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February 1, 2014

All Ears Meet and Greet February 9!

Deb's Digest Blog

Come to our first 2014 AllEars Meet and Greet Sunday, February 9th at 2:30pm. We will gather in the Breezeway area of the Beach Club Villas!


Pick up a beverage or snack at the nearby Beach Club Marketplace if you'd like, then join The Debs, AllEars.Net's Deb Wills and Deb Koma, along with bloggers Kristin Ford and Jack Spence, and photographer Linda Eckwerth for an informal gathering.

We'll have All Ears Swag (while supplies last) including our newest AllEars Trading Cards, lanyards and more.


You can RSVP on our Facebook Page!

Hope to see you there!

February 6, 2014

Festival of Fantasy - Costume Details

Walt Disney World has released two images of costumes that will appear in the new Festival of Fantasy Parade, debuting this spring.



In addition to the detailed floats Disney has shared, this is shaping up to be quite a parade!

For more information on Festival of Fantasy check our News Blogs!

February 12, 2014

Festival of Fantasy Parade Details Revealed

Deb's Digest Blog

Today I had the opportunity to preview some of the brand new costumes and brand new floats that are part of Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade.

Video of the Costumes

Video of the Mickey Airship, Peter Pan and Little Mermaid Floats

Float by Float Line Up:

- the pageantry of Disney princesses. Cinderella, Bell, Tiana and their princes will ride in a garden of topiaries, woodland creatures and more. This 50- foot long parade will be capped off with Frozen's Anna and Elsa!


TANGLED - a massive long ship on the high seas featuring Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. This 36 foot long float includes some dastardly thugs!



THE LITTLE MERMAID - Ariel, and her friends, including Sebastian, are part of the seashell music jubilee. Performers include: Lion Fish, Coral Fish, Seashell and Sea Horse.





PETER PAN - The Jolly Roger pirate ship, Peter Pan and Wendy, the Lost Boys, Skull Rock, Tinker Bell and Captain Hook will all be part of this unique float.






BRAVE - The bagpipe shaped float announces the arrival of Merida. Scottish dancers will step to the songs of the highlands.


SLEEPING BEAUTY- highlighted by the Steampunnk-inspired dragon, Prince Phillip, raven dancers, good fairies and thorn-inspired stilt performers perform on and around the 53 foot long float



FINALE AND MICKEY'S AIRSHIP - the parade's finale is this 90 foot long "train" of great Disney characters including Pinocchio, Dumbo, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Mad Hatter all in festive colors. There are dancing hippos, bubble girls (celebrating Storybook Circus), Pegasus horses and Mickey and Minnie atop the airship.




February 13, 2014

Where in the World is the Rocketeer?

Deb's Digest Blog

Back in November, Jim Korkis wrote a blog entitled, Where in the World is the Rocketeer. In that blog he cited several examples of where at Walt Disney World you could still find artifacts from the movie.


I finally had a chance to do some exploring at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant just as lunch service began on a very low crowd day. The Cast Member was very willing to allow me (in the public areas) to search for the Rocketeer!

It is extremely dim in the aisles behind the theatrical flats, so these photos aren't the greatest but it shows they are still there. I didn't want to use a flash and disturb the guests having lunch and watching the movies.

Here are notes from Jim's blog and the corresponding photos.

On the left side, down to the right and near the bottom is the black and gold front cover of the South Seas Club menu-secured under plexiglass. The South Seas Club was the scene of a showdown between the Rocketeer and villain Neville Sinclair and his thugs.


Wandering a little farther down, just before the entrance to the main dining area, high on the left wall is a rocket pack that was used in the actual film.


Directly to the right and about waist level and protected by plexiglass is a prop copy of the Los Angeles Examiner newspaper with the headline "Who is the Rocketeer?"


When you read Jim's blog you'll see he talks about items at Peevy's Polar Pipeline, but I have yet to find the kiosk open so I could search for more Rocketeer!

February 15, 2014

Preparing for the Trip of a Life Time

Deb's Digest Blog

As I begin writing this blog, a few happy tears are coming down my face. I KNOW how blessed I am. My life has taken me through lots of highs and lows, but one of the biggest highs was starting Deb's Disney Digest back in January 1996. I have met so many wonderful people and traveled to so many wonderful places all due to starting the little website 18 years ago.

