permission) so you can learn more about the pin. Also PinPics.com has given me permission to use photos and/or descriptions.

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