Now I am just a couple weeks away from what I feel is my ultimate Disney fan trip of a lifetime.

When Disney theme-park fans talk about the Holy Grail, what comes to mind? Tokyo DisneySea, of course! I can tell you this has been on my bucket list for years. And I have been talking about a trip to Tokyo for years. And I have been saving my frequent flyer miles for years. And now, it is really going to happen!


And since I'll be on the other side of the world, why not visit Hong Kong Disneyland?!


And on the way back home, we'll stop at Aulani in Hawaii. I'm typing this and even I can't believe it! Here come those tears again.


Some say it all started with a mouse and my dream certainly did, but it got kick-started by a Jack and, like Walt, he dared to dream.


Two years ago my dear friend Jack celebrated his 50th birthday by running his first full marathon and throwing an elaborate character filled party! The theme of his party was his dream of visiting every Disney theme park within the next 5 years. Jack and I spoke afterwards and talked about how cool it would be to visit Tokyo together.

About a year ago, we decided the time would be 2014. The first hurdle was deciding exactly when we would go. We didn't want to go in peak season and we didn't want to go when it was freezing cold, so when? I'm not sure how exactly, but we decided on early March.

You can imagine the complexity of planning a trip of this magnitude. We've been organizing for months and months and, now, 2 weeks away, we are still finishing all the details. We are spoiled here in the U.S. with Walt Disney World's website because the park hours are listed months in advance, and you can make hotel and dining reservations months in advance. Not so with the Asia parks. Add to that the time and culture differences, and planning was a bit tricky, to say the least.

Eight of us are part of this journey -- AllEars Bloggers Jeanine Yamanaka (all three locations), Laura Gilbreath and Lee Zimmerman (Hong Kong and Tokyo) ; AllEars photographer Linda Eckwerth (all three locations); my pal Jack and his friend Pete (Hong Kong and Tokyo) and AllEars Senior Editor Deb Koma (Aulani).

With everyone's different work schedules and living on opposite coasts, we decided to choose two "core" days we would be in Hong Kong and three "core" days we would be in Tokyo -- as the ones everyone would plan to be there. This has worked well, as we will all be coming and going but also be spending a good amount of time enjoying the parks with each other.

In early March, Linda and I will begin our long journey to Hong Kong. We plan to take a couple days to get use to the time change and then head to Hong Kong Disneyland for the start of this amazing trip.

So stay tuned as we chronicle our journey through Twitter and Facebook and here on AllEars.Net. You don't need a Twitter account to follow us, just go to this link: https://twitter.com/allearsdeb.

If you have been to Hong Kong Disneyland in the last few months -- we are looking for recommendations in the park and hotels for dining (counter- and full-service). Please leave a comment below. In Tokyo, we have reservations at Magellans and Blue Bayou. Where else shall we dine (again full- or counter-service in the parks or hotels)?

We are excited beyond words, and I'm looking forward to sharing this adventure with all of you!

February 19, 2014

Hong Kong Disneyland

Deb's Digest Blog


The excitement for this trip is really building.

I thought you could help us out a bit by offering suggestions for Hong Kong Disneyland:

Just about everyone wants to see Mystic Manor! But if YOU were going to Hong Kong Disneyland, what are the OTHER top 3 must see attractions?????

What do you want to see photos of (other than Mystic Manor LOL)?

What would you like video of (other than Mystic Manor LOL)?

Thanks! Leave your comments below.

February 25, 2014

Tokyo Disneyland - Request for Tips

Deb's Digest Blog

Thanks for all the great suggestions for Hong Kong Disneyland.

Now we are headed north to Tokyo!


I've read about Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. I'm trying to keep my must see list limited, even tho I want to see it all!

My "Must See" List for Tokyo Disneyland is:
Pooh Hunny Pot
Monster's Inc

My "Must See" List for Tokyo Disney Sea is:
All of it LOL
Aquatopia (never mind it's under rehab)
Tower of Terror
Journey to Center

So what are you attraction and food suggestions? Any tips for the travelers?


